Regional Entrainment in Global Markets?

This is a really odd report this morning on several fronts.

First is we went looking for entrainment in global markets.  And then (257,000 data points later and an equal number of calculations later (and not counting 17,200 data points in two intense charts) we come to a surprising observation.

But we’ll get to Mr. Ure’s latest tinkering with Big Data after we roll through some hot headlines and a very interesting Janet-driven rally in the market.

How about we start off with something light and cheerful?  Like being Death Merchants to the World, for example.

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11 thoughts on “Regional Entrainment in Global Markets?”

  1. companies providing only part time jobs because that way they can avoid paying benefits? Nothing new here – been going on for decades. During the 90’s and early 2000’s, working retail management for quite a few well-known name companies, was always encouraged by upper management to ‘always hire part time'(to avoid payment any benefits)and at at minimum wage if possible. When I complained to upper management that employees couldn’t live off of minimum wage part time work, I was reminded that ‘we are hiring so people can ‘supplement’ their income, not live off their income’. When I would point out that it might take someone working 3 or 4 part time jobs to make ends meet, was told that it shouldn’t be ‘our problem’ that they can’t find full time employment.

    Another retail management ‘quirk’ I still recall to this very day, is that was coached to ‘never hire someone who is unemployed because there is a reason that person is unable to find employment and no other company wants them and you don’t want that problem’…..

    With this type of management thinnking, it is no surprise that there are still so many people unemployed in our country and who can’t make ends meet.

    I left management many years ago – I just couldn’t do or support their bs.

  2. “. Another is to keep employment transient, ”

    This is so true..years and years ago I was the department head of a company. Anyway.. I was one of the fifteen full time with benefit employee’s.. the rest of my crew was part time no benefits.
    Off the books My instructions were.. to let the employees under me know that this company isn’t a campground and they should know that it was just a temp job while they look for another job and if they went over a certain period of time they’re job was made tougher no matter how good of a worker they were..
    the reason I was told.. off the books is that it was for the wage benefits that they could get for hiring people in a certain wage bracket and tax relief..After that I couldn’t work for them any longer no matter what I was paid and haven’t done any business with that company since either..the first question I would ask of any prospective employer was.. why is this job available and what is your turnover my opinion if they have a turnover rate of more than twenty five percent then its usually because of managements wishes or a serious problem with upper level management if I had a part time job I made sure that my part time employer knew that it was after all a part time job and they would have to work around my full time with benefits position because they got my full attention and scheduling preferences unless of course they wanted my full attention as a full time employee by making me a full time employee.
    A part time job is just that a part time Job and gets part time consideration when scheduling is done.

  3. I thought I’d just share a term I humorously (to me) used for the mental flagellation I go through daily reading your blog and others. Naively, I never expected to arouse anyone. It won’t happen again.

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