Ready for a Rally?

A number of factors could play into a sizeable rally, about now. For one, the market made an amazing come-back yesterday – a good thing for my SSO long position.

For another, this is quadruple-witching. And for still more, we are coming up on end of quarter results.

RMEINDER: BTW did you get your Q2 IRS estimated tax paid on time this week?

With the new quarter, we may have some additional inflows into the market.

And the Fed is printing money (yes, Treasury prints, the Fed just promotesd) at a near 12% current run-rate presently.

With the futures about flat when I looked, the global picture has improved markedly.

The three major bourses in Europe were up almost one percent. Up 0.66% in Hong Kong and, more than 1% in Japan.

This is problematic for gold bugs. The US dollar has weakened some, but it’s looking more like one of our long-forecast global coordinated currency devaluations.

What that simply means is that with more money sloshing around the globe it will take a bigger pile of paper to buy the same hard assets. So even though the standard of living can been alleged to be improving, as measured by paper, you won’t be able to buy as much.

At the root, the US dollar only buys about 4.2% of the goods it bought in 1913 when the Fed was created. A steak dinner cost $1 then and is about $23 bucks now.

Steak dinner is the same (except for the rock salt crusted baker may be a different veggie now). It just takes 23-times more paper to buy it.

Since paper printing is the game, especially with low interest rates, we can safely predict a higher market and more expensive steak dinners.

This ain’t rocketry.

Blame it on Micro Homes?

Our press release du jour today is from Census:


Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,138,000. This is 0.7 percent (±1.3%)* above the revised April rate of 1,130,000, but is 10.1 percent (±1.8%) below the May 2015 estimate of 1,266,000.

Single-family authorizations in May were at a rate of 726,000; this is 2.0 percent (±0.9%) below the revised April figure of 741,000. Authorizations of units in buildings with five units or more were at a rate of 381,000 in May.

HOUSING STARTS Privately-owned housing starts in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,164,000. This is 0.3 percent (±14.0%)* below the revised April estimate of 1,167,000, but is 9.5 percent (±16.0%)* above the May 2015 rate of 1,063,000.

Single-family housing starts in May were at a rate of 764,000; this is 0.3 percent (±13.8%)* above the revised April figure of 762,000. The May rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 396,000.

HOUSING COMPLETIONS Privately-owned housing completions in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 988,000. This is 5.1 percent (±15.5%)* above the revised April estimate of 940,000, but is 3.5 percent (±13.1%)* below the May 2015 rate of 1,024,000.”

That said, check out the report about how 139 square foot homes are being talked-up in the Bay area.

Who the Hell Runs America?

I am not asking in jest. The question is deadly seriously posed, I assure you.

Let me give you some examples so you can understand my deep concerns as someone who loves America and would like it to stick around for a while – at least long enough for our children to enjoy it. Here’s today’s list:

One: There is a cadre of professional ‘foreign policy’ types in the State Department who are pressing for a larger war in Syria.

In case you haven’t been following, there is a core of neocons who have been around since BC *before Clinton* who have the notion of regime change stuck in their heads. These clowns have failed to observe that the American regime change in Iraq failed, the regime change in Afghanistan hasn’t been a rousing success, neither had Libya, and last time I checked, we muffed Egypt as well.

Today, there are 50 Staters who want to expand American involvement in Syria. So really, what the hell is going on?

I assume you haven’t read the Seymour Hirsch book “The Killing of Osama bin Laden” but the real story in the Hirsch book is much more about the Syria conflict than bin Laden. I suspect the reason for the bin Laden in the title was so that the book could be published in the US, because he outs Syria as being a key to getting a Saudi pipeline into Europe (to compete with Russian oil and gas if you know the economic turf) and pay particular attention to the chapter “Whose Sarin?”

In theory, the Fools on the Hill are supposed to be involved in treaties and war-making. But under the spineless meanderings and political ambitions of turn-coats like Paul Ryan, the sitting president has been allowed to negotiate treaty-like documents and then use excessive administrative powers to effectively sidestep Congress completely.

Then there’s the parting F/U to middle America as the administration is mounting a full-court (no, make that packed Court) press to bring in 10,000 refugees by September 30.

Appeals, I’m sure, to bleeding hearts and empty heads: They wouldn’t be coming if we weren’t warring.

At the same time President Useless was outright lying about having Isis on the run in his remarks this week. Go read the more honest assessment from the CIA director on the hill this week: Highlight? Vetting isn’t very good. And yes, we can expect more ISIS terror coming to America.

Adding insult to injury, American citizens, born, bred, and shaken-down by the tax system here have to wait hours in lines pat-downs the nation’s airports because TSA doesn’t have the necessary resources.

Yet, at the same time, the administration is magically able to”move ‘em right along” to come into America without thorough vetting (and things like a cooling off period, and so forth). In fact, quite the contrary, one of the administration’s going away F/U’s to America ensures we will have IF (immigration fallout) for years to come! If not decades…

Unbelievably, this will likely help the stock market to rally this summer. Maybe even as early as coming weeks because Immigration is the “new growth industry” near as we can figure it.

Here’s why:

To begin with, arriving immigrants need to be processed. Let’s spend your tax money on that first. Hire staff, rent facilities, budgetize and mediaize.

The arrivals need relocation assistance because Obama’s policy seems to be designed to ensure a mosque in almost every city in America. Christian immigrants? Who?

And the flood means government paperwork in yet-another language. And then there will be housing (ignore the taxpayers will get stuck for at least part of the bill) and then will come ethnic food stores, automobiles, unemployment comp, welfare, ESL programs…need a free phone? When the whole thing blows up, we’ll invest in the for-profit prison industry. Yes, this is a clusterf*** of incredible proportions. But lined in green, in case you missed it.

And all because one fellow in Washington hasn’t admitted to two very simple facts:
#1 is that the Koran urges jihad on non-believers and #2 is that Islam is not just a religion….it’s a whole social and governmental system. It doesn’t like women’s rights, or gays (or did you miss Orlando?) or…well, you need to read the book – the complete one – when you get time. Did you know it’s OK to lie to infidels, like you?

If it was only a matter of starting one war, promoting it without a formal declaration of war, prosecuting it for years, and risking escalation with Russia (which is incredibly pissed about our runamuck State Department), the future might still be salvable.

In the meantime, Western headlines go to the idea that “Russia strikes U.S. backed rebels in Syria” says a U.S. Official. Who was the “official?” I didn’t find a name in most reports. I hate unattributed reports.

Unfortunately, there’s the other border…and thanks to the administration’s brilliance, I now live in a state where the Zika virus is in full outbreak, brought here by?

Oh…we must all pay for that mass of “dreamers” (and drug runners) and the administration’s “Catch and Release” program, which includes classifying illegal aliens as “awaiting processing” so as not to report the real magnitude of illegal immigration. This is a fine kettle of fish.

So I return to the question raised at the outset this morning:

Who the hell is in charge?

And since we know the answer to that, would it be OK is we asked him to leave early? Enough is too much.

The Brecit Killing: A Little Too Pat

The Washington/Amazon Post reports today that the “Suspected killer of (a) British lawmaker had ties to neo-Nazi Group, watchdog says.”

Pardon my skepticism here, but this has too much odor to it.

The pro EXIT people were gaining in popularity and were on track to click out of the European Union’s clutches. But today, once again, the BREXIT campaign is on hold.

Who was the “watchdog group” cited as the “source?” Why it’s the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is a DC-based organization.

This news about the alleged perp seems little too smooth for my tastes…and something doesn’t seem to fit. Not this close to the vote.

Could it be that this is one of those cases where Big Money (which wants the Brits in the EU) might have influenced events and conveniently laid it on a “neo-Nazi?” We have to wonder.

And we also wonder if this is a trial run of a template of how other Big Issue elections might be influenced in the future and in other countries?

Here’s another odd point which hasn’t been plastered across the press: The Brits live in one of the most gun-restricted countries in the world. And we’re asked to believe in a home-made gun?

If that’s the case, what does this do to the presently renewed press for gun control here in the US?

Obviously, low-information voters will be fed the simple “It was a shooting of a lawmaker” headline. What they won’t be reminded is how this is another stunning example of how gun control doesn’t work.

The idiocy of gun control is that criminals by definition don’t give a damn about laws… but the gun grabbers want to take away your ability to defend yourself with lethal force, in any event.

Insanity? Uh, well, now that you mentioned it…

Still, it is a sad event and sadder still, we still really do have supremicist groups, both here and abroad that do crazy shit.

This close to the Brexit vote? It feels almost surreal. When things feel surreal, like this, it opens inquiry into deeper conspiracies.

Well, enough.

Come on back Monday and have a great weekend.

Peoplenomics tomorrow is about the growing role percentage-wise of your life partner, the government.

42 thoughts on “Ready for a Rally?”

  1. USA, Inc. is owned and operated by the overlords (1/10th of 1% at the top). They are hell bent on controlling the world so everything they do here and abroad is with that goal in mind.

    BTW, USA, Inc. went bankrupt in May when Puerto Rico failed to make a 422 million dollar debt payment. When the fact finally gets baked into the cake, real fun will ensue.

    • I think Brussels owns the USA, we are rapidly becoming just one more economic state within the EU.

  2. FYI Gov. Scott on Fox news stated he asked the Obama to provide Fla. Law enforcement the background information on the Syrians the Feds were sending to Fl, so our law enforcement could keep an eye on them, Obama refused to provide ant information to Gov. Scott!

  3. When a shooting breaks out in a gun free zone (which seems to be everywhere) a hew and cry goes up for gun control. Why doesn’t the NRA or NAGR or the citizens demand free carry anywhere and go on the attack instead of being on the defensive always. Take a lesson from them and as Patton said attack, attack

  4. Well hell George there was a coup pulled in 1963 by the usual suspects, and now the country is run by a cabal consisting of the bankers corporate America and the military all in the same bed, and no I don’t want one of the pups.!!!

    • I’ll go along with the bankers and corporate zombie herders being in on the cabal, however, [standing on my soapbox] one should not summarily plug the military at large into this diabolical equation, particularly the rank and file members. By and large the typical soldier/sailor/airman/marine is, has always been and will always be strongly committed to American values and ‘defending and protecting the Constitution of the United States.’ So who wants us to fear our own military? Well, the current U.S. administration routinely demonstrates their disdain and disregard for the Constitution (see recent Executive orders trampling on judicial and legislative powers). Also recall former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano once issued what was meant to be a confidential warning for law enforcement officials to be wary of returning ‘right wing terrorist’ in the form of military members who were re-entering civilian life. Ex-military were viewed by Napolitano as more of a threat to the nation than Islamic jihadists. Apparently, the progressive Napolitano, who (ahem) got her orders from somewhere higher up, thought soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, once trained as agents of violence, must forever be treated as incapable of thinking for themselves once they left the structured guidance of their military units. Napolitano turned the argument on its head, for the military is sworn by oath to protect the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. So, OK, mistrust the civilian overseers of the military. But the military members? They mistrust their government overseers too!

      • Your right on the average dirt pounder but the Joint Chiefs are something altogether different hell JFK almost had an war on his hands when the Joint Chiefs were adamant that a nuclear strike be made on Russia, even tho their own experts stated that it would cause some 77 million dead and millions more that would be better off dead and half of those numbers would have been in this country.!!!

      • Warhammer needs a bottom line. The guys taking the orders are not the enemy, it’s the ones giving the orders.

      • They just had a vote to fund bringing illegals into the military. They are reducing our military (US citizens) and adding illegals. We are watching the firing of Americans and the hiring of illegals in ALL jobs in our society.

        I went to California two weeks ago, drove across the country. Was met with an unattended border check into California, no one cares about me bringing in fruit anymore, but they did automatically take our picture without warning or permission. California is being hammered daily with massive chemical trails which is causing a devastating heatwave and drought. Bakersfield used to be a beacon alive with all types of fruit, nuts, vegetables and now is mostly a wasteland. Sequoia National Forest and Sequoia National Park have 25% dead trees. 15 years ago, it was lush. Yosemite also has about 25% dead trees. The chemical trails laid by the planes were non stop the whole 7 days I was driving through California but they were HEAVY over the National Forests and Parks. The trails trapped the heat close to the surface and eradicated the beautiful blue skies. No one looks up, no one notices what is being done to their state, it is truly a criminal act and where are the actors/actresses complaining about this atrocity going in in their back yards? Yes, you will say they are under a drought. I will tell you that this is a man made drought and with the ridiculous ‘non plans’ for water distribution, it was obvious to me that California food growers have to be put out of business in order for the TPP to allow more fruits, nuts, vegetables and other food to be imported in from their NEW economic partners. NAFTA put the Mexican corn farmers out of business and now our stores our flooded with fruits, nuts, and vegetables from Chile, Mexico, Vietnam, China, etc. I can never get that Henry Kissinger quote out of my mind: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

        Coming through I10 into Arizona, we had to all exit for a ‘border control check in the USA’. We were stopped by a Mexican citizen who asked US IF WE WERE AMERICAN CITIZENS with a stern voice! Without signage or notifications our pictures were snapped with bright flashing lights. We replied yes and noticed the arrogance of the ‘Mexican state border guard’ and the insolence of the United States Government. He motioned us forward. So, there you have it, we are no longer the land of the Free.

  5. Just wondering who remembers the flood of Asian refugees in the early 70’s…… I was kind of young back then but I remember there were a lot of complaints about them too…..js

  6. Tiny Houses are “the rage”. But for the work put into a tiny house – to scale that, you need simpler construction. I know, how about apartment housing with small living quarters – ie. 250-sq ft apartment suite (ie. old hotel room) can be built or converted into a “tiny loft”. Similar to a dorm room or “kids clubhouse”. Many older motels and hotels are converting to rented apartments in some suburbs now. I’ve seen them in Connecticut, NY, NJ, the Carolinas, etc. The payoff is the owner who could not get enough hotel guests on a nightly basis now can take in a monthly rent from many people who cannot afford the “normal living” conditions which are very costly as rent inflation rises (despite CPI inflation being flat). Rent is the part of the economics picture most ignored because it is not a big factor on the average. It is a huge factor in the “hot markets”.

    You cannot buy land in the bay area for any reasonable amount. Builders can setup smaller apartment complexes similar to NYC’s new high-rises with small living spaces. Imagine a small 300 sq ft condo overlooking the West bay for “only $2500/month” and rented by the kid out of college paid $80,000 but unable to save enough for retirement due to living costs in order to be “in the cool place to live and dining out with friends nightly”. I tell ya, the $6+ pints of craft brew is a sign of an unsustainable life. It’s the new designer drug for the young crowd. It’s also why there are so many new craft breweries out there to grab this cash.

    I’ve worked in the Bay Area part-time. People commute 50 miles to have a house “somewhere they can afford it”. They trade circumstance for a blown-out existence of 12-16 hour days. “Entrepreneurial” they say. Why not move to the country where land is cheap? Because young folks want night-life and a busload of friends. I have kids now who grew up here in the countryside. They hate it and need to “go out” into the big city. The mindset of them differs from community-centric neighbors of ours, the Amish. They avoid the city and live smartly in families who work for a living. In many ways, their lifestyle is sustainable. City life, Bay area life, is only going to get more expensive. The skills some people have to trade for money in the city is lacking. How do we pay artists, photographers, literature enthusiasts enough to afford any sort of living quarters where they want to be?

    You can have the Bay area and keep it. I truly think it is a synthetic life. Full of piped in water to make a natural desert “livable”. Good weather? Yes, because it is a temperate desert with ocean breezes. But long term sustainable? It may become the centerpoint of a massive multi-trillion dollar real estate bubble. And also, what happens with monetary deflation? Bigger real estate bubble. Takes more “thin dollars” to buy the same little house.

    • Totally Agree, McVick. Did you see the plans for a VR house on Peoplenomics I came up with a year or three back>?
      Buddy of mine figured out long ago that the cheapest house he could build would all be even units of 4X8 sheet goods and used leftover cedar phone poles for the supports…sunk in concrete. Made the building dept crazy, but it met code and was dirt cheap with no waste to speak of…

  7. Many people believe that our universe started billions of years ago with the “Big Bang.” Since then every event has a precedent and a consequence according to the “Laws Of Nature.” Can one not conclude that all present events are already predetermined just by following their “Laws Of Nature” (precedent and consequence)? Maybe our so called choices in life are not as free as we think they are?

  8. You are not going to get an argument from me about ‘the rise of the imperial presidency in the United States’ nor the fact that that is how governance around the globe now works, but I do draw the line about the Zika virus in Texas being the result of ‘immigrants’. Blaming something present in nature on ‘certain people’ is quite literally like King Kanute demanding that the tide will not advance – you can prepare for the virus (hopefully), but whether it enters the country is not under human control.

    Ultra-conservative, ‘right-wing’, neo-Nazis have been in existence in Europe for a long time . . . it’s gotten to the point where the world as thought of in ‘Clockwork Orange’ is not that far off in some areas . . . I also might note that any semi-competent machinist could make a ‘gun’. (When the Unabomber was active, some thought he might be a machinist.) In fact, I tend to think that ‘old-fashioned’ machinists would be more capable than the people using the modern machines. The level of hate in Europe (as in the United States) is rising . . . I will not predict what might happen.

  9. I agree with Robert. Eisenhower was enormously prescient when he warned us of the Military Industrial Complex. Except I would go so far to add Big Finance and Big Media into the mix.

    This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. DDE 01/17/1961

    • Society at large is at fault when it lets a few INDIVIDUALS accumulate Billions and more of currency. How much money is healthy for a decent living? Rest assured I’m bot a commy!!!

  10. A lot of moving parts in play. Watch for a news dump this weekend when they think no one is paying attention.

  11. What a maze it is trying to figure out who is running the world. There seems to exist a perplexing interplay among all the villainous groups. My guess is that the owners of the Bank for International Settlements control the “invisible hand”.
    But I’m afraid there may be more than them. I have read the Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini and he recounts an episode where he went with a priest to the Coloseum in the dead of night and the priest summoned demons who filled the Coloseum. There’s a lot more to this story, but in mulling it over through the years I have come to believe that the story may be more likely true than not. If it is true, then I would bet they are in league with the BIS owners.
    I had a professor at San Francisco State, Dr. Barnhart, who told us in one lecture that the military customarily takes over when the elite become so crushingly oppressive as to threaten the existence of that same military. Our situation is pretty grim though, military-wise, if we are to believe the seven hours of interviews with Kay Griggs, the former wife of a high-ranking military officer.

  12. There is only one thing you need to know. The people running the USA do not have your interests at heart, and this is not going to change with the next election. The term is useless eaters, but I call you simply too small to save. It takes money to become a refugee. Maybe Soros will front a bunch of you poor boomers so you can but a ticket and get across a border when you finally understand what is going on.

    Here in Ecuador we are seeing a wave of expats returning home, which happens in the 5-7 year timeframe. You can see the karma in their lives working out. Their destiny is to be in the USA as it turns the corner into second world status. And BTW, tiny housing has been around forever in the third world. Only Americans can be stupid enough to think of it as a new, cool trend. In the rest of the world, it’s called impoverishment.

  13. George, a few years ago you had a pridiction about things happening in the south? I can’t remember all the details, but basically there was something about the population being overwhelmed to the southern states and south of the 45th parallel, I think. Anyway, that came to mind as I read your site today. I know you will know what I am talking about. Is there something to your predictive futuring and the invasion of our Southern boarder?

    • Look up Dannion Brinkley’s prophecies on the web; buy his books cheap at half price books or on the internet. Same for Mary Summer Rain. The massive immigration flood and corresponding overwhelming of our system is well predicted from both of these sources back to 1975.

  14. Microhouse villages are springing up around here. The structures are 10’x12′ because any structure that’s under 121 sq.ft. doesn’t require a building permit or inspection.

    Ah done tol’ you who it wuz dat be runnin’ ‘Merrica…
    /Walt Kelly Mode off

    State was all about “regime change” long before the neocons began to arrive. The difference between the Unamerican libs of the 50s through today, and the Unamerican neocons of the 80s through today, is the neocon’s willingness to use war as a first option, rather than our former path through coercion, assassination, and extortion — same Liberal policy, considerably more itchy fingers…

    SPLC (based in Montgomery, Alabama, BTW) hasn’t been a credible source for anything, since the Klan went into submission in the late 1970s and Morris Dees had to find a new “prime directive” to save the bureaucracy he’d built SPLC in to. Their specialty since the 1980s has been disinformation and their political/philosophical slant has been radical Leftist oneworlder.

    Zika has been around, and studied, since the 1920s, and I’m sure every migrant from south of Mexico City has carried it into the U.S. That’s not a problem, and it’s not THE problem. Zika mutated three years ago (or so) from a nearly totally benign virus into the one the CDC is throwing the panic switch on, today.

    ANYBODY can make a gun that’ll kill a person. It takes a craftsman (or a factory full of specialized tools) to make a gun that’ll kill game or give a tight group at distance. That said, the shooting of that MP is, most-assuredly, too pat for coincidence…

  15. Albq nm Weather Report18 June 97Deg F Dew Point 5Deg F Heat Index 92 4:52 PM Courtesy US Weather Bureau

  16. I think your prediction of new stock market highs coming soon is bogus. I prefer to believe that George Soros,Jim Rogers, Clif High, James Rickards,
    Harry Dent, and Bill Gross are correct that a major correction in the market is dead ahead. but I guess that is what makes a horse-race.

    • It is kind of an unfair match up – me against all them.
      But I’ll be here awaiting your apology when it arrives. See futures are up more than 200…

      • “See futures are up more than 200…”
        Based on the murder of the woman British MP.
        This is sick!
        This looks more like a test-run for what is planned for The Donald before the Convention? :

        “We can now also divulge that the Nazi German Bush-CIA Crime Family is currently plotting to have presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump assassinated within the next thirty (30) days, which will preempt the need for a Republican Convention coup against Trump and pave the way for the nomination of year 2000 election stealer, major drug trafficker, and Lehman Brothers financial embezzler, Jeb Bush.”

  17. If you look at the price of tiny homes they are ridiculous unless you build it all yourself. I think buying an older motor home like the Barth’s, Revcon’s or the popular GMC is the less costly way to go. If you don’t like where you are you can just fire it up and move. With high efficiency solar cells on the roof most power needs would be taken care of. It won’t happen immediately but I see people taking Tesla motors, batteries and controllers and swapping them for the engine. Possibly have a small diesel motor for back up. Let’s say you even run the diesel on used frying oil. You could cruise for free. Oil, diesel, electricity or wait for the solar to charge. Trade speed for oil or electricity.

    Downsides are to get a good motor home would cost time or money but compared to a tiny house built new the cost are minimal.

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