Running the Shorts, Watching the Ike

Breaking: Employment Costs

Just out from Labor:

“Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 1.1 percent, seasonally adjusted, for the 3-month period ending in September 2023, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Wages and salaries increased 1.2 percent and benefit costs increased 0.9 percent from June 2023.

Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 4.3 percent for the 12-month period ending in September 2023 and increased 5.0 percent in September 2022. Wages and salaries increased 4.6 percent for the 12-month period ending in September 2023 and increased 5.1 percent for the 12-month period ending in September 2022. Benefit costs increased 4.1 percent over the year and increased 4.9 percent for the 12-month period ending in September 2022.

A little hot, if you ask us.  Not the kind of thing to get the Fed to lower, darn sure. Did sober the future’s prices, but that’s all crazy, right?

Dabbling the Toes

We cautiously re-entered a short position Monday.  But, even missing the worst of the Bull raid, we were still down a couple of Benjamins by the close.  With only to day to make up for it for our monthly check.

We have a two-part report today.  This (pseudo) normal report and then the Housing Report version – basically a few comments on the S&P – Case-Shiller data – while we look forward to Fed Day tomorrow.

Speaking of which, the Bank of Japan’s decision is in. It’s a doozy, too.  Bank of Japan Backs Away From Rate Cap Amid Persistent Inflation – WSJ.  Essentially, they left rates unchanged, but their desk policy is less guided…I think that’s a fair way of putting it.

Or, as the “grayed lady” headlined: Bank of Japan Takes Another Step Away From Easy Money – The New York Times.

This is semi-consistent with our view on two fronts.  First, we anticipate that even with high mortgage interest rates, the home prices paid are likely to continue higher in the report coming in an hour (or so).  This is because when you have a rapid onset of inflation, consumers get antsy and buy, buy, buy. Before rates (and thus prices) go even higher.  With $33-trillion of debt and headed far higher, the Bozo Class of policy makers are (pardon the loose language) tripping over their own dicks.

The second (bigger of the Big) is that the BoJ “floating the desk” idea does punch holes under the waterline of the Yen Carry Trade.

The way this has “normally worked” was simple enough: You borrow money for one percent in Japan (illustrative rates are used here). Then you (or Greedrock, or any of them Big Money, Big Money outfits) scurry into the U.S. stock market where (thanks to government inflation) that cheap yen-dough might rise at 2 percent. Pocket the spread.

The amount of the Greedrock Bonus Pool is then based on NYSE raising the yen-dough faster than the BoJ Loose Desk can tweak ’em out of positions.  Since Central Bank trading desks are one of the few outposts of modern life which hasn’t switched genders, races, missions, or agendas, this is big.  Now, looks like they’re going to be weaponized.

Like everything else.

The Eisenhower and Bank Suck

We’re going to change gears now. From a banking system that sucks to banks that suck.  Specifically, river and channel banks.

Yes, kiddies!  Time for another one of Ure’s “sea stories.”

First encountered in the PNW while pushing his 40-foot liveaboard sailboat along the channel that links the backside of Whidbey Island with the oil refinery district of Anacortes, Washington. East of NAS Whidbey.

Inspecting a chart of the Swinomish Channel here, you will notice that it’s a great short-cut (and a coward’s way) to avoid fast current sleighrides through Deception Pass I mentioned the other day when tidal currents are rolling through. If you’re going north of Anacortes (like up toward Vancouver, B.C.) it’s more direct than Deception Pass and faster in displacement boats.  (A planing hull is restricted by channel speeds on the route, though.)

Does this have something to do with the Eisenhower’s transit of the Suez, or something? Get to the damn point, Ure!”

Chill. The missing knowledge point has to do with “bank effect” also called “bank suction” or “channel suction.” It Wiki’s as:

“The asymmetric flow around a ship induced by the vicinity of banks causes pressure differences (Bernoulli’s principle) between port and starboard sides. As a result, a lateral force will act on the ship, mostly directed towards the closest bank, as well as a yawing moment pushing her bow towards the center of the waterway. The squat effect increases due to the decreased blockage.”

I know. You’re thinking “So if the Ike needed to go balls out in the Suez due to rockets, or whatever, if the helm team wasn’t ready for it, the I could be stuck in mud banks and plug the Suez?”

Yessir. That’s the kind of stuff that gets me out of bed at 3 am to look up baseline data.  See the Eisenhower is bigger than your average Bayliner.

Most people don’t appreciate how deep the water under the Ike has to be.  Minimally?  It’s bottom of the bottom is 37-feet down. And loaded for bear?  (Which we imagine they’d be nearing Paradise…) Could be 41-feet of draft.

The good news?  How deep is the Suez Canal? Fortunately for us, the SCA (Suez Canal Authority) has a really useful graphic which we have borrowed to illustrate our concern. As you can see, an old, old, old reporter (who did grade school decades prior to 1980) would have been correct about bank suction and the odds of the Ike getting stuck.

It wasn’t hogged out to Eisenhower slow speed transit depth until 1980.

The canal now is deep enough that at moderate speed, everything should be fine. BUT – this is a nit – the deep part of the Canal is only 121 meters wide.  The length of the Eisenhower is 1,093 – feet. In meters 333.2 meters.  

In other words, it cannot turn around once committed to transit. (Reporting on this kind of detail is wholly missing in today’s world – yet it’s the odd fact here and there that lays the foundation of the future, sometimes.)

Worried Yet?

As our newest contribution to “Worries about WW3” for the day, might we posit a couple of small teams of “baddies” taking over a westbound ship, while another takes over an eastbound and the Eisenhower is run into a bank of the canal? Canal Rage. I can almost see the headline.

Or, alternatively, precision rockets begin to rain down on it and it tries to evade, yet as it does so, bank suction takes effect due to the helm’s lack of canal speed runs, and the ship is drawn into the sandy muck.

Where a couple of hijacked ships could mash into it before the perps make their way off into the desert.

Ure is Wrong, Again

My consigliere assures me I’m incorrect.  He is more worried about what happens when the Eisenhower is clear of the Suez when it has to transit Bab el-Mandeb Strait.  Which is a narrow area, about 20- miles wide. Other end out the Canal.  Ways down.

Two routes through it.  The northern (Perim Island) route is a couple of miles wide.  The southern offers more maneuvering room in case of missiles.  “But it’s an easy shot from Yemen – 50-mile range drones could ruin the flight deck with some lucky shots.

Sadly, in military planning (in real wars) there are usually three plans in place by an enemy.  So, we figure a belligerent (like Iran) might have three attack options which they might plausibly deny.

  1. Box and smash the Eisenhower with hijacked freighters in the Suez Canal.  Bonus points to the perps because 50-ships a day of petroleum tankers and cargo stops dead until the Eisenhower is moved.
  2. The “Perim Island Turkey Shoot” where Iran would likely attack via cells in Yemen armed with drones and targeting the catapults on the Eisenhower.
  3. Last, but not least, an Iranian submarine which could fulfill the “crocodile has hidden on the land” article that G.A. Stewart posted on his The Age of Desolation website here. Stu is the vastly underappreciated “best of class” on what Nostradamus lays out in this period.  Let’s pencil this out: What could be the “crocodile hidden on the land?”

Oh, yes, it can be done. See Were torpedoes ever considered for shore or harbor defense from land based launchers? – Quora.

Crocodiles Hidden?

Ever see a film of croc’s and alligators?  What in the naval inventory comes to mind?  Well, just consider this:  They are very low profile and swim just beneath the surface of the water.  Like a…what?

“Torpedo maybe?”

Bingo Gringo!  Opposite the Perim Island which is on the north side of the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, we see a collection of islands called the Seven Brothers. Although there are really only six of these that are islands, per se.  Let’s go Wiki, shall we?

“The archipelago proper is a chain of six volcanic islands spanning about 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) in a rough east-west line:[2]

  • West Island, or Red Island (H?amra), 62 m high
  • Double Island (Oun?a Dâbali), 46 m high
  • Low Island (Tolka), 17 m high
  • Big Island (Ka??a Dâbali), 114 m high
  • East Island (H?orod le ‘Ale), 83 m high
  • South Island (‘Oun?a Kômaytou), 47 m high

The “seventh brother” is not an island, but the volcanic hill at the northern tip of the Ras Siyyan peninsula.

How could Iran sink or disable the Eisenhower?

Follow the Nostradamus script.  Iran makes a number of different torpedoes:

The “plan of attack” might involve a handful of drones attacking from the north (Yemen) which might “convince” the Eisenhower command to track a more southerly route down towards the Seven Brothers.

From here, the “crocodiles” on land might be launched, since the launch of a “swum in torpedo” by a “small boat team” is not something too difficult to imagine, is it?  Particularly when Iran could use anything from a fishing boat to one of their subs to get the “fish” into position with a small guard until the Ike is in close enough proximity to “Fire 1!”

No doubt, there could be a high-speed boat in the islands under camo netting, but you know the U.S. will be going over that area (even now) looking for signs of staging for an attack.

Our take on it is that either an “in the ditch” blockage, or an attack on the Eisenhower between Perim and Seven Brothers with Stu’s croc’s is a scary thing to consider.

A personal note as to how my mind gets into this line of thinking: I’m sensitive to how hard it is to “unstick a ship” once it hits the hard.  Since when living in the Cayman Islands (1984) I had daily drinks on our top-floor condo deck with the cruise ship Rhapsody as my view.  It had run aground a few hundred feet out from shore.  (Three giant tugs failed to dislodge the cruise ship… – UPI Archives)  Big boats and beaches don’t mix.

Wars and conflict are unpredictable. And did you see his piece on how Egypt is warming up for a fight over Gaza? Gads.

This is a ‘lunch money trading day’ when a whole lot of things could go very wrong over the balance of the week.

Running of the Bears

Early market futures turned up, ahead of the Housing data report.  But we’re clinging to a short position in here based on similarities (in wave forms) between our meta indices and how 1929 rolled out:

The pop-up Monday is the rise at the end of the upper trace. We could extend on that today.  But we’re thinking to stay short even if the trade is upside down, for now.  because if the waveform continues, November could be “interesting” too.

I’m not the only one thinking this way.  Some of the cub reporters are seeing it, as well: The 2023 “bull market” now looks like a bear rally (

Where were all these newbie reporters when we were calling the (likely) top of Wave 2 and we’re only in the final stages of 3 (1) (v) ((iv)) now?

Future Trax

What news will make what future for us?  Let’s see, shall we?

The Biblical flavor of modern wars continues to be a bit too much. Netanyahu’s Holy war: Israeli PM quotes the Bible and says ‘this is a time for war’ as he vows to ‘resign Hamas to the dustbin of history’.  Which sounds to us awfully close to genocide if taken literally. And didn’t anyone study WW2?

Pain in Ukraine in the main:  Which forces NATO pivoting as Final rupture: Israel puts Russia and Turkey on the “Axis of Evil” – Erdogan: “Israelis are criminals and terrorists – They will pay a heavy price”.  Which turns Erdogan into a (pick a word for semi-belligerent)____?

Could Hamas be a test case for China’s PLA planners?Former Hamas head says China eyeing similar attack on Taiwan | Taiwan News .

If you find all this War Talk taxing, put this in your pipe and see if it lights: House GOP bill aids Israel with IRS funds for rich tax cheats | The Week.  To which, the house plant team shoots back White House accuses House Republicans of ‘playing political games’ with Ukraine aid to help the wealthy ‘cheat on their taxes’ | Washington Examiner.

Now, get back to work. ‘Big Three’ US auto strike nears end as union, General Motors reach deal | South China Morning Post (

Around the Ranch: Pepper Parent

Some months back, reader Hank out on the Big Island (big if you don’t compare it to Texas, ahem) sent me some Hawaiian pepper seeds.  As of yesterday afternoon, it looked like pepper parenthood was at last approaching:

Small white flower in the middle, got it?

Also in the greenhouse, the banana peel powder was sprinkled on and watered in and the new tomatoes are trying to set fruit.  the diesel heater kept the temp around 55 overnight, and with East Texas due for a warming trend going into the weekend, we may just get more Swiss chard, bok choi, peppers, and some ‘maters out of the room before Christmas, we’ll see.

Reminder: Spring Ahead is this coming weekend.  Stupid Daylight Time reverts to reasonableness.  Rest of the world likely won’t, however.

Write when you get rich, and back with housing about 8:15 AM central.

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35 thoughts on “Running the Shorts, Watching the Ike”

  1. Today is 10/31
    Then in November we have 11/3 and 11/13.

    So… we have three, as Stu refers to them, 1-1-3 Ritual Days. (see The Age of Desolation site for more info)

    Stay Alert.

    • Stay Alert.!!!!!
      All of it boils down to the simple fact that:
      Balanced budgets = peace.
      Deficit financing = All this present shit + more.
      Congress will be asked for another 106 billion.
      (People will be paying through their noses).
      NO choices ;-((

      • The trillions are stacking up. 1 trillion to service the debt now, another trillion and a half or more is in the bag to service the next go-round. How long before it goes Moon-ward and the nations around the World can’t ignore the fact that the only substance to it is paper and digi-dollars go to ground? And that’s only one facet of the kaleidoscope of bad news out there.

  2. When war comes a’calling, some folks think bigger is better …

    And we are lead to believe Israel was always “there” but a map behind a president doesn’t lie.

    And in the shadow of the Maine shooting …

    Yep, Hundreds.

    Try to have a great day everyone

    • Life is getting too complicated!

      I’m going to Mayberry now to visit Andy, Opie, Barney and Gomer. Maybe I’ll stop at Floyd’s Barber Shop for a haircut while I’m there, and also do a little fishing.

      • Well JC, I’ll get the fishing pole in the car and pick you up on the way through. Will bring some Canadian Maple Syrup for Aunt Bee’s morning pancakes. After a haircut at Floyd’s, we can tie one on with an Otis and then sleep it off at the Mayberry jail. Otis has the key to get us out after we sober up. Gomer can gas us up before we leave for home (or not).

        Give me the simple life.

    • The ‘new’ bomb is a tech upgrade. According to this site . . .

      “they are taking the warheads from the older bombs and placing them in new housings.” So the U.S. nuke stockpile, formidable as it is, will not be increased. The ‘new’ B61-13 variant will have the same estimated yield as the decommissioned B61-7 variant. It will, however, have vastly improved targeting capability.

      • If you are ever in the Dayton Ohio area a visit to the Air Force Museum is in order … and NOT for all the great airplanes (though a pic of you “deplaning” from AF-1 would be fun and might be able to fool people who don’t look too closely). (it is located on Wright Patterson AFB grounds, the biggest Air Force base in the US per the number of people employed – 31,000+-)

        Nope … what fascinated me the times I have gone is the nuclear bomb technology and how it has changed since the first two were dropped.

        Those new ones that they put on the missiles are SMALL. Each of our land based missile these days only has one warhead, but theorectically each could carry three. There are casings of other now retired missile warheads from the time of when each missile carried 8?? or so warheads – wow are they SMALL.

        Those currently on the Navy’s Tridents are just as small or smaller than the older now retired smaller size warheads from our ICBM’s. Each Tident missile can currently carry up to 8 warheads eash with up to 475 kt of power (Hiroshima was 13 kt), ie: about 35 times bigger than Hiroshima. Some reports say the average number on each missile of our deployed Trident missiles is actually 4 to 6). Those warheads are “Dial-A-Yield” devices any of those devices could be “dialed back” if they were ever actually used. (each Trident sub currently carries 24 missiles … but that is to be reduced to 20 missiles in the now near future) (we have 14 of those Trident submarines … the British have 4 more equivalent submarines)

        The explosive packages for our older cruise missiles (W-80) while not as physically small are still just the size of a portable gas grill – though heavier than a gas grill at about 130 kilos – 290# and still pack a punch that is 10x than Hiroshima at 150 kt.

        The “Destruction” that is available for delivery isn’t related to the planes and missiles that are on display, which makes up most of the displays in that wonderful museum, … but to the devices themselves … which is why you should SEEK THEM OUT if you visit (some are in some out of the way places, you have to go looking for them).

        2nd best Aviation Museum in the US (should have gotten one of the Space Shuttles but didn’t) and well worth a visit if you are within a few hours driving time of Dayton Ohio. Not sure about today but up to a year or so ago admission was still free.

        Great place to go on a blustery winter day since they have several acres of INSIDE floor space in the various interconnected heated buildings, plus a movie theater and a cafeteria with good pricing.

  3. The year that lives in infamy -1898 – or good ole un united states of America. Well gee mr bitcoin nazi, why so infamous?

    Pay attention youse historically illiterate sheeps – YES Youse.
    1878 is the year Ure America – ya know “WE THE PEOPLE” became “They The Corporation”.

    “Numberz” changed from that year forward- because of the incorporation. Think .

    * cartoon break – enjoy..

    Rabbit Holes to be precise…well lookey hear, a rabbit hole.cmon Alices, lets fucking GO!

    ..pseaker of the house was yesterday introduced as The 45TH Speaker of the House ???? Would not that # be from 1878 ?? whatwhatwhat ?

    hmmmm “israhell is saved for last” – who said that ?

    Acocalypse Now ? or just more machinizations of the ancient and utterly evil canaanites (look at the ancient map)- seth-elohim/cain

  4. Genocide is happening. Or it’s a massive sacrifice to one of the gods.

    Biden indicated one carrier group has over 1,000 guided missiles. Any challenger to Israel faces their capital and all cities blown-out in grid fashion. Heavy death just like Gaza, dust and rubble.

    Other than die Iran can’t do much without some type of mythical Canaanite/Nephilim style weapon. It’s possible they have a death ray that melts buildings or turns people into salt. Maybe.

    In the other column a Western false flag that gets blamed on Iran is doable. We all saw the folks with the yellow 911 ribbons.

    Melted buildings?

  5. George,

    Thanks for the mention.

    I actually see “The crocodile has hidden on the land” as a nuclear event somewhere in the Palestinian territories and the sinking of the Western fleet as two separate events.

    BTW the only “underappreciated” part comes from the phonies in the Alternative Media. Your readers, who are mostly my readers, really appreciate my work and the heads up, because I get many thank you emails.

    The click-bait Alternative Media phonies are the Doom Porn purveyors selling satellite phones and hookem as civilization burns.

    I had always figured that providing accurate interpretations of Nostradamus’ prophecies would add to the debate about futuring methods such as remote viewing and predictive linguistics.

    I never imagined that the Alternative Media would censor my work because it interfered with their Business Model.

    Imagine ignoring the works of Nostradamus after nearly 500-years. That’s a sad testament to the times we live in and the hubris of life’s losers, selling their souls to hustle dimes as the world is put to the torch.

    I wouldn’t want that as my epitaph.

    Your recommendations of my work are the only honest attempt at adding to the intellectual debate regarding human psychic abilities.

    Dave Allgire, Clif High, Greg Hunter, Steve Quayle, Jeff Rense, and George Nooray have all stuck their fingers in their ears and closed their eyes pretending I do not exist. Everyone of them has run away from my challenge; see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.

    Bullsh*t artists in my world do not last long.

    As far as your competition is concerned, they are just the P.T. Barnum’s of this world selling schlock at the end of all things. I do not see what you do here anywhere else on the Internet.

    Again, many thanks!

    Nostradamus Sixain XIX (16)
    Six Hundred and five [1605-2010], six hundred and six [1606-2011] and seven [1607- 2012],
    It will show us up to the year seventeen [1617-2022],
    Of the pursuit of fire anger, hatred and envy [nuclear weapons],
    Under the olive tree [Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty] for a long time hidden, The Crocodile [Egypt] has hidden on the land,
    That which was dead, will then be alive. [State of War between Israel and Egypt].

    Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G.A. Stewart, Page 790
    Under the cover of peace, Egypt has hidden its nuclear weapons program, “under the olive tree for a long enough time…” According to this prediction, they do not appear to be capable of delivering one through a missile system, but they seem to have hidden a nuclear weapon, or the weapon will soon be hidden in the countries described below as “The Relative of the Leech” and “The Wolf.”

    Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2013, Page 484
    The Crocodile is a reference to Egypt. This specifically addresses the prediction that the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt will be broken. Jealous of Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons, “the incendiary”, Egypt has secretly developed nuclear weapons.

    As I also keep mentioning, the one line prediction in the Berlin Lead Tube Prophecies for 1979 was “The Death of Judah”. Israel did not die in 1979, but on March 26, 1979, it did sign the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty.

    Nostradamus Quatrain IX-100
    A Naval battle will subdue night,
    Fire in the ships to the West ruin,
    New rubric, the great ship colored,
    Anger to the vanquished, and victory in a drizzle.

    Nostradamus Quatrain V-62
    Blood will rain down on the mountains,
    Sun [Good luck] in the Orient, Saturn [bad luck] in the West:
    Near Orgon war (Southern France), at Rome great evil seen.
    Ships sunk to the bottom and the Trident taken.

    Nostradamus Quatrain VI-44
    At night the Rainbow will appear near Nantes (France),
    The marine arts will cause it to rain:
    In the Arabian Gulf (Arabian Sea/Persian Gulf) a great fleet will flounder,
    A monster in Saxony (Germany) born of a bear and a sow.

    Nostradamus and the Third ASge of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G.A. Stewart, Page 587
    This Quatrain seems to indicate that this is a Western Fleet outside of the Persian Gulf or in the Arabian Sea. Therefore, it is possible that it links up with Quatrain V-62 below, which I believe may involve Chinese and American naval forces in the South China Sea.

    Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2013, Page 493
    So, let me suggest that a good starting point for the Global Economic Collapse will be the events that play out during Israel’s invasion of Gaza. In Sixain XXXI the end line of the stanza says “People delighted to see such a spectacle”; it seems to imply that some people around the world will be happy to see a nuclear weapon explode in the hands of Palestinians or Egyptians.

      • “hey are very low profile and swim just beneath the surface of the water. Like a…what?

        “Torpedo maybe?”

        that nuclear underwater drone that could cause a radio active tusnami…..

  6. Glad the peppers are doing well! But you gave me indigestion with the ‘sitting duck’ scenarios of the Ike.

    I’m up early prepping for a trip to the ER for a chest Xray. Feels like Pleurisy. Damn spot pain when I cough. Hopefully just need some antibiotics, and not something more serious.

  7. Speaking about Ike,I have a copy of the Saturday Night Post from 1962 that has him bewailing the 7 billion dollar budget deficit.

  8. Wasn’t it in 2021 the cargo ship Ever Given got stuck side-wise in the Suez Canal for like a week?
    Also, the Eisenhower is part of a much larger carrier task force of destroyers, guided missile frigates, and attack submarines. They all gotta get through the tight spots. Looks pretty risky to me.

    • As I posted yesterday (Oct 30) … it looks like the Big E will complete it’s trip through the canal in a window from mid to late Friday to later Saturday.

      After it clears the canal it is about 1080 nm to the Straits off of Yemen … call it a 2 day transit on the button since unlike the trip through the Med they will probably be doing their own air cover which even if moving “fast” will slow the transit down to 500+- nm/day.

      With the Straits only being 20 miles wide even shore based rockets can easily reach out and kiss anything in the water all the way to Africa. Of course the US will be watching that area like a hawk looking or any potential weapon systems being moved into place so maybe that will discourage any attempt to attack the various vessels, even if in their hearts they want to.

  9. Well, looks like no tickie no washie for Full of Baloney! As of the close today the DOW is up 635.02 since last Fridays close. Not down 30% as predicted. Anyone expect anything different?

    • Hey Chucky –

      I’m sure George will be along to pat you on the head so you can wag your tail with the warm fuzzies. If there was a misquote or misunderstanding on the predictions you’re referencing it’s on me and the other guy that has an interest in Biblical predictions. But, don’t worry, your membership in the IN crowd here is very secure as long as you toe the party line. But, if it weren’t for us “Independents” out here who would you get to poke fun at?

      The entire month of November is predicted to be a ride in Space Mountain, which was the genuinely most scary ride I’d ever been on. If it were in the Sunlight it wouldn’t have been much of a ride but when its in pitch dark it changes things entirely. The only good thing about any of the rides is the 99.99…..% of people survive them to go on to other rides. It’s that slim chance of sudden death that attracts people.

      The Dow has been doing its best to keep its head above water for weeks now and the S&P has been on a losing streak for months, too –
      Who knows, it’s the end of the year and people need to get their taxes in order – on top of all the crap that’s going on in the World. Us “buy and hold” people out here aren’t about to set foot in this market and just being in cash is like living in “The Pit and the Pendulum” movie with the blade slicing off a sliver of skin with each swing. So listen to whom you want to. If it titillates your cranium in such a way that suites your personality, by all means, dive right in.

  10. re: if ‘ure boat don’t float –
    feat. Wai not?


    It’s all about the money, honey? Deutsche Welle offers up an interesting take on the Hamas attack and hostage takings in Gaza. A disportionate number of fatalities and hostages were low-wage Thai agricultural workers who have been imported by Israel since the first Intifada. Apparently Thai farm workers now outnumber Palestinians 3 to 1 in what was a former Palestinian labour pool monopoly.

    By the way, another signpost reflects the success of the counter-offensive? New owners are moving in. Moscow’s Ria Novosti has reported upon the sale to a Muscovite of the seaside condominium formerly enjoyed by the First Lady of the Ukraine in Yalta, Crimea. I don’t know if the property was left furnished or not. Yes, folks, real estate is always a hot commodity!

  11. am I the only one that thinks something stinks about this whole thing..
    the one country that has the heaviest security of any other country in the world.. has its military stand down.. is attacked.. and all out war happens..
    yet last summer they were going after nigeria.. gas and oil.. winter is coming and deep freeze because the nordstream two was destroyed. winter is coming up and we have the leviathan oil and gas fields off of the gaza..
    for some reason it doesn’t make any sense to me.. but then wars never do make any sense to me.. to much death destruction innocent lives on all sides are affected..
    this just sort of smells fishy.. similar to asad dropping chemical bombs on his people because trump said he was going to pull US troops out of syria.. what he didn’t want us to go.. Of course none of us will ever know what really happens behind closed doors .. how many years did it take before we knew about pearl harbor..
    I do believe they are using chess moves like the poison pawn trap.. and since they donated money notice how many have entered into our country and are being assisted . I believe we have all been sold a rotten apple bill of goods.. It won’t be the first time.. we just have to accept what they give us.. we sure kept voting in those clowns and jokers..

  12. >The Biblical flavor of modern wars continues to be a bit >too much.
    I always refer to Genesis Chapter 16 about the goings on in the Middle East. It appears to me that the Israelites were given title to the land, but their half-brother Ishmaelites were given tenancy rights.
    And the description of the Ishmaelites fits pretty well today.
    As does the Dude decreeing that they will “dwell in the presence of their brethren” (i.e., “In their Face.”)
    So, if on High has said this is the way it will be, from then until now, and into the future, how are any of us, and especially the weasels in present ‘leadership’, going to make any peace our of the situation.
    I would be especially interested in what Mr. Stewarts research says in reference to resolving the edicts of Genesis 16.

    • Every other group that surrounded Israel was, under God’s instruction, to be wiped out – oldest to youngest, sheep, goats, cattle, chickens, everything. Scorched Earth policy. I forget which Israelite leader is was that balked at the order God gave him only to be berated by the current prophet of the time but, when it came to the partial bloodline that Ishmael represented, God made an exception, perhaps due to that familial bond. No real explanation unless it’s in a non-canonical book or the Kabbalah. If God knew this was going to cause problems 3,800 years down the road why’d He do it? Sarah, evidently, didn’t like the competition, even though she instigated it, and there was a personality conflict after Ishmael was born but Sarah also subverted God’s promise of a child, too. It’s also interesting to note that, as is typical of God’s timing, just as soon as you give up on your patience with Him – THAT’S when things happen.

      While he’s not the “resident prophet” here on George’s site I would think that a rabbi would have some insight as to why the ages-long conflict was allowed to become a fixture in the Middle Eastern world. Basically Rabbi Simon Jacobson says it’s an object lesson in Humanity’s spiritual growth. Kind of a bloody one which raises all kinds of OTHER questions but evidently a finer line had to be drawn in that growth pattern.

      I don’t remember it in scripture, perhaps it’s in the Jewish Torah, but Jacobson says that Ishmael did come back and reconcile with Sarah. I wish his progeny did the same.

  13. Yo Jorge, I believe the worm has turned. See:
    As the pendulum swings violently back to sanity I believe we are seeing the beginnings of the destruction of: woke , trans , blm, Antifa, etc… Hey go woke, go broke (see bud light) Also, big Pharma will be fighting lawsuits for the foreseeable future. Will they file for bankruptcy? My belief is that “we the people” have had enough. We live in interesting times my friend, enjoy the show.

  14. “The “plan of attack” might involve a handful of drones attacking from the north (Yemen) which might “convince” the Eisenhower command to track a more southerly route down towards the Seven Brothers.”


    See “Raytheon Phalanx.”

    Iran could “influence” the flotilla south, but not with drones. Missiles or torpedoes would work — nothing less.

    If’fn I wanted to drown the Ike, I’d use a submarine, lay in wait on the bottom, then give it all tubes. It’d be a suicide mission because the ancillary ships would blow it into pieces too small to locate, but get the crew stoned and talk up virgins, and they’d have wharf-length lines of volunteers.

    ‘Thing is, Iran may only have one suitable sub and they may not want to sacrifice it…

  15. “Reminder: Spring Ahead is this coming weekend. Stupid Daylight Time reverts to reasonableness. Rest of the world likely won’t, however.”

    Did you mean to say Fall Back?

    • Really I would love to see daylight savings stopped.. it doesn’t fit for today.. back when it was first created.. people didn’t have electric lights.. and it was great for farmers.. today we have electric lights and farmers have equipment that can do the work of a whole bunch of people.. it just messes up everyone..

  16. “Final rupture: Israel puts Russia and Turkey on the “Axis of Evil”

    Interesting side note: Russia has no more use for Hamas or Hezbollah (or any other Islamic terror organization) than Israel, but they’ve been forced, mostly by Blinken and President Houseplant into becoming Hamas cheerleaders. (Sad to say, as much as I’d like to blame Nuland as well, although she’s been instrumental in our controlled destruction of Ukraine, AFAIK she’s not currently involved in Gaza…) Russia will likely be “neutral” in the sandbox unless we accidentally shell one of their bases or ships. If they were “evil” they’d have let the mob have their way with the passengers of that airliner.

    Turkey’s Erdogan is another piece of work, entirely. I look for the EU to excommunicate Turkey before too much longer. Our propagandists have been claiming for the last several years that Putin wants to re-assemble the Soviet Union. C’mon, what would Russia do with Poland and the Czechs? He may have come to the conclusion that in fighting 28 other nations, the only way to bring peace to Ukraine is to completely conquer and repatriate it, but I seriously doubt he originally planned to move much west of Donetsk.

    Erdie is a different proposition. He actually DOES deign to reassemble the Ottoman Empire, and he believes it is both his Divine Calling, and Allah’s wish, that he do so. He could very well be the loose torch in the gasoline refinery…

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