Second Cuban Missile Crisis? Cordon Boom?

There is a near-genius level post in the comments section from overnight which has an odd “echo of future” if you read it just so.

Fellow noticed the story about a week back that mentions a small flotilla of Russian landing craft had put out to sea;  Russia’s Landing Ships Are Headed To The Mediterranean To Join A Growing Armada (Updated) (

Thing is – and I know because I’ve been looking now for almost a week – that there have been no sightings of said craft passing through the Straits of Gibraltar.

And that’s a problem.

Vlad Putin is a very astute chess player, or he would never have survived the KGB section of his resume.  So many ended with a final toke and a concrete wall, or a simple Russian analog to our EUA type drugs at Lubyanka Prison.

Echoes of Past Future

We have long decried the theft of Liberty and usurpation of Freedom suffered by the once-free people in Europe. As the “Union” bosses managed to accomplish what neither “Napoleron” nor “Hister” (*with a nod to G.A. Stewart’s excellent work) had managed:  They seized the whole of Europe and have forged it into a marvelously egomaniacal hybrid between org-chart nightmare and retiring bureaucrat’s tax-scam.

Our pure speculation today is that the many thousands of Russian marines may not be involved in in the gathering Russian naval pool in the Black (and Azov) Seas.  Russia Deploys Warships to Black Sea in Dangerous Escalation Near Ukraine | US News.

What IF Putin has already noticed the pricking paving the EU/NATO are laying down toward Russia?  It’s terribly evident to anyone with “eyes to see.”  Ukraine, after cozying-up to the Biden crime family, and being stirred by the cookie princess with a side of neocon, has put what the LBGTQ community might characterize as a “lip-lock” on EU membership.  Ukraine fulfills Association Agreement with EU by 63% – PM Shmyhal (

Putin’s Only Move?

I’ve been a chess player my whole life.  Having lost to the younger Seattle All-City Youth Division champ by age 12.  Then later, losing to Grand Master Yasser Seirawan who kicked my ass when I was interviewing him for a weekend public affairs radio program half a century (or thereabouts) back.

Trust me, I know a few things about losing chess games.  But I’m no match for Slow Biden on this score, I’m sure.

Thing is, Russia brought the US to a draw during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.  Now, we see NATO surrounding Russia while throwing arms into eastern Europe right and left.  Old Slow did the unthinkable in our view on Tuesday: NATO takes command of US carrier strike group as allies send more jets and warships to deter Russia’s threat against Ukraine (  WTF?

The move may signal some problems internally for NATO.  Since there are reports out of conservative sources going to the idea of NATO Falling Apart? Croatia Says “No Troops” If Russia Conflict over Ukraine; Germany Refusing NATO Flights.

Since when does the U.S. turn over a nuclear capable capital ship to foreign control?  Surely, the Chess Player in Chief on the Kremlin side would view this as “ganging up” on his position.  It would be like me inviting Boris Spassky to counsel me while playing Seirawan 50-years back.  Poor form. (I’m an expert in that, lol.)

Putin’s only option is a form of the “Sicilian Defense” as he has every incentive to “Reinstall Missiles in Cuba.”

Cuba’s economy could use the boost, and a check of missile flight times reveals:

  • Moscow is 459 miles from Kiev
  • Poland is 779 miles.
  • Berlin is just 1,128 miles.

Now let’s turn the board around:

  • Moscow is 4,860 miles from D.C.
  • But:  Cuba is 1,133 miles from D.C.
  • Cuban missiles would only equal the score.  Think of Miami as becoming the analog to Kiev.
  • If you’d like to do additional targeting, the Federation of American Scientists has a dandy ICBM launch map here. ICBM Bases – Russian and Soviet Nuclear Forces (

In the real world, though, ICBMs (like the Russian SS-25s) are not the Big Problem since launch times are meaningless, anymore.  As long as American Los Angeles class boomers are sailing from Bangor, WA.

On the other hand, Putin’s been buddy-buds with Xi lately, and there’s still a nagging concern that the USS Connecticut – an American attack sub – might have been damaged by an unmanned Chinesium underwater drone last year.  (Mountains don’t damage the sail of subs, last time we checked!)

As to how Putin might play his “Copycat/Mirror” of the 1962 CMC coming at him, my consigliere and I are going back and forth over “which pieces” we can expect Vlad to move.  See, there’s a case for short/intermediate range missiles.  Problem with theses, however, is the orbiting U.S. “thunderbolt” series (Rods from God“) of US weapons that few acknowledge often publicly, can be used with extreme precision and near (theater) non-nuke kinetics don’t leave a radioactive footprint.

We can then pivot to the matter of Cuba’s Delfin class submarines.  Could Putin send the still Moscow-loving Havana government a batch of SLCMs (sub launch cruise missiles) which could then threaten Washington with under 500-mile stand-off patrols east of Virginia?

All of which amount to a D-9 Caterpillar-sized pile of speculations.  For now, though, stories like ‘Every indication’ Putin plans force by mid-February: US ( predominate.

The EU (and by extension NATO)  slapped the clock on this by rolling with a Copycat opening using the 1962 events.  For a bit longer, the “foreplay” will be setting up positions for final attacks.  Just don’t be surprised when they come.

Fed, Funny Money, and Markets

Powell at the Pump continues a while longer.  What the financial community needs is a good war because that would be a dandy scapegoat (mea culpa) to avoid responsibility for blowing up the US balance sheet with all the Free Lunching the wildcrats have been shoveling through the District of Corruption.

The joke – but right in line with our expectations laid out on the subscriber side – is that the Fed is talking about raising rates while – at the same time – continuing to buy in the open market.  The instructions to the Fed’s trading desk don’t get enough press coverage (which is mainly political, Joe-loving slobber):

Effective January 27, 2022, the Federal Open Market Committee directs the Desk to:

  • Undertake open market operations as necessary to maintain the federal funds rate in a target range of 0 to 1/4 percent.
  • Complete the increase in System Open Market Account (SOMA) holdings of Treasury securities by $40 billion and of agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS) by $20 billion, as indicated in the monthly purchase plans released in mid-January.
  • Increase the SOMA holdings of Treasury securities by $20 billion and of agency MBS by $10 billion, during the monthly purchase period beginning in mid-February.
  • Increase holdings of Treasury securities and agency MBS by additional amounts as needed to sustain smooth functioning of markets for these securities.
  • Conduct overnight repurchase agreement operations with a minimum bid rate of 0.25 percent and with an aggregate operation limit of $500 billion; the aggregate operation limit can be temporarily increased at the discretion of the Chair.

All of which prompted my Deflationist PhD pal Jas Jain to size things up this way:

Boxed In: Fed Has No Choice But to Curb Demand That Would Lead to a Recession to Bring Down Inflation

Almost everyone on CNBC agrees that Fed was way behind the curve and now in a “hurry up offense” will throw lots of interceptions. Fed lost the game last year with horrible defense; this year it will be a rout when the Fed goes on the offense. Bad coaches and even worse quarterback summarize the Federal Reserve.

?A 20-40% drop in stocks will also help bring down inflation by making people cautious with spending.

Betting against the Fed,


Can’t say I disagree:  There was evidence that the Fed is slowly taking money out of the economy as the rate of increase in the Monetary Base, revealed Tuesday, showed money growth becoming a bit less frenetic.

Don’t mind me.  I’ll be the Bear in the Woods, sulking because these Seven Stooges (FOMC) deliberately hide H6 Money stocks which should be reported publicly and daily.  Instead, these ol shit-fer-brains bankers continue to overlook whose g.d. money it really is.  NOT theirs, unless they want all the associated tax liabilities.  (Ure saunters toward the coffeepot with the word “pricks” being uttered non-stop…early onset Tourette’s syndrome?)

Data Day

Happy talk that GDP!

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 6.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2021, following an increase of 2.3 percent in the third quarter. The acceleration in the fourth quarter was led by an upturn in exports as well as accelerations in inventory investment and consumer spending. In the fourth quarter, COVID-19 cases resulted in continued restrictions and disruptions in the operations of establishments in some parts of the country. Government assistance payments in the form of forgivable loans to businesses, grants to state and local governments, and social benefits to households all decreased as provisions of several federal programs expired or tapered off.

After the data, Dow futures were up 60, S&P up 20.  Run them Bears, again?

Durable Goods

UI Filings

Short Takes

Denmark is smart, the way we figure it:  Denmark to End Most COVID Restrictions and ‘Welcome the Life We Knew Before’ (  But the Big Strong-arm push continues in stories like Omicron Deaths in U.S. Exceed Delta’s Peak as Covid-19 Optimism Rises in Europe – WSJ.

Want to hear a nightmare? Breyer retires and what? Speculation ramps up about Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s Supreme Court pick (  Which then opens the way for the Hildebeast’s return to the public trough.

ATR: Windows 11 First Take

No snipping tool.  Some bullshit work around:  Print page and then edit that?  AYFKM?

Periodically stops to “think about things” unexpectedly.

Still, better than papyrus and charcoal. Since Win 3.1 I have been an involuntary beta tester.

Main reason for the change is to run the drone fleet (Android apps) from the PC with the big UHD monitor.  Which doesn’t work for crap – yet.

More when I get out from under this latest bus from Redmond.

Update:  Latest Cumulative Update brings a snipping tool.  Jury will continue interviewing experts.

Write when you get rich,

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100 thoughts on “Second Cuban Missile Crisis? Cordon Boom?”

  1. Harris to the SCOTUS and Hildebeat as VP to the Demented One. “Imagine no greater evil can I.” – Yoda, Star Wars.
    “We all would be screwed. I have spoken.” – Kuill, The Mandalorian.

  2. Reference the NY Post article re: Kamala as a possible Supreme Court Nominee.

    Hillary could pull a Rabbit out of the Hat.

    Democrats know they are in a world of hurt. They have a senile old fool with problems that have not fully unfolded. Many of which are documented on his son’s laptop. They have a VP that is a useless as tits on a boar hog. And they have an election coming up in 10 months that will throw both houses of Congress to the Republicans based upon current polls, unless they start a war which always changes the polls.

    How do they fix the problem? Appoint Kamala Harris to fill the seat of retiring Supreme Court Liberal Breyer. You hit a homerun by appointing a Black AND South Asian Woman to the Supreme Court. Biden had promised to appoint a Black Woman to the Supreme Court, but a Black and Asian Woman is a double whammy. Oh, but here comes the Grand Slam in the Democrats mind, Hillary gets appointed to the empty VP seat while the Democrats still control Congress. After the election in November, Joe suddenly develops an “illness” but not a real one like his dementia or Alzheimer’s. He tells the nation he therefore must resign and Hitlery becomes the President. She gets two years to lie, cheat, cozy up to her Chinese Marxist buddies, and steal the next election in 2024 like she thought had been done in 2016.

    Don’t be surprised if you don’t see press start talking about the merits of Kamala as a Supreme Court possibility in the same breath as Michelle Obama, who will pass. Hillary appoints her to a position in her government or runs with her as her VP. When President, Hitlery then appoints Barack Hussein as the Special U.S. Representative to the U.N. where he can then step in as the big Kahuna to lead the world to “Peace” and the One World Government.

    Now back to reality…Senile Joe is still the puppet. Dumb and crooked as he is, it COULD POSSIBLY be argued that he still beats Kamala or Hitlery sitting in the White House. Watch the buzz coming from the controlled press to shape the narrative.

  3. Correlation is not causation, but…

    On the first day of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Russia invaded Georgia.
    At the end of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Russia began the annexation of Crimea.
    The last day of the 2022 Beijing Olympics is Feb 20, the last day of the Russian-Belarusian exercise.

    Tell me if this means anything.
    h/t to Amichai Stein

  4. “Old Slow did the unthinkable in our view on Tuesday: NATO takes command of US carrier strike group as allies send more jets and warships to deter Russia’s threat against Ukraine (”

    Kind of like an out of control bus going down a mountain pass road and the bus driver hands the wheel over to a passenger.

    Mark commented yesterday “I will take my chances and continue to thrive with Biden.” Gives a whole new theme song for the dems in the 2024 election (if we survive that long). “Drivin’ and thrivin’ with Biden down the mountain road.”

  5. I was thinking today about the book, Cat’s Cradle. After reading today’s column, perhaps a quote from the book is appropriate.

    The Fourteenth Book is entitled, “What can a Thoughtful Man Hope for Mankind on Earth, Given the Experience of the Past Million Years?”
    It doesn’t take long to read The Fourteenth Book. It consists of one word and a period.
    This is it: “Nothing.”
    ? Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle

  6. The Truman Carrier Strike Group handover to NATO is reportedly part of a perviously planned NATO exercise called ‘Neptune Strike’, the first of its kind since the Cold War. The exercise is reportedly scheduled to end on 4 Feb.

    Neptune Strike has been in the planning stages since 2020 and is officially stated as ‘not designed against any of the kinds of scenarios that might happen with respect to Ukraine’.

    Any nukes in the mix will remain under U.S. control, with launch authority resting ultimately with Sleepy Joe or his designaterd line of presidential succession. The military recommends targets for the nuke arsenal. Only the sitting president (or their stand-in) can authorize arming and launching them.

    Lastly, along with ‘rods from God,’ aka ‘hypervelocity rod bundles,’ several other unique weapons proposals were considered throughout the years, some of which made it onto the pages of Popular Science almost 2 decades ago. No word on whether any actually made it into production, testing and deployment:

    • “Lastly, along with ‘rods from God,’ aka ‘hypervelocity rod bundles,’ several other unique weapons proposals were considered throughout the years, some of which made it onto the pages of Popular Science almost 2 decades ago. No word on whether any actually made it into production, testing and deployment:”

      They didn’t. However, like the WebBot and Remote Viewing, the reason they didn’t is the spooks or engineers found something better.

    • Warhammer,

      “Neptune Strike has been in the planning stages since 2020 and is officially stated as ‘not designed against any of the kinds of scenarios that might happen with respect to Ukraine’.”

      The Nato pr team sure gloss over the coincidence that when NeptuneStrike moved from 2020 drawing board to 2021 exercise on the Whitney, the theatre was the Black Sea.

  7. Like you said George, Putin is smart and then WE have the three stooges running DC, we are so screwed. Putin will be establishing a MORE secure Russia as he can perfectly well see, that the USA is now a threat due to having scum/idiots in offices of power. His only chess move is to set up for check-mate IF we continue to go downhill.

  8. Consider whether Vlad may just be testing NATO’s resolve. You know, for when he launches the Big One.
    Cuba’s a sideshow when you got Russkie boomers <90 miles off NYC.
    China and Russia may play nice for the camera, but eons of mutual suspicion and hostility – plus a long, impossible to defend border – will carry the day in the end. And they can't even agree on which brand of Communism is best. Hegemony's a bitch when you have to share.
    But I'm sure all the armchair generals here are right. After all, there can't possibly be anybody in the Defense Dept. that thinks about this shit all day, every day.
    "Boom goes London, and boom, Paree,
    More room for you and more room for me…." – Randy Newman

    • “After all, there can’t possibly be anybody in the Defense Dept. that thinks about this shit all day, every day.”

      Um, Warhammer retired…

      After Obama’s purge, I doubt there’s anybody left in the scenarios department who’s much more qualified than Randy Newman’s great grandson.

      Oh, and the Russian subs are not 90 miles off NYC. There’s one in NY Harbor much of the time, as there’s one off the coast of D.C. and another off the coast of Cocoa Beach — generally between 15-25 miles out.

      • Don’t fall off that Continental shelf while just sitting around loitering The good news is the garbage barges from NYC still dump out there look out below. LOL

  9. All the while, Joe is secretly depositing illegal aliens in towns all over the USA and trying to irradicate voter ID.
    Doesn’t anyone see the purpose of the illegal aliens being deposited secretly all over the country? These are sleeper voters. This is why the demoncrats want no voter ID. Stick a million or two new voters around the country, tell them who to vote for and steal the elections forever.

    • Secretly depositing hundreds of single youg illegal male aliens without any background check or health testing across the USA.

      What could possibly go wrong?

    • You nailed it, and this IS why they changed the ALLOWED alien influx numbers over the last 30 years as they know that divide and conquer works and when you have a basic balance between the 4 skin colors ODDS are they won’t all think alike and they won’t back each other up, so they have deliberately destroyed this country while the sheeple sat on there couch’s watching CIA programed TV shows.

    • “Doesn’t anyone see the purpose of the illegal aliens being deposited secretly all over the country? ”

      We were told that that was how a jihad caliphate would happen.. that they would come in and pose as refugee’s and then attack from within.. and then you have donations of millions of dollars.. so what were the donations for.. and why all of a sudden do we allow millions of illegal refugees come in and be paid and get jobs with our federal govt.. what could go wrong..

  10. “Mountains don’t damage the sail of subs, last time we checked!”

    Everything I’ve been seeing in the videos show and said the entire forward radar dome was knocked off which could have been anything from a sea mount to another submerged vessel. I was sorry to hear that the CO was canned because of this. It’s a tough job being the boss on one of those. If you survived it you’re a hero, if not, “so solly, here’s a desk you can navigate” if they keep you around at all.

    • Hard to believe that sono dome didnt see it coming. If no one was in the space [no fatalities?] that would mean it was most likely active. That leads to other rabbit holes I dont want to go down.

      • As Mr. Johnson, below, outlined any active pinging lets everyone know where you are for hundreds of miles around so if you want to submerge and then get out of Dodge undetected no active sonar is allowed. You just go by faith that your charts are good … and pray. There were some pretty bunged-up people on the boat but, lucky for them, there were no fatalities like the previous collision on, I forget which boat it was.

        This guy gives an excellent description of what went on:

      • The bow is a big fiberglass fairing, filled with water and the sonar array looks like a huge disco ball inside. The operators sit in the ops compartment 50 feet or more back. And in modern attack subs the torpedo tubes are in the sides about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way back from the bow. There is no habitable spaces in the first 30 feet or so of the sub. And as I stated before, during normal operations they will not be using active sonar as it lets everyone know where you are much farther away than you could detect them. Like on a foggy night someone can see your headlights way before you could see them by the light of those headlights.
        The modus operendi of subs is that of an ambush predator, sneaking, hiding and lying in wait.

        James Johnson, ex-nuke

  11. George, a couple of things. Submarines were the first stealth weapons platform. They don’t emit energy unless they have to. Emitted energy can be used to detect, track and kill them. Forty some years ago I was on a sub in the SW pacific. We had exited our patrol area to go to an arbitrary position to blow steam generators. Periodically you have to dump the steam generators to the ocean because certain chemical levels in them become too high. Dumping 600 degree steam to the ocean makes a hell of a racket which is why it isn’t done near where you are operating. It lets everyone in a few hundred miles know where you are. Our lead sonarman was on watch and noticed a large increase in shallow water biological background noise even though nothing shallow showed on the charts. He notified the OOD who rang all stop and called for the captain. After a discussion with the CO and the sonarman they decided to take a chance and pinged a low power pulse from the main sonar array. It showed that there was an uncharted seamount almost directly in our path. If we had continued we probably would have grazed the side of it. I know of other subs who have hit them, I have seen their busted up bow sonar domes in drydock. The Connecticut wasn’t the first and won’t be the last.
    Everything is computerized now. Would the sonar computers would have picked up on the change in background biological noise and notified the operators? I kind of doubt it the way things are done nowdays.
    Also, a Los Angeles class is an attack boat and could carry cruise missiles but not ballistic missiles. The Ohio class carries ballistic nuclear missiles.

    James Johnson, ex-nuke

  12. A friend sez: “if some Cuban sub goes clanking and bubbling around in the waters within a radius of 500 miles of WASHDC, then he may accidentally strike an uncharted seamount… …or something. Its disappearance will become a mystery — quickly overlooked amid other energetic discussions of the hour.”

    Works for me.

  13. Kamala is not popular, and they can’t just fire her. Promotion is the only way to get rid of incompetents. Age old story there. No surprise at all.

  14. Windows 11, has a snipping tool for me. I go to search “snip” and there it is and seems to work similar to windows 10.

  15. Ahh come on man – what are you some kinda dogponysoldier now? “No choice but to curb demand”

    “Au contraire mon frere!” as Grome kerPOWell said hisself yesterday ” some people are prone to suffer more” bwahahahah.

    Bend over Sheeps – as WE alwayz do – and prepare for more Painial to come from Ure “betterz”, who just love and care so much for the tax Paying Citizens(inmates) of the USA.

    ECU prediction: ZIC(zombieinchief) dont make it too selection time for Byers replacement. Whoever-Whatever that is behind the disguise/mask.

    Remote Viewing Project newz – big upcoming project over at

    Deep dive into the “Essassani” Who, What, Where, How, Whys.


    These are the hubrid “offspring” of the grays(angels) genetic progam = alien abduction (phenom/program) here on & above Earth. Essassani need our help, and we need theirs. Some involved in alien abduction program, others involved in Resistance against abduction.
    Homework preparing Ure mind for this upcoming “eyeopener” project is Reading the book, They Walk Among Us- the alien plan to control humanity. David M Jabobs, phd. Think Hubrids…..

    Yes looking at copy on ECU bookself as I type, right next Babylonian Figural Cylinder Seal collection and Reptilian ancient artifacts collection. Second seal in pictures describes a Fly in the field. See for Ureself what it looks like. Sent G email wit pics. Keeping mind that this is 1st millenium BC artifacts.

    Crazy? foregone conclusion that!..geniuses.

    Won these items in auction Nov30, 2021, 31 yr old Daughter informed us on 12-25-21 that she was Pregnant with her 1st. After seeing 3rd picture of 1st millenium BC reptilian “birthing idol” tell ECU about Coinwinkydinks and Ure understanding thereof.
    Wakeywakey time – we are NOT alone & never have been .

  16. The March 2020 low 33/66 week second fractal nonlinear valuation decline  is expected to be tomorrow Friday 28 January 2022 for western and eastern equities, gold, cryptocurrencies.

    The Nikkei had a 3+% decline earlier today and the Shanghai comp a 1.7% decline. (This drop left both indices near(Shanghai) or below(Nikkei)) their 13 month closing lows).

    For US equities (using a 7 hour trading day)the 20 December 2021 four phase growth and decay series is 5/11/10/6 days (black Monday was day 10 of the sequence)  the final 6 days are composed of 2/4/2-3 days and 10/25/15 hours with the nonlinear decline expected from hours 20-25; and the final 15 hours expected to be an inverted ‘U’ signaling a bottom and starting a growth phase of 9 months.  After the series of minimal interest rate increases  and partial selling and reduction of the 9 trillion dollars of bonds held and created by the federal reserve, there will be  a crash devaluation in September/October 2022 completing a 7/17/10 month fractal series from the March 2020 low’s. After this Oct 2022 low, the fed will give up on raising rates. Deposited money will be rapidly devalued via inflation associated with necessary further central bank money creation.
    Friday Target price for the Wilshire:  40 trillion (about 10-13 % drop) from 45 trillion
    Friday Target price for bitcoin in USD: 19000 to 19500 about a 45% drop from the current 36,700 trading level.

    An early Friday morning check of The Shanghai Property index should be telltale interesting.

    • EF, we sometimes forget to say thank you! Thank you for posting here! I really enjoy your projections! Cheers!

    • I think we’re starting 1 down of the 5th wave of the Big 1 down.

      I think I learned it’s typical for 5 waves to extend in commodities while 3 waves for stocks.

      If I’m right and you’re right this 5th wave should extend and the markets should hit circuit breakers tomorrow.

      “Circuit breakers halt trading on the nation’s stock markets during dramatic drops and are set at 7%, 13%, and 20% of the closing price for the previous day. The circuit breakers are calculated daily. Trading will halt for 15 minutes if drop occurs before 3:25 p.m.”

    • At market open…. Bitcoin is at $36,838 .., up $200 and change
      We’ll see what the rest of the day brings us………,

  17. “Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 6.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2021, following an increase of 2.3 percent in the third quarter.”

    Lessee… Tell me again, is this metric measured in unit volume, or in USDollars (which are worth 32% less than they were a year ago, thanks to inflation of the money supply…?)

  18. “Want to hear a nightmare? Breyer retires and what? Speculation ramps up about Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s Supreme Court pick ( Which then opens the way for the Hildebeast’s return to the public trough.”

    ‘Told you, yesterday…

    Kammy is incredibly unqualified, needing both favors and boyfriend pressure to pass the Cali Bar on her 2nd try, and having no experience as a jurist.

    What I’m thinking is the Dem Establishment will dangle a USSC appointment under her nose to get her to resign as VP. The Senate will STRONGLY vote her nomination down. She’ll be out of the way and out of town, and off the DNC’s liabilities sheet. In the meantime, Hil gets the nod for VP (the heads are saying “Pelosi” but that won’t happen. Nancy has more power than the Creeper and she’s not about to give it up.) Once Hillary is installed, Creepy Joe’s relatives die off until he takes the hint.

    Voila, suddenly Hillary is da Prez and Slick is back in the White House, and after they die off from old age, Jeb will finally be able to move in…

    • “Which then opens the way for the Hildebeast’s return to the public trough.”

      Wouldn’t Nancy get the job.
      I don’t know which one would be worse LOL…
      And With the reduced life expectancy of anyone that works with them. It seems that there are more than just a few people that get extremely sad. its a suicide convention. Seriously It isn’t even a secret or being covered over by those in the position to investigate it… would Uncle Joe really be that stupid..

  19. Hey G. It’s been a while, but I have been monitoring the site on a regular basis. It seems to me if a nuke strike comes it will be an EMP, maximum effect minimal damage ie. they want our land mass without having to wait for it to cool off and also plays right into the hands of the build-a-burger boys who want population control (let’s face it in 90 days 2/3 of the population would be dead) and what’s left would not be much of a problem! And furthermore, with all of space based and boomer WMDs ground troops are nothing more than a police force anymore. The other thing I see with Russia is this ruse in Ukraine is to take everyone’s eyes off of the real prize the Middel East! And it all is falling into place like a certain book most of us have all read. Well back to making and fixing stuff for people.
    P.S. The Come-a-lot thing for the High Court is a non-starter it takes a majority vote in the senate for a judge or a new VP and on those two names it ain’t going to happen (come-a-lot can’t vote for herself) and even the Dem’s don’t want that other snag around

    • A total of SIX left the Baltic in two groups of three. The Pravada news article was the one that claimed the final group of 3 were heading to Cuba.

      Need to match up the names /classes of the ships in each of the two groups of three to see if that is the first group or are the second group, the one that was reported to be going to Cuba.

      If I get the time tonight I will go back and look at the pics of each group leaving the Baltic since not all of the ships were in the same exact class and their physical profiles were somewhat different.

  20. I think we have lined out Revelation and Nostradamus’ narrative here –
    1. War in Eastern Europe, (post Feb 20th Olympics end)
    2. Slo Joe pushes Kammie to SCOTUS nod
    3. Hitlerbee becomes Veep.
    4. War continues.
    5. Slo Joe bows out, (either from war or failing health). Hitlerbee becomes POTUS.
    6. Prez Hitlerbee noms Barry to UN rep job.
    7. Barry proceeds to negotiate “the false peace”.
    8. Barry assumes the mantle of “world’s savior”…aka The Beast….
    9. Rest of us in BIG trouble…….
    10. THE END

    • That all seems to work…even the Barry part if he’s truly not a US citizen, because, if memory serves, Mr. False Peace is not American as America is not referred to in Revelations. Seems we’ll have been/are being taken out of the equation. But, then again…we don’t really know the timing. It could be 200 years from now. Even the disciples thought Jesus was beginning his earthly kingdom way back then and we obviously know they were a wee bit early in thinking that…now that we have 2000+ years of 20/20 vision.
      However, I got the feeling that Barry kind of looked down on Billary and didn’t like her and he seems to be the boss of Bidet per Psaki.

  21. Kamala in the Supreme Court makes sense. She is worthless as VP. She knows she has lost her MOJO and is not marketable anymore. Her political career is over. My guess is Andrew Yang or Mayor Pete as her replacement…BUT…HildaBeast is not welcome by any sane Democrat…If The Beast is activated in any way and this actually happens, then watch a wholesale exodus of active, voting Democrats. She is poison.

    • “She is worthless as VP. She knows she has lost her MOJO and is not marketable anymore”

      My thought is.. as a judge..having to deal with people from every walk of life that has questionable moral and ethical tabs..While she seems to have a few morals and ethics .. My guess is She is distancing herself from that group.. JUST in case any of what has been accused has any merit..
      I actually thought she would resign her position..

  22. “If you’d like to do additional targeting, the Federation of American Scientists has a dandy ICBM launch map here. ICBM Bases – Russian and Soviet Nuclear Forces (”

    I find it incredibly interesting that FAS “knows” where every Russian missile silo is, yet “knows” where none of ours are… ‘specially when you can betcherass the FSB knows where ours are.

    • “I find it incredibly interesting that FAS “knows” where every Russian missile silo is, yet “knows” where none of ours are… ”

      They know!
      Years ago.. we got the best aerial photo of the DC area it was gorgeous.. we wanted to hang one in the hall. Everyone said no even though the area was a secured area.. but if we could get one from someone else we could..
      Some of the guys decided to write the russian embassy..a couple weeks later a huge 30 by 40 aerial photo showed up..beautiful.. everything was labeled..stuff no one knew about that was there..
      We got to hang it..
      So they know..

  23. Comrades,

    Things will work out the way they are supposed to. The Justice Breyer presence in the Supreme Court arguably has been for the best as an appointee of President Clinton. History records that Justice Breyer was a second choice after a certain George Mitchell declined. The latter manifested injudiciously during 2019.

  24. It certainly would be a nightmare scenario if joe biden nominated Kamala Harris to the Supreme Court. It’s almost beyond contemplation the derangement that would ensue from his eventual new VP pick. That aside, assuming that he holds all 50 Democratic Senators (Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema hold the line), and no Republican Senators vote yes; it sure would be a spectacle watching Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote in favor of her own appointment to the Supreme Court. My bet is that if they can jump all the other hurdles to that point, she would do it and we would be told that this is all good and normal.

    • That can’t happen.

      For USSC appointments (and I believe VP confirmations) the Senate President is not permitted to vote. A 50-50 split is a loss.

      The real danger lies with Mittens jumping ship, perhaps with an offer of an upgrade in sleeping quarters to the Naval Observatory. Unless he’s delusional, he should know by now that he’s not going to be re-elected.

      I don’t know much about Sinema’s constituency, but the vast majority of Manchin’s are considerably more conservative than the average Texan, so a vote of 52-48 or 51-49 against ANY nominee to either the SC or the VP slot are not beyond the realm of possibility.

  25. Putin leads an economy based on oil & gas…Carbon emissions energy which is slowly going out of favor. He needs to diversify the Russian economy & he is well aware of that necessity. Sanctions aren’t going to help facilitate that diversification…so there is an out here. Heads will get level & Putin will get some respect he so much cherishes. Putin is looking for leverage to get into the Western style business model as an equal, not to go to war.

  26. Fascinating. The markets about to turn up . And all we can do is talk about war, politics and vege gardens .

  27. Gold won’t have a signal . But on this dsi even a gold shorter would close positions. Even the darth banks and FED

  28. Monkey talked about this throughout most of last year. Now there’s video proof from police body cams of illegals being dropped off in NY and taken off to all parts therein. I think they mentioned Tucker had this on his show last night.

    Also Árpád of Star Path Academy has been putting up some really good videos lately. The latest is of a woman who is describing how she manages the grocery store after Venezuela reset their currency. You gotta be a sneaker sucker and protect your stuff!

    • He did. FOXNews was playing in the background last night. He had a reporter on-site and videoing the crap. I wasn’t paying attention, but have the impression the reporter was not a FOX reporter or contributor.

  29. I’m still pondering the idea that whatever they have simmering will end up with the pro-America US military fighting the anti-America US military and this will have nothing to do with russia, russia, russia. That’s if there is actually a pro-America faction left after all the Obie/Bidet purges.

  30. G, I had the impression that next in the chain would be Pelosi, if Biden wandered into senilityland, and Harris took over for him? Would it not also stand to reason that if Harris was moved out of vp that Pelosi would get a shot at the title? Somehow, I don’t think the D’s would be stupid enough to place hrc there after the public decisively sided against her in 2016. Don’t get me wrong about the questioning, please. Plastic Pelosi is not the face of good politics, imo.

      • Gerald Ford was not House Speaker.

        The Republicans never held a majority in the House, during all the years Ford served. The House Speaker when Ford was named VP (and also when he became President) was Carl Albert. Gerald Ford was the “Minority Leader,” and was picked to succede Spiro Agnew because he was respected by all, and had a reputation for integrity.

        People forget how badly Agnew damaged the Republicans. Ford was supposed to fix that. He might have, too, if Nixon hadn’t tried to cover up what his minions did…

    • Again — Pelosi has more power than the President. Unless Congress suspends or eliminates the Constitution and makes the Chief Executive a King or Emperor, there is no way nasty Nancy would accept the job…

      The line of succession goes VP, then House Speaker, but the Speaker doesn’t get to climb that ladder unless the Executive Offices of “President” and “Vice President” are both vacant or vacated at the same time.

      Here is the complete “Continuity of Government” line of Presidential succession:

      Vice President Kamala Harris

      Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi

      President pro tempore of the Senate Patrick Leahy

      Secretary of State Antony Blinken

      Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen

      Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

      Attorney General Merrick Garland

      Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland

      Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

      Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo

      Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh

      Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra

      Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge

      Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg

      Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm

      Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona

      Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough

      Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas

  31. Probably about 20 years ago, I had a very vivid dream about a second American civil war. After tricking the rebel freedom fighters into using a mini nuke, in order to make them look bad to the public sitting on the sidelines and the world watching, my dream ended with the US president (on the side of the NWO) giving a national speech. As he gave the speech, his face momentarily turned demonic looking. That president was a white male with dark hair and looked a lot like Pete Buttigieg.

  32. Lest WE forget, most issues are just results of OUR collective choices in the past, IMHO. of course. ;-((

    Btw. Slim hope for a change for better choices.

  33. Mr Ure, Boris is accustomed to the NATO Ops in the Barents, its a long played game,not so great seeing this playbook again. Moving ones strike force around the back side of your adversary while you create a distraction in his yard. This is reading like a blind mans bluff. Very real though, all of it. And yes back then as today we took turns at who’s the flag ship now, all part of the chess game and making sure the snake has more than one head to be removed [contingencies]. I’d still be more concerned about whats coming up through Laredo and sitting out at anchorage. We’ll get a heavy dose of soft action before any pyrotechnics shows begin. Might be a good time to run through the layered preps/contingency planning. But until then, its Kabooki theater, and as many times as I presented my middle finger to the tail ball photographer eh hem gunner in those Tupolev’s the Russian Navy is a shadow of what it once was. That makes it no less lethal though. News flash if you can stuff one of these babies on a Metka or OSA class puddle jumper, the submersible cassette version could surface anywhere. Hauling around fewer isotopes will also add to evasion of detection.

  34. Comrades,

    Is it just me, or are the world’s navies coordinating some new routines with partners. The US, French, and Italian carriers are not the only ones skating together in the Med as advertised. Russia, China, and Iran just had a trio shindig together in the Gulf of Oman.

    May I mention one small aside before the Olympics start Feb. 4. It’s possibly just a mistranslation. However while the NeptuneStrike 2022 has commonly been advertised with a Feb. 4 ending, Paris-based “Naval News” quotes a Feb. 7 end date.

  35. Hey, you are in the area. If ya wanna have lunch maybe go watch the UW huskies game or go to the Wild Lanterns at the Woodland Park zoo. Lmk. Security works for me. And I’m looking into getting my sailor certs up in Anacortes since you mentioned sailboats. Funny. A friend has a 36 foot Catalina they race in May and says I can join the team. Hell Yeah G.

    I have a question maybe someone smarter than the Jedi can answer here. I asked a few people. Nobody can tell me the answer. And I don’t rightly know what to think about it..

    So you know how the number 22 is a master number. Meaning. Master Builder and Master Architect. Double the intuition from what I read.

    Check this shit out. Quite the surprise. I have 22 letters in my name. I will celebrate 2 years sober on 02-22-2022. Now you add the month and the century together
    That is 22-22-22, 22 (letters in my name) and 2 years sober. At 2200 hours is when i celebrate. The exact hour of my last drink.

    So 2, 22, 22, 22, 22, 22

    I didn’t do that on purpose. What does 2,22,22,22,22,22 mean? If ya add them all together it makes 22. In numerology. I read that 22 is 2 × the intuition. So does that mean on that day, I go to 2^20 in Master Builder and or Master Architect powers?

    Any masons know? George? Anyone? I mean I’m used to some off the charts synchorcitys and juxtapositions. But 2,22,22,22,22,22 equaling 22 all in one day as it relates to me?

    Uhmmm anyone got anything? Not even the jedi know what to think about that.

    Got the same number George. If ya wanna eat lunch or something. I can meet ya. I will even treat for 13 coins or something like that. ure boys got my number if ya don’t..
    I’m normally super busy. This weekend is kinda slow. So I’m working on some other things.

    I will check back tomorrow.

    No WWIII from my vantage point. Not enough momentum for it. Everyone is still hung over from the pandemic.

    I will check back. See if anyone has an answer. Pretty fricken weird has to be some kind of anomaly. Im used to weird shit. But this is Even for me. And nobody can make any sense of it. They just look at me all aww struck when I show them. With their Jaw hanging down like they are catching Flys. And I say what do you think? They just sit their gapping at it like it isn’t real. But it is. And it’s exactly on that date I will celebrate 2 years sober with 22 letters in my name, at 2200 hours on 02-22-2022


    • I mean, that is more trippy than Elon sticking up for the truckers and speaking out against the Vax. LOL!

      And Biden fucked and CNN shot their wad about the narrative about WWIII, now they can’t have it. Because then it looks planned. LOL!

      The richest man in the world defends the grabbing 18 gears guys against the big pharma dope dealers. Who would have ever thought?

      2 to the power of 20 or double double double double double double double double double double double double double the master number. ~ THE DUDE ~ Ya know. Only HE can do something like that. Best think twice about fucking with that guy. Oh there is a pun for you. Better think twice times twice times twice times twice times twice times twice etc etc etc. I figure you probably give up that idea of fucking with THE DUDE. I don’t even think the Grey’s or all the other Aliens could put that together, together with the good citizens of Agartha.

      That only happens by THE DUDE.

      Any ideas. I’m seriously asking. Maybe, it means I got you Andy right where i want you, love THE DUDE!

      That is the best I can make of it.


      • Desmond tutu Ray? The Cape Town bishop? south Africa? same place Elon’s from where the big Steenberg wine orchards? guess it all ties together. Im sure more will be revealed. hadnt considered mr tutu who recently passed on 12/26/2021.. day after Christmas. big human rights guy.

        desmond means lucky number 11. another master number. good eye Ray.

        thanks for you comment.

      • you notice Ray, in that Babylon Bee interview with Elon, that he shaves his arms and all his body hair off except his head? Pretty interesting. if you pay attention when he is in the interview, Elon shaves his arms and hands free of any hair, wonder why? most dont notice that stuff. but i do.

        anyway. good talk, thanks for the input. i appreciate it. i spose THE DUDE knows best. see ya when I see ya, probably before you see me. LOL

      • Good call Ray! A fella named Desmond called me about a job friday afternoon. Coming in Monday to have me do his resume. Huh.

        Closed the deal on Friday with Coca-Cola. All them displays you see the stores? My guys will putting those together. Starting with 4 guys. Foot in the door.


  36. It would appear that we are worrying about things that in “the greater scheme” is of no significance.
    Don’t let doom-mongers and the end-is-nigh types fool you with “fake” facts and figures. They’ll be wrong, as usual. ;-0

  37. Hey George. While you are in town I want you to notice something. Absolute proof that the Idocrcacy is alive and well.

    You know those scooters that everyone rider around here. The rental electric ones? They are nicknamed the Jizzcycles. LOL because hookers ride them on Arora.

    Look closely and pay attention. On the instructions it is also written in Brale. The scooter instructions on how to ride one are written in brale for the blind people to be able to understand how to ride one. HAHAHAHAHAHA! So some blind bastard can jump on a scooter, and pay the bill and ride out into the sunset which they can’t see at 20 mph on a scooter. Brilliant!

    I wonder who came up with that idea. I know we better put the instructions on the scooter in brail we don’t want to discriminate against blind people riding them. My uncle Jimmy has a label shop that can handle the labels for us at $10 a label. Great idea! We don’t want to keep blind people from being able riding a scooter 20mph into traffic! Weeeeeeee got your little stick in your hand like a joust. Weeeeee.

    Stuff like that just makes me think. What the F? Who’s brilliant idea was that?

    Look at one dude. It’s the damndest thing. Only in seattle

      • Oh I thought you were here. Shit I will be in pilot school by then. I’m getting my captains sailing license to race sailboats and after that I’m going to get my small aircraft license. Pretty good deal on the pilot license. The school are desperate. Talked to one and 50% off the tuition and flight time price. Plus I’m a veteran so I get a deal on top of the deal. The sport license is only 60 hours of fly time. I’m not doing commercial flight. I’m doing the small aircraft one with 200 hours of flight time.

        I mean I work at my day Job 2 miles down the road from south Boeing field where there is a bunch of flight Schools. I like that maverick one.

        But first things first. Take the sailing courses so I can race sail boats in May.

        So then I can have my Captians sailing license, small craft pilots license, CDL, motorcycle enforcement and maybe become an ordained minister. As it is. I’m working on my wing chun skills.

        The can operate anything, baptize people and do Bruce Lee shit.

        You know you get alot done when your not on the web as much. I got a couple other projects going as well. Who knows. Even you may be surprised. LOL

        I just closed a multi million dollar contract. By the time you get up here if you go sweedish hospital? All the people at the door work for me too.

        I started out 5 months ago with a crew of 10 on one concert. A trial run. Now I’m in every stadium in town, at every event, back stage with every big named rock star, commedian or pro athlete, in Battered women’s shelters, Homeless Shelters and now on all 4 campuss of sweedish hospitals. With an army of over 500 fiercely loyal personnel.

        Hit me up when you are up here dude. We can get a bite, go to any show in town, take a sailboat out or go for a fly around the city and of you need head of the line protection at the hospital. I can take care of that as well.

        Well, I gotta get back to it. Just was curios about all them 22’s. That is alot of them. Pretty interesting. I didn’t plan it that way. Just worked out like that. Trippy pho sho.

      • I really want everyone to take a step back and really think about that they spent our tax dollars to put brail on 20mph electric scooters, so blind people can ride them. Then they want us to put a untried vaccine in our bodies and not ask any questions.


        well what about for a free happy meal andy? would you do it for that? i cant remember at the time, who it was who traded their inheritance for a bowl of soup in the bible. but it seems like getting the vax is doing the same thing, because your dna and your blood is your heratige and its passed on to your children, like inheritance.

        well, i gotta get. you know im busy as f. building an empire and all. no soup for you!


  38. Oh and I did a ritual to disable and dissolve any nefarious ties to towards me or anyone here. Someone’s and somethings have been taking creative power from this site and the people on it. So I did a ritual to unplug them from taking power.

    From the look of things. Worked well. Good good. That is important. Little fuckers had their hooks in everyone. Even me. I don’t like that shit. As soon as the ritual was done I heard alot of screaming about it. They weren’t to happy about it. But fuck them. Nobody is plugging in an extention cord into my creative power without my permission or anyone else without theirs. Just not right. And i made damn sure they can’t do it again. Lol

    Well I gotta get busy. I’m moving a piece into the barrel manufacturing company today so I have an ear there as well. Watching over things. Why barrels? Because knowing how barrels are being ordered is important information these days.

    Later dude. Hit me up when you are up here. Let’s do lunch or something. I’m not on the web for another month I need to complete 3 other projects by the end of February. So I best get busy about it.

    • Thanks Andy!

      Unrelated to Andy’s Comment but I thought I’d combine two messages into one comment.
      ~I think the terminology for Vaccinated / Un-vaccinated should be Vexed / Un-vexed~

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