Last in the Elevator – Indian Summer Notes

As our Peoplenomics readers know, we didn’t carry a short position over the weekend.  There were already too many people last week talking about how a “Crash” might be at hand early this week.

That is still possible-to-likely. But as my late mentor Robin Landry schooled me “Markets will always make their waves…”

Considering the Dow futures were up nearly 170 when I looked, there will be some very disappointed bears when this sucker gets rolling today. Shorts will be run.

Although, in fairness, my consigliere correctly dinged me on my trading style.  “Sometimes, you just have to make a position play and not try to short-cycle trade it.  Otherwise, you can be out when the big move comes along…”

He was (as is too often the case) right.  I penciled out that simply going short and staying there would have increased my gains another 5-10 percent (on top of our lousy 8.5% gain month-to-date).   Position trades, however, bore the hell out of me.

Why, they’re like going to a casino in Vegas, putting a buck on the roulette wheel – and having it spin for a week or two.  Sure, you might come back a Bigger Winner in two weeks’ time. But where is the fun in that?

Emotions Drive Stocks, Tides

But news drives emotions.

Thus, with some “Future Tracking” we can line up a series of scheduled events this week that could/should lead to our being precisely right about “October Ends Badly.”

Swing trading involved understanding and playing the Shakespearian “tide in the affairs of Men.”  Friday was (to our odd way of thinking) like a minor low tide.

We assume you are aware enough to know that there are often two high tides per day and two lows.  What you don’t have sink in, until you’ve lived on the sea for over a decade, is that the minor high and minor low are not the big deals.  What you want to manage are the higher highs and lower lows.

An example: On a minor high, the current running in Deception Pass up in the Washington San Juans, may force the incoming tide to move along at 4-knots, or so.  When you add this to the GPS boat speed over the ground, you can see where 11-knots is doable.

The run from a high to the major low?  I’ve seen that during the tides run 8-knots in places during the spring and fall big tides.  Even saw the onboard navigation computer (Nobeltec) register 15.2 knots over the bottom.  (Remember, hull speed on our boat was only 7-knots.)

Which has what to do with investing? Um…feeling slow, today?

Tide in Human Affairs

The link between news and market pricing is not normally a direct driver.  But there are times when news does directly galvanize. Space Shuttle disaster, the odd assassination, and when it comes, the first use of nukes.

Usually, though, news is a kind of second-derivative function. The news even happens, emotions flow, and then the market posts a reaction.

It often takes a day.  Which (I know, less wordy, George?) in turn, frames events this week.  Puetz Crash Window aside, policy changes take time.  People hold to wrong-headed inclinations on bad hunches, even for a while after the tide turns.

In our modest meta markets work, the tide was decidedly going out – a damn long ways, too – once we crossed under the 200-day moving average.  That kind of number rots the bottom out of the market, corroding buoyant emotions which ran high right up to the July 31 Wave 2 high which we  called very shortly thereafter.  A smart position player – seeing this tide – might have just entered a bear mutual fund and gone fishing.

Not us.  We’re too stupid for that.  It you “want to get off the mountain” you can take the chairlift down if you want.  But the whole point (of skiing, if you’re not keeping up) is going downhill and having as much fun as possible. Which is how we approach trading.  Money-skiing, if you will.  Buckocross?

Emotional Events Check

Direct driver potential:  Nothing until tomorrow.

The Bank of Japan is arguing rates today. Dallas Fed numbers mid-session. But in our “tide check” the emotional ebb won’t set in until the Case-Shiller Housing number.  Market action today the close today will hint whether that will be a Buy the Rumor (sell the news) or a Sell the Rumor (buy the news) event.

For now, the early reading of our Aggregate Index was that we could rally all the way back up to the trendline here:

(Chart may be b/w because I have changed my display settings to rest my eyes for a few weeks…)

As an add-on to this, let’s take a look at how our “daily moving average crossings ” (or what you can call dma-x).

Notice, please the structure of the Wave 3 (1) (v) which we seem to be trying to complete now.  One may be able to see the very small wave 1 down (at the minuet) level of play.  Then a big-ass wave (iii).  This morning being the tiniest of (iv’s) which maybe is why I didn’t feel like losing much –  not being short over the weekend.  Looks like another one for Spidey, huh?

The Tides we would like to see play could play off the Housing numbers tomorrow.

Axioms, Posits and Suppositions

  • (a) Big Rally to just before the close today might mean a bummer of a housing report.  (Coming in very hot and making the Fed rethink a raise Wednesday PM.)
  • (p) A hot housing number would – at best – be followed by a “minor up tide” Wednesday morning (announcement is in the afternoon).
  • (s) We can suppose a short position (pending on indicators) after a (likely) higher open runs out of steam. But we have had a series of down days, and the dma-x would sure become (even more) graceful if we have that minor (minuet) 3 (1) (v) (iv) today.  Toimorrow afternoon, too and into Fed Day.
  • Which may involve a little hamburger helper as McDonald’s stock jumps after profit, revenue and same-store sales all beat expectations – MarketWatch

See why we don’t offer financial advice.  Just acting out King Canute and yelling at the tides. (In the affairs and markets of men.)

Super-size me.

Doom Porn Surfing

This, being a “minor high tide” in the affairs of men, we should look for “positive news” about WW3.

Take, for example:

Action in Gaza escalated as expected: IDF bombs near Al-Quds Hospital as officials refute claims it harbored Hamas – They would do what?  Say “Yep, almost got us but not quite.  Taunting in war is rare. Meanwhile, Israel-Hamas war: Israeli military operations in Gaza ‘will escalate’, IDF warns | World News | Sky News.

Has our favorite house plant set up Ms. Harris for failure, again? US does not plan to send troops to Israel, Harris says – Shafaq News. Supply chain and repair/maintenance back-end people, then?

And slow-motion invasion victim Europe has payback ahead, it’s feared: ‘Europe is the next stop’ Jerusalem Deputy Mayor warns of rising anti-Semitism as Muslim… – LBC

A.I. Jitters are an interesting “tidal” deal to watch.  Biden to unveil ‘sweeping’ action to reduce AI risks ( gets us looking at the recent hard selloffs in tech and this is like a (time-reversed diode biasing) to make it seem like it’s not mostly hype, shuck, jive, and irrational bullshit in over-extended markets.   Still, the crooks will be able to claim, “We knew government regs would come, so we sold back early…”  Such BS’ers.

Life and Death Matters

Passings:  ‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry Dead at 54 After Apparent Drowning ( “Don’t tub and drug” may be a learning outcome from this.

Stop Eating, Start Living Dept. (Not medical advice!!!) Intermittent fasting is safe for Type 2 diabetes – Tech Explorist

Studies have found: (Texas is #2 in this):Best States For Off-Grid Living: Top 7 Destinations Most Recommended By Experts – Study Finds. Like we haven’t been yammering about for how long?

Urban Readers are the list. Big Al (Alabama), Andy (Alaska),  Mike in the castle in (Colorado)… I could go on, but the list is wrong (in so far as reflecting our readers.  Maine over New Mexico?  NM Mike pretty sure wouldn’t fall for Maine politics, though what NM has now ain’t much better.  OTOH, we do have a lot of readers in Missouri which scored well.

BTW, I never did hear back from the Missouri Tourism board. I figured fame and fortune would be ours for the state slogan (“Missouri Loves Company.”)

Still haven’t recovered from the disappointment (close on the heels of my Nobel not-anation.

I just sent one to Delaware, though.  See how you like it?

You. Very Much.

(Entendre vittles for brekkers, is it? With a shake of Winnipeg on it?)  Yikes! Getting off path…where were we?

Around the Ranch: Indian Summer

Words and phrases mean very specific things.  When you meet someone for the first few times, paying close attention to their word choices and contexts will tell you oodles about their brain power.  Because our range of word-use actually defines the boundaries of our thinking capacity.

Sure, you might argue about emoting, or feeling, or being an empath and what-have-you. But, when comes down to it, if you don’t have the words, you don’t have a clue.  Ditto with phrases.

Which gets me to the term Indian Summer.  Which is due to be visited on us this week.

The British, known as erudite, pompous, word dorks – and hence the kneeler class here in the Colonies, have a silly notion (dating in this article from 1837 – What is an Indian summer? | UK weather | The Guardian) – that the only prerequisite to being labeled as Indian Summer is a period of cool and then a reversion to summery weather.

Learn from all those Indians in the UK back in the day?

Others hold that yes, it’s that, but it needs to happen between St. Martin’s Day (Nov.11) and Nov. 22.  Again, cute story.

But the way it was told to me, by some elders at Frank’s Landing (in the day, covering the Washington state fishing dispute 1973-ish) was that Northwest native people were clearer in their thinking.

“Indian Summer isn’t just a warm spell in November,” I was told.  “You need to have the warm period follow the first frost.

By this measure, we may have Indian Summer in East Texas this week.

We have a freeze warning out tonight through Wednesday.  Yet in the long-range forecasts, it looks like Sunday will have a high around 78 F, or so. Toss in a low around 60 and weather doesn’t get much better in our view.

Forecasts, or not, there was work to be done Sunday.  That Chinese-made diesel heater in the lean-to greenhouse area needed to be checked-out in advance.

With absolutely no preparation – there was even a half-a-tank of diesel in the tank that had summered-over – the batteries were applied and Presto!  Popped back to life just like it had taken a lunch hour – not almost eight-months – off.

The heater is lower left black (2 shoe) box(size) looking like half a kraken. While the blue cap in tomato row (center) is the fill pipe for the diesel heater fool (sic).

On inspection at bedtime last night, we had two small blooms om tomato row.  Some banana peel powder should arrive today ($6 bucks on Amazon) and I am hoping to force out a few more blooms going into the (supposedly) warm weekend to come.

Meanwhile, I picked up a house coat (winter camo jacket) which was a decent deal deal on the Zon.  Trying to work down the electric bill a bit.  One way of doing that is to wear more clothing, spending less “air heating.”

We shall see.

For now, rain’s coming down like crazy and working in the shop today will involve not only the new winter jacket, but this is when those cheap cotton “string gloves” (the kind with friction dots) are the right “shop wear.”

The Bigger Winter gear remains stowed until we get down to 20 F, but if you don’t have everything you need to survive a week without power?

The time to prepare and test is while you can still order the gear you COULD need in the event the “basis of normalcy” fails badly.

ShopTalk Sunday is here, if you missed it.  (There is no excuse, of course, but we won’t quibble. At least until we know if you’re armed.)

Write when you get warm, but the markets hot – and just right for a short entry ahead of Ure’s next bear raid.

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  1. Ze Grasshopper day trading account activities usually results in tax washing sales – that will bite Ure in the ass if not careful.
    Is that tiem of year to stat Tax bite analysis – just after paying local realestate/school tax Face Amount.
    – FUCK your 2% discount, greedy moronic bastards (ALL govmint) . You get face amount on Due Date, dirty thief&beggars..

    Gotta the love the latest BULLSCHEISS spewing forth form the COWs’ ass – “UnUS does not plan to send troops to israhell.” = CONFIRMATION, that troops already on the ground ; ) duh-oooh!

    Got Gold ? – it be in a golden cross so to speak, ride that wave 4 fun and profit – roll into BTC , and youse be ready for what cums next..or hold tight, and come 2 understand DK.

    • Margin Players are leveraged..on a daily basis. Therefore P&L is calculated Daily, and added or subtracted to “$ avail to Trade” & Cash balances. This means you need to be constantly vigilant and adjust Ure scheisse accordinly…never know when the “da dark brotherhood” be lighting off a “sparklie”.

      dont forget Ure thyroid,, kiddies – they need luv and support 2, in times of threatening nuuuuuks.

  2. A modest suggestion:
    If you haven’t already done so — or better — then,
    I suggest This Very Day you pop by the food store
    and get three cans each of:
    Dinty Moore Beef Stew
    Hormel Chile
    Chef Boyardee mini-ravioli and meatballs
    Bush’s Beans (Original)
    Spam (small — use-it-all size)

    It’ll be cheap, and you’ll have SOMEthing
    if The Balloon Goes Up. (It could.) If nothing
    else, you’ll have a several-day hedge against
    a big power outage — always a real possibility.

    Blizzards & Strong Thunderstorms are common.

    I get cat-pan litter in large plastic jugs.
    Once rinsed, they make a dandy water jug.
    I keep six of them, filled, in a Jacuzzi we
    never use.

    One can go, of course, whole-hog, and buy
    a bunch of 25-year “catastrophe food” from
    several sources — but more importantly, do
    SOMETHING as opposed to NOTHING,
    T-O-D-A-Y. (I say again) T-O-D-A-Y.

    “Better a crappy plan today, than a perfect
    plan tomorrow — when it could be too late.”
    Do NOT delay. GET IT DONE – even in a
    minimalist manner.T-O-D-A-Y !
    As Severn Darden said to James Coburn in
    “The President’s Analyst,” as he tossed him
    a gun at the TelCo Battle, “SAVE YOUR ASS!!”

    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night. No HQ, No NCS.

    • “I get cat-pan litter in large plastic jugs.
      Once rinsed, they make a dandy water jug.
      I keep six of them, filled, in a Jacuzzi we
      never use.”

      Now if you’ll fill the rest of the Jacuzzi with water, you’ll have flushing water along with your bottled drinking water. If the Jacuzzi stays covered, nothing will grow in the flush water while it’s stored.

      We had a 12′ X 3′ pool on the patio that served as a flush water reservoir as well as cooling us off in the summer. Unfortunately the wall of the pool gave way after about 10 years of use, and we never got around to replacing it.

      • I’ve been doing the cat litter water storage routine now for several years. Make sure you keep the jugs out of UV, otherwise they get brittle and fall apart.
        Otherwise they work great. Throw a tarp over them!

    • Warning: these highly processed food items are really high in salt. Recommended amount of sodium 2300 mg a day or 1500 mg if a person has high blood pressure. One 3.5 oz. serving of spam is 1410 mg.

  3. I’ve been getting ready for Christmas early because I’m having surgery on my other hand before Thanksgiving. A month or so back we had a power outage and none of the flashlights worked (granddaughter likes light) and we didn’t have any holiday candles out. I decided to make emergency lighting jars for my women’s group.

    I had some mason jars with regular “mouths” and fancy designs. I bought 100 emergency tea lights that are unscented and burn for about 7 hours. I put a pile of candles in each jar and a Bic type lighter. Amazon has Mason jar lids with indents in them designed for tea lights. They come 6 in a box so I bought 2 boxes. I put one on each jar and put the original jar band on to hold the indented lid in place. Then I put one tea light in each indent to make it obvious what the jar is for.

    I had planned on using empty glass jelly jars with handles so you could easily carry the jars but the mason lid bands were a little too big and wouldn’t secure the lids.

    I had another case of new fancy jars so I filled them with hard candy (mostly red, green, and white) and put on a coin bank lid and the original band. The coin bank lids come in a box of 10 and the jars come in a box of 12.

    I thought it looked nice having a set of jars. I added Harmony House dried soup mix and a silly Christmas hair tie I bought on sale last January. We usually spend about $10 to per gift and add something home made so this worked since I already had 2 cases of unused jars.

    Amazon has alot of interesting lids and attachments for Mason jars. They are worth checking out.

    • “A month or so back we had a power outage and none of the flashlights worked.”

      A long time ago, somebody said that “flashlights were storage units for dead batteries.”

      • we had two power outages and the power company shut off the gas and backup then it wasn’t kicking on when reset .
        the freezer didn’t kick back on..we lost everything on it.. here I had been dreaming that I was retort canning the food in the freezer but just figure I had those dreams because all the horrible events going on..
        now I know I need to pay more attention to them

    • I usually make crisco candles.. get some wicks..

      melt the crisco.. then take half pint jars.. or a pint jar can etc.. put the wick on the bottom.. I use double sticky back tape.. then fill.. screw the top on and let it cool.. you will get several hours of heat from it..
      the other thing is jelled alcohol.. for a fire starter..
      get egg shells and cook them in water .. strain out the shells.. you will see the calcium dissolve in the water as you cook the shells.. mix in some sawdust or cotton balls dryer lint etc..then pour in rubbing alcohol you will see it jell up in a second.. now take this jelled ( oh you can use fingernail polish remover to.. instead of alcohol.. then stuff the jelled fiberish material in straws seal then shut about an inch long.. and you have a fire starter.. another one is cotton balls and vaseline mixture sawdust and a 1/3 mixture of three parts iron oxyde and one part aluminum powder.. mix that together and put in one inch segments of large straws.. seal.. that will start a wet wood on fire.. the vaseline will make a nice propellant to start it…
      to get the lard candle to not only heat but light then make a lantern base..upside down pie tin.. and a coil of screen..
      Robert murray smith has a really good simple heater light.. basically a plant pot heater using a couple of cans.. the lard or crisco candle will work.. I have never tried it with carbon felt.. I sure got enough of that stuff around.. I should make a couple.. heat..

    • “We are $33 TRILLION in debt and our wide open border is a national security crisis..”. – Rep MTG

      ..SOMEBODY in connedgress took the Red Pill recently..AFTime!

      How many Christian Women and Children usa-pedo joe – gotta slaughter in the kraine to meet his assigned QUOTA?

      How many Muslim and Christian Women/Children pedo joe gotta SLAUGHTER to appease his masters ?

      He certainly aint slaughtering Women & Children ALL OVER the WORLD for any of Us.

      WHY are You SUPPORTING this SLAUGHTER, then ?

      No, really G – WHY ?

  4. For those of you who live in an area with a Krogers store, their beef stew has much more beef than Dinty Moore and is cheaper, too. I know there are potatoes in it, but you can extend it with a can of diced potatoes, cooked rice, noodles, or elbow macaroni, too. A can of mixed veggies and a dissolved bullion cube and you now have a pot full that feeds four. Make it a celebration of life with a Jiffy corn bread mix. GF

    • Is that horse “beef”, goat “beef”, or Mincemeat “beef” ? inquiring minds ya know?
      Or just real old real beef. hard to tell nowadays – say “beef” in many parts SE Asia and you getz buffalo..waterbuffs. Good stuff, beats the brhama stringy beef any day.

      …but Black or Red Angus..MMmmMMMM!

  5. G,

    The other day you posted your hybrid chart w/text book 5 waves. You could razz Prechter with that chart.

    Back there it was mentioned writing/selling a market trading pamphlet. It’s a good idea. No e-copies. A nice 3″x5″, 20 page hard cover. $99.99 +fees.

    If the book cover is mysterious and medieval looking hike the price to $125 +fees. Maybe toss in a USB w/a few spreadsheets for an extra $5.00 fee.

  6. Just a note of timing wrt US involvement in the Middle East.

    Eisenhower went through Gibralter Straits Saturday morning, will reach the Suez Canal sometime between mid day Tuesday to mid/late day Wednesday then figure 12-16 hours to transit the canal to reach the Red Sea (exiting the canal say early Wednesday to mid day Thursday).

    What it important in Eisenhower’s transit however is it’s passing by Yemen, at the South end of the Red Sea, 1080 nm after leaving the Suez Canal, or about 2 days of travel, say Friday morning (Nov. 3) to mid-day Saturday (Nov. 4).

    The Bab el-Mandeb Strait at the south end of the Red Sea is only 20 nm wide … and Yemen, the place from which REAL rockets/drones (long distance types) aimed at Israel have been coming from this past week, makes up the entire East Side of the Straits for its entire length.

    The Bab el-Mandeb Strait is regarded as one of world shippings CHOKE POINTS because of its narrowness, and at the moment Yemen is NOT a friend of Israel or the US, though it IS a friend of Iran (from whom they have received most of their weaponry for fighting the Saudis)

    Is there going to be an attempt to use Anti-Ship Missiles against the Eisenhower when it is in the Straits at the end of this week? (Iran has developed some)

    Interesting week with the low-level War in Gaza and the West Bank now going on … is the War about to take a turn towards a much larger event? If so, what will be the triggering event?

    • Way I see it possibly shaking out is either one or both of our carrier strike groups becomes sacrificial lambs, (Gulf of Tonkin on steroids), or either Israel launches missiles directly at Iran or vice-versa….
      Things might get very volatile between now and end of November.

    • Yemen is was shooting missiles at israhell over saudi arabia today..putting the kingdom on high alert. Really stupid logistics running that floating shit tank thru the bab..quackquackquack.
      Come to think of it – these military g eniuses driving this shitshow have already proved their incompetence -See Trashganistan. Not recent enough 4 U ?

      See the kraine – nato is getting destroyed at every turn.

      Western Fighting Forces & Eguipment/EW are inferior in every category..that the US paid 1000 times more for each piece of SHIT, compared what Russians have paid ?!?!?!?

      No Worries Campers – the kackling ho is up next as fearless leader, and there is no way possible on gods green Earth she can worse than current abnormal brain in WH.

      F U biden! one of worst pieces of shit to ever disgrace the the office of puppet in WH.

      • i need to speak in your language.

        yo b out of yur mind yo putin troll. russian military tech superior to US? yo be dreaming putin’s wetdream. now git moscow mule troll.

  7. Indian summer is politically incorrect…. Should be referred to as a “Native American post equinoctial phenomenon.” ;-)

    • So’s “Squaw Winter.”

      I use them both — even on Indian Reservations. The Indians aren’t offended.

  8. is it just me??? or is the Palestine’s greatest enemy Hamas and Mossad working hand in hidden hand ??? off shore oil and gas???

    the enemy of mankind is the secret societies,,
    prove me wrong,,, skull&bones, pirates of the high seas
    how are the pirates of yesteryear any different than todays CIA, MI 5, Mossad ?
    It took $ to own a ship, buy supplies and hire thieves to sale the seas,,, some rich guys had to finance the voyage.
    Even today the 3rd world migration to US and Europe is financed supported and directed by bad actors

  9. Hmmm… All sorts predict a Monday market crash, and the DJIA goes up 500+ points instead. Could that be a lesson in the short squeeze? The more people bet short on a market crash, the more likely the market will move in the opposite direction, when normal market perturbation sets off an avalanche of margin covering.
    I won’t state the rather obvious lesson.

  10. i dont know if this is an indicatore. but if ya saw that orange peal in my lunch box, shaped like a heart.

    then later that day that Master Key in the Sermon of the Mount, by Emmit Fox, as a fox ran infront of me on the mountain. which is all the pages are orange.

    yesterday a Giant Rock came down from the Shovel (A Hitachi 3500 Track hoe) and hit my turn signal on the Cat 797 (Tonka Truck). i bareley felt it. probably a 2500lb rock. but my tonka is as big as a 2 story House.

    we got out and looked at it. hit my turn signal and orange glass was on the ground.


    i get back in the Giant Tonka and the radio all its own switches to some AM jazz station.

    and this song starts playing

    “One look and I yelled timber
    Watch out for flying glass
    ‘Cause the ceiling fell in and the bottom fell out
    I went into a spin and I started to shout
    I’ve been hit
    (This is it, this is it, I’ve been hit)
    I was walking along minding my business
    When love came and hit me in the eye
    (Flash, bam, alakazam)
    Out of an orange colored, purple striped
    Pretty green polka dot sky
    (Flash, bam) alakazam and goodbye”

    huh. i look over at the sun rize and its an orange sky.

    which ive never heard that song before in my life.

    okay DUDE,

    Que: Orange Sky

    Natalie Cole.

    p.s. from this point forward. for an entire year. i will keep all comments to myself.

    because it seems to me lately. other are capitolizing on gifts that are meant only for me. some stuff is only between God and me. get your own presence.

      • on the way to work this morning, one of my headlights on my car went out and i was driving with ‘one eye.’


        what that All says to me in The language of Creation is, its your Turn to Rise like the Bright Morning Star in cold dark world. you have the master key to life, in the palm of your hand.

        ~ The Sky is the limit Andy. ~

        and just like that, I cast off limitation like a dusty old bug ridden coat.

        Gensis 50:20

        What Satan meant for Evil. God Meant for Good.

        at lunch today, i was standing out side having a smoke and a little Black Rock moved all on its own about 3 inches toward me. i looked at it for a while. then i picked it up. held this black rock in my hand and looked at it. about the size of a charcol brikette. then i said, give me money ya little black rock!

        it didnt say anything.

        so threw it off a 400 foot cliff and watched the little black rock fall all the way down. when it hit the ground it shattered into a million pieces. the fella next to me in the track hoe dumped a big bucket of dirt on it and said, that is the end of that little black rock. and we both laughed.

        i gotta get.

        i see cochella vallley again in my future. hopefully the recpetion is more pleasent than the last time.

        if i truly am the I at the top of the pyramid? there is alot of things going to change in this world.

        been running heavy equiptment for a long while. and when the treasonous rats run their holes, me and the fellas are going to make damn sure they dont get out for a 1000 years. hopefully they packed enough bisquick to make pancakes.

        tommorows harvest day.
        he sees you when your sleeping he knows when your awake. he knows if you been bad or good. so be good!

        for goodness sake.

        no further comment.

      • i dont even know if i believe all that.

        you know i been called Angel and The Chosen One all kinds of stuff. i seen more woohwhooh in a month than most people see in a life time.

        i done all kinds of super cool stuff. lots of unbelievably cool stuff.

        i have had people tell me when they died they were leaving me enormouse financial empires. i have had a psychic and a super gifted tarot reader tell me, you are about to come into a massive financial windfall. and one of your wishes is about to come true. and you are going to meet a woman that no other women will matter. only her. she will be everything you ever dreamed in a woman.

        and none of that has happend.


        people say all kinds of stuff. but that doesnt make it true.

        and with all this stuff. im of the same opinion about everything else everyone says and all the signs

        a little less talk and whole lot more action.

        see the language of creation can tell me all day long, you are the chosen one. people can make promises all day long, but if i dont see any actual tangible evidence? its bullshit.

        ya see when i say i have faith and trust God. i packed my shit and drove to a place i didnt know a single soul. not a single person. i had never even heard of the place until the day before i left to come here. i had never driven trains. i didnt know where i was going to stay when i got here. found a place at a lodge, room #11.

        ya seee, i backed up my words with tangible living evidence.

        so when people say, you are an Angel Andy. its because i backed it up with actions.

        and when others say, One of your wishes is going to come true. and it hasnt, yet.

        that starts looking like bullshit.

        same with the fella that said id inherit his entire fortune. which i didnt even ask for.

        because i didnt. 3 years after he died. not a word about it.

        so my read of the language of creation. is either supported by evidence. real tangible evidence. all the finger prints of God i find true or just bullshit.

        and quite frankly, im tired of bullshit. ya cant buy a house on empty promises. ya cant pay for dinner by telling them. everyone calls me the chosen one. sign an auto graph and walk out.

        so, it could all be bullshit. and i think it is,

        until i see some real life tangible evidence.

        until then. i dont want to hear it any more.

        i have had my fill of bullshit.

        so, im not going to comment anymore for a year. because im tired of talk. im tired of signs that say this and that.

        i need proof. real tangable proof. until then.


      • its pretty simple math really.

        you take two peices of bread. you put peanut butter on one side and jam on the other and press them together and you can eat a pb&j.

        i go to work. i work so many hours and at the end of the week, i get a paycheck. i takr that paycheck and spend it on what i want.

        simple math. this much effort for this result.

        now if i tell ya i went to work all week and i didnt. its bullshit and i dont get a paycheck.

        now i go to work all week long and my boss says, sorry no paycheck. but we got work all next week. well, that boss is full of shit. where i work now, he would probably get his ass kicked by all them cowboys and rough necks.

        so when people tell ya all kinds of stuff. and there is no paycheck. they are full of shit.

        i dont care if its totems from the Angels or Highly successful tarot readers, or Chaplens of Great ministries. if there is no paycheck at the end of the week. they are full of fucking shit.

        there is a shit load of keyboard monkeys working at the goverment with titles like “Expert” and Ivy League Papers hanging over their desk saying inflation isnt that bad. we have it under control.

        you ask any single mother of 3, working two jobs and paying $200 for 4 or 5 bags of groceries and she will tell ya, those experts? they are full of fucking shit.

        so, its cool seeing the signs and thanks for all the wierd trinkets and weird synchs and all that jazzz.

        but unless it has real tangible evidence backing it up? its just more bullshit. and im pretty burned out on bullshit. lol.

        im a man of action. not bullshit.

        and i been traveling for almost 4 years. seen alot of super cool stuff and met alot of interesting people.

        but im tired of more signs saying this way and that. all that.

        so, until something real happens. im going be quiet.

        there has to me more to it than just more signs. hahaha.

      • cause i will tell ya what. while i been off traveling the world, doing all this whooh whoo shit and helping others etc etc etc. doing tons of miracle stuff.

        i know alot of other people who dont even pray who have bought houses, started buisnesses and found a good mate, got married, bought ski boats and went on extravigant vacations.

        and after all ive done, at the end of the night. im still living out of 2 suit cases, renting a room from some rancher and climbing into my bed alone thinking. oh i keep finding coins. wonder what that means.

        until today on the way home a guy whose life i saved 2 years ago mesaages me and said, i cant thank ya enough. im in miami on my honey moon, we just bought a house in seattle, id have never met my wife, a new home and have this amazing life if it wasnt for you saving my life that day.

        then i sit on the porch, in this tiny one light town, pull my cowboy boots off my tired feet, go grab some fresh clothes out of a suit case and think.

        what about Me God? what about Andy. i like that shit too. i been out here working this feild for years now. id sure like a new house, a wife and honey moon on the beach in miami. for fucks sake. thanks for the signs tho. im tired. and

        ya feel me God? i need something more than bullshit.

        that is honest. and its not a rediculous question. its not an unreasonable question.

        have a great week.

      • someone just sent me a message saying far more than you could have ever hoped for is right around the corner. a life beyond your wildest dreams. you are almost there. keep going. God wanted me to tell you, you are two feet from the finish line. first place!

        hmmmm.. okay.

        we shall see.

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