Seven for Success

While we are watching the markets slog it out this week – all to move but a few points from last Friday’s close in our Aggregate Index view of things – I wanted to pass along some ideas that will be useful regardless of Age.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic lately because periodic “life reviews” are a good thing. 
What I found was a collection of seven skills which can be brought out an applied just as you’d employ a business process to roll out a new ERP platform.
So after the charts this morning, a review of these seven critical skills that differentiate humans from robots.

And the weird thing? They all begin with the letter “R.”  Go figure.

First up, though:  Native warnings, Trump threatens, and the Bundy stand-off ends badly….

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12 thoughts on “Seven for Success”

  1. The Inuit Report thing is years old. I read that report a few years back as I was working at Thule AFB Greenland. Not sure how accurate it is. The Bundy Thing is pretty weird. Fox is calling it a gun battle but onsite witnesses said they were trying to surrender and the police started shooting. They tried to get away from the gun fire and the Person killed was killed in surrender position. sad.

    • agreed. It’s not a credible story, in my estimation. A search for the title reveals a great many mirror sites – old and new – almost as if it were intentionally being proliferated.
      Also, the cited source: “The Big Wobble” has some ludicrous assertions and much content which doesn’t nearly pass the sniff test. Site is owned by Steve Quayle – not a scientific thinker – here’s a link to some books he’s written: Don’t know too much about him, but have seen pieces of his writings in various forums.. interesting tid bits which can provoke thought, but nothing of substance. That thought is provoked is often a good thing, but if the wrong questions are asked in the first place… well, you know.

      He writes a bit about giants in our history, so there’s that. Tyreman over at the chronicle project could enlighten him in that realm.

  2. Let me see.. dead squid. dead turtles.. then the elephant in the room..
    fukishima. two cores are missing.. could it be.. then again.. how long before the cancer levels spike on the west coast from exposure ..

  3. Hi George;
    The Inuit are right, my explanation is the increased percentage of greenhouse gases are causing more refraction when the sun is lo in the sky, remember the refraction correction from Celestial sight reduction.
    Everything in the sky is where it should be, I checked a week ago while keeping my Celestial Navigation skills sharp.

  4. I also saw the inuit report a long, long time ago. With no follow up I’ve wondered what has gone on since or if it was legit.

  5. Hi George;
    The Inuit are correct, here’s an explanation;
    Remembering from your Celestial Navigation days, at high latitudes, the Altitude correction for Refraction becomes larger. With the addition of a larger percentage of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, the high latitude refraction has increased, so the sun is now visible for longer after dipping below the horizon.
    Here at 50 Degrees North, all the celestial objects are where they should be, I checked last week with my Astra 3B, while keeping my Celestial skills sharp.

  6. Bundy surrender account is disputed; person killed had earlier stated that he didn’t want to go to prison (shame because he had a very large family) – apparently came ‘charging’ out of driver’s seat, and didn’t raise up hands. Pitch dark in area, confusion, and had just fled from previous attempt to contain. Very much open to interpretation – running from police very bad idea . . .

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