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      • Though we suffer the same problems (retinal edema, floaters, cataracts, and BAD nearsightedness from birth), for me it’s a out 50/50.
        I really need a lot of light coming into clear things up.
        Almost like I need to tape my droopy eyelids open Onassis-style. so either daytime with brightness on high, or night version for high contrast. Maybe in long run I’ll find the night does not leave the eyes as tired after a long period.

        • Ity really depends on which eye ailment you are plagues with.

          Since I have been through cataracts, the problem with these is as the cataract forms in the middle of the eye, as the eye “shutters down” in bright light all of the source image will go through the “cloudy part.” Back in the day, I was treated to a couple of years of (pardon my sp.) neosynephrine eye drops which made the eyes dialate and thus, a clear image was seeen.

          On the corneal edema, though, low light levels are best in most cases because the eye can open wider and then, as your no doubt 4-5 times daily saline drops leach out the additional edema fluid and things return to “normal” the dark color choice is best.

          Best solutions for corneal edema (morning cloudiness) that I have found are Muro 128 saline drops – which of god-awful spendy for salt water! So I usually opt for the $5/bottle drops of generic optho saline drops from Amazon. And then, to really keep the eyes working, twice daily drops of predisone in the operative eye which keeps it quieted down and rolling 20-40 to 20-20(minus2 or 3).


    • Yes. We’re 2 hours or so West of Midland and texting between the family group lit up like the tree in the house now. Even Ben over at Suspicious 0bservers mentioned it.

      I felt a weird sustained, buzzing/vibration in my ankles as I was going through the door from the kitchen to the den and wondered if it was the youngest grandkid bounding across the floor but looked at the booze bottles in the den and saw they had been “disturbed” momentarily. Didn’t know for sure what it was until people started texting. It was very faint but very different from the usual vibrations we feel from a pier and beam foundation. I figure some oil field had a major collapse as is frequently happening in that area and especially West of the M-O area.

  1. I like light in the morning but dark is nice to have for evening reading. The light/dark thingie is very cool.

  2. light or dark.. boy tough one for me.. my eyesight is so bad.. that I see the letters better with the dark.. but the light is more paper like.. so I will pick light..

  3. I am lucky enough to still have very good vision for my age.., I can see/read both equally – but I like the dark better.

  4. I find the dark soothing, but I can read much faster with the light. As long as the toggle button remains, I’ll use both. Thanks for the option.

  5. Meh…

    If it were bright green on black, like the old DOS monochrome terminals, it might be easier to read. The 13/29/7 background is not dark enough, the 80/159/52 links are not bright enough. The 171/194/162 text is quite soothing, though.

    It might be really pleasant in an unlighted room. With background light, I’ll stick with the light screen…

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