Got up early to work on Peoplenomics for tomorrow and blam!  First news story was about how nearly 50 people were killed in two shootings at mosques in New Zealand.  NY Times coverage here has lots of detail.

There’s a lot of anti-immigrant sentiments to be found in this latest case: NZ manifesto resembles Norway mass murderer’s text which was something of a template for illegal behavior.

For us, its a terrible reminder of our 135-150 day “Mass Murder Cycle” supposition.  As one reader noted:

George, it has repeated. Pittsburgh synagogue 138 days ago, now this in New Zealand. The cycle continues unfortunately….

As indeed, it does.

From the statistical groupings standpoint  October 27, 2018 (the Pittsburgh shooting) to present does, indeed hit the timing zone.

One of the oddities of the murder cycle is that (like stock market cycles) there may be a major and a minor cycle which change roles now and then.

Meantime, we are braced for further violence in 35-days time because that’s when we get to Adolph Hitler’s birth date (April 20).

A rhyme candidate might appear very close to that date (4/20) as it might be a cycle fit off the Nov. 7 2018 Thousand Oaks Shooting. 13-people died in that one.

At the cycle length extreme, 146-days from that would be April 2.

Nine people were killed in three shootings in 2018 on November 19.  Four dead in a Chicago case, one in Denver, and four in Philadelphia.  At the cycle extreme, that would hit around April 14.

There are some other dates to watch, but it’s difficult because of the data “noise.”  There are some sites that categorize a single death incident as a “mass shooting…” and no, that’s not how we figure it.

Border & Political Nuttiness

The Senate has passed a bill that would block the presidents declared Border Emergency.  Procedurally, it goes to the House where a rubber stamp is ready among democrats.

But here’s the crazy part:  Since it’s a slam-dunk that DJT will veto it, why piss-away taxpayer resources on this kind of purely political BS?  Can’t they Senate and House find better stuff to do rather than play 2020 butt-covering games like this?  Barf bag, please.

Empire State Manufacturing Data

Just out from the NY Fed:

“The headline general business conditions index fell five points to 3.7. New orders increased only marginally, while shipments grew modestly. Delivery times and inventories held steady. Labor market indicators pointed to an increase in employment, but a small decline in hours worked. The prices paid index moved higher for the first time in four months, pointing to a pickup in input price increases, while the prices received index moved lower, indicating a slowing in selling price increases. Indexes assessing the six-month outlook suggested that firms remained fairly optimistic about future conditions.”

No tempering the hyper on the Street: Dow futures up 134 when we checked after the NY Fed data…

Federal Reserve Industrial Capacity and Utilization is due 45-minutes into today’s session, and may be a useful data point to watch.

Ahead of the opening, Stock futures rise on renewed U.S.-China trade hopes.

Meantime, call us skeptical for our read of China’s Premier Li says it is not realistic to decouple economies of China, U.S..  We think China has an agenda to decouple at their convenience, not ours.

Rolling Through the Headlines

New Zealand wasn’t the only country going through grief in the headline scan today:  20 dead, mostly children, in Nigeria building collapse.  Likely won’t hear much about it since the :news flow” tends to cover-up “smaller” stories when there’s a larger body count elsewhere.

Anger management? Virginia man gets 10 years for killing mediator in argument/

China is holding its “parliament” session and here’s some interesting insight from Reuters in a “Backstory: The frenzy to cover China’s stage-managed parliament session.”

The US relationship with China continues to be tense as the Chinese are dredged up the South China Sea to install new “islands” which will be claimed as “their territory.”  Military experts, like contributor “warhammer” will appreciate the cast and mousing revealed behind the scenes in “2 US B-52s fly over South China Sea, second time in a month: report.”

Was Trump “played” by the NorK’s?  Either that, or Kid Korea finally read Art of the Deal as a North Korean Official Says the U.S. May Have Missed Its Chance in Hanoi.

Something We Missed

On our study of the 71.916 year war cycle, calls for increased risk of an Indo-Pak war mid summer of this year and a general Islamic attack on Israel in 2020:

So, what did we miss?  Well, seems the Pakistanis are linking Israel to the recent dust-up with India!  See the opinion piece in Haaretz‘Israelis Led India’s Airstrikes’: In Pakistan, the Hindu-Zionist Conspiracy Theory Takes a Wild Turn…” This fits almost precisely with our notion that the Indo-Pak (war to come) might be a stepping-stone into a larger Middle East conflagration that would then result in a global war circa 2024.

Oh, and if you’re wondering “Interesting theory Ure, but I don’t see a historical war that broke out in the 1950’s that could possibly fit…”

Oh?  Did you forget/overlook the Cold War?  Although it would be 2034 before we get to a replay date off the Cuban Missile Crisis there were many close calls with global war during the overall Cold War…might we not be so lucky nowadays?

The Rosenberg Trial began in March 1951 – arguably a “war trial” of sorts.  They were accused and convicted of selling secrets to the Soviets.  They were executed June 19, 1953 and 71.916 years from that would be what? Late spring of 2025.  Somewhere between 2023 and 2025 if our figuring is right for something to rhyme off that.

Meantime, the tensions in the Middle East keep bubbling along as “Israel Strikes Militants in Gaza Strip in Retaliation for Tel Aviv Attack. Don’t forget the Pakistanis have an agreement to sell nukes to the Saudis.

You forgot?  See the article in Counterpunch about how the Pakistani’s are working nuke sales.

Dandy stuff to begin the weekend with, eh?

Let’s go do that…more tomorrow and for sure Monday…