Reason on Edge: Biden’s Jobs Problem, Failure of the EU?

Other than pondering UFOs and our ongoing search for “the Key” to Reality, not much else really matters in this life. Unless you’re talking about making some serious money.  That never goes out of style, for long.

As long-time readers appreciate, we have long postulated that a massive market decline in the pending economic collapse replay will take longer than the Great Depression collapse for a simple reason.

In the Great Depression lead-in, people only got stock market prices once a day because that’s how often the local newspapers were published.

Today, I figure the time scale into a Great Crash will be up to 3 times longer.  Because people nowadays check stock prices three times a day, or more, I’m guessing.

Counterintuitively, the collapse of prices is largely driven by information asymmetry.  Insiders have it – we peons do not.  The faster information moves around, the more gradual the price discovery process.

Our current fascination is “How long and far does the collapse timeline extend given faster financial information rates?”  3-times as long?  Maybe something in that range.

From the Sept. 3, 1929, high to the November 13, 1929, low following the Crash, we had 56-trading days.

Simple enough:  This means a decline extended – due to the change of asymmetries – could be in the range of 168-trading days.

When we look at Nov. 8, 2021, and press out from there, the bottom might have come June 30th.

Well, except for holidays:  We had Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day.  Then two more as Christmas and New Year’s must be noticed.  Now, MLK day and for the first time Juneteenth.  President’s Day?  Why, sure.  And what about Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.  Did someone mention Good Friday and a partial day?

10-trading days into July?  A week from now:  July 15th.

We won’t hold this up as a “prediction” for certainly it is not.  After all, the 3X multiplier is only a wild-ass guess based on information turnover speeds.  And yet, it’s something to think about.   The worst of times may be straight ahead.

Biden’s Job Problem

Less than stellar growth (he said, understating like crazy) in the ADP Employment report Thursday.  Just 128,000 jobs were added.  And there was a big jump in the Challenger Job Cuts, as well.

Today, our side of hash (and pass the crack pipe) looks like so:

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 372,000 in June, and the unemployment rate remained at 3.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in professional and business services, leisure and hospitality, and health care.

What kind of bullshit is this?  In their own data, the BLS reports more than 300-thousand FEWER people were working in June!

As for the CES Birth-Death Model, of the reported gains, the number made up was? 64-thousand.  This was after healthcare and business and professional services got whacked.

The REALITY is we STILL don’t have as many people working even now as we had before the Covid bug was launched.

Incredibly, market manipulators are still unloading onto the unaware and that drove the market up yesterday.  Dow futures were down only 44-after this statistical release for the digital crackhead crowd.  (Brandon! Brandon! )

Preposterous data – Civilian labor force down 353,000 to make the lie work?  With the effing Mexico border leaking border jumpers and OTMs all over the country?

Seriously:  WTF is wrong with people they can’t call bullshit when it’s obvious? Smell is everywhere!

Lies won in 2020, though, so the dim-o-craps are on track for an attempted re-jack, I guess.  Me?  A stocks bloodbath into the close would be a day’s worth of justice.

EU Failure Looms

Economics 101 Lecture du jour.

The Dollar climbed to near parity again today with the Euro.  There can – in economic fundamentalism – be only two possible general cases at work.

  1. The United States is getting stronger than hell No, this one doesn’t fit – weak jobs, rising interest rates and a warning from Jay Powell that really big hikes may be ahead that the markets are ignoring like crazy.  So, this doesn’t fit.
  2. The alternative is the European Union is failingClimate idiocy is catching up, the EU’s expansionism eastward has run into Vlad Putin, (the Russian, bare) and they are facing an unsupportable additional level of government that seems to exist to line the pockets of the liberal European Bureaucrat Class.

Our vote is #2.  A vote informed by the European Council on Foreign Relations article from back in January that said (in part):

“Confronted with the stand-off between Ukraine and Russia, the European Union is failing.

The Russian military build-up on Ukraine’s border and the Kremlin’s political blackmail of NATO constitutes the most dangerous security crisis in Europe this century. The European security architecture is in tatters. Institutional arrangements that have been vital to the continent in the post-cold war era – such as the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, other arms-control agreements, and the NATO-Russia Founding Act – now exist only on paper. And the threat of an all-out Russian assault on a country associated with the EU has never been more real.”

Pretty good, huh?  From January no less!

A little plug and play to support the view:  With US dollar nearly equal to euro, impact is being felt.

Archduke Abe?

I can almost predict the phone call later today from my consigliere.  I expect he’ll say, “Remember I told you to reread “Guns of August” which is set against events that led to World War I?  Now plug in the shooting overnight of conservative former Japanese Prime Minister Abe.  Shooting Of Former Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Stuns World Leaders.

Two disturbing aspects:  Is the Globalist-Socialist faction behind “open season” on conservatives worldwide, now?  And will this work out as a partial rhyme of Barbara Tuchman’s Guns of August?

Short Takes

The heat is set to break after tomorrow here in East Texas, but in the meantime 103 today as the Great Drought spreads inland.

Lake Mead is – after the shuffle-two-step PR efforts – essentially AT dead pool levels now.  From here, we will watch closely to see how long the Las Vegas population can be swindled into thinking things are OK…

Russia Opening Second Front:  Ukraine is the western front for them and now we see hints of an eastern front as ‘Alaska Is Ours!’ Billboards Appear in Russia After Threat to Reclaim State.  To put this in street crime parlance, the drunken Europeans (on verge of collapse) are increasingly likely to fail.  So now, Thug Putin is aiming directly at the U.S.  This is a 155-year plus old matter of settled ownership. Historical data in  The myth—and memorabilia—of Seward’s Folly. Biden sure looks like a laydown to Vlad, seems.

If the whole world is consumed this weekend by a huge space-time entity who’s hungry for Loosh, thank Europe: Scientists observe never before seen “exotic” particles in Cern collider which is running again.  Thanks CERN.

ATR: IONS Great Read, Homing

I don’t often tell you “Go read this – it will expand your thinking!”  Because, let’s face it, the average UrbanSurvival reader stands head and shoulders above the crowd when comes to clear-headedness.

Having said that, do go read the post on the Institute Of Noetic Sciences (IONS) report from their science team this week “Survival of Consciousness After Death – IONS (

To our simple-minded way of thinking, this makes a lot more sense than study of almost anything else out there.  Sure, the startup of CERN again might be useful at some “far down the road” engineering level.  But for the IONS article to be personally applicable is just one drunk driver encounter, a chance shooting, or an airline part failure from being realized for each of us.

Lays out what might be thought of as “road signs” to be noticed along the way to…what?

Looking Ahead:

Just the charts, mainly, on Peoplenomics tomorrow.  We’re at the top of a trend line which will either be the launch of a huge summer rally or the start of the biggest Bust in history.  Gotta admit, I’ve got a kind of morbid fascination with watching it unfold.


ShopTalk Sunday will tear a half-page out of Imagineering and talk about the use of models to help turn an otherwise blasé home into a mind transporter.

I noticed a big difference between me and my son (G2) recently:  He’s one of those people who is pin-neat.  Like on one of his fire engines – everything in its placed, well-serviced and ready for action.  Just a few (framed, just-so) awards on the walls but otherwise an almost “clean room sterile.”

That’s a huge style difference between a father and son.  My office looks like a tornado went through a physics lab most of the time.  Although in our house, itself, Elaine’s interior design has created a soft Disney theme park vibe to it.  Every room as a “story” being told.  Not all as cool as the “expanding pictures” in the Haunted House elevator ride down to the car loading area, but definitely a sense of “Out of time and space” because, frankly, the present times are not where we want our minds to be.  They suck.

Ever seen a really good like sized diorama in a museum?  Absolutely worth your time to seek out and take in.  Totally immersive experience!

Something to noodle on for the weekend might go like this:

“If you could live in any fantastic setting – for enjoyment and entertainment – where would that be?”  

It’s OK to have images of the Disney Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, or one of those incredible structures you’ve seen from a genius set designer of some teevee show. Would your home be a recreation of the Wild West with swinging saloon doors and rustic?  A pirate’s lair.   What would the optics be that would continuously “rub you the right way?”

Little House on the Prairie homesteady place?  A re-creation of the command deck of the star ship Enterprise?

News-tipster Linda had a dandy catch this morning: “Dutch house approves law making work from home a legal right (

Given Covid (and whatever is next) have we accidentally stumbled into a climate-friendly way of living, where do you really want to live?  Because the “living” takes place between your ears.

Why, I could go so far as to make a (conspiracy-based) argument that Covid-19 was simply a well-disguised ploy to reduce the number of square feet of building space needed for all the excess humans in the world…

But even so, the fundamental problem is defining what “on the outside” would support all that beautiful being and doing “on the inside” (between your ears)?

Easier for some:  If there was a scene in a movie – where the “set” really shined and where you’d like to visit to hang out – like the sailing ship deck where Erroll Flynn fights pirates – why isn’t that built as real in your home already?

This’ll sound corny, but we’ve found a useful tune to remember now and then when stress comes knocking:  Pure Imagination.  Now add a half-pinch of bias to action

(Life is an escape room adventure and we’re all supposed to be making keys to try!  If you’re not, then what’s the point?)

Write when you get rich or knock one out of the park,

61 thoughts on “Reason on Edge: Biden’s Jobs Problem, Failure of the EU?”

    • Hmmmm.. LET ME SEE.. everything that the USA stood for flipped on its ear a year and a half ago. shoving it in your face dual standards of law and we have world wide famine coming.. wages stalled and fuel and everyday living expenses going crazy like there is not tomorrow..
      We have an administration that is ushering over illegals by the millions.. and pushing a war that no one will win.. HMMM…
      the wealthy are getting wealthier and very few if any schindlers in the business world.. Our printing presses going faster than the speed of light without any idea who and what it is being used for.. and none of it backed by anything more than some puppeteers fart.. the wealthy are taking the let them eat cake attitude and the push to defund the only protection they had in the highest crime area’s of the country..
      Phew.. it could be anytime best guess is .. when it affects everyone…. how long did it take germany after Adolph got in power before they went after the wealthy.. or after napoleons rise to power….

      Nothing that is happening is good in my opinion.. printing up trillions with no checks and ballances.. is dangerous especially when you consider it similar to the fox and the hen house.. when you put the fox in control over the security of the hen house.. the chickens will eventually all be put in a state of jeopardy ..

      • LOOB: Sometimes I think you are afflicted with logorrhea but I read your comments anyway because of what seems to be a vast fund of knowledge and an bottomless bucket of URLs. These 3 were most impressive!

      • “Sometimes I think you are afflicted with logorrhea”

        LOL LOL yes I have never been a ten word or less person @MarcR.. the boss tells me.. Ten words.. if you can’t say it in ten words then don’t say it.. and then she says.. your opinion is your opinion and no one cares about your opinion except you LOL LOL…

        I am a library crawler.. read a word or two here and there.. I use to read the crap that congress spends millions on just to refuse to read.. but alas.. I am no longer allowed to unless I go to the library.. luckily I can get all the books and reports I want from almost any college in the world..
        a friend I met in the LOC years and years ago.. they read way more than I do.. the daily reading for them is one and a half books a day where I am just a few a month.. smartest person I know..

    • Back in 2015 gangs (poor people) were coming out in droves on to the beaches of Rio, attacking rich tourists.

      We’ve seen here in the US, the riots and looting, in recent years, and small business owners were targeted … as well as those who were protecting businesses and some unfortunate folks who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      It’s already here, my friend. It just ebbs like the tide, per opportunity.

  1. “I noticed a big difference between me and my son (G2) recently: He’s one of those people who is pin-neat.”

    LOL LOL LOL that reminds me of my good friend.. whos son’s job is Helicopter’s.. he is the one in charge of them for the hospital.. anyway.. my friend and I had over the years talked about how neat his son was.. every tool in its place.. no dust on the floor etc.. ( took after his mom ) and one day we were sitting in the kitchen at his moms farm.. when the kid came in talking about the SERIOUS oil leak he had on his motor cycle.. then walked out all in a frustrated irritable look.. like it was a national catastrophic event or something..
    We both got quizzical and thought dam.. I wonder what happened as precise as the kid is.. so we went out to the garage.. floor spotless.. the bike in the middle of the floor.. it looked ok.. we go up to it.. dam I don’t see a leak.. the dad gets down and we are now going over this bike to find this SERIOUS oil leak.. there on the bottom.. at what looked like when he was changing the oil a drip.. yes I drip had flowed down from the port you pour in the oil to rest.. LOL LOL LOL LOL it hadn’t leaked at all it was a drip from when he filled it.. LOL LOL LOL LOL

  2. I saw a developed scenario a few years ago that went like this:

    1) Former PMs and Presidents have reduced security compared to sitting officials. This reduced security is more easily penetrated or overwhelmed.

    2) Very Important former Big-Wigs have huge funerals, arranged quickly which al the currently sitting Big-Wigs must attend as a debt of honor.

    3) Quickly arranged security has gaps and intrinsic weaknesses. In a multi-national Compulsive Event, these security efforts will sometimes contradict, confuse, or weaken the overall picture even more.

    4) Some nation’s security agents are ultra-sharp: some from smaller countries are horse’s asses, or even double-agents, or are bribed easily

    5) Certain groups of Bad Guys are at war with Civilization, and could stage penetrative or overwhelming activities in such an atmosphere,
    effectively decapitating Civilization’s ability to organize and respond — at least for a while as the chaos persists.

    6) Strong And Swift Comprehensive Action would be accepted by the masses as regrettably necessary.

    7) Liberty, as we know it, dies.

    • This is an interesting, if dismal sequence. I’m not sure quite what to think. One thing I find sadly fascinating is that there’s obviously a complete discipline not taught in normal universities. While they all have nominally useless classes named “Political Science”, none offer hard core courses in “Political Engineering”, or the details, rules, and math of how to manipulate covertly such that a desired result will be achieved. Notably, there are almost no “Political Engineering” texts available, nor are there open discussions of this.

      • “none offer hard core courses in “Political Engineering”

        This is a postgrad curriculum taught only at a college campus in Langley, Virginia. Students successfully completing the course have the choice and opportunity to secure employment from nearly two dozen alphabet agencies — both known and unknown to the general population.

        FWIW segments of a number of the study plans are taught in disciplines totally unrelated to politics, like finance and salesmanship…

  3. “Lays out what might be thought of as “road signs” to be noticed along the way to…what?” That’s a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Twilight Zone! There answered it for you George!

  4. All about knights – roundtable, templar, that would be a start for my design consideration..Roslyn Chapelesque.

    “In Hoc Signo Vinces” – printed on 22K Gold Sun on background – front of Black Templar Cross backed in 22k Gold. On back in capital letters H,T,W,S,S,T,K,S. Overlaid the gold Sun is a gold Crown with a Ruby red Cross piercing thru Crown. On top of this “watch fob” is gold knights helmet. Along with a 22k double headed eagle topped with a gold crown”fob” – was my great grandfathers, oriental commander – nother black templar cross with a # 12 centered on it. Cat was one of OG founders of the Western Reserve, trying to tell me something?

    ? guidestone demolition in GA – satamists removing evidence of their premeditated crimes of slaughter and murder.

    ? WhereTF is the list of all the child fckrs from epstain island ? Plane manifests, yatchs, submarines..
    Pols, Celebs, CEO’s – Bueller?

    Rest o World is speaking – U SA (libatards) ” not going to get their hands on our children” – evil “forfeit” clowns..hello gov Gruesome

    ? How many un-vaxxed military aged Peeps ? How many unvaxxed Vets?
    I do believe The Numbers are on the side of Virtue and Goodness – Love – cue the Music maestro – this knight Is ready 2 dance – some more.
    – The alternative Is not my future

  5. The Hits keep coming for the Biden administration….reminds me of a song “ O what a lucky man he WAS.” New hit sold oil from the reserves to Hunters Biden corporate Chinese partner. When will the hits stop coming. England prime minister reigns…Japan minister shot dead …thing happen in threes …Biden gone in August is coming. Thanks for the heads up Stu.

    • Lucky Man by Emerson, Lake and Palmer – 1970. I spiraled into the land of nod many times in the early to mid ‘70s listening to this Moog synthesizer laden masterpiece. Great (and indeed timely) lyrics, Steven!

      He had white horses
      And ladies by the score
      All dressed in satin
      And waiting by the door
      Ooh, what a lucky man he was
      White lace and feathers
      They made up his bed
      A gold covered mattress
      On which he was laid
      He went to fight wars
      For his country and his king
      Of his honor and his glory
      The people would sing
      A bullet had found him
      His blood ran as he cried
      No money could save him
      So he laid down and he died

      • I was always an ELP fan. Saw them perform ‘Works’ live before the tour went bankrupt towing along a full orchestra. Greg Lake’s voice was amazing. I never saw his face until recently when I looked up some early videos of him performing. How does that baritone voice fit with such a young baby-face? RIP

      • @ Hank

        “I was always an ELP fan. Saw them perform ‘Works’ live before the tour went bankrupt towing along a full orchestra.”

        I was a huge ELP fan (except for “Love Beach”) and still am — saw the entourage for Works, seven semis and a stream of buses, couldn’t get tix. I always marveled that a bona fide classical piano virtuoso like Keith Emerson could play prog rock, and stick knives in (and otherwise beat up) that poor little flying Hammond organ every night. Powell wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t Carl Palmer. I took my kids to see one of their ’90s shows. The first time I saw “Pirates” in concert I damn’ near cried…

    • I have typed this before. When Rush Limbaugh was alive and had guest hosts, one was from England. He stated on the air, that he knew Boris Johnson, and had met him for lunch 10 or more years earlier, and Boris announced to him that he was going to be Prime Minister some day.

      So, this is not a joyful moment nor a time for celebration as they already have the next in queue. And I can bet this person will be far worse because the captive UK population is ripe for the splitting, picking, and culling; they have made quite a bit of headway with their covert covid vaccinations of about 70% of the citizens.

      These predators/vultures are going to feast big.

      The Utahraptor and Velociraptor vice grips are on.

  6. Contrarian or Doom..

    You read that right Kemosabe, going long SPY for the breakout rally to end all breakout rally’s..two da moon Georgie, 2 the moon!

    Going to take out the previous Highs, (I know I must be) wash out all da Bears – add another couple of worthless green backs in my account. whoppdeedo!

    Will I be able to convert $ to Silver/BTC/Gold/ Land before bottom falls out ? Who knows besides the Shadow..
    Who cares ..just riding the waves, and hopefully this next crest turns into the mother of all Kahunas..or as OG Snoopy likes to shout – “Kowabunga!”

    * golden rule of investing and armed conflict – No Ballz, No BlueChips .

  7. I wonder if Stewart has anything in his Nostradamus research regarding the assassination of Abe ? “Guns of August” tie-in ?

  8. George, some of my gardening;
    Harvest of 5 bushel garlic, stalks trimmed and garlic bulbs in trays to dry. New potatoes dug and dill picked from our garden ready to make potato salad. Sweet corn silking and cobs forming. Live trap has been set since April and to date 2 ground hog and 5 possum dispatched, two earliest had full litter pouches. Will be last planting some more green and yellow beans where potatoes were.
    Sunflowers are ’bout 6 feet tall.
    Had ’bout half the rainfall this year to date compared to last. Was just outside and farm across the road, soybean field being sprayed with Roundup so inside right now as the smell not pleasant to me. Was going to mow the weeping bed but can wait. No other of my acre lawn needs cutting. Does need some rain.
    Have a great day,

  9. Well George. Canadiana today are getting a little taste of what a future EMP may be like. The largest internet supplier, Roger’s, is down right across the country. Banking machines not working. Stores unable to accept anything but cash. Angry customers. Kids with no TickTock. Mercy. Pandemonium.

    Prepped this from my smart phone which is working intermittently. I have a call in to Joe Biden to confirm it is Putin’ fault.

  10. Hear about Putin’s open invitation to Biden, to come play on the field of war?

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday accused the West of decades of aggression towards Moscow and warned that if it wanted to attempt to beat Russia on the battlefield it was welcome to try, but this would bring tragedy for Ukraine.”

    Putin warns the West Ukraine ‘heading for tragedy’

    Interesting challenge, huh?

    Reminds me of the Native American legend of how Dragon was changed to a Dragonfly … simply because Dragon accepted a challenge. Well, we’ll see how this goes.

    Does anyone know about the Feast of Trumpets? There’s a prophecy about that being the time of final collapse. Not knowing the day or the hour, is a hint toward that (day) and it was determined by the New Moon … unless it was cloudy and missed it or if they snoozed, they loosed. – not sure if they followed the Sumarian Calendar or the Julian ? Or was it all astrological calculations ? (Shit’s way over my head.) somehow it got narrowed down to 7th. Month, first day. It’s obvious that I’m not the first person to have trouble understanding it.

    • Feast of the trumpets..a little.. Yom truah the first day of the seventh month..the ancestral birthday celebration of God the beginning and end of holy days..
      There’s books on it on lost archive or holy books..
      We celebrate thanks giving in its place.. ( my second favorite holiday)

  11. Mr. Ure,, thanks as always,, I hope someone is picking up bits of the ‘Guidestones’,, to sell on ebay (with a certificate of authenticity)..

  12. My fantastic setting…
    Tropical beach with a right hand point break reef, 10 ft. Barrels all day long. Gotta have some bikini blondes as well.
    Not very original but paradise nonetheless.

      • I know a place in the Bahamas that is pretty affordable and very private, 50 bucks a day tops including rum. Waves there aren’t that good and kinda of sharkey. The best place for tropical waves is Nias which was ground zero for the 04′ boxing day earthquake and tsunami. You could live there for 6mos for the price of a tank of gas. The real cost is the jet as I am all out of friends that own a Jetstream. FYI, both places are (BYOB) bring your own blondes.

    • And a paid-up home just two miles inland, plenty of food and water and crops growing… including chili peppers, and decent weather year ’round.
      And damn few tourist ‘spreaders’ out here in the boonies.

  13. The White House public schedule reflects Mr. Biden visiting CIA hq in McLean, Va. this afternoon. Remarks will be delivered marking the Agency’s 75th anniversary. Unlike this past Easter’s WH Egg Roll which was a day late, today’s event is arguably early. The 75th anniversary dates would be July 26th and September 18th according to Wikipedia.

    By the way, did anyone see clarifying mention of which panel of the Georgia Guidestones was initially downed by the alleged bomber before the structure was razed? I had read an anecdotal report somewhere that it was the English/Spanish(?) one and not the Chinese/Russian languages panel.

      • 75th anniversary. Fed raises 75 basis points. Early on the actual anniversary and interest on imaginary money. Don’t quite know what to think of that … but it’s on my mind.

  14. On the topic of survival of consciousness after death: While I had personally had several vivid dream encounters, or visitations, from the other side over the years, I had never used a medium. A few years back, my ex-husband shot himself. We weren’t married but we remained close friends. He was my touchstone. The shock and grief I felt was nothing I had experienced before and I wanted so much to know if he was okay.

    A friend told me about a psychic or medium that she considered to be the real deal. The psychic lived on the opposite coast in Florida. She did not do this for a living, only through personal referrals. I was able to reach her. She asked only my ex’s name, date of birth and date of death. She then told me that she was going to take a walk on the beach and see if she could connect with him, and for me to call a number in one hour, and the entire session would be recorded.

    She told me that she reached him easily, handsome guy, big smile, and that he was eager to communicate with me. She told me that the deceased usually begin by expressing what their life felt like before their death and how they died. She said he described a swamp, dank, desolate, still, not moving, and then said, Shazam. Gone. Free.

    She asked me if this described his death. Well, yes, I would say so! He wanted her to sing me the song, Fly Me to the Moon. He wanted her to convey to me that he was happy, that he was done here and that we would meet again one day. The communication lasted an hour. He described his funeral service (which he said was really nice), and where I was sitting in the church and that I was wearing his cap.

    He tried to describe to me where he had buried numerous gold coins. (I later shared this information with his adult children and they found them!) Many other things were expressed and conveyed that the psychic could have had no way in the world to have known.

    Needless to say, this session left me with great peace! My grieving stopped.

    While this knowledge doesn’t remove the fear or trepidation about death, because it is still such a mystery with so many unknowns, it certainly has made me a believer that all of our consciousness remains, all our memories, all of it and more, after the death of our bodies.

    A really interesting book is The Afterlife of Billy Fingers for those who would like to inquire further.

    • Oh I definately believe that our soul.. or spirit remains.. the old beliefs of reincarnation..

      “humans are in a cycle of death and rebirth called samsara. When a person dies, their atman is reborn in a different body. Some believe rebirth happens directly at death, others believe that an atman may exist in other realms. Hindus believe that an atman may enter swarg or narak for a period before rebirth.
      Hindus believe in karma or ‘intentional action’. Many believe good or bad actions in life leading to positive or negative merit, determines the atman’s rebirth.”
      Through the years.. I have seen some really really strange things working in healthcare.. one young lady that was by all indications by emergency personnel was …DEAD… her daughter alive while the emergency personnel was attending to the little baby in the car seat.. ( she is now ten or maybe eleven it has been a while since we chatted.. ) she said she was a single mom the husband had passed shortly after the baby was born.. she was in the surrounding area watching them work on her daughter and felt as if there was a prescience with her.. her only thought is who will be there to care for her baby.. that she had to go back … then white pain.. the medics seen a movement.. and went and administered .. they were all hospitalized for months in intensive care..
      what was funny is my friend on the copper was the medic months before I had looked at the accident photos and story in the news… almost a half year out of the hospital.. ( I am sociable but not a very social person) this young woman and I happen to visit out of the blue about who knows what.. it was one of those its a nice day today conversations.. the went deeper.. before I knew it.. she was baring her soul.. like I was suppose to listen ….. then she showed me the photos of the crash.. wham.. I knew exactly what crash it was.. needless to say.. the young woman wasn’t looking for help.. but obviously needed some … the thing is.. what guided her to visit with me some random stranger crossing in the isles… it happens quite often.. so is there a cosmic connection.. where the soul remains active..
      My brother once said.. isn’t it sad.. that at the end of your life all you have is a couple of boxes of assorted crap.. a few photos and the memories of what you stood for.. ( who you were)
      People that were told by a loved one they were having a son and to name it..
      when I was teaching myself how to walk all over again.. there was a young woman that was fighting agressive MS.. she to was learning how to continue walking.. young woman barely 30 two babies one was four one was two.. she was having a tough time dealing with it.. I would check on her.. and she would check on me.. I was teaching her how to cook.. then the hospital gave her a lot of guff over allowing her to get the medication she needed.. something like it was a thousand dollars a day.. we aren’t going to pay thing.. and this put her into a state of depression.. a couple times she made comments that had me question.. and even called to ask if I would watch her kids.. she had something to do.. which had me concerned and I said so what is this thing you have to do.. are you OK.. would you like me to just come over.. and then she would take those dark thoughts from her mind .. a few weeks later.. she was doing wonderful.. had a great weekend and no one was concerned at all about anything.. the one day I didn’t randomly do a well check.. she passed away that day.. anyway.. for a couple of years afterwards.. her face print would show up on the window to the bedroom where she passed away.. I myself washed that faceprint off of the windows.. and it would mysteriously reappear.. like she was there watching over her kids.. once her kids grew up.. the faceprint left..
      One time a young woman and I were doing shift report.. the segment before a shift where you review what has happened during the previous shift.. anyway.. we were both sitting there and an old woman with a walker walked by the door as plain as day.. the other worker asked me.. who is that.. is there a new admit today.. we both went to look.. no one and the halls were a city block long.. and they echoed.. no sound never seen her again..
      a lady and her husband lived down the street from me.. he had been really sick and hadn’t seen him much.. one day driving by was his wife raking the lawn and he was up by the house watching her rake.. I waved at both of them.. my daughter waved at both of them and made a comment.. he shure is looking better today..
      a few days later I seen her out and we were talking and asked about how her husband was.. she said he passed on a few months previously.. . so are there angels.. do the dead stand by their bodies till they are intermed.. does their spirit of who they were remain to be absorbed into another living body and reincarnated..
      It isn’t hard for me to believe.. even though logically .. that invisible someone really.. our home is so calm.. G rated home.. but I visit with friends that.. it isn’t anywhere near like that.. what is the karma.. who benefits.. takes less muscles to smile than to frown.. chakra.. the hope diamond.. I do believe in the frequencies of things.. stones… I am a big one of chakra.. got my rose quartz in my pocket.. give the girls their chakra stones in the form of a necklace.. red light therapy.. the light crown ..

      • I spent 26.5 years in my older home before selling it last year. I had spent years reading, praying, and meditating in that house. I never had a fearful moment as far as safety. I was told that my presence held that part of the community together. I am not taking claim to that in a bragging way as I would be told this by 2 sepaate people. The point I am making is spiritual seekers develop a relationship with God through prayer, meditation, contemplation, and honest search. These vibes, vibrations influence and penetrate. A person, a family can elevate the spiritual vibrations of their families, their homes, their communities, but who ever acknowledges and discusses this?

        Right before my last week in my home, I stood in the hallway and touched both sides of the wall and thanked the house, that I was sad to leave but greatful for my time with it. I felt a shift of sorts. Believe it or not, the plumbing messed up right after that, like the house reacted to my goodbye.

        I, too, have experienced the spiritual side of life. I have remembered my spirit as it was present in the back seat of a car looking at the 2 people, who would become my parents, seeing them so happy in love. I would be the 5th of their children so I waited my turn to be born. My Mother told me that when I was born she had a spiritual experience herself.

        I have had dreams from deceased friends where they needed me to do something for them, which I did.

        I have remembered and experienced key memories from several past lives that have brought understsanding to this one.

        I have had dreams of the future that have come true.

        We live in a spiritual universe but it does not push itself on us, we have to be receptive or seek.

        I know people in extremely excellent physical shape and do yoga everyday and yet have no spiritual experiences, so it is not just diet and health.

        When we develop ourselves and live a life of service growing to live daily the Greatest Commandments, we can’t help but develop our spiritual selves.

        To love God with all our heart, mind, and soul, and our neighbor as ourselves.

        “This is the first and great commandment.” Matthew 22:38.

        35 Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, 36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law? 37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 38 This is the first and great commandment.39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 40 these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. 

  15. Something very not right about this Abe thing. Very amateur flag . My wife said biden looks different. Couldn’t tell her where the real slo jo is . Like this Boris circus . Hold the gold . Gold gold baby . The animal/ Aliens/ facists are desperate

  16. “This is a 155-year plus old matter of settled ownership.”

    Nothing was settled. It’s like RvW was settled, before it wasn’t.

    The Boeing Air Force One deal was a settled deal but now it’s not a settled deal.

    Catherine the Great integrated all Putin is reuniting. Putin is redealing back to old school borders.

    Manhattan was traded for beads. On one hand, what a bargain. But when Nigerien telemarketers convince old American ladies out of their fortunes with cat rescue schemes, that’s somehow wrong and the deals should be reversed.

    When .gov checks stop Biden will sell us to the West World Order. Most folks will demand we go along. They don’t have a choice. None of us have a choice.

    The movie below predicted America would be BK by 1998.

    Americathon (1979) – Trailer

  17. Most of the news networks have been bought off . They are really comical to the analyst . Drudge is pathetic . There is only one constant guy I won’t mention and it ain’t you fatso

  18. And finally buy gold buy gold buy gold . Shorting here is for desperates and zombies . I will tell you when to short again . But you will probably listen to pretzel or some other patriot guru on the take

  19. “…do go read the post on the Institute Of Noetic Sciences report from their science team… What, if anything, survives physical death?”

    A couple issues within this question above.

    First, there is nothing ‘physical’. Everything within and ‘without’ at its root is energies flashing at different frequencies. Denser energies give things a ‘feel’ of solidity which is more illusion than reality.

    Second… ‘death’. Yes, there is change among and within these energies that after a certain period of time… the form that we appear to be no longer holds that form.

    But it is our consciousness and basic ‘template’ that survives. Your cells right now are being flashed in and out of existence continuously. Yet you appear to be just like you were a moment ago. That’s because ‘we’ are not those particular cells, ever. We all possess a ‘self-template’ or self-blueprint that is imposed from ‘outside’ ourselves that arranges our energies into the form we appear to take. And so, after some period of time that outside template no longer imposes its will and ‘we die’.

    And there is another big thing to throw into the mix. The Observer Effect.

    It takes an ‘Observer’ to collapse the Energy Wave that everything is down to a single manifestation. And there is emerging evidence that how we Observe and how we think and how we believe plays a roll in which version of potential reality collapses down to the one we ‘see’.

    In short… it appears that Universe likes to give us what we are looking for an expecting to see.

    And taken to extreme, one might pose that if you believe you will survive death… you will. And if you believe that life is filled with solid things and our consciousness is nothing but that which is contained within our skulls and there is no life after death… that Universe will honor your wishes and give you… death. Lights out, forever. Or, it will just ignore all that and you will live on despite your protestation.

    We are always connected to people and ‘things’ far beyond the confines and proximity of our body. In fact, it is foolish to even try to find a line where ‘we’ end. These connections are as essential to who and what we are as are our own hearts and brains.

    • AMEN @Roundball Shaman AMEN
      that is totally what I believe.. harmonics frequency..

    • It is true, when conception occurs there is a flash of light/life begins. When cells die, they flash out, bye bye.

      Saw/witnessed/experienced the second part while in my coma, read the first part a few years after my coma how scientists finally were able to photograph moment of conception.

      Saw a glittering shimmering moving light, like a heat wave coming off a paved road, over ill Mother-in-law when she lay dying.

      Felt spirit leaving body of 93 year old friend.

      Edgar Cayce said most of us leave our bodies every night but we don’t remember. He also said we can transition when we want to.

  20. As long as you have to sit and watch the show.. well.. you might as well enjoy something tasty..
    Country fried doughnuts
    4 ½ teaspoons yeast
    1/3 cup warm water
    1 1/2 cup milk ( whole milk)
    1/2 cup granulated sugar
    1 teaspoon salt
    2 large eggs
    1/3 cup Butter…
    5 cups Bread Flour
    Take the warm water and yeast and pitch the yeast in the warm water for about a half hour
    Hear the milk for about two minutes in microwave let it cool
    Soften the butter then put it in a bowl along with the sugar , eggs, milk , salt, yeast water and two cups of the flour.. mix with a mixer or by hand then add the remaining flour to it and mix well.. cover the bowl and let it sit for one hour..
    Flour your surface after the dough has doubled and then roll it out.. until it is about a half inch to an inch thick cut with doughnut cutter or a cup.. cut the hole in the center with a smaller cup set on pan and cover for a half hour.. heat your oil..
    To 350 degrees then dip the doughnuts in the oil.. flip after two minutes or when it is turning golden brown

    If you like a glaze then take
    ½ cup of coconut oil
    2 cups of powdered sugar
    ¼ cup of vanilla flavoring
    And a
    ¼ cup of whole milk
    Heat the oil till it melts then add the remaining ingredients and whisk..

    If you want long johns.. then cut length wise fill with your favorite pudding or pie filling..

    I personally like sugar and cinnamon on mine..


    Who doesn’t like chocolate.. or roasted cocao beand as a coffee type drink.. yummy
    It’s been a while since I made chocolate.. but seriously it’s pretty easy.. I actually tried to grow the tree.. unfortunately I live in the wastelands and it gets frosty cold here.. I’d have to have a greenhouse..
    Split the bean scrape the seeds out into a bowl.. and just as if your going to make vinegar..cover it and let it ferment in a dark place on the cupboard..about a week..
    Then spread the beans out for roasting..roast at 250 to 300 degrees for at least an hour..
    We actually made desk top peanut roasters one year for a project.. an old fashioned popcorn popper pan works great to..

    Once roasted.. you can either shell the beans.. I never did I ground them very fine shell and all.. till it starts to turn to butter similar to making peanut butter.. when it gets to that consistency
    Pull out a double boiler and heat it to around 90 degrees.. t his will smooth out the texture.. for sweetened Chocolat add for every cup of beans add the same amount of powdered sugar.. for milk chocolate add 1/2 cup of cocao butter melted and 1/2 cup powdered milk in the grinding stage.. double boil it taste test it then form it into bars..
    To make it into a drink like coffee once you’ve ground it to coffee texture you can take it and brew it..

  22. ,,and there ya go.., CDC is distributing a Monkey Pox vaccine. We’ll all be saved now., right ?

  23. As a can use coco powder or carob powder.. one to one mix.. 1 cup of cocao oil to one cup of carob or coco powder..sugar
    If you want a milk chocolate substitute.. add a half cup of powdered milk and another half cup of cocao butter.. heat the cocao butter on a double boiler then add sugar 2 tbsp. Of vanilla the milk powder and the carob heat it till its nice and creamy.. then pour into your molds..

  24. I learned how to do this during the Reagan were tight money was tight.. and kids don’t know the difference.. so they could feel just as special as the rich kids at Easter making Easter rabbits or chocolate eggs etc ..was the only way they could get them was if I made them..
    With the depression of the century about to hit.. it might be worth knowing especially if you have children or you like a little chocolate yourself for a pick me up..
    My weak spot is mounds lol 3 cups of shredded coconut to 1 can of sweetened condensed milk 1 tbsp vanilla.. coat the bottom of your mold with chocolate then fill with coconut cover with chocolate.. you can make peanut butter cups the same way peanut butter and a little powdered sugar to thicken it..rice Krispys to..

    To make sweetened condensed milk take whole milk put in a double boiler.. add sugar and heat it while stirring constantly you will have to skim the curds off the top as it condenses.. once it gets to the consistency of a syrup you can can it.. you can also do this with instant milk to.. to transform the sweetened condensed milk to Carmel topping.. you once again place the sealed jar in a water bath to simmer for about two hours give or take..
    If your in a hurry you can empty the can into a double boiler add a half cup of brown sugar and a tbsp of vanilla heat and stir for twenty minutes give or take.. once the consistency is like Carmel and smooth..

    • I have cacao beans from the first two pods harvested from my little tree in the back yard. There will be no chocolate shortage in Hawaii!

      • you are so lucky to have them to Hank.. I tried to grow a tree.. but the winters were to tough here.. had a couple of banana trees to.. the temperature is way to cold..
        do you roast them for a coffee type drink at all or have you.. I love roasting my own coffee.. and the kids loved doing pumpkin seeds and peanuts in the roasters we built one year..

      • LOOB, my cacaos have been hanging on for two years, as have the pineapples and arabicas. I can not make a banana work, although I’ve got one really pretty 12″ dwarf grand naim right now (I also have three dead’uns.) ‘Twas mid 50s last night, headed for mid ’90s today. I need to get some thermal mass in my “exotics” greenhouse to moderate the temperature swings. They’ll be 50 degree swings before it’s cold enough to warrant bringing the tropical foliage into the house.

      • “I’ve heard the banana not working is an age related issue, lol”

        I don’t think the bananas hold my youth and inexperience against me…

  25. Uh oh …
    REVEALED: Chatter on Chinese Twitter on Shinzo Abe and “Completing the Task” Was Posted 17 Hours Before His Assassination

    Shinzo was shot point-blank in the back by a 40-year-old suspect with a homemade gun.

    On Friday, Mandarin-speaking user Jennifer Zeng posted a disturbing screengrab taken hours before Shinzo Abe’s shooting.

    The screengrab was posted about “getting close to Shinzo Abe” and “completing the task” by a Chinese language user called “????19C.”

    Was this just a coincidence or something more?

    China had preveiously instituted an open death threat against the former Japanese Prime Minister.

    Via Jennifer Zeng: #AbeShinzo died at about 11: 30 local time. At 18: 07 on the previous day, a Chinese language user called “????19C” said “Have successfully got close to current and former PM of Japan. I’ll complete the task given by the organization[ meaning: the party, the #CCP].”

    Yeah, that “Guns of August” reference may begin to have some credence to it George.

    • I was wondering if the Mandarin chicken scratching would make the trip through posting. It survived the copy and paste into the text box but didn’t make it into the final post. Oh well, you can go to the article and see if you read Mandarin.

    • The “gun” looks like the 12ga (assassination gun) anybody can make in 5 minutes using two pipe nipples…

      • Given the amount of smoke it discharged seemed to indicate that the shooter may have made his own gun power, too. The article containing the tweet had a cut-away diagram of a 12 gage shell in it but could have been there to help design some kind of ammunition for the shotgun. Everything could have been made from scratch – and it was, unfortunately, very effective.

      • “Given the amount of smoke it discharged seemed to indicate that the shooter may have made his own gun power, too.”

        Could be, although the principal issue with homemade powder is triggering it. He’d probably have had to make quickmatch and weave it into the powder, and even then, it has to be ignited. Come to think of it, he could’ve made flash powder as a trigger and metal filings + sand as the igniter. Such a device would be unstable, and incredibly, unbelievably dangerous to handle or carry, but if the assassination were a suicide mission, I guess that wouldn’t matter. The flash powder would explain the smoke.

        I wonder if China has their own MKUltra program…?

    I actually have several grinders.. that one is a nice size..
    You want a better one.. there’s one for 25 but it won’t grind very thin kind of gritty.. a wet grinder is best.

    Just put the nuts in and let it go.. it takes longer to get results but if your into making nut butters this is the cats meow..
    If you have to do it by hand then you need the granite grinder..
    You can get them way cheaper.. I have one someplace just for looks

  27. It has been a swashbuckling week of backstabbing at the Palace of Westminster. Tuesday saw the finance minister, Rishi Sunak, lead a cascade of resignations from cabinet. The door to #10 had hardly closed after Mr. Johnson was thrown out before Mr. Sunak, son-in-law of an Indian billionaire, announced his intent to become PM.

    Please…permit me a moment to regain my composure…

    Alright, I think I can proceed. Well, yes, one does send best wishes to Mr. Sunak’s spouse as she navigates through matters of alleged unpaid taxes to HM Revenue & Customs regarding foreign income on her £734 million fortune. Of course should things totally unravel Mr. Sunak would doubtless be welcomed in America with his green card in hand.

    God save the Queen!

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