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Elaine and I are back at the ranch (Sunday afternoon).

First order of business will be to update the Peoplenomics charts.  And then tomorrow morning we will talk about the trip and such…

Not sure why our Sunday “Make” postings didn’t go, but that will hold for next week…

Now, off to apply nose to the grindstone…


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  1. Around about the 25th of last month a poster here, maybe you Oilman?, posted a notice that there was a Craig’s List ad in Houston for crisis actors. A friend I sent this on to got back to me and asked if anything had crossed my radar about March 4th so I did a search and came up with this article: Apparently there WILL be various “mass casualty training events” in Houston, Dallas, Anchorage and Louisville. Hope they don’t turn out to be anything other than as advertised.

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