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This sounds like a “dog ate my homework” but we really did have a dandy article planned and ready for this morning called Prepping:  Red-Neck Engineering…

Sol come back tomorrow and I will post it on Sunday morning instead.  Damn curious that it disappeared on my, though…  Even stranger, the graphics are where they should be on this server.  Go figure…hack?  Who knows…


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  1. Maybe the word “engineering” in the title caught the attention of the Chinese tech thieves. That other word in the title probably wouldn’t compute with foreign intelligence services…

  2. maybe related to G.A. Stewarts latest post @theageofdesolation; everybody should make ready,the strike comes before the HARVEST. peace & love to all

    • Would you please post a link to the article from G.A. Stewart that you are referring to? Thanks.

    • “the strike comes before the HARVEST. ”

      I was just reading an old book God I don’t even know the name of it..but in that one the changes begin after the harvest between two eclipses.

      We are mighty and have power.. but..
      We have our equipment built by manufacturers in other countries. We have our military split in so many directions it wouldn’t take much..
      We dont inspect all incoming containers.. but only a small fraction of them.(and Russia has the klub-k ) with China and Russia combined forces.
      We have the hoards of illegals crossing our borders..
      About 67 percent of our food is imported…
      We have neglected our infrastructure leaving it open for collapse .
      Our public sits unprepared our youth are naive and we haven’t had any real situations in the USA in over a hundred years.
      According to the book I was reading we wont fare very well.. starvation.. intense weather.. disease..

  3. Dear Sir,

    Faith is restored as the age of the homebrew panharmonicum arrives!

    “For he’s a jolly good fellow…”

    Hip, hip, huawei!

    Hip, hip, huawei!

    • Bruno: Looks like she moved as far away from the poor & homeless as possible in her new Penthouse. Probably a mostly white neighborhood I will guess. She subscribes to the “Do as I say, not as I do lifestyle”. Just shows you none of the liberal Dems care anything about anyone but themselves.

      • Um, Omar is Caucasian (so are Tlaib and Cortez.) They are probably too uninformed to know that, and anyone in the Lamestream who’s bright enough to know, isn’t going to tell them…

    • “Congress turned into a “joke?” ”

      Now my question is……..

      What wasn’t Congress considered a “JOKE” ?

      As far as OMAR divorcing old Three Legs… we all knew that was coming..

  4. “A stand to hold potatoes, putting them in the cool air flow and reducing the light striking them as well as cooling the jug of wine:”

    what.. no damp paper towel or towel around the wine bottle.. .. what a tragedy….

  5. No comments in “Redneck Prepping…?”

    Okay, I’ll drop this here as well:

    If you like Gingery’s books & pamphlets, it is often cheaper to buy them directly from Vince Gingery (his son and the books’ publisher.) His URL is:

  6. Just checking, i have seen daily refrences to “gas masks” and it so blazing picking up in tempo and occasion/occurence. I felt it was prudent for you to be aware.

    Still, in Palm Springs. Ca. aint been on the web much in the last 40 days. It was 119 degrees here today. Whole nother world these people live in.

    Had a few moments….. i think these people are mostly scared of a guy like me. lol met a ton of famouse and extremely wealthy people. Last time i checked, former presidents werent popping in to my house for dinner. Hahaha.

    Although, i did briefly speak to HC when BC was president. Still, i didnt vote for her. Hahahha

    • On the gas masks picking up steam, you and I may be seeing the same thing.

      Look at the bottom of Peoplenomics this weekend and you’ll see what I’m ‘getting’ as a heads-up?

      • There aren’t too many situations where a military-style gas mask will do you any good without the complete suit. For home use, the best thing to keep on hand is P100 cartridge or disposable mask filters for particulates. They are superior for dusty work like mowing or sawing, and are rated for some viruses and radionucleotides. The main drawback is they cut your wind enough to kill an old man who forgets to take it off when he exits the tractor to do real hands-on work. Some of the disposable mask filters are better for aerobic work than the cartridge filters. Best prices are online from safety supplies, but you will be turned into the D_A when you buy a case of ’em.

      • Good Morning G, I’ll have a look.

        I have had only one written form language reference and over 20 image references..

        Chernobyl surfaced again and several abstract cross reference’s to Mexico. namely Mexico City and the Sea of Cortez along with Catalina island came up a few times in Conversation with different “source’s” .

        Last time. Chernobyl came up to jog your memory, was 6 weeks to the day of The Japan Quake/Tsunami/Chernobyl part duce. And that song by the beach boys i couldnt get out of my head for 2 weeks. It was driving me nuts, over and over, “Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world.”

        Imagery, is a much much more Higher Resonate language. I seen two different women on seperate occasions at different localities, 2 days apart, both wearing a T-shirt with a “news paper boy” on a bicycle, wearing a gas mask. Both of them glow in the dark yellow.


  7. I’ll take a good stab at the term RedNeck.

    Billy Ray Cyrus hosted a show on the History channel ( or Discover…one of those ) a few years back. It was basically about the south. He mentioned coal mining in , I believe , West Virginia. At the time , there were no unions and wages were low. Locals began organizing into unions. Owners had hired thugs and the local police behind them. Of course , it has to escalate. Violence. Re-inforcements come in from out of state for the miners. So they wouldn’t be confused with the wrong side , they tied red bandanas around their necks. Red necks !!!

  8. speaking of redneck engineering.. wow.. had a nasty storm come through…lots of rain wind.. what was it they said seventy plus mile an hour gusts.. oh my.. well I didn’t realize how much damage we got.. but it flipped a couple of solar panels.. so I had to remount solar panels. the clips failed.. and needless to say.. you just don’t run out and buy new panel mounting clips..

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