Scatter Plot Monday – CFNAI – Housing Looms

Near as we can figure it, there’s no more sensible way to consider the week ahead than to close your eyes (have your computer or phone read the column to you) and imagine the GlobalSit (“h” optional) as a scatter plot.  We’re all over the place save two reasonably firm data points.


The Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator is closely watched as one of the leading indicators of “What’s next?” Last month’s mantra was “Growth moderated in August.” Today’s answer is…

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) was unchanged at +0.10 in September. Two of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in September, but two categories deteriorated from August. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, moved up to +0.17 in September from +0.04 in August.

The second pending bit of news will come tomorrow morning when we rollout the Case-Shiller/S&P/CoreLogic Housing Price report.  This could lead to something of a “buy the rumor, sell the news” for the markets to process today.  It’s clear that “net cash to sellers at closing” is not what it was a few months back.  Mainly because of higher mortgage rates.  Let’s save that tea leaf for tomorrow, though.

For now – after the number, Dow futures were up 157 – which based on world events, consolidation of Xi, nuke threats and Kherson up for grabs, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Except that the world’s still crazy after another weekend.

Little Changes in Big China

What we’re hearing goes something like this:

“Premier Li Keqiang, whom Hu Jintao patted (goodbye?) on the shoulder on his way out as he was being removed, has been voted off the Standing Committee of the Politburo. As Premier, Li was officially the number two man in China. Li was a known moderate liberalizer of the economy and was closely linked to Hu. (Who?) So, it’s possible that Xi has decided that Hu and Li will be the fall guys for the impending/ongoing financial crisis/collapse. “

Fits with “Blame who?” (Ever grande insights around here…)

In the meantime, though, analysts are attempting to figure out what the “maroon ties” will be up to, next.  We assume you noticed the senior dudes at the Party Congress did not have to wear the flashier red ties?  Imperial Purple is your visual clue as to who the shakers and hitters are.

It may mean a lot.

The Hang Seng market fell more than 6-percent in the wake of the changes because China may be “chilling it with the West” a bit: Alibaba, Tencent plunge as Hang Seng sinks below 16,000-mark after China’s leadership reshuffle leaves no market reformists on board.  We are now held by the nuts economically.

With Li and Hu in the dunking chair politically, Xi is arguably becoming as powerful (more?) than Mao.  He’s got a leash around America’s future that Mao could only have dreamt of.

And probably did.

Shell Shocks

Asia has not been a settled place this weekend – besides the washout in the Hang Seng.  For example, North Korea and South Korea exchanged shelling.

But the main focus of the ordnance fallout continues to be the Middle East and Ukraine.  Iranian drones ring a bell from last week?  Israeli Strike Targeted Iranian Drone Assembly Site Near Damascus, Syrian Rights Monitor Says.

In center ring today? Wwe have an interesting series of phone calls to consider: Russian defense minister held phone talks with his counterparts from USA, UK, France and Turkey.  This was quickly sent packing by Western media (look surprised!) in analysis like Kremlin unlikely to be preparing imminent false-flag dirty bomb attack or non-strategic nuclear weapon strike.

There are any number of things the Russian defense boss might have said, but we’re thinking “Cross this line/coordinate set and we go tactical nukes” – meaning the gloves come off.  Putin’s attacks on infrastructure have been slowly putting the CivPop of UKR in play giving the West plenty of chances to de-escalate. But the War Party is not interested.  Which we read as “nukes likely” on the path now, given the Ukrainians want Kherson and to regain their (up the road a ways) nuclear power plant.  Hence our thinking of a “line” call.

About all we can do with this part of the scatter plot in the headlines is to watch a continuously evolving Rorschatat blob and wonder when we’ll need the flash goggles. Prevailing winds, the depletion of European energy stocks, and the pending onset of winter weather all figure in the musical chairs of nukes in-theater.

Energy and Idiots

For some unknown (and f*cked up) reason, the Bidenista’s – operating as partisans in the Davos Vs. Red Shield Banker War for the World – set up the idiotic game of “Sancsmanship.”  No, sanctions on energy, fertilizer, and so forth, is not thinly disguised war; it’s about as In Your Face as it gets.

It should not be too hard for you to figure which faction has the Biden strings presently if you read Fact Check: Has Biden Sold Off More Oil Than Every Past President Combined?.  Spoiler Alert:  Yeah, sure he did.

And it isn’t working.  

Triple-A hits today with $3.79  a gallon unleaded (down from $3.88 a week ago) while diesel is up around $5.326 nationally.

We see how the Red Shield Banker types are reading all this in the CFRs report The Saudis Need a Reality Check: Washington Should Pause Arms Sales to Rein in Riyadh (from Slow Joe already went that direction a ways, repurposing militaria from Saudi destinations to Ukraine. Didn’t help – which is what he’s become the poster child for.

Since we’re in “eyes closed” and “scatter plot” mode today, we can see the small moves of the CFR warring with the Davos crowd – with everyone being egged-on by the war-party neoliberals in the U.S. State Department who switch parties every time there’s a new president.

Having failed to gain a favor (so much for the knee pads) from the Saudi’s, old Slow Joe was busy this weekend re-earning his moniker (s l o w ):  Watch: President Biden Very Long Pause When Asked If First Lady Supports Him Running In 2024 | Video.

Monday Money Cons

Bitcoin wasn’t able to drag its sorry ass out of the $19,000 trading range in the early going today.  Which – when we back out 8.7 percent inflation would put its purchasing power into the $18,000-range somewhere.  But it doesn’t slow the shrill of the shills, any.

Take a look at Hacktober Security Alert: Crypto Investors Lose Millions Via 3Commas API; Investigation Ongoing ( and ask “Is this really something to put money into?”

Quite amazingly, there are still people buying it.  (See how the South Sea bubble broke or the end of Tulipmania to work out who the eventual bag-holders will be.)  Late is just ahead of Loser in our dictionary of finance.

Wide of the Mark

No Master-Blaster Monday Plaster would be complete with some completely wild shots to plot.  (Or some plots to complete.)

California doesn’t need an Earthquake.  Because Gruesome and the radical lefties are sending state into the Pacific on their own.  As an example (it’s in slow motion, so stay focused): 93-year-old California bakery forced out of business by high rent, crime in Oakland.  We keep reading accounts of how shoplifting isn’t even prosecuted anymore in the emboldened state – people walk in, take whatever, and walk out.  No wonder Gruesome will only do one debate, huh?  Hearing reality is hard on the lockstep lefties.

Notwithstanding, the Political Center of America may be San Jose and the South Bay.  As evidenced by Republican National Committee Sues Google Over Spam Filters – Variety.

Make you want to take matters into your own hands?  We would never recommend that, but interesting to note how Gun control laws fall at dizzying pace after Supreme Court ruling.

Still haven’t gotten a shipping date from Philips Respironics on my replacement CPAP machine.  Despite my doc’s office faxing in the prescription weeks ago.  My sense is it may never happen.  A suspicion watered and fertilized by reading Healthcare tech giant Philips scraps 4,000 staff worldwide.  Will the last person there please ship my replacement unit?

There are, despite the “scatter plot effect” still a few stories about how “things are looking up” somewhere:  A Risky Solar Eclipse In Europe Sets-Up A ‘BloodMoon’ For America: The Naked Eye Sky This Week.

Just freaking great.  Crash around the November full moon seems in order.

Around the Ranch

It’s pretty cool living on our own 30-acre wildlife preserve.  Always something to watch if you have a sharp eye for detail.

For example, Sam (uel or antha – still don’t know which) – our feral Siamese food consumer – was down at a mud box used as a watering hole for the deer when the creek is dry.  He was front legs up and face down drinking when the crows came by and decided to have some fun.

Full wingspread and feet out, the crow’s leader of the pack dived on Sam and pushed him into the water as a touch and go.  Needless to say, Sam was pissed and embarrassed.  But it was a first for us:  Seeing about 12-pounds of cat dunked by the territorial crows who didn’t want him drinking their water, presumably.

Today, Sam has a pretty good idea of what Li and Hu just went through at the CCP.  Global behavior clouds, seems like, sometimes make the rounds.  That’s the only takeaway from the scatter plot that seems obvious.  We’ll go back to watching.

There’s always the same amount of stuff going on – it’s just whether we’re in the right mindset to see it, or not.

Write when you get free…

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56 thoughts on “Scatter Plot Monday – CFNAI – Housing Looms”

  1. I know you spend time discussing the need for hard assets, but what of plans to protect any liquid assets. Clearly we all need liquid assets for week to week purchases and payments for services, but do you turn any extra you earn to bullets? You don’t set aside any $ for unexpected property or medical needs? We get it, you think BC is a scam, but clearly $ are also a scam as you have also highlighted over and over. I actually trust people interested in developing a private method of trade vs politicians. What method do you believe will be accepted as free people come to accept the $ is doomed. How do we get on board and help that come into acceptance. Gold or other physical assets of value have forever been stolen by the strong. I assume that human fact will continue. Maybe you have come to accept our children and their children will have little civilization and they will all turn back into laborers on the farm managed by warlords and we will just fall back into another dark ages.

    • New basket of commodities from the East..


      weighted accordingly – Turkish Pistacios vs Russian Wheat negotiation would obviously go to the Russians -due her Wheats’ importance to global pop. they will not accept a rothchilds bank form of anything cbdc’,no,no – – in the new basket. western countries ARE forced to “mirror” the new Eastern outlook/basket..

    • For what it’s worth Prechter has a book “Conquer the Crash” (2002) that speaks on preparing for certain financial event outcomes. The book has been updated since and the latest is “Last Chance to Conquer the Crash (completed Dec. 2021)”.

      Those guys talk about Treasury Direct accounts, the other posters. I have one but got in late for check writing so my cash bounces in and out monthly. I don’t know what would happen if the bank was closed at time of bounce. I expect to get ripped off.

  2. Now forget about that laptop, 10% for the big guy, Burma, Bio Labs Geneva Conventions and the alike. Forget about Russia Gate and fake Elections. LOL. Got a design pattern going here. Focus on your preps. Have some powder dry for the banking collapse thats attendant to the border crossing.

    • You got a cricket farm going? I live in MI and would need to heat the cricket shed over winter so decided not to start now. If things hold together I may start cricket farming after the Spring thaw.

      How much was your investment?

    • Lol lol..which reminds me..I have to retort.. I took a nice sized prime rib to a woman in need along with some burger and roasts..shee couldn’t afford meat .the single mother nearby will get a freezer full to.. Asked one single mom..she’s been struggling if she had room for a small four foot upright freezer..I would be more than happy to give it to her..with seed stock..take a little burden off of her shoulders.. I always feel like I accomplished something.. Its why I loved working the floors.. People at their weakest.. Rich poor big small famous and infamous.. When their at their weakest..abandoned and alone.. To be their strength.. Give a little hope..
      I have plenty to share.. I’ve been there done the small freezer would give me room to store the extra wheat I have bought for bread..a win win..And a small family can feel secure take a little burden off of their shoulders

      • Thanks @dlynn…you never experienced anything until you seen the look in the eyes of someone that’s truly at their limit.. To give someone hope.. In a hopeless world.. You can see it.. And what’s funny is I never miss what’s given…

    • Just a word of caution on crickets for human or animal food courtesy of my FDA employed entomologist – research scientist level sister. The exoskeleton of crickets contains a nasty element that is Unfriendly for human and animal. Will attempt to get her to send me the report if she can. Sorry I cannot yet back this up but thought it might be an important thinking point here.

      • The exoskeleton is made largely of chitin, a protein that’s inflammatory in mammals. There may be something else that’s also bad – we’ll have to wait for your sister’s report for that. Most people are disgusted at eating bugs – that’s worth noting as a possible instinctive(epigenetic) clue. I’ll pass on bugs for now.


      Yum… makes a person give some serious thoughts to what we all take for granted.. the things we don’t even know we have that others don’t have..
      NOW imagine a world where we focused on issues like this.. instead of death and destruction theft and corruption.. pillaging other nations just to get what little they have..

      • the sad part is.. we see videos and hear of stuff in other countries.. but not of our own.. and the poverty and need is world wide..
        One gentleman and his family that crossed my path.. all they had was what the cat brought in.. he didn’t have access to healthcare so he delivered his children on the kitchen table.. they are all grown.. the daughter is a social worker.. one child is a mechanic.. I am not sure what his third child is doing..

        whats funny is I have known people turned away.. they have to diagnose the problem but not treat it..
        Medications are thousands of percent higher than our neighboring countries and insurance rates are out of the stratosphere for those having an illness..

  3. “Scatter Plot Monday –”

    well it officially begins…………. we have dedicated troops on the ground in Ukraine.. probably because they know that if the republicans take the election.. they were planning on slowing down our involvement.. this way we are in the hard part is trying to figure out how to get will escalate from this point on..

    • The way you get them withdrawn is
      Cut Off The Money.
      Go to regular Orders so no Omnibuses for things to crowd on to
      Vote on EVERYTHING line by line.
      Cut off the money.

    • Um, no. What damfool “General” decided to ship the 101st to Ureup I don’t know (probably Thoroughly Modern) but they’re not on Ukrainian turf and if they go in, I suspect the Russians will kill them all. We do NOT have air superiority in that part of the world and without it, given the abilities of modern warfare, Airborne troops are sitting ducks…

      It hasn’t “officially begun.” When it does, we are all likely to be dead within hours.

      Note: Russia has nuclear bomb shelters into which the elderly and infirm can be (and reportedly have been) moved — WE DON’T.

      Also, some idiot, sporting obviously undeserved brass on his uniform, stated on TV a few days ago that Russia and the United States had the same number of nukes. Not that it matters, because either of our arsenals could possibly destroy the world, but Russia has 5x as many functional nukes as we, and theirs are a lot bigger than ours. Their arsenal also includes the King of the Sea, for which we have neither defense nor counter.

      • “What damfool (“General” ) decided to ship the 101st to Ureup I don’t know (probably Thoroughly Modern) but they’re not on Ukrainian turf and if they go in, ”

        a general follows orders…..
        so my guess is.. sending all our reserve arms didn’t help.. sending made up money didn’t help..
        My guess is the dam fool is the one that is running shits shizt show..
        the oligarchs running the show from behind the curtain don’t like to loose.. this whole thing was setup and not allowed to de escalate after months of pleading with the world to back the missiles off of his porch and give the agreement that they would not push nato closer to their country.. and never allow ukraine to become a member..
        they had to do something when they learned that the odds are that the democrats will loose power in the election..
        Its one thing to get fully involved in a war.. its quite another to get out of it.. someone I knew in the screaming eagles.. and the third herd.. told me about Iraq.. that the war would be a short one.. I replied.. NO.. they are letting you in.. getting out is the real issue.. so let us enter into this.. then congress can’t just pull out.. once your in the mess.. your in..
        and either way.. we have what now almost twenty million illegals.. that have come into the usa.. depletting our strategic reserves.. involved in a war that should never have been.. in a country well known to be one of the most corrupt on the planet.. the very best we can expect from this whole thing.. printing like crazy .. spitting on our suppliers for our goods and services.. is the worst depression in the history of mankind.. the worst is ww3 nuclear inhalation..and starting out again in the stone age..

      • “Note: Russia has nuclear bomb shelters into which the elderly and infirm can be (and reportedly have been) moved — WE DON’T.”

        No we don’t.. we only have enough set up for just a few of the chosen ones.. the oxymoron of this.. is the people they have as the chosen ones.. are all dependent on someone elses skills to give them the things they desire.. and .. the other thing is.. those shelters and their entry points are all known by everyone else.. if this goes nuclear.. just seal up the entrances..

      • “we have what now almost twenty million illegals.”

        We had somewhere between 20mln and 42mln illegal aliens in 2006, when Bush43 secured funding for a border wall, remember? That’s the same funding Congress didn’t release to Trump, which is why he asked for a new funding bill on the wall.

        We could have more than 70-million illegal aliens in CONUS now (minus the ones the Biden Administration has flown to Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Eastern British Columbia…)

      • “We could have more than 70-million illegal aliens in CONUS now ”

        I knew it was high… Just didn’t even imagine it was that high.. All of them not paying taxes and receiving program benefits designed to assist wage earner citizens that hit hard times..

  4. ““Cross this line/coordinate set and we go tactical nukes” – meaning the gloves come off. Putin’s attacks on infrastructure have been slowly putting the CivPop of UKR in play giving the West plenty of chances to de-escalate. But the War Party is not interested.”

    what I read yesterday was that Ukraine was planning a dirty bomb.. they informed the USA what Ukraine was planning.. and is one of the reasons why they went defcon2… the anticipated that this was a powers that be black flag event to justify NATO and USA in entering the Ukraine battle.. which for some ungodly reason someone without any deep thinking abilities is assuming we can win.. NO ONE WINS.. maybe after it is all over and they are bound to use the research papers they spent millions on having prepared as toilet paper they will do like the old outhouse before rolled toilet paper and read the dam thing.. its all right there in black and white.. SHTF we all die.. then again at this point can it be de-escalated.. we did everything to pee them off.. and to promote this and brandon will go down as the sh.. show administrator and instigator..when someone should have told him in the very beginning..

  5. It took about 16 months to get my replacement cpap. Oh , and they said not to use the old one meanwhile. Somebody needs to start a lawsuit against them.

  6. My Doc ordered my new Cpap machine 4 months before my 5 yr was up on old machine he said it would take a while to receive my new machine. 1 yr 3 months later I received my new Resamear 11 machine … I was worried that my old machine 10 would crap out before the new one came. I got lucky
    By the way love my new one! Just letting you know supply chain on Cpap is HORRIBLE!

  7. Rishi Sunak, potential PM of Britain has a chance to get the stolen Koh-i-Noor diamond back. Rishi is of Indian decent.

    Run for office in the country that asset stripped your ancients and get the stuff back. How cool is that?

  8. President Xi made quite the statement and visually informed everyone in the room just who was in-charge, having him removed from the head table like that. Pretty damn bold.
    Just how bold is he going to be / get regarding the real estate and banking crisis that is about to bitch-slap him? Tens of millions protesting in the streets is not the look he wants the world to see.
    The next 30 to 60 days in China should prove to be “interesting”.

    • “Tens of millions protesting in the streets is not the look he wants the world to see.”

      News is suppressed. Mao’s stormtrooper squadrons have served the “People” well for 70 years now. The news will be blacked-out, the Mao death troops will be dispatched, several hundred protesters at every protest will die, and eventually the malcontents will get the message and go back to their 6-cent jobs with their mouths shut.

      It might be a good time to spring for an Epoch Times subscription. They’ll get the smuggled photos & vids before any other Western journalists, and they’ll actually post them.

    • The Sam reason why Californians keep building their one on cliff’s that slide into the ravines every couple years in mud slides… do they get insurance companies to write the policies is the trick question.. Around the wastelands if you have 2 major claims in a what ten year period your uninsurable.. By any company…

      • (Chuckle) I live on an active volcano. Classed by ‘Lava Zones’ (risk). Insurance companies won’t touch us at all. I live atop the lava flow of 1840. My home insurance is a fire extinguisher… and an escape plan.

      • And after surviving a 6.9 earthquake a couple years ago with no damage, I guess I don’t really need earthquake insurance. And I’m well out of tsunami reach… and flood drainage took care of 54 inches in 24 hours back in hurricane Lane. So yes, the fire extinguishers are the extent of my local homeowners insurance.

      • HiH, I have to agree! “Homeowner’s” insurance is required by funding companies and is another major expense up there with taxes. A house with a masonry exterior and a metal roof is much safer from flying embers, and fire extinguishers(along with sane people) can save the day before an alarm even gets sounded. The major risk is theft rather than fire if you’re even somewhat careful. Bad things can happen, and sometimes all we can do is what we can, and then trust our Creator.

      • When I lived out in the boonies of Florida the only available insurance was state-sponsored and at the time very expensive. But since I had a mortgage it was mandatory.

      • We’ve never had insurance on any of our houses with the exception of the one in the “big city” due to the neighborhood that’s developed around it over the past 25 years. I declined coverage on that one this year, though, when it jumped $750 or so. The fact we haven’t spent money on things like this has kept us well fed and supplied to the point that if something DOES happen we can usually fix it without hiring someone. Worst case scenario, short of the house burning down completely, we would hire someone. Damned insurance companies won’t insure for just catastrophic loss so they add on all kinds of b.s. to jack the price up for their stock holders.

      • “We’ve never had insurance on any of our houses”

        I wish we didn’t have to…. @Bill.. Its required if you have a loan.. We are insurance poor… Healthcare for one with a middle of the road policy.. They pay nothing till you pay out ten grand and 50 copay at the clinic is a couple grand a month…didn’t have the courage to see what the rates would be for 2..
        Medications so high that all of our elderly head to southern Texas to buy their years supply in mexico.. For us I use get some from canada.. I read once that Canada limits pharmaceutical companies to something like fifty thousand percent profit .. Others just do without.. Some self medicate because they cannot afford… Some do without insurance because the rates are higher than what they gross..
        Home insurance is better than a dollar an hour take home wage many 2 to 3 dollars an hour the same with auto

      • I fully understand LOOB. All it takes is one signature to become insurance poor. It’s the same reason I have no health insurance, either. Medicare A only. How stupid is it to put in all your quarters and still get charged for part B – and because I take Texas’ TRS I’m not eligible to get SS next year at 67 1/2? Just another example of how government screws up everything. If they had really wanted to do something for us they’d have made tax-exempt medical savings accounts real and permanent instead of funding the hospitals and insurance companies’ largess that’s done nothing but climb the wall of $$$ all these years.

    • If I lived in a hurricane zone, my house would be very thick-walled reinforced concrete, and it would seal tight. ‘Crete ain’t sexy, but it is fairly permanent, and insurance or no, I’d simply not like to suffer the inconvenience of being put out while somebody builds me another stick house for the next hurricane to blow down.

      • My dream house would be an earth bermed…or an underground home.. Rammed earth..CEB..
        Underground green house .. I’ve had a fascination for the cliff dwellers.. One day I hope to visit them in person..

  9. “Having failed to gain a favor (so much for the knee pads) from the Saudi’s, old Slow Joe ”

    Hmm.. Maybe he failed to show his MM gathering skills like his son filmed and published his granddaughters talents…
    Maybe they’d bend to his will then..

  10. the evil Wallensky – cdc, infected wit covert19 ! poetic justice ? karma ?

    quadruple vaxxed – 4 doses mrna ! that aint Human anymore, it be a chimera now.

    “demons” running amuck – leading us to global nuclear annihilation..Unless of course World Leaders sign global peace accord with Reptilians. Once signed – giving them overt domain over Earth – they will neurally disengage the Leaders they are currently mentally manipulating ..See Farsight .org for insight into who is manipulating who via telepathy/neural enegaement.

    ? Any of the aforementioned leaders wise enough to recognize “bad information” when they hear it in there heads /internal conversations ??
    I certainly discern “bad” info in my mind when it is “presented” and ignore counseled by martial arts advisor many many moons ago.

    Still think they will be making glass in the ME, again..before any type of glass is melted in Rommania/Poland-ukraine. or are we going to be treated to multiple conflicts across the globe at same time..seems the later is on the menu. Can not believe 101st is going to be sacrificed in the ukey meat grinderz, what the hell are they thinking..hello supply chain . Afraid they will be screaming bout something eventually, something fast, hot and nasty.

    • “Can not believe 101st is going to be sacrificed in the ukey meat grinderz, what the hell are they thinking”

      Some of “they” are thinking: “The U.S. will be much easier to take over if we eliminate its military.”

      The rest are thinking: We can do any damn’ thing we want and Russia isn’t going to stop us or retaliate.

      Unfortunately, I believe Mr. Biden is getting input from both groups, and he’s not mentally-capable of handling either opinion — let alone both.

      What sucks is when Franz led us into WW-1 and Hitler into WW-2, the near-entirety of their respective populations were blissfully ignorant. There’s a significant portion of PopUS, perhaps 30 million or more, who can see this shitstorm coming, and that fact is irrelevant because we can do nothing — except die.

  11. “what the hell are they thinking..”

    That’s the big question that’s been on everyone’s mind for almost 2 years now..
    Then Wake up in the mornings saying thank god the morons didn’t kill us ..
    And for what..

  12. “The Saudis Need a Reality Check: Washington Should Pause Arms Sales to Rein in Riyadh”

    …Which is an incredibly stupid idea. They will simply purchase what they need, elsewhere, further dampening our economy. The Saudis don’t care whether they’re flying MiGs or Mirages…

    • I get a chuckle how they love to rub our noses in our dependence to their oil and backing the dollar for having cars made of silver then studded with diamonds lol

  13. 3 cups All Purpose Flour
    1 teaspoon Sugar (you can add a little more)
    1 ½ teaspoons Salt
    1/4 cup Oil
    1 ¼ cups Warm Water
    Now.. The flour..many cultures use different types of flour..some use wheat,rice,potatoeos,cambium layer of tree bark.. They would window cut the tree that inner portion of the bark the soft silky piece used as a wick to draw water up.. Stripped boiled dried then ground up into a flour either as a substitute or a filler..
    For potatoes use 2/3 mashed 1/3flour..
    The bread goes by many names.. Flat bread, tortillas, chapati, etc. A poor mans bread.. Great with butter and cinnamon sugar warmed..
    Fri it right and you have pocket bread..( pocket bread you add yeast about a tsp..) Then heat your pan or rock till its real hot dust the pan with flour or spray.. You can take it at the thick sticky dough level and make spatzle

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