Re-Screwing of Bernie, Princesses Wuhan Mess

Holiday Schedule:  No US market activity today due to President’s Day.  As a result, there’s little in the way of insightful comment on the financial side, other than our awe-struck sense of wonder at idiots in Finance who can’t understand medicine. First, though, let’s talk about the…

Re-Screwing of Bernie

The Hildebeast is back.  In what promises to be a horrific sequel to her first disaster, Mike Bloomberg is reportedly considering HRC as vice president.  Hold on while I light my crack pipe.  HRC 2.0? YGTBSM, right?

Sadly, we said several months ago that the “little people” who were running in an honest effort to win hearts and minds would be “Big-Shotted out of the way” when Big Money decided to put the darkest of the Deep State players back in the Oval.

Frankly, I’m not sure WHY anyone would self-identify as a democrat with this kind of screwing of Bernie looking like the game-plan.  I’m no fan of Bernies mad socialist agenda – devoid, near as I can figure it of any understanding of finance – but if we’re going to implode (virus, compound interest of national debt, running out of social security money, yada, yada, yada) why in God’s name would be install the Soda Shrinker and Ms. Foundation?

Boggles the mind…really.  As luck would have it, though, the world isn’t just stupid…it’s sick….

Princess Disaster

CNN has the “happy-talk” version here: “The US is finally evacuating Americans from the Diamond Princess. Here’s why that’s made them mad.

The disaster angle becomes focused in the Johns Hopkins data:

What begins to come into focus is just how bad things could be in as little as two month’s time.  While we have only 15 cases (confirmed) in the U.S. this morning, the “flying germ tubes” (commercial air travel) have always been one of our “worst case/nightmare” scenarios.

One of the projects over on our  Peoplenomics subscriber site has been running out our own “back of the envelope” SWAG about where the spread could take us.  It’s not pretty:

If you want to play along at home, the method here is pretty straightforward:

The idea is to make a “Case Factor” by dividing today’s case count by the case count from 5-days ago.  The factor today is 1.5894.  Then you GUESS that the same rate will be felt 5-days into the future.  So, on February 27, we MIGHT see cases around 114-thousand.

Since this is a linear projection it’s only useful for close-in expectations.  Like sughgesting that later in the week we will pass 100-thousand cases and will pass 2,000 dead.

We then continue and observe (down in the wildly speculative lower rows in the project)  that the number of cases worldwide MIGHT be up in the 30-million range by May 1.

Applying the same logic (using a case factor based on deaths from 5-days back) on the death count, we see by May 1we could be  passing 1-million dead.

Horrific as they are, the reason for running them out is to scale our personal responses.

A doc friend of mine called from a conference this weekend and he’s come up with something he calls the “100 person rule.”  This is, when 100 people are confirmed in the USA, then your odds of coming in contact with the active virus would be around one in every 663 people you meet.  Thing is, though, if you go with your spouse out and about, now the odds come down tyo more like one in 332 people.  Got kids are school?  Two of ’em, you say?  Then one in 166…

The math on this is just a “ruel of thumb” but my doctor friend is frustrated.  “Are we just going to wait until we have decontamination tents outside the ER?” he posed at a staff meeting.  But, he was quickly over-ruled by peers.  “What can we do that CDC and WHO aren’t?  We don’t want to waste resources duplicating their work…”

And that’s the hell of it.  We live in a horrifically complex world of competing hierarchies and experts galore.  But, resources are limited and – like money – can only “be spent once.”  Global pickle, anyone?

At some point, things will begin to fall apart rather quickly:  the realization of a mass die-off underway will arise quickly.  Panic may be expected.  Airline travel will stall, hotel bookings will fall apart, and cruise ships will just tie-up. Concerts will cancel, big public gatherings – conventions, casinos, sporting events, will all dry up.

Thing is, we just don’t have a current mental model.  EXCEPT, one of our brilliant readers offered some historical perspective in an email I don’t think he’d mind me sharing parts of…

“Looked into the 1918-18 Spanish Flu for comparison. Could be twins.

Please read amazing article, because it is a PREDICTIVE EXACT X-RAY of current situation. It’s a “summarization” of a book written by a researcher on the topic. Takeaways:

It came in 3 waves: First mild (early 1918), several months later in Fall the Second wave was lethal & took only ONE DAY to kill, Third (Dec 1918- early 1919) seemed to be medium. Killed mid-range ages healthy people. Individual in charge of national health service at the time believed it might cause mankind to go extinct. Nurses refused to report for duty. Hundreds of thousands of people died in a short time in individual cities. People died because all individuals were sick: no one was strong enough to get them water or make them food, not because there weren’t supplies. Victims were also horribly ravaged by cytokine storm, much like is happening in this current virus outbreak. Lung autopsy showed devastating injury that looked as if the individuals had been exposed to a nerve agent there was so much damage. This flu likely actually began in Kansas in the USA, & was carried around the world by troops going to World War I (like commercial travel today). Researchers say Pres. Woodrow Wilson ordered coverup & actually had it instead of a stroke during his illness while negotiating end to World War I. Spanish virus never completely went away: it just mutated to a less invasively lethal form. It is now part of some of the seasonal flus that go around each year. The original more lethal form has been isolated from corpses & being studied since 2017 to TRY to make a more all-encompassing flu vaccine instead of a yearly one.

So, off top of my head, with the current coronavirus spread I think we can possibly quit worrying about products JUST FROM China. It has reached so many countries that we buy products & foods from. Not to mention right here in the good old USA. I’m thinking about putting stuff on the screened porch and just letting it sit for 30 days. One of the biggest problems we’re going to have is going to be medication shortage, and medical and surgical supply shortages because it’s all made in China. And not enough hospital beds. Not to mention economic crash & medical costs.  AND what happens if nuke plant engineers die? China has sewage worker problems now….”

 And so many people have been walking around asymptomatic, with possibly up to 24 days incubation. Tests are only about 30 to 50% accurate. It also just does not seem possible that Mexico and South America have zero cases. Note: There are also indications that it is possible that the “health authorities” & Media in this country are hiding outbreaks ALL AROUND the country right now. “

One other point about the Spanish Flu most people don’t know:  Some of the deaths were caused by taking too much aspirin.  People literally died from internal bleeding.  Aspirin was new at the time and – as people well – they assume more is better.  Except, in the case of the power blood-thinking effects of aspirin, too much of a good thing is death.

Thanks to reader DJ for the thinking.  And yes, his idea of under-reporting by corporate media is all too likely.  There was a million+ follower vlogger on YouTube this weekend, who is Asian and has lots of family in China, reporting that the incidence it about an order of magnitude greater than what the Mainstream reports are saying. – that’s ten times more cases if the report is to be believed.

Meantime, Twitter pages, like this one, are trending.

A Cover for Disclosure?

We are also shocked today by the timing of a HUGE UFO disclosure story in (of all places) Popular Mechanics magazine online.  Their article “Inside the Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program” is lengthy, but it’s a grand diversion from as the bad crap floating around.

OK…breakfast and a snooze seem like worthwhile pursuits…

Write when you get rich,

64 thoughts on “Re-Screwing of Bernie, Princesses Wuhan Mess”

  1. Bloomburg has to be an idiot to put himself as the only person between HRC and the Presidency with their passed track record! Maybe he should go talk to Vince Foster…………..

      • Nah, Vince would be writing the script & setting up the ring for THE BATTLE OF THE NEW YORK BILLIONAIRES!!!! on pay-per-view.

        I swear, politics these days has about the same intellectual capacity as pro wrestling, so why not?

      • Her VP will be Victoria Nuland (Nudelman) reconstructing the ‘team’ that conducted the violent coup in the Ukraine that deposed a legally elected president (Nuland was the “Cookie Lady” in Maidan square).
        Was this a practice run?

  2. Google youtube “1918 spanish flu historical documentary” by chromozone8 for a true look at what may be happening.

  3. Anyone who picks Hillaryous as a VP , is dead , as in 6 feet under.

    George , you could pay for this site for years by getting a little Vegas-style wagering going on. Over/Under , Assassination , what types of “natural causes” …

    “The woods are lovely , dark and deep , I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep” ( that’s a movie reference btw )

    • Perhaps they both belong to the same “club,” methinks? Who will ever know? When you think about it all — does not compile!!

    • He couldn’t he didnt have a soon as he made the comment the endless attacks against him began.

  4. Without a doubt the “cat is out of the bag” on covi29 or whatever it is called today with many so called mainstream sources pointing to China fudging the numbers. And any references to so called conspiracy theories about it being a bio weapon that got loose are being deflected lamely. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

    When I came in from morning chores the Lovely Mrs had the boob tube on which is unusual and I walked into Comrade Bern flailing his arms about something. I asked what kind of dumbf#$%ery is he spewing now? I was advised to take my coffee back out to the shop for the rest of the morning. Yes dear.

    • Jeez…sorry for you, bub. I go in to get more coffee and Elaine has the week’s Rush replay on…looks at me with her eyes and says “Is the whole world nuts?” I nod get coffee and saunter off…

      • I am in trouble for violating her f bomb rule with grandkids in earshot. I was unaware they were in the house.

      • “looks at me with her eyes and says “Is the whole world nuts?”

        I am with Elaine and you george…. time for me to saunter off and get another cup of jo myself…I don’t even wonder if the whole world is nuts anymore.. seems like you think you have seen or heard it all and wham..

  5. Heads up -this sneaky mofo of a virus (covid19) is proving to be Lethal to those people who get re-infected. Seems the anti-viral drugs do some limited damage/weaken the heart muscle of those treated with them. Upon re-infection of the person with covid19 – like immediate heart failure. Talk about a BOHICA Virus – though heart failure upon re-infection is a far sight better than turning into a brain dead Liberal..uhn I mean Zombie upon re-infection.

    • According to that, you’d be better off toughing it out and avoiding the antivirals(and the medical system). The second time around you’d be better prepared physiologically. Just be ready to handle cytokine storming.

      I expect to cross tracks with it eventually, even though I’m a virtual hermit these days. That may change if a miracle happens – otherwise it’s just about handling this new aspect of life alone. I’m confident that it can be done.

  6. George

    In regards to the virus outbreak:

    “Since this is a linear projection it’s only useful for close-in expectations.”

    This method from calculus might be what is needed to find the death toll at any given time. It involves the function of R (radius) X angle (theta) in general.

    There are formulas for area under the curve or just the length of the curve. All formulas are for continuous curves not one that have discontinuities.

    In any case using this method is just an edumacated guess.

  7. ‘Pestilence, war, famine and death” are the infamous four horsemen of the apocalypse, several of which seem to be rearing their gnarly heads. The others may not be far behind. One might envision a scenario in which the coronavirus results in decreased production and/or availability of food, goods and medical services. It is not presumptuous to assume that quarantine measures could severely impact international trade. Chief among tradable goods in the markets are foodstuffs and medical supplies. Many will weaken without sufficient food and medical supplies, causing populations to become more susceptible to viral infection (or reinfection, which is now a growing concern). At a time when we might hope for the best of human nature to manifest itself, I fear we could witness the worst. Internal and nation-state conflict could magnify over food and water shortages. Empires, fortunes and many souls may face grave risk if science does not unveil an effective vaccine in a timely manner. Sobering stuff.

    • The spirits of the earth may just be fighting back against earth’s OVERPOPULATION which seems to be the most ignored factor, imho!

      • Coronavirus maybe Gaia’s revenge for misusing her resources. Just think about the waste we create!! ;-((


      If I remember right from what I’ve read is that Most of the really sobering times has always revolved around climate issues and the reduction of crop production poverty and hunger.
      Which has always brought up some sort of revolt towards the let them eat cake crowd. Where they’ve brought in some tyrannical leader. Unfortunately we as a race never learn from our past and go through the same old cycle.. how big is the desperate are those on the bottom.
      My father use to tell the story about Al Capone.. the depression hunger and he would send out trucks with baskets of food to be dropped off at the houses with children .the hero of the neighborhood. Kids going to school got a cup of milk. Food was dropped off at soup kitchens.
      In the end the people only want to be able to provide food clothing a place to sleep an education and healthcare that wont put them in the poverty line. Today because of that wait till they are sicker to go to be seen.. it’s a last recourse for them.
      Just my opinion ..

  8. Bringing in Bloomie over a legitimate Sanders (well, as a socialist, he certainly has a right to run even if most of us will not support him) will destroy the Democratic party. This action will make it impossible for even the MSM ‘dream weavers’ to spin a story that makes this look legitimate. I am sure most reasonable democrats (such as James Carvel) know this is going to happen, but the Dems seem to be hell bent for implosion. Some folks cannot get out of their own way. It’s so obvious, but I suppose when you are dealing with Pychopaths, ‘rationality’ is just not present.

  9. Has anyone read the Dan Brown book Inferno? Many conspiracy reports of the Corona virus being manufactured sounds a lot like the plot of this book. George has always said that sometimes the movie is the message . In this case, is the book from this best selling author the message?

  10.  “a horrific sequel to her first disaster, Mike Bloomberg is reportedly considering HRC as vice president. ”

    Hmm.. I wonder if he is prone to severe depression with self destructive tendencies?

    Seems quite a few get that way that have dealings with them..

    • I can’t imagine Bloomberg is serious about Hillary. She is the reason we have Trump in office now. That won’t fly with the Dems. Do people still support her? They need therapy.

      Hillary will kill Bloomberg’s hopes and his investment of the $10’s of millions he has put in already. This is like McCain and his idiotic pick of Sarah Palin. He had my vote until that debacle.

      • Lol sister was close friends with sarah palin before McCain asked her to be his running mate. she only had good stuff to say about her..
        I discovered that out when I made some off the cuff negative lol
        My only issue with McCain was the idea he portrayed to me of living war. Even though he had been a pow…
        I personally think war is evil and usually only to benefit some joker that wants more. It destroys innocent people and their loved ones lives tears apart cities and homes just so some azzhole can get richer.. how much is enough..

  11. the open bordrs crowd and the ‘fake news’…have allowed this ‘new’ virus to enter this country….since their hatred of the ‘Donald’….eliminates ANY logical and sane thinking…as warhammer states..” At a time when we might hope for the best of human nature to manifest itself, I fear we could witness the worst.”….we are witnessing this NOW…it will only get worse…as the’ riders ‘ near

  12. 1) IF Chinese manufacturing can be kept “off line” for another two months one positive fallout from this I believe is that the US will FINALLY “wake up” as to how dependent IT has become on Chinese goods in order to keep it’s own economy running.

    The US Policy Makers finally will start to come to understand that the US has clearly BECOME an economic vassel state to China … and that China can shut down most US manufacturing at will if it so choses. (most cars, even if assembled in the US/Mexico/Canada have parts that come from China that can NOT be sourced from the US, be they myriad electrical connectors, small motors for seats/mirrors/windows/fuel pumps, etc., etc. – and the same would apply for virtually every other complex “US” manufactured product that involves thousands of parts – including I am sure, many of our DoD military purchased items)

    2) The DRACONIAN quarantine methods being utilized by the Chinese do appear to be slowing the spread of the disease, much as the US’s massive quarantine methods did in the US during the Spanish Flu. That quarantine doesn’t stop the spread, it just slows down it’s spread, which allows the medical care system to not be even more overwhelmed by the influx.

    China as a now developed country, that is also a police state, can probably succede in radically slowing the disease’s spread rate from what it was (per the official numbers it was running about 50% per every 5 days – though that was probably low), but once this disease hits 3rd world areas with much more limited care and a complete inability to quarantine large areas this disease could take off like it is trying to move faster than an SR-71 airplane. Watch India, Pakistan, and Africa in particular … when it starts to run there I don’t think there is anything there to slow down it’s spread, let alone stopping it.

  13. Hi George. DJ here. I’m one of your smart FEMALE readers. Like I said, maybe I got that way because the Spanish flu apparently devastated early parts of my family. Hate to say it, but I think it’s 1918 not 1929. With war, famine, pestilence, etc. apparently that stuff always rides together. Takeaway? Humanity survived before –

  14. George,

    Great old-fashioned news reporting today! Interesting how most of the comments have referred to the scourge of COVID-19 on the world. Funny how one’s immediate concerns get more focused when the specter of disease and death take significant clicks upward in probability.

    In reference to your last discussion topic, ‘Disclosure of UFO’s’, as reported in Popular Mechanics, this PM article appears to be nothing more than an effort to promulgate disinformation and confusing, fictional stories in order to continue to control the cover-up and the narrative surrounding UFOs (UAPs, whatever). One of the main players in ‘UFO Disclosure’ is the TTSA (To The Stars Academy) with frontman, Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 fame, along with former CIA agents (e.g., Luis Elizondo, Hal Puthoff, etc.) as his scientific Board of Directors. It seems obvious to me that the CIA has been one of the main culprits on keeping the lid on disclosing UFO phenomena, so why would anybody think that they would be purveyors of TRUTH on this subject now? Our current Secretary of State and former CIA chief, Mike Pompeo, has been quoted as saying that the CIA lied, cheated and stole to achieve their objectives. I believe nothing has really changed on UFO disclosure, just that sightings of UFOs have occurred. The government claims that it is just as clueless as the rest of us as to what these UFOs are, which I believe is pure poppy-cock.

  15. So far, Stye-r has dropped nearly $200mln, virtually all of it in Nevada and SC; Bloomburglar has spent over $400mln, mostly in Nevada and SC. The kiddies even know these two are trying to buy the nomination, yet they persist, and support is building as the Maoist dude who owns a major worldwide news and financial information source, uses that source to make low-information Democrats and Never-Trumpers believe he’s a “moderate Democrat.”

    Klobuchar is a fairly radical socialist, yet the others are so far Left that thanks to occasional flashes of intelligence and possibly even a budding sprout of common sense, she comes off as nearly middle-of-the-road, compared to any of them.

    BootyJudge is born and raised a Marxist, and is a Stalinist by inclination. He scares me because damn’ near everything he says is a lie, yet he has that Clinton-esque “gift of blarney” so people take his words to mean whatever they delude themselves into believing the words mean. That said, he and Klobuchar sound like the only thing close to a voice of reason, that’s not also trying to buy the ticket.

    It would be truly wonderful if Gloomie spent $55bln, lost, and Glenn Beck purchased Bloomberg News and BTV out of receivership…

  16. Actually, Bloomberg wants to carry New York State, and his pollsters have probably told him that it’s not possible, unless he gets a native New Yorker, like Hillary, on the ticket.


    Sorry — not seein’ it. Bloomberg slipped that out into Universe to try and snare the feminazi never-Trumpers. Bloomie is an East Coast Liberal Democrat, and while he may be a commie elitist snob, he’s not stupid.

    Bloomberg (or any of the other wannabees except Klobuchar and Buttigieg) needs to bring in a less “looney Leftie” from a light-red or red state to “balance the ticket” and to try to capture a State that’d not normally vote Democrat, like Florida (Wayne Messam) or Texas (Julian Castro or Bedo, although I believe he’s become a poison-pill.)

    Assuming neither gets the nod, Buttigieg (Indiana) and Klobuchar (Minnesota) should see their stock as potential VP candidates rise, although Mayor Pete’s will rise faster because Minnesota is nowhere close to red.

    This ain’t difficult, folks. Disconnect from the BS and the personalities, and just strategize WRT each candidate. The ONLY WAY Hillary will make the Dem’s ballot is as the candidate for President, and the result of a brokered convention, because she brings nothing the others don’t already have…

    • HRC is NOT a native New Yorker. She’s a carpetbagger. The only reason she moved to NY is because she wanted to live in DC.

    • BTW, I was hasty. There IS a way HRC would bring something to the Platform: If Buttigieg, Klobuchar, or Gabbard secured the nomination, a “New York Liberal” like HRC would become a potential asset.

      I wouldn’t do it, but I’m more from the Carville/Morris/Rove school of political strategy, where you can be as audacious as you wish, but don’t build reefs during the runup that’ll screw with the underlying currents of the campaign. I’m also much better at dissecting other peoples’ strategies, than I would ever be at creating my own…

  17. Since we’re talking C-virus today, I have to relate my last 24 hours. I’m late sixties, rarely get sick, eat reasonably well, try to avoid junk food, drink a bit, but take vitamins religiously including Echinacea.

    Yesterday I did some yard work, did my routine at the gym, and on the way back home I started feeling dizzy. By the time I got home it was obvious something was wrong. I crawled up on the couch, grabbed a blanket, and asked the wife to find the thermometer because I could tell I was going downhill fast. It read 101.8. I was coughing. Felt like crap. Really bad body and joint aches and still dizzy. Ate just a little soup, drank lots of water, and went to bed at the regular time, around 10.

    Still felt like crap all night and couldn’t get comfortable. Tossin’ & turnin’. “Slept” in this morning. Got up around 10 still feeling a little dizzy, but the fever had broken. So I put on my robe, got up, had a little yogurt, toast & banana, and now I’m probably about 60%.
    Can’t say for sure if I had the C-virus, but I’ve never had a case of the flu that aggressive at the onset. Whatever it was, I don’t recommend it!

    For the record I think we’re being lied to by an order of magnitude (add a zero). We’ll see.

    • According to the CDC, about half the influenza in circulation this year is H1N1. You might want to consult with a witch doctor, especially if you didn’t have a vaccination.

  18. Hawaii has a virus detention center “quarantine” at Pearl Harbor, and is a designated entry check-point for incoming foreign travelers from infected areas. One person quarantined there voluntarily after coming from China shows no syptoms… so far. The BIG worry here in the islands is a Japanese couple who visited Waikiki in Honolulu and visited friends on Maui. They had no symptoms until returning to Japan and then tested positive for the virus. The Delta airlines flight they took from Honolulu to Japan has notified all the passengers they may have been exposed.

    So now we wait to see what might have spread among the tourist population and locals on Maui and Oahu islands here while the couple was asymptomatic. So far there are no possible viral tendrils reaching out to the Big Island of Hawaii where I am… and we are much more spread out and rural here.

    Watch for Hawaii cases in the next two weeks. If any appear… the whole tourist industry here is at risk and could already have spread elsewhere.

    Even more glad than ever that I live out in the boonies!

  19. “Calm yourself, Watson” as the fictional Holmes would say. Maybe a butterfly will flap its wings halfway around the world and change the future?

    Here’s a diversion for inquiring minds’ bemusement. The Kyodo News website published photos yesterday of the two Kalitta Air 400 series jumbos sent to evacuate Americans from Tokyo. One of them was N710CK pictured lifting off Haneda’s runway destined to Travis AFB as per publicly available records. Now divert back to June 21 last year.

    It was sunny high noon that day in Alma Ata, Kazakstan. A long-time plane spotter photographed N710CK landing and tagged it as a 200 series. Obviously that’s an error because the 200 was placed in storage and subsequently scrapped in 2008. Anyhow the June 21st picture is on the jetphotos dot com site as photo 9535095.

    I’m starting to get visions of Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day” so I visited the publicly available flightera dot net website which offers N710CK flights for June, 2019. On June 21st, the plane left Hong Kong and we can see that morning it was in Alma Ata…and Bashkek, and on it’s way to Istanbul, and on it’s way to Hong Kong. It all makes sense.

    As for HRC being #2, I won’t quibble with you. Recalling that Mr. Trump had to camp out in a gold-encrusted Trump Tower suite while the White House environs were remediated to his fancy, one imagines that even if the gold throne is spirited away by the fairy godmother at year end, the Dems should be able to plumb a great white elephant with no problem.

    Well, dinner calls, so perhaps someone can go groundhog spotting through the summer 2018 Wuhan flights and get back to us?

  20. Yo, G! I am now a California resident. That girl I was gonna marry stood me up at the alter. first time for everything.

    kinda funny the day I move to Rancho Mirage President Trump flys in to town for the day. The day I start my first day of my new life “The Most powerful man in the world”
    comes to visit.

    probably just a coincides. lol

    Super tired. I am gonna crash out for the night.

  21. Filched from the Wall Street Journal:

    Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign is hiring hundreds of workers in California to post regularly on their personal social-media accounts in support of the candidate and send text messages to their friends about him.

    The effort, which could cost millions of dollars, is launching ahead of California’s March 3 primary and could later be deployed nationwide, according to people familiar with the matter and documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

    It is among the most unorthodox moves yet by the heavy-spending billionaire and blurs the line between traditional campaign organizing and the distribution of sponsored content. Most campaigns encourage supporters to post on social media about their candidates, but paying them at this scale to do so on their personal accounts is unusual, experts say.

    To staff the effort, the campaign is hiring more than 500 “deputy digital organizers” to work 20 to 30 hours a week and receive $2,500 a month, the documents show. Those workers are expected to promote Mr. Bloomberg weekly to everyone in their phones’ contacts by text message and make daily social-media posts supporting him, the documents show.

    If Bloomie figures he’s going to need 500 shills in more-leftist-than-Russia, California, I’m guessing his demographics are going to show he will need a lot closer to 2.5mln than 25k, nationwide, if he succeeds in purchasing the nomination.

    Should Bloomberg go nationwide with this, I submit someone should initiate the “Bankrupt Mike Project.”

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