Self-Classified Fiction

imageEveryone likes a good story, especially if it is of the late Tom Clancy, high-tech genre.  But here’s an interesting problem:  What would a writer do if they came up with an idea which, for a specific part of our technological history, could do great harm to the country?

Would you publish?  Or, would you simply sit on the concept for a while…and wait until is passes?

This morning we roll out a very short story about how just such an attack on America might have been pulled off back in 2003.  But it’s no longer possible for reasons we won’t delve too deeply into.  Still, the key thing to be learned from the exercise is that if one simply looks around at the macro trends in society and government, one can do some pretty good scenario-building about the future.

And if you choose to make personal life-planning moves based on such an assessment?  Well, there are worse things that living a semi-autonomous life.

More on that after a few headlines and our charts.  At these last, we’ll throw a few darts here in the middle of G20 week…

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2 thoughts on “Self-Classified Fiction”

  1. Jeez, George… As a broadcast engineer with satellite experience (and a ‘ham’)… you scare me!

    • Probably the only thing that has saved civilization so far is that those of us smart enough to do real damage, for the most part haven’t the slightest interest in doing so.

      The exceptions are the real power trippers, and they tend to operate in groups.

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