Recovery of Lost Technologies

Now that I’ve published the Small Trader Power Tool set – and subscribers have enough back-loaded historical data (nothing proprietary, just the Aggregate Indices we create) –  to at least begin back-testing their own trading ideas, I’m trying to “move on” to the projects that resonate most with me and which are both interesting plus offering some real future for humanity.

One of these topics is “lost technology.”

In addition to prepping and ham radio, of course, since there may be a Depression coming (they seldom send out invitations), the four projects that really “grab me” right now are the ones that have been rattling around in my head since the book-before  the book Psychocartography

On top of ultra-serious prepping, there are things like  sound-driven levitation, space-time warping, brain hacks, and unique explorations into historical events that may have much more basis in literal fact when viewed from the perspective of a modern, open-minded generalist.

Today, in what I hope is a refreshing break from markets and money and along wave economics (our focal stock-in-trade) we’ll instead consider some of the issues attendant to recovery of lost technologies.

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15 thoughts on “Recovery of Lost Technologies”

  1. Heads up Professor G – 12:12 AM on January 21st could be a really interesting time to be up and running the “lightcrown” project. The “energies” during this full moon eclipse should be special(like on a holiday) and pretty tasty. A fine time to be exploring the subtle energies of planet Earth.
    As for the ever elusive Element 115, they still be looking for the right Isotope..U know the one that produces gravity waves when it flips states..

    • Which is why I think it’s E=116 Livermorium and no, I doubt they were testing for ‘effects at a distance” when they were running their tests. Simple apes but there we were and there was the efrfect in may 2001 in so. sf

      • The Element 115 used to power various craft and/or bend time & space (etc): It is a matter-antimatter reaction caused by bombarding the element with an electron. The resultant event causes the electrons to reverse their spin direction, creating a complete annihilation – a 100% conversion from matter to energy. Then a thermocouple was used to capture the energy, which provided enough power to amplify the gravity A-wave and bend space-time. Fusion is only about a 2-3% conversion to energy. The fuel chip used in the reactor was about the size of a quarter, and the overall device was not much bigger than a basketball.

  2. There is an area around highway 92…it is also a pass that connects west with Half Moon Bay and the ocean…and directly due east on the other side of East Bay range is Lawrence Livermore Labs. There is about a 100-200 yard swath that everyone drops Calls, loses contact with Sirius XM, Tune In Radio and Other LTE or satellite transmissions.

    People have begun to notice this only in the past year. I have always wondered why this area is a dead area for any transmissions of any kind. Interestingly…if you draw a straight line up 92 past I-280 and into the 92 pass all the way to the ocean…there are few homes…Due east..there’s the 92 bridge, the Bay, a lot of industry, pockets of residential areas and due east a lot of open land along Crow Canyon Road to I-680 to Livermore. I have a client in San Ramon in the East Bay and I take the Crow Canyon route when there is traffic..and I always drop LTE and Satellite service.

    Don’t know if this is a testing area, but these eead areas are very recent and annoying when traveling north along highway 101.

    • We’ve got a similar spot in northeast Austin (Round Rock really). For about 3-400 yards, everything drops. I’ve done some simple investigations of the area (mainly driving around and looking) but nothing so far pops out. I’ve done antennae searching too around the visual area to check alignments, but again nothing. Fun stuff to investigate though. Luckily, at 80 MPH in the 911, it doesn’t last but a moment. :)

    • our area was a dead area.. it still is for television and depending on your cell phone provider cell phone coverage..
      you could boost your signal by making one of these LOL LOL LOL.. also thwart the Democratic party from controlling your thoughts LOL LOL LOL..
      and holding a coat hanger in the other hand LOL….
      my guess is the area there’s either a lot of overlapping signals interfering or your provider is using different towers or renting a lower powered transmitter.. for our area for us to have a television antenna even the new digital ones you need a fifty foot tower to have it up to get even just a mediocre signal.. and a booster.. which is why cable is so expensive here.. you also need to see where the provider has his customer base from. its all a business model and why spend so much for so few.. depending on volume they may have reduced the signal to save dollars in that area to keep profits up..
      also take into affect what is the topography of the area.( when I built our home i put in a ton of hurricane bracing.. I know overkill.. but because of it there are dead spots in the house.. I actually put in a mess booster system so I could use the cell phone) then you have to view. tower placement etc for that dead zone….
      Or you can make the hat and drive with it on to guarantee you have great reception.. LOL..

  3. Morning George, you are an excellent listener to have discerned Lazar’s use of the word “like”!

    Here are some information sources for you.

    This man has a very interesting news letter full of his investigations into ancient civilizations. He is an Aussie, International explorer, archaeologist and author Jonathan Gray has traveled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries. He has penetrated some largely unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert regions of the world. He lectures internationally.

    Next when you were speaking of John Mack there was mention of a Jacobs. I presume you mean Dr. David Jacobs who has written a number of books based on the abduction cases he has investigated in depth, correct?

    Additionally you made mention of Manna. May I suggest you get a hold of a copy of the book, “Genesis Of The Grail Kings” ‘The Explosive Story of Genetic Cloning and the Ancient Bloodline of Jesus’ by Laurence Gardener. See Manna Index Pages 133, 170-176, 177, 257. Same book read “The Transmutation of Gold” Pages: 180-186, because there is considerable discussion of how certain ‘elements’ affect our awareness and what takes places chemically.
    Actually its better if you read the whole chapter “The Phoenix and the Fire-stone” pgs 170-186.
    On pg 183 is discussion of an experiment in the US which created a mystical white light in open air conditions. This book is a great read in the directions you are exploring.

    Finally, at a Friends of the Library sale here in Tucson I came across a used set of DVDs.
    “Explorations Beyond The Body” by Steve G. Jones. First set is 14 discs. His second set “Explorations Intensive” is 9 discs. And is the Advanced Out of Body course. So that is working set of 23 lessons in attaining and traveling out-of-body.

    Good exploring…

  4. I was hoping you would ‘dress up’ the blue masking tape with some fancy covering (befitting a crown!) before showing it off, but… oh, well. I’m glad your head isn’t so swelled that the headband fit. :-)

  5. someday I need to show you how to use dynamic named ranges to automatically adjust chart ranges for added data.

  6. Hi George,

    I wonder if you can whiz up a tunable capacitor (adapt a tuner perhaps from your ham radio junk?) and see whether you get different effects from the crown by tuning it through different frequencies?

    • That’s actually the long range plan.
      The point, is, that first we get the led light effects down.
      Then we work on optimizing the magnetics
      then we combine
      and see if it weighs more than a talent (33kg roughly or 70 pounds) which is the biblical weighty…

  7. I would like to see you researching how to build the healing Ankh from ancient Egypt. The process is outlined in Elisabeth Haiche’s book , “Initiation”. Come on, George, look into it.

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