Retail Fails and Trump’s ADHD Micromangement Woes

Although the Trump-haters are out in force – trying to drum up another phony impeachment drive – there and  still several much more important stories in play this morning, so let’s use brain cells instead of our adrenals, shall we?

Wuhan Scorecard

Death toll is up to to 1,384 and the confirmed cases (which China has changed counting on) is up to 64,456 as of click time.

Your keyword (hidden variable) that’s driving is?  “virus supply chain.”  Some hits to read (as we await stock market /shocked market anagnorisis):

You have the keywords…have fun and let’s see who’s “talking their book” on CNBC and Gloomberg this morning, shall we?

Retail Flails: Up…BUT…

Just out from the Census Bureau, a look at ho retail’s doing:

“Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for January 2020, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $529.8 billion, an increase of 0.3 percent (±0.4 percent)* from the previous month, and 4.4 percent (±0.7 percent) above January 2019.

Total sales for the November 2019 through January 2020 period were up 4.4 percent (±0.5 percent) from the same period a year ago.  The November 2019 to December 2019 percent change was revised from up 0.3 percent (±0.4 percent)* to up 0.2 percent (±0.2 percent)*. Retail trade sales were up 0.1 percent (±0.4 percent)* from December 2019, and 4.0 percent (±0.7 percent) above last year. Gasoline stations were up 10.4 percent (±1.2 percent) from January 2019, and nonstore retailers were up 8.4 percent (±1.4 percent) from last year. “

Wait Ure!  You said FLAILS – yet this is a great number!”

Not so fast, buggeroo:  Sales  are up over 4%, right?  BUT incomes are not up that much – if at all – when you look at consumer discretionary.  Ergo, we’re going into debt at a HUMONGOUS rate!

The stock futures this morning though were not much different than yesterday’s close.  Something like +35 on the Dow.  Wanna bet on who’s going to be dense enough to hold long positions over the weekend?

Be looking for “markets closed” announcements this weekend of more COVID-19 cases and cordwood…be interesting to see if there’s any “timing” there.

Stocks would have dropped Thursday, but as we suggested, the Fed;’s Repo Depo popped with an additional $450-million Thursday afternoon, as we warned you might be coming.  Well, sure enough…

This morning the Fed NY Desk is tossing $37.65  -billion worth of logs on the bonfire of the equities, which continue in position (as we told our  Peoplenomics subscribers Wednesday) to melt up another 10-percent, even from these insane levels.

Oh, and the M1 close-in MuM (making up money) rate in the H.6 money stocks report jumps from 7.5% in last week’s confessional to 7.9% (table 2) this week.

Whether they will is problematic based on Impeachment drive #2, the Wuhan disaster spread-rates, and the prospect of the Bernunist taking the claimed lead for the dumbocrats.

This is not to say that dumbocrats are the only lame-brains in the room.  Both factions of the Repugnant Party have much the same issues.

The reasons is (in computational analytics) due to the “model space”  (mental visualization methods) used in people’s cerebral cortex to “visualize” Reality.

The trick in the modelspace is that easily manipulated “false choices” are presented by the (similarly construct-impaired) media.  Most everything they offer is offers with an attached opinion.  Reminiscent of the failing Charmin  and Klingon ‘s.  The attachments stink.

Hold that thought.  (OK, spritz of Lysol if you must!)  Let’s get the Trump-hate angle out of the way.  This will go deep but you may learn something.

Trump: Woes of the ADHD-D Micromanager

Contrary to the opinions of some of our readers (left coasties, mainly) my “unbiased, modelspace-based news analysis” of Donald Trump runs something like this:

Trump is ADHD.  I know this because I too, am ADHD.  So are my offspring, to one degree, or another.  A friend explained to me long ago (he’s the publisher of Marketing) “Guru, you’re a freaking genius.  What you need is focus.”

“Lary, I just can’t,” I explained to him.  “There’s just so much that is interesting, calls for easily done personal research, and holds great potential for breakthrsough that my life is struct56ured not just to m ake a few bucks, but also to research like hell, write, and push up against all kinds oif boundaries.”

That, dear reader, is also the kind of personality Donald Trump has.

He is a high-energy person to the extreme.  And, when I use my “speed crown” (a special kind of photobiomodulation device I invented to pump photons into the brain via stimulation of the trigeminal nerve pack) I too can reduce sleep to 4-5 hours per night and roll with unbelievable energy the entire time I’m awake.

Trump’s issue may be a form of ADHD coping skills.

Another ADHD person I knew had the same processes going on.

Genius engineer fellow and designer of paramilitary radio gear.  He explained to me once that the only way he could “keep it together” was by inspecting every detail of everyone’s work and issuing corrections along the way.  He was hell to work for, but his designs and products were very good.  Well, except for a little more phase noise and jitter in the frequency synthesizer that degraded performance, but that’d be a long technical discussion and I do try to keep on point.  ADHD, lol/

Comes down to this, when trying to understand Trump:  One way ADHD people cope is by totally focusing on the details.. This is what Donald Trump does because of his upbringing.

My upbringing was different.  I was shoved down the “rennaisance man” track by how life worked out – which results in something of a science-driven mad-man who’s tghrilled to be writing, while trying to unlock secrets of the Universe, and develop useful ways to analyze the market while also evolving insights into media distortion.

Did it occur to you that the reason I was a reporter for so long was that it was a source of continuous, widely varying, stimulation?  That drives the polymath/multi-interest/Renaissance ADHD self.

The result of the polymath path (being a Root-Bernstein Type 4 with a side order of information synthesizer) is what my life’s been about.  It’s all a lab and I wear the lab coat 16-hours a day.

Usually, like Thursday, I pick one topic, like news presentation layers and forced choice, then sit down and bang out 5-thousand words for Peoplenommics.  In my world, the best self-management book ADHD types can read is Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World.

Donald Trump is the “other kind” of ADHD:  The minutia, detail, and micromanager sort.

This is not a judgement so much as a recognition of a somewhat kindred spirit.  I happen to think that a book like Deep Work – and encouraging Trump to really focus on (and solve) deep problems 8-hours a day – would be a real benefit both to his future and the country’s.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know, appreciate, or understand the ADHD personality types well.  Parenthetically, the average person thinks only in terms of IQ – and this reflects the topic we get into in Peoplenomics tomorrow…the issue of “forced choice” by previously biased experience.  I doubt a single reporter covering Trump can label (themselves) ADHD Detailers or ADHD Polymaths.

I.Q. I assure you is not the hackneyed Bell (or Gaussian) distribution curves.  That kind of thinking is for flat-landers.  It’s really a topology and that means rendering thought in three dimensions which is one of the skills that frequently accompanies ADHD personalities.

OK, so much for me.  Let’s focus on how Trump “presents” as might be viewed by a mental helath professional:  Suspectiung that Trump is ADHD, and a Detailer, what does this headline tell us?

Barr fires warning shot at Trump in new interview.”

This screams that Barr hates working for a micro-manager.  Tough parents in his background, maybe?  Thing about ADHD’s is once you understand them, then they become very useful and you can learn mountains and oodles from them, some of which may be productively incorporated in your own thinking style.

When someone can’t deal with a micro-manager, they need to have a sit-down and point how a) HOW they are being micro-managing and b) OPTIONS to make the anti-micro-man  person feel safe.

Viewed from this perspective, a LOT about Trump and related headlines comes into focus better than anything on lame-brain media:

Arthur Brooks discusses his disagreements with Trump at National Prayer Breakfast.  Suggets another “doesn’t get it” in terms of workwing with ADHD-Detailer’s.

Ever desperate for a headline with falling ratings, then, stories like CNN’s Generals revolt against Trump, missed the larger context, too.

From my perspective as an ADHD-P (Trump is ADHD-D, remember) CNN also completely botches their analysis in Hope Hicks’s return is a sure sign of White House arrogance.

We will suggest instead the OBVIOUS:  Some people thrive – and learn hugely – from working with ADHD-D type persons.  I’d love to have a beer with Hicks some day because she is very, very likely bright enough to “get it” when comes to ADHD-management and how the very different high-energy thinking style really lays out onto two very-different paths.  Trump again uses the ADHD-Detailer coping track.

I’d be willing to distill this down into three PowerPoint slides for White House staff if it would help!

Meantime, the other group (wholly out of touch and off on their own “we’re special” power trip are the democrats who are trying to wind up a difference in management styles into a cause-of-action to impeach.  More bullshit, but what would you expect from statistical losers like Joke-who-haunts us “Warren: If Barr Won’t Resign, “House Should Start Impeachment Proceedings Against Him” And Defund Probes.

Our coverage of this ongoing train wreck of Neanderthalian 2016 revenge will continue to attempt (despite how it will grate on everyone) to reveal what in tomorrow’s Peoplenomics report will be the “additional dimensions” of news coverage.  In this morning’s example, it’s how most “average” people don’t have not worked with a “wide range of thinking styles” and are therefore putting themselves into easily manipulated “corraled sheep.”

Once you expand you expand your thinking about news – and cast of the yoke of “false forced-choice” then you’ll be in a much better position not only to deal with other people in your life (in general) but to begin to use the “hidden variables” that the mostly inept press can’t comprehend.

Lest you think this reflects something of an elitism on my part, you’re absolutely right.  Computational horsepower has elevated the entire world into 3D modelspace.  You don’t want to remain a 2D forced-choice victim any longer than you have to.  But if you do, the kind of 3D presentation layers of this site will definitely not be your cup of tea.

May we have the next hidden variable, please?  The old flat-land/binary choicing presentation layer for “news” is now data-driven and so long as legacy media doesn’t grok the shift, you’ll keep reading stories like McClatchy newspaper chain files for bankruptcy and Charlie Munger will keep reaching for the Tums.

JFS:  Just For Sheep

Go by Glider, or something? Delta Air Lines CEO announces the carrier will go ‘fully carbon neutral’ next month.  The reporting on this is not impressive.  As a former international jet airline VP, I want to know WTF he’s talking about?  My 727-227-ADVs burned from 1,450 to 1,350 GPH (depending on stage length and Delta’s justs aren’t burning incense in them high-bypass turbofans, are they?  Serious?  Feed the sheep climate crap and they will fly?  GMAFB.  But the “carbon offset credits?”  You mean climate shill’s equivalent to “wife-beating credits?”  Who are these people and what have they done to the water at Hartsfield International?

Apparently our prayers for additional mental acuity are unanswered, though, as For tackling climate change, English bishops look to God—and cathedral heating.

Dumb and Dumber in Senate acts to restrain Trump’s military powers against Iran.

Guess who else has a booze lobby? New Mexico plan to legalize recreational cannabis sales is derailed.  Am I the only one who undertsands that legalization would demonetize at least part of the immigration/invasion?

Oh boy…deep into breakfast and more deep work ahead.

Write when you get rich

70 thoughts on “Retail Fails and Trump’s ADHD Micromangement Woes”

  1. George

    “Donald Trump is the “other kind” of ADHD: The minutia, detail, and micromanager sort.”

    Excellent analysis! No more need I say as you have said it all!

  2. George,

    I think you really hit the nail on the head about this ADHD thing. If you look at…at…Ooo! Ooo! What’s that shiny thing!

  3. Great article today. I’m ordering the book. Normally I’m a P, except when I’m planning a project (either creating or fixing) then I’m a D, which drives my wife crazy: “Just start the damn thing!” Does this mean I’m ambidextrous? Or bi-polar?

  4. George,
    What, the traders are hungry again?
    What other corporate expenses can we put on the national debt?
    And then have the Conservative hack economists lie about its velocity in the economy.
    (As with W’s unregulated/unsupervised banks, it’s human nature for the Rich to crave more, even as they killed the Golden Goose.)

    Brilliant idea!
    If Corporate America applied the same strategy to the environment, and hired environmental hacks, they could make even more money!!!
    And suppress any voting group that might vote against it.

    What a Genius!!
    Am truly CEO material.
    Best, Mike.

    • From Wikipedia:

      The financial sector in the U.S. has seen considerable deregulation in recent decades, which has allowed for greater risk taking. The financial sector used its considerable political sway in Congress and in the U.S. political establishment and influenced the ideology of political institutions to press for more and more deregulation.[24] Among the most important of the regulatory changes was the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act in 1980, which repealed the parts of the Glass–Steagall Act regarding interest rate regulation via retail banking. The Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999[25] repealed part of the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933, removing barriers in the market among banking companies, securities companies and insurance companies that prohibited any one institution from acting as any combination of an investment bank, a commercial bank, and an insurance company.

      Such deregulation of the financial sector in the United States fostered greater risk taking by finance sector firms through the creation of innovative financial instruments and practices, such as the creation of new financial products, including securitization of loan obligations of various sorts and credit default swaps.[26] The greater risk taking caused a series of financial crises, including the savings and loan crisis, the Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) crisis, each of which necessitated major bailouts, and the derivatives scandals of 1994.[27][28] These warning signs were ignored as financial deregulating continued, even in view of the inadequacy of industry self-regulation as shown by the financial collapses and bailout. The 1998 bailout of LTCM sent the signal to large “too-big-to-fail” financial firms that they would not have to suffer the consequences of the great risks they take. Thus, the greater risk taking allowed by deregulation and encouraged by the bailout paved the way for the Financial crisis of 2007-2008.[29][28]

      The worst of the banking deregulation happened under Clinton, little changed under Bush. Any more bogus talking points from MoveOn today?

    • “(As with W’s unregulated/unsupervised banks, it’s human nature for the Rich to crave more, even as they killed the Golden Goose.)”

      Mike, with Bernie (as commander in chief) all of this will change ;-).

  5. On debt and retail…interesting note from CNBC.

    “ U.S. credit card debt hit an all-time high of $930 billion. Debt surpassed the $870 billion peak during the 2008 financial crisis. Credit card delinquency rates increased .16% from the prior quarter to 5.32%. Younger Americans (18 to 29) have a 76% higher delinquency rate than anyone else. Delinquency rates for credit cards — which are the portion of payments late 90 days or more — also rose to 5.32%, up from 5.16% from the prior quarter. (CNBC)”

    About Trump. Why are you always trying to make excuses for Trump? ADHD? Come on…He just isn’t very smart. Yes, he is a promoter…that’s what people do, when they lack the talent to be successful themselves…they promote. They lie, beg and steal to gain the spotlight for themselves because they are frustrated that there is a world of talent out there they can’t compete with. And over the last 20 years, Trump made this an art and that self promotion got him a ticket to the White House.

    But, ask Trump to give details about legislative matters or name the leaders of 10 countries, or talk about the civil war in Libya and General Khalifa Haftar’s role. Or, I want to hear his dissertation on the Arab NATO and the Axis of Resistance. Domestically, what are his thoughts on the erosion of free markets and spiking hidden costs? What about his thoughts on the Brookings Institute’s report on troubling indications that dynamism and competition in the U.S. economy has declined. Or, what are his plans, based on a 2019 Congressional Research Service Report that found that inflation adjusted wages stagnated or fell for those in the middle and bottom income percentiles.

    The last one, he will deny…because he is a narcissist and doesn’t want to admit that there are troubles in the paradise that only exists in his own mind.

    The other issues, he has no clue. Oh, he knows polls and TV ratings…That’s part of his schtick. Good at it too. But even those ratings are skewed to rate him and only him…Trump is concerned about all things that make him look good. A modern day Caligula surrounded by people and a government in record amounts of debt. Yep…our record setting President. Record debt, record lies, record tweets in one day, record name calling.

    You can spin it to be ADHD all you want…but in the end…he is just a con man covering his stupidity.

    • “You can spin it to be ADHD all you want…but in the end…he is just a con man covering his stupidity.”

      It takes one to know one!

      • Rocket,
        At least you admit that you you are a com man and recognize the traits of our President. I admire the honesty. That is what you were alluding to….right?

        P.S. giving you right back what Trump does to his detractors…sucks doesn’t it?

    • Sorry, Mark. You’re sailing over their heads. Too many words with multiple syllables.

      Anyway, ADHD, huh? Pretty creative, but no. The entire team up there is junior college and they were put in place to wreak havoc. The only thing that matters now is the backstory of Lisa Simpson becoming president after Team Trump bankrupts the country.

      Really. Get ready for a woman president.

      “They” ALWAYS project the message in advance…

      • “after Team Trump bankrupts the country.”

        Oh Jo that’s silly of you to think its DJT’s fault..

        The wonderfull boys and girls on perpetual recess had ffg orty years that I know of with a open ended credit card drawing interest.. at the bottom side of the economic spectrum.. if you have poor credit you walk in to get a car. The blue book value high end is five hundred dollars the dealer in turn sells that car to you for 3000.00 at ten.percent interest.. you drive that car home and so.eone tells you..oh my your upside down with the loan..
        The states have the disclosure were if you have x dollars in damage you. Have to inform them.. that’s a one way law though because they dont have to disclose those issues with you.. that’s how they market flood and storm damaged cars..
        The usa is not disclosing these issues with the people. Instead we are hopelessly upside down and they lay the blame on the administration.
        Now with creative bookkeeping any presidential in office can put lipstick on this pig of a deficit and make it look wonderful..which is what happened in the eighties.. and the wonderful BS as we have a surplus. While the SS money held in secure fund was raped and pillaged.. now that could be fixed.. just get congress to put all federal retirement funds under the same roof the same with medicare and the federal health policy the golden goose that federal workers get..
        They wouldn’t let their funds be nm put in jeopardy. Endless wars wiiiyh.million dollar bombs just so someone that doesnt live here or pay taxes here can have more.
        Maybe I’m wrong but that’s how I see it.

      • Naw, a diatribe like that, even though singularly lacking in logic or merit, doesn’t go over anyone’s head here. We simply recognize it as a cry for help, then (since we can’t help) ignore it as being not worth more than the slightest modicum of our attention.

        Polysyllabic rhetoric doesn’t impress me. I’ve spent too many years, watching and reading people of inflated ego yet feeble imagination, construct a straw-man, tear it down, and obfuscate both by hiding them within or behind a bunch of big, impressive-sounding words, for which they lack sufficient ken to properly structure or use.

        Disassembling such rhetoric yields an argument that’s relatively easy for anyone to see the merit (or lack thereof), and for a skilled debater to utterly destroy…

    • Everything you just wrote Mark sounds like you I swear it sounds like you I really do I swear it sounds just like you mark you have just beautifully identified yourself. And those people that you whose house you sold they had to move didn’t they because of all their family and friends couldn’t stay there to live it cost to dag-gum much that’s what I’m saying buddy Omar Coboy you are a community Buster.

      • Blog,
        That makes absolutely no sense.

        If you had $1.8 million in equity, wouldn’t you want to use it and maybe realize a dream to retire somewhere? Thousands of people from the northeast retire every year to Florida or a warmer climate. Whose busting up those families? Snowbirds from Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota retire to Arizona. Let’s hang those people for busting up their communities. Hell, we should just chain And shackle everyone to their homes after retirement because we certainly don’t want to bust up the community.

        The way I see it…it’s the circle of life. One family departing so another can carry that homes legacy to another budding family. This state makes millionaires. I help with making those families collect their millions. In fact they’re are more millionaires here than any place in planet earth…part and parcel due to real estate.

        The thing is…this state is so damn big, they can retire to Mt Shasta, the Sierras, Yosemite, Mammoth, even many parts of. Wine country etc for the price it costs to buy a home in the Midwest…and who wouldn’t want to retire in the mountains and valleys. I know I do.

      • “Snowbirds from Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota retire to Arizona. Let’s hang those people for busting up their communities.”

        Mark.. most of the winter migration is to fill their years supply of pharmaceuticals..
        the evening news just had a story the other day about some states that are paying their employees to make a monthly trip to mexico to pick up their medications.. a few years ago.. my doctor was wanting me to get a surgery.. because of the high cost in the usa.. I was getting brochures from my insurance company for hospitals in other countries that offered those services and that they would pay a hundred percent of the cost if I chose to go there..
        the people I know.. have said what they save is enough to pay for the whole trip there and the expenses back home for the winter months.
        in canada one of my perscriptions was over a thousand dollars a month less than here.. and if I bought generic that was offered there.. was even cheaper..

      • “Snowbirds from Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota retire to Arizona.”

        Um, no.

        “Snowbird” in the U.S. was a disparaging term coined to describe itinerant 19th Century ranch workers — Cowboys who’d work the ranches in Montana and the Dakotas from May to October, then migrate to Texas or SoCal and work Southern ranches from October ’till May, because they didn’t like riding line during the tough winters of the Northern Tier States.

        It is now applied to people who live in the North, but migrate south for the winter.

        I personally have known hundreds of “snowbirds,” from MN, WI, MI, and also northern IL, IN, OH, PA, and NY… Oh, and also from Alberta and Ontario, Canada. I know exactly two who migrate to Arizona. ALL of the others migrate to Florida, to THEIR SECOND HOUSES, then ALL migrate back to the North, to their primary residences, in the spring. “Snowbirds,” do not sell out and move — EVER. Only “people who move to somewhere else” sell out and move…

    • @marx

      since you soooooo smart and know everything …why are you not president……..maybe because only stupid people can get millions of voters to vote for them….and TRUMP never promised anyone that would vote for him..anything of a personal nature ONLY of a COUNTRY nature….is that why your HATRED of him is so intense HE didn’t promise you ..anything that YOU wanted….HE has exposed the ‘for me only’ crowd and they all hate him for it….imo

    • So, you do a c/p and use it to justify the deranged rant with which you followed?


      As to your rant: Why don’t you simply ask Mr. Trump these questions, yourself? He is the most-accessible President in the history of the Nation. Surely, he would find your thoughtful and considerate questions worthy of multiple-tweet responses. You ARE smart enough to find him on twitter, aren’t you…?

  6. Talking about ADHD… it’s amazing to me the rest of the world goes along with U.S. delusions:

    Biologically Male Runner To Compete In USA Women’s Olympic Trials

    A biologically male marathon runner who identifies as a transgender woman is set to compete in the USA Olympic trials later in February.

    “I trained hard. I got lucky. I dodged injuries,” Youngren added. “I raced a lot, and it worked out for me. That’s the story for a lot of other people, too.”

    • The track and field world had a similar problem last year (?) with an African sprinter (?) who ID’d as a woman. The complaints were she had WAY TOO MUCH testosterone for it to be a fair race.

      It’s always a male ID’ing as a female. Why never a female ID’ing as a male?

      Then there’s the issue about Nike’s state-of-the-art running shoes for long distance runners, giving wearers lightning speed. Who knew track and field could be so controversial?

  7. Many people (and ALL Democrats) believe that some sort of Central Management or Planning can (should?) solve any Large Problem.

    In the case of the possible disruptions due to Coronavirus, supply lines for some products will be delayed or temporarily stopped, it seems likely. This could cause multiple, interdependent Cascade Failures across the global commerce system. This would be inconvenient.

    China simply rounds people up whose foreheads are too warm, and in a dictatorship this is easy enough, and will probably be effective.

    Over the years and centuries, many serous challenges — war, pestilence, famine, political insanity, etc — have struck, and Regular People simply independently adapt, rise to the occasion as best they can, and prevail in time.

    Point being: Regular people do WHAT they can, WHERE they are, using WHATEVER resources they have. R.P.s don’t NEED Central Control, and often work better and faster than the remotely located and ponderous Central Managers can muster.

    Each R.P. functions in his own enlightened (one would hope) self-interest to make HIS operation cope with the Great Inconvenience –whatEVER it may be. We all do our darndest to Get It Done, and forge forward, not regardless, but in defiance.

    Ultimately, every Centrally-Managed operation or committee, represents ONE coordinated approach; while R.P.s can freely employ thousands of different coping mechanisms and procedures. Thems as guess right, succeed and prevail and survive. Thems as guesses wrong either adapt to what DOES work, or they get swept away. Central Committees stubbornly just double-down with whatever did or didn’t work, and if they get lucky The Collective survives. If they get UNlucky, then everybody dies of tenacious bureaucracy.

    I’ll take The Cowboy Way as long as I’m allowed.

    • “some products will be delayed or temporarily stopped, it seems likely. This could cause multiple, interdependent Cascade Failures across the global commerce system.”

      I have always said I thought the fall of the USA would be a cascade event..

      An emp.. same thing.. our supply line is with imported those dry up eventually local supply houses empty inventory. IF we had a really bad year crop wise do to poor ckimate..droughts floods etc. And we import the vast majority of would see a cascade a hundred times worse than the dust bowl years.. add on a pandemic virus with the poor healthcare system the USA presently has. Everything that the preparedness sites have been telling you would seem simple.

  8. “Trump-haters are out in force – trying to drum up another phony impeachment drive ”

    I think they are going this route to imprint their view on everyone.. turn the lights back off so that the cockroaches can scurry about unhindered. .

    “Am I the only one who undertsands that legalization would demonetize at least part of the immigration/invasion?”

    Just like when I called the puc to see if I could get the utility companies verify identity so that someone cant just put utilities in someone else’s name..(happened to us) the response I was told.. is if you have millions of dollars to invest in lobbying firms as gifts.. it will never happen..
    It’s obvious but theres to much money being invested to keep things exactly the way they are..
    I forget how many billions was invested in gifts for Congress last year alone.
    A friend of mines wife caters luncheon events and he told me its absolu8 insane right now. Worse than I could even imagine..
    Then we wonder why our country is so screwed up.

  9. George, it is odd that you use that word,,flail,, it has been in my mind a lot lately to describe the actions of those opposed to our great President Trump,,they are flailing about,,scared poopless,,the fear is so evident in their eyes and in their voices when they appear on camera.

    Barr , appears to have put Trump in his place,,do not be deceived, it is a decoy to distract the MSM,, Barr knows who his boss is,

    mean while the charts are flailing about, undecided, one more run up or does the wind die down

  10. I am not enthusiastic about Trump. He has done what I hired him to do, stop Hillary and fill the federal courts and SCOTUS with constitutional judges. He has done other things that I like, and some I don’t. My biggest beef with him is his arrested emotional development at age nine. We are close in age by months and it is shocking to me that he is so old but behaves like a boy. Oh well, we can just say thankfully we don’t have Hillzilla in there.

    • The position of President of the United States is extremely stressful. Look at Obama and Clinton when the left office compared to when they entered. The job takes its toll. And they knew what they were doing. Imagine trying to do the job and saving face at the same time!

      I believe the Prez’s infantile behavior is related to the stress. He’s looking for an outlet to let go and can’t find one, so his brain finds the path of least resistance. Too big for sport and too old for sex. I’m waiting for the meltdown or Freudian slip at one of his ad hoc press conferences or speeches. Now that he feels invincible, he will also believe subconsciously that he can say whatever he wants. The current AG Barr news hints to it.

      Maybe that’s the Dem’s goal — to psychologically push him over the edge…

    • OCF – Totally agree with your comments. Trumps ADHD issues are part of the reason he ran and won the election to begin with, but also why he keeps digging himself into one hole after another which he then has to try to dig himself out of. He has no absolutely sense that being President doesn’t give one dictatorial powers, and is very frustrated by that since that is what he had in the business world. Unfortunately his ADHD behavior seems to be getting worse over time, not better. As the old saying goes “Power Corrupts and absolute power Corrupts Absolutely.”

      I project that the election will be close, very close, but Trump will squeak it out, but after that if he can’t get his ADHD under somewhat better control he will do something ridiculous that will force him to face a second Impeachment. In a second Impeachment a number of Republicans will be so fed up with his antics that they will support it – that makes who Trump selects as his running mate very very important.

  11. Some advice…

    You can’t preface your position with “actions of those opposed to our great President Trump” and be taken seriously as unbiased. It’s obvious you are just another member of the PN Stoning Committee.

    Seems to me that those who lock their doors, bar their windows, screen their calls, reduce their party lists, and put up walls are the scared, paranoid ones.

    We might be able to delay the inevitable, but we can’t stop it.

    But I’ll throw you a bone. I just spent my lunch watching Simpson prediction videos on YouTube. There’s one where Homer gets lost in the Prez’s hair (it’s the escalator episode). If you watch carefully, you’ll see an election sign starting at 2016 and rolling through the 4-year elections without stop. Maybe the Donald will ascend to monarch after all…

      • And let’s not forget about Mr. Putin and his friends keeping the revolving door working, Mr. Medvedev and Mr. Mishustin…

      • The reality is that most of us don’t want the position. If anyone does a halfway decent job, they are likely to be re-elected unless there’s precedent or law to prevent it. There are a few who have the ego to actually want the job and even fewer who feel they must take it for the good of the nation. At the moment, I feel we have one of that latter group, and he’s doing better than can be expected in the face of massive political and media pushback.

        It’ unlikely that we can avoid a real crisis before the election, via virus, war, and/or the economy. It will be interesting to see how things work out.

    • Lol lol reminds me of the days where we would read the Doonsbury comic strip to tell the future lol lol lol…
      It was foretold lol

    • Joe M, I am bias, I just do not like those who support the damn human traffickers,,ya know the pedos and satanists,[these people fear President Trump for their very lives] ,,,, so ya, I do preface it, and I stand by it. try this Joe M on Twatter,,,he has some awesome insights!

      • I am obviously liberal. I also do not like immoral or unethical people. Nor selfish or greedy people. Nor pretentious or whiny people. Come to think of it, I don’t like most people at all. (I’m kidding about that last part…). What’s that saying, “I’m not prejudiced. I hate everyone!”

        I believe most people feel the same way regardless of political ideology.

        I am a firm believer in the classical Golden Rule — do unto others as you would want them to do onto you. And share your excess with others who have none.

  12. See mark ,you’ve got no idea what Trump is up against , but I’ll have to give you a brownie point there for admitting that you are trying to help the situation in California a little bit there and your buddies.
    But till you and your buddies get out there individually for a week in the streets see it first-hand all that disgusting stuff that last video that I showed you then you can start to take a different perspective of what’s really going on instead of being like well I’m up here in the high Eiffel Tower and the everything from up here looks pretty good but when you get down there on ground level get your hands dirty life is completely different then you understand how you are creating the problems and all your buddies then you start taking proper steps to make Harmony in the world instead of discord, then you your buddies me George everybody here and across the world can see the higher vibration surface in everything you do and as you say things start out there in California and spread throughout the United States and throughout the world so by you recognizing personally this problem and then taking your group of people who have money and make a sweep through the California and as the world watches they will learn then you can rightfully claim California to be great for setting a good example right now California has a runny nose a bad cold and is coming down with the flu ,so I propose, the purpose of the cryptocurrencies, is to assist in the absorption of debt around the world.
    That will be the new starting point. I propose that you make up a coin called Nilliqa-NIL for helping the homeless
    that rhymes with the banker coin Zilliqa-ZIL that way people will subconsciously be thinking about the homeless especially the bankers. GO GET EM TIGER.
    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled, so be it .may all beings be financially fulfilled, so be it .may all beings be readily fulfilled so be it.

    • Damn it’s happy hour already, now if I can just remember the code to the safe that has all the beer in it ,I’ll live to see another day. Maybe. Lolol


        Now I just have to add a couple of can holders and I am set… LOL..
        Cardboard.. one of the best products around..
        After I am done showing the grandson how to make cabinets out of cardboard.. I have to make me a hat out of a beer box LOL…
        the hardest part I think will be making a cutting board out of those plastic shopping bags LOL.. not that it will be hard.. but smelly and my wife is going to throw a fit LOL..

      • My all-time FAVE product is “luan” underlayment. Stronger than cardboard you can make light cabinets that are really nifty on an aircraft-like frame… I will make some and write it up one of these weekends.

    • Hi Joe what we’re talking about here the worm that’s slowly slow infest populations, countries states ,cities ,counties neighborhoods ,homes ,diets and food deserts and what causes them.
      Welcome open a narrative what you’ve done now talk about it and distract others from their narrative be my guest or I should say Georgia’s guest, you have disinterred the multi Realm of millionaires ,General populations, and a collection of villages,.
      Is there a storm brewing in your area, . That’s to ultra microscopic too hot for cigarette and cigar butts, or should your area be sprayed with naphthol.
      , boy did we just open up a bag of worms Washington DC.
      Okay it’s your turn to fry the lizard.

    • BPLG, you are always advising everyone to get fulfilled, yet if you yourself were truly fulfilled, you wouldn’t rant your hostilities like a mindless idiot. Here are some fulfillment places (in the good ol’ USA), or there’s Tijuana if you have to be cheap:

      Maybe you could set up a gofund me site to take care of your fulfillment if it is a funds issue…

  13. I recommend we call a truce on the city bashing.

    I grew up in Baltimore, spent a few years in the boonies of Western Maryland, been around the world while earning a living in the Army, and now live and work in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. I’ve seen affluence and I’ve seen poverty. San Francisco is ranked in the top most populous cities. Washington is a little further down the list, and Baltimore further still. None-the-less, ALL of the cities at the top of the list are VERY urban. The experience of living in these cities is very much different than that of living in the cities in the lower half of the list. Hell, experiences are very different between those who live in these cities but different districts (seen District 9? It’s about more than just bugs…) The bashing I read on this forum reminds me of the Rocky Horror Motion Picture Show where the audience keeps talking to the screen expecting something to happen.

    Want to talk about something meaningful? Let’s talk about food deserts and what causes them.

    • “The experience of living in these cities is very much different than that of living in the cities in the lower half of the list. Hell, experiences are very different between those who live in these cities but different districts”

      Amen Joe…

    • Bite your tongue. Unchecked power trips are not good things… Name me one country where military rule in lieu of civilian government worked out well…

      But since we’re on the subject, the irony of martial law is that it’s extreme socialism (commonly called communism) being run by folks in uniform. Now, I doubt that would last long in this country, but who knows what fills generals’ dreams?

      However! A three day junta to remove certain individuals from office? I can see that…or the other extreme alternative.

      • “However! A three day junta to remove certain individuals from office? I can see that”

        Unfortunately none of us know what is the true plan of events..and the really smart people in congress that voted in those stupid laws that would allow these things … well another reason they should read what in the heck they are voting on.. and hey write the dam stuff to.. But wouldn’t that get old Nancys panties in a bunch LOL LOL LOL…

  14. Interesting when you read all the comments it reminds of when old Ben spoke about the rabble,you have those who are brainwash by yesteryear and still worry about a commie under every bed and one in the closet,then we have the imperialist who never can see the harm we do both to ourselves and others .Then some say Trump has ADHD of course that’s never been proven,I rather suspect it should be SFB due to his many bankruptcies,then you have others who think congress should’nt have any say unless it their way,and then they wonder why the countries on a skid to nowhere.

  15. Gorge, thanks for being ADHD. I have been reading urbansurvival since 2007, and it’s still my dayly go too. Ceap on ceapin on.

  16. The statement made by the CDC director seems to fit in with the news stream I’m getting from various sources. For those of you who aren’t prepared for a lockdown without resupply for an extended period, it is time to dispense with the feel-good fairy tales and get your act together.

    China is pretty much in a martial law NBC warfare lockdown situation, and they are falling further behind daily. The losses the Chinese are taking in frontline medical personnel are simply staggering.

    The proposition that Pharma can bring a safe effective vaccine to a drugstore near you in a year’s time in the face of what is coming does not look particularly encouraging at this moment. It has a fairy tale quality to it. And everyone lives happily ever after, except for the dead folks, of course.

    The idea that only one NBC agent will be in play looks naive. When the body counts outside of China start to go exponential, look for the peace-love-dove we’re all in this together crapola to go sideways. I don’t think the Chinese leadership had an inkling of the risks that the sociopaths running the bio labs were taking. Apparently China became host to research which was shut down in this country because of public scrutiny of the insane risks being taken. Ignorance will be no excuse, particularly when a lot of innocent people far from the epicenter are dying.

    Stay wary, and don’t take unnecessary risks.

  17. “The resolution also directs Trump to terminate use of military force against Iran or any part of its government without approval from Congress.”

    First, it’s a resolution, not a law, and therefore, not binding.
    Second, because it’s a “resolution” it is being done strictly for show.
    Third, in RE: The above quote, Congress has neither the right nor the authority to assume military jurisdiction over the Military or the President, nor does it have the legal ability, under the Constitution to grant itself such a right or authority. Congress has the power to declare war; they do not have the power or oversight to wage it. The CiC has the absolute right to fight battles anywhere, at any time, against any nation or entity, and the duty to wage war against any nation he’s directed by Congress, to wage war against.

    I actually agree with Mike Lee’s and Susan Collins’ opinion that: “Congress has too often abdicated its constitutional responsibility on authorizing the sustained use of military force.” However, this is the wrong time to voice public opinions regarding the military capability of the CiC by supporting a Resolution that, through its creation and first three rewrites, was clearly a partisan hit-piece against Donald Trump, specifically. The Senators who support this Resolution should be ashamed, either for their poor vision, or of it.

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