Scaling the Summer Rally

This morning we put on our “Look-Aheads” and size up some of the economic data that is beginning to form. 
Will it support some of our notions about a run-up into the presidential election and then a very bad patch starting in 2017?
Yes, it seems so…
But first a few headlines as we run through what will hopefully be our last “partly sighted” view of charts with major eye surgery tomorrow and hopefully a new contact lens today for the one that went missing last night…

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16 thoughts on “Scaling the Summer Rally”

    • I th9ink it is still there – it is most l8ikely to get underway as the current rally ends. For the US marts, it would be priot to the mid June Fed meeting – an d when they don’yt raise, the market tgoes up for a couple of months – new highs possible then and into sept.

      • For the US market, up today and maybe through Friday – we usually get a bump ahead of holidaze
        IIf the channel holds, I may go short Friday – but look at the charts in Peoplenomics which will show you more clearly where I think we are

  1. And the Cons of congress do nothing as well s Sennuts watch They wonder why we the People want change. Time to take away their perks the jerks

  2. It’s quite amazing to me that the CONgress that is supposed to matter according to all my “education” is incapable or unwilling to rein in a rogue president. The Supremes have been reconfigured by said president such that they are effectively neutered too, so for the next seven months we are effectively at the mercy of a soft dictator.

    I almost went to the rally last night in Albuquerque, but didn’t due to a backlog of work. I thought it was worth seeing as a “happening”, since my former focus on Trump was as the developer that essentially saved New York from becoming another Baltimore.

    Sad to say, the “happening” became national news due to some instigators recruiting some ditzier UNM and CNM “students” to violence because of their biased perspective. Some of these organizations and instigators are publicly funded, others are non-profits. Neither has a right to game the system. Those “students” tend to be the SJW/feminist/minority extremists, regardless of their race or sex. Few if any are studying the hard sciences.

    • “Rogue” president? You mean rogue in the sense that he’s continued every single policy of the previous administrations like for profit healthcare, Mideast wars, secret surveillance, the bailouts, torture and lax immigration policies?

      • “Rogue” in the sense of facilitating something like 20,000 new federal laws and regulations that nobody can comply with, TSA nudie scanners, inflaming a race war that was mostly a non-issue since the ’70’s, and enhancing the division of the “right” from the “left”, even though they mostly agree on the real issues. Both want to live without hassle, and impose their values on others in one way or another.

        Sane people want to be left alone to do their own thing, and have no desire to intrude on others that are not affecting their lives.

  3. I saw a ‘home’ video by a man who was filming a Hyundai container ship that came into the Port of Tacoma loaded and LEFT loaded! No cranes pumping on the offload…hmmm.
    title of his video was- “USD turned down as payment; ship turns back”.
    I saw your stats on Seattle port-does that include Tacoma?
    What is the possibility that USD isn’t accepted for foreign products these days? You know- fancy pieces of paper worth nothing for tangible goods.
    It was odd, I noodled around to verify and found nada.

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      • Oh yeah good luck on that surgery hope everything comes out okay for you sincerely Bryce

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