Remember Our Police Chest-Cam Discussion?

Yesterday morning we were talking about the value of chest-cams and suddenly, one of the hottest videos on YouTube this morning is of McKinney, Texas police busting up a pool party…


The officer who took down the girl in the bikini has reportedly been placed on leave by the department.  Another video was been reported by USA Today.

It does show the value of video in getting a sense of what the mood of the moment was and how people were behaving.

I’m in favor of chest cams for cops and also laws that reinforce constitutional rights of the public to shoot video as long as it doesn’t interfere with the work of police, as the video here shows.

Meantime, a South Carolina officer has been indicted on murder charges, following an April shooting.  Ands yes, that one was on video, too.

And in Louisiana, a man’s conviction has been overturned, after he spent 43-years in solitary confinement.

Crooked Books – the SEC Sleeps On

Think big companies are making “record profits” – as many claim to be?

Well, hold the phone, bucko:  Seems like the books are being cooked on a regular basis by companies reporting “adjusted profit” instead of the honest “net income” figures.  This AP report is a must read if you invest.

You action point here is what?  Read the actual financial statements and ignore “adjusted profits.”

You’d think the SEC would be all over this like white on rice, but no…

They have managed to prosecute a man from Bulgaria charging him with making a fake take-over bid for Avon

Now, I don’t know about you, but just a wild-ass guess on my part is that hundreds of major companies “cooking the books” and reporting false profits is maybe…just maybe… a bigger deal than the Bulgarian dude.  Just sayin…

Buying the Presidency, Historical

Oh, sure, Her again.  Clinton’s “foundation” gifts large to a New York Times picked charity.

And it appears oddly coincidental when the N Y Times isn’t being candid, transparent, or any of those other idiotic phrases about when the money was given…The Times endorsed Hil as I recall, though.

Here on the Planet of George, there are, of course no coincidences.  This just looks like a has-been politico buying an endorsement, but only on the Planet of George, mind you.

I’m sure things are different in the Northeast US on Planet Earth, right?


With apologies to Texas legendary What-A-Burger, we have a different berger to digest this morning…the infamous Bilderberg conference in rich people country.  Lil folks like us are not welcome.  In fact, there’s a pretty good capsule over here of who is NOT on the guest list this year

One of the globalists is worked up about the possibility of social unrest to come because robots are going to be pushing so many people out of the workforce in coming years.   Increasing the wealth gap.  Sweet Mary, tell me it ain’t so.

Duh.  I’ve been writing about this for how long?  But it doesn’t matter because you and I don’t keep a billion in checking, or own Cartier, so that’s why we don’t get invited…

Also, again this year, Alex Jones didn’t get invited, but he got the list of who was…

In the meantime the Builderbergs are behind much of the globalist takeover agenda, which is presently seeking to assert internationalist control over formerly sovereign countries by secret trade deals.

The fun part today is how a freshman republican has been caught with her foot in it by admitting she hasn’t even read the bill she’s endorsing  A key quote from this MSNBC piece:

“This makes (Mimi) Walters the third member of House GOP leadership to confirm they are pushing for Obamatrade even though they haven’t been to the room to read the text of TPP.”

.Even Ted Cruz threw in with the globalists on this…so he’s off my list.  Good snag my Morning Joe who gets it.

ANYONE who supports secret lawmaking does not deserve to be reelected – and as I see it, didn’t really deserve to be elected in the first place.

Of course I’m from the country that used to occupy this here real estate…maybe you’ve heard of it?


I don’t know what we call this place.

Obamacare in Court

As you’d expect, Obama is trying to bully-pulpit the Supreme Corps into upholding OCare.

Quiet Day for Markets

Looks like we will have to wait for next week (Fed Meeting, consumer prices, etc) before things get interesting.,  Futures are nearly flat.

3 thoughts on “Remember Our Police Chest-Cam Discussion?”

  1. It seems since cameras are being used more we are seeing more reports of unnecessary police brutality especially here in Albuquerque.

  2. More people more incidents add cameras and the whole thing explodes, The game of Cops and Robbers hits the media.

  3. I am all for cameras, on police AND for the civilians to use and record…IF the police are not doing anything wrong, they do not have to worry about being recorded. SEE IT WORKS BOTH WAYS…WE HAVE TO PUT UP WITH NDAA, (UN-PATRIOT ACT), NSA SPYING ON US AND CAPTURING ALL OF OUR EMAILS, TEXTS, AND PHONE CONVERSATIONS NOT TO MENTION MOST INTERSECTIONS HAVE CAMERAS RECORDING US FROM PLACE TO PLACE AS WELL AS IN PUBLIC LOCATIONS…so why can’t we film the police AND hold them to the same standard they hold us to? IF THEY ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG, THEY HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!!!

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