We are likely to see a decent-sized rally in the market at  the open this morning:  Despite weak Durable’s.  The futures were pointing well up and a survey of the Rest of World (RoW) points to a nice bounce-back.

In Asia, for example, the Hang Send was up 0.32%.  While Japan was down fractionally, Europe is “wentgreen” today with gains turning the futures boards mostly positive.

It hasn’t been a bad week for our “Wild Man Trading” idea, either.  If things go as hoped, we may notch out about 2-2-1/2% for the week which is (more or less) the plan.

You see, lately I’ve been infatuated with low-risk trading and the idea of make 2-3 low-risk trades during the week.  Let’s say we get lucky and pull out at today’s target levels.  The week might come in around 2.42%.  Hardly anything to write home about.

Except!  The magic of compounding.

If you actual could do that (2.42% weekly) consistently for 50-weeks out of the year, you’d have 3.3-times your stake in a year’s time.  Of course, you’d be loved by your brokerage firm.

Since there might be some weeks where risk-averse would mean more than 3- day trades in 5-business days, you could be called upon to maintain a $25,000 balance in your account.  Still, it’s an interesting game to play – cheaper than going to Las Vegas and no group gropes at the airport.

We would NEVER recommend this kind of thing to anyone in their right mind, but for those who are addicted to transactions, it’s fun.

Which gets us to the Durable Goods report hot off the Census website:

Dow futures chilled to +124 after the data.

After today’s bounce?  National Survey: Waning Seller’s Market for Sale of Small Businesses Signals a Peak in the Market.

What makes today so damn interesting is that we are at the confluence of “Sell in May and Go Away” versus a quasi-normal market bias to the upside because it’s a three-day weekend.

As a result, our dart this morning landed on the “up through noon, but fade the rally late” box.  But, we shall see how that goes and whether Wild Man Trading will hit the same recylce bin as other hare-brained ideas we’ve hand.

Trippin’ the Headlines Fantastic

Let’s see what we can “stub  our brains on” today, shall we?

In our “Look Surprised” files: “Bipartisan bill to help employers ease student loan debt held up by politics.”

Pelosi Has Plenty of Reasons Not to Impeach Trump, reports Fortune.

Russia Condemns US “Warships” Off Venezuela’s Coast – Says Coup Attempts Ongoing.”

Kneeler politics: Theresa May’s departure marks the launch of leadership election; Boris Johnson the early favorite to become next PM.

Gas Price Alert: Summer Road Trip Ahead? Gasoline Supply Crunch Means You Should Beware at the Pump

Next Book Unveiling

We will be writing a book about America’s alt.future and serializing it on our Peoplenomics.com side.  Details tomorrow for subscribers, but let’s just say this one is of extreme interest to Millennials because it should be a serviceable road map to the future.

Tomorrow, the table of contents, introduction, and maybe (depending on how fast the fingers fly) the first chapter as well.  I wrote one of the later chapters Thursday.  Writing as a mere 2,500 words per hour (presentable draft mode) isn’t the problem so much as sticking to the plot and not getting side-tracked.

Around the Ranch/Over the Fence

Pussy-footing around: Zeus the Cat is still “love sick.”  The feral girl kitty he has been pal’ing around with is starting to eat a bit when
Elaine feeds her.  Damn skitterish yet.

Swamp Cooler Testing:  We will be conducting more experiments in Old Man Labs this weekend now that the humidity is dropping toward summertime norms.  The experiment?  Got an evaporative cooler.to use in the shop.  Thing is, I love working in the shop (year-round) but when the temp is over 85 (or so) my output is low and I find myself taking breaks to cool down in the office.  72-F and 44% humidity more of the time.

There’s been a lot of debate back and forth over how swamp cooling works here in Zone C on most charts.  If the swamp cooler can keep the workbench in the 80-F range with 75% humidity when it’s 100-F outside, that’s be just fine.  The cost of running “real A/C” would be ridiculous.  So, we’re testing this approach.  A/C to cool the shop would draw about 14-amps.  Swamp cooler draws 2.4 amps, so a lot smaller bite on the energy side.

I hate doing half-ass articles without “instrumentation and data” so if you want a nifty way to track how your “actual weather” (less the hype) is going and you have $11.59 each burning a hople in your pocket, load up on these guys:  “AcuRite 00613 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer with Humidity Gauge”

A fair number of people I’ve studied use swamp coolers for greenhouses.  They won’t “over-chill” the plants but they will keep a greenhouse cool-enough so the “leafy vegetable matter” won’t wilt.  Adjustable jungle, anyone?

Tornado Climate Idiocy:  When the media starts linking recent tornadoes to “climate change” simply sit back and take a chill..  The average year (1991-2010) sees 1,253 tornadoes.

I find it a bit disingenuous of the NY Times to run with “Storms Leave Trail of Debris and Waterlogged Cities” and put in “The link between tornadoes and climate change is uncertain.” and then put in 3 paragraphs justifying while it MIGHT b e true including links to old data.  WTF?  News or selling a business model?

The running Wikipedia summary here shows only 516 confirmed YTD.  Where the hell is the “climate change” in that?  Ure in NOT alone ins understandable-skepticism (US/US):  AOC called out by meteorologist after linking DC tornado warning to climate change.

AOC knows as all socialists (commie-lites) do that people vote recall, not content or action in politics…)  Which is why there’s BS – Bernie – too.

Climate idiocy is contagious, though:  School students walk out in global climate strike.

It’s Just the Damn Weather!  Millions brace for severe weather ahead of Memorial Day.

Where Moe?  This morning (or tomorrow) is “lawn day.”  Other than slow leaks in tires and a new belt and plans for a better sway bar on the mower deck, we’re coming up on 10-years on the riding mower and praying for another decade of use.

Doing a last “weed burner” attack on the garden prior to Elaine doing some transplanting out of the green house this weekend.

Elaine’s also made a decision not to feed the humming birds this year.  For one, I can’t imagine them getting anything good outy of sugar water (but they seem to).  More of a concern is the fire ants, wasps, and all other manner of buggery shows up for the sugar water, too.  I’m letting the rag weed & thistles that bloom early survive until they are just ready to go to seed.  No sign of our “Remembrance Garden” sprouting yet, but should be along shortly as the ground temps have come up.

Fire ants are popping out all over the place, regardless.  Too much rain so far this year, climate nonsense aside.  29.8-inches so far.  No worries about drought. Last year at this time, we were at 21.21-inches so running a bit wetter than normal’s.

OK, side to “saddle-up and ride” pahd-nah.  Moron the ‘morrow but we still aren’t sure about Monday.