Scenarios: Election-Day Seismic War

Want something to worry about – I mean other than the big “Hillary Out” in the Enquirer (on news stands today)?

We do a lot of modeling and test-fitting of bits of news – then let the mind wander to see what might be on the horizon.

This morning we offer a shockingly comprehensive “piece-fit” of how the Russians could effectively turn the U.S.A. into a third world country without firing a single shot over our territory.  What’s more, the attack scenario would also have a high level of “plausible deniability.”

Top off the cup, but you might want to make it decaf for this one.

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8 thoughts on “Scenarios: Election-Day Seismic War”

  1. I live in Florida and will still be here on election day. Although the theories presented are plausible, I cannot imagine even Putin risking his nation on the basis of untested weapons. I think he plays chess, not Russian roulette.

  2. George, Todays column reads as a Mega-Blockbuster movie. Yet you pulled together open source material to allow us to see what is possible.

    At age 70 and a military retiree, I do not believe we, USA citizens, are any more secure from foreign threats than during the ‘Duck and Cover’ of my youth.

    To your readers who will disparage your column today and comment your scenarios could never happen, I offer this: There are Mad men, Foolish men, Inept men, and maybe a few Wise men as leaders at top levels of Governments.
    Our leader is a fool and a traitor.

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