Scenarios for the Future

We take some time this morning to look at crypto currencies, the future of autos, and where gold may go.

These are all topics of immediate concern to subscribers…but first a few headlines and a look at the charts.  Which, as we expected, ended the week in the U.S. right on our 9-day moving averages…

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18 thoughts on “Scenarios for the Future”

  1. They have been talking about confiscation of PM’s for a long time but you hear more and more about bitcoin users being criminals circumventing the system – what’s easier taking someones bitcoins electronically or PM’s with the threat of arrest. Saudi is running out of cash hence the arrests does anyone thinking rationally not know that we are too? Once a sovereign starts taking the crypto the game is over…..

  2. IF ya guts da time, a bery, bery, bery good read fo da weeksend….fo goerge and y’all else….

    The 11 Nations Of The United States


    El Norte

    “Composed of the borderlands of the Spanish-American empire, El Norte is “a place apart” from the rest of America, according to Woodard. Hispanic culture dominates in the area, and the region values independence, self-sufficiency, and

    ***hard work***

    above all else.

    Parts of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California are in El Norte.

  3. So Mr. Ure, do you think a millennial with student loans has enough time to cover their bases enough to survive the impending collapse? Im dedicated to becoming debt free and building true wealth (physically, spiritually, and mentally). So how can i do that and become successful at it? I know from the missing manual was a huge help to show me it is possible but some guidance would be huge! Even though todays report was bleak, i want to go against the grain be as successful as possible and enjoy life in good and bad!

    • will put some thought into it… mark down Dec 5 meantime, on coast to coast with George Noory again – this time about my new book Dimensions Next Door

    • One thought here is to befriend and possibly do a business arrangement or partnership with an older person(or couple) with money, brains, and not enough time to do everything him/her self. Also, such a person may want to travel for one reason or another and needs someone trustworthy(bondable) to oversee property or possibly rent it for income(with the manager getting a split). (perhaps I’m thinking of myself:). Living on someone else’s property and taking good care of it can yield good returns for everyone involved. You can also learn skills from that person if you two work together on projects. I don’t know where you live(city, country, elsewhere), but if you’re prepared to move and travel relatively light, you can find an appropriate partner. Millennials have skills and abilities that some older folks want to learn, and we older folks have plenty of skills and wisdom to trade. If you’re stable and even if you’re a couple with street creds and social skills, you can make such an arrangement. Then any regular job would go mostly toward killing debt and savings. Older folks value good company, and may even have a spare house or two that they’re too busy to rent or maintain.

  4. “Bitcoin: Is it “Money?”

    I have a nephew that plays second life a virtual reality game..???? His wife has a shop in a mall her shop sells cartoon trees.
    They trade in lindo dollars. Can convert them to us dollars pounds and euros ..
    Playing the game she makes a decent income..
    Talking about scary..sure this needs some tweaking in the facial movements.. But imagine this in two years.. Ten years with the internet as a base for intelligence similar to siri etc. Scary especially if the programming allows it to be aware and self learning..

  5. Why not start a crypto currency (bitgold) backed by gold? Each bitgold coin would represent 1/1000 of a troy ounce of gold. So the opening price of 1 bitgold coin would be @ $1.30 ($1,300/1000). If the bitgold coin increased to $130, the price of gold would increase to $130,000. With this method, you could double dip your gains by buying both bitgold coins & gold coins. Then bitsilver coins, etc. Our money supply would once again be back by precious metals, not taxing power & electrons.

  6. as noted. there are plenty of clever villains who could manipulate the crypto [Gk> hidden] currency[ what we use daily “current (financial) transactions.”]
    Look up the Tulip craze that spread for a few years in
    the 1600’s Netherlands: one tulip could cost as much as a house. This boom ended after a few years when No one bid on tulips. Having “real estate” meaning material land, precious metals, tools, SKILLS, etc. makes sense. Giving U.S. paper $ to hidden men/programmers is a LOT of faith. The profits in the Tulip Craze were enormous until they weren’t.
    Yes the future will be new & challenging. BUT thinking of my dad’s history of being born in Chicago in 1916 with the Great War raging & exterminating massive armies; Plus the Influenza epidemic of 1918. Then the poverty of no education & a harsh father who moved the family back to Poland; then the worldwide Depression; my dad re-immigrated to the USA in 1938, then joined the Illinois National Guard (despite not knowing English- he never learned it as a youngster): then being in the European part of WW2; after that he could do his factory job, build his family a house & start a family: I’m the oldest. SO, if my dad was told all this before he was born, he might have felt daunted. But he met these circumstances as well as he could & kept on being skillful, honest, industrious- all the skills many immigrants bring to us (U.S.) Good luck for our future. -m

  7. interesting thing happened.. a friend was looking for an item.. I searched found one for a nice price.. sent them the link..
    they live in another country.. they said they can’t buy there because the item will have a tariff..
    that is where america is going broke in my opinion. companies produce and sell in the usa without any fear of having to pay the piper so to speak. where other countries realize this and charge a decent tariff to cover what their country would have to charge if they made it there..this leaves the working class to pay the difference.

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