Reinventing Retirement and a Happy Dance

Yeah, I look really stupid doing the happy dance, but since our report on  Wednesday in which I outlined a new approach to forecasting market action at two very specific places in the Elliott Wave structure, I was totally blown away by the Market’s behavior.

As Friday began, I was pouty and snippy – my system seemed (momentarily) like it would eat my lunch.  But the pure absolute magic happened at mid session and the S&P ended up over the 1,950 level for the week – as expected and forecast right here.


Oh, and a reader asked me to offer a bit of advice for managing personal wealth at a time like this…so discussion coming up there (with no personally identifiable information) because he raised such a damn fine question.

So pour ’em up and let’s roll…

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5 thoughts on “Reinventing Retirement and a Happy Dance”

  1. Beating. States with no income tax are a big bonus . I like properties with a advantage like mother in law suites that could be rented out to help pay expenses or boat slips that could be rented . You would be right up your alley in a wf community considering what you know about the water and having a high ability to fix things creates all sorts of possibilities .I agree this border thing is not going to get any better. There are peeps who won’t buy anything south of San Antonio
    Due to it.

  2. Hats off Mr. Ure, I did wonder by mid day if you were going to be way off mark, but your Trading Model spooked the markets.

    • My rally came in EXACTLY as outlined in Peoplenomics. Here it is Sunday AM and Elaine is grossed out by my happy dancing

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