Rate Driven Collapse? Wars and More…

The stock market seems as though Wave 2 – the big rally since fall of 2022 – is over, done, and we are at the precipice of Wave 3 down.  As we’ve explained, this wave holds potential for markets to be halved by May of 2024.

As a chart, we look to the area of the yellow arrow (right) and surmise that a rally back to the bottom of the more aggressive wave could be cobbled up in the wreckage of this week.  But the fact that the upper trend channel has broken implies bad ju-ju lurks.

Our Aggregate Index hints at a much lower market ahead.
The market is at an inflection point On track a rally back to the bottom of the most aggressive trend channel or a rally to the top of the longer term channel seems likely very short term However after that penetration in coming weeks of the longer trends mid channel could reinforce a soft tendency toward a massive selloff around September 25th This is based on the historical 56 calendar days for big trend breaks from a significant high At present the 73123 peak in our Aggregate Index is a good candidate from which to begin our countdown

Although we have many fears of war expansion, the dynamics of interest rate acceleration is also a concern.

Rates Too High, Too Long?

We have long held the Fed’s view of interest rates based on “All-Items, less Food and Energy” constitutes financial myopia verging on economic malpractice.

Our rationale is right there in 48-point type on Drudge this morning: Mortgage rates could hit 8%, economists say, citing a worrying sign not seen since the Great Recession – MarketWatch.

Reading over the Fed Minutes Wednesday, I was struck by this in reference to the Fed’s “desk” surveys:

“As inferred from their responses, survey respondents expected real rates to increase through the first half of 2024 and to remain above their expectations for the long-run neutral levels for a few years.”

In our view, since we may be at the top of a significant Wave 2 (in process of rolling over) our view is the Fed is over-counting on All-Items-Less data and is on the verge of lighting up snowballing inflation.

Specifically, the dynamic we sense as in play is that business and industry rolled down capital costs to extremely low levels (part of the Fed’s “Lower for Longer” [L4L] belief).

Missing from the metrics?  Not only the rollover of higher rates for commercial borrowers, but also the again-climbing rate of interest on the aggregate National Debt.

Business Journals headline sums up the problem: Commercial real estate sales volume in 2023 falls below same-period sum from 2020 – South Florida Business Journal.  No one’s buying commercial real estate, though you’re seeing “whistling in the graveyard” stories like “Wall Street Is Ready to Scoop Up Commercial Real Estate on the Cheap” in the WSJ.

In other words, the Fed is “basing its actions on the market” and seeming to believe that All-Items-Less is a good proxy.  In the present instance, however, it is not.

The more realistic view of rates would be to look at the aggregate inflation rate due to (yes) All-Items-Less, but also factoring in the additional market money demand for refinancing (failing, negative cash flowing) commercial real estate, PLUS the impact of setting inflation expectations too high in the Chairman’s remarks.

Historical Context

Where the Fed puts America at peril is in failing to note the wide disparity between prevailing rates at the September 3, 1929, Dow high versus the Aggregate Index high on November 8, 2021.  Which is also when bitcoin crested in th3e $64,400 range.  While today, BTC is hovering in the $28,500 range.

Because I’m an information synthesizer, let me just observe that the 1929 market decline was not preceded by extremely low rates or L4L policies.  When we look at rates then, we see there was a gradual, too-slow, decline from 1929:

Fed discount rates in the Depression
The supporting data table reads as follows

Where the Depression-era Fed drove the nail into the economy was the 1931 rate hike.  But my point is that rates were near peak in 1929, whereas they’ve been doing up in the present-day workout.

Dropping rates too slowly was the problem in 1929.  And here on the verge of “circular inflation” we fear the Fed will make the same policy errors again, just coming at it from the reversed direction and missing the revised dynamics.

Huge users of credit (invisible to the Fed?) include commercial property owners trying to refi out enough cash to hold through high rates, the pained pile of adjustable-rate holders from the low-interest period, and the acceleration of rates to the upside as long-term rates reverse and move higher.

We would like to think the Fed is cognizant of these “Bigger Picture” items and that between commercial property refi’s and write-downs, plus the hog-wild free lunch crowd in CONgress necessitating high federal borrowing (and still Fitch has the balls to call it) the risk of runaway inflation is not off the table.

In the 2001 work a colleague and I did (the one where the 83.5-year currency cycle is postulated) we have seen changes to the once convertible (for specie) Dollar, but the bottom line is that with a national debt what it is today, resulting in long-term systemic inflation, the residual dollar purchasing power is down in the 3-percent range.  Which is where revolutions occur in other countries.

$1 when the Federal Reserve foisted wrong-headed money ideas on Congress in 1913 now requires $30.79 at modern prices.  The dollar thus retaining only 3.2478 percent of its purchasing power today.

We’re skeptical America will remain intact below 3 percent.  Around here, it’s what we think of as the “can’t be bullshitted” real lower bound.

At some point, the pitchforks come out.  And as we explained on the Peoplenomics side, we’re looking at a multiaxial internal revolt. E.G, where everyone is angry about everything.

Leaving the only policy answers?  Shocking brutal, public controlling war.  (Fallout fears will garner more compliance than Covid.) Or pop the second half of a binary “kill shot” aimed at Vax #1 recipients.

With all this cheer in mind, let’s look at supporting headlines, shall we?

War Solution Headlines

Russia is on the verge of directly engaging with NATO on a second front.  While the Poland-Belarus zone is tense (Wagner, and all that) we have problems on the Danube – a quarter mile from Russian bombings:  Danube on fire: Night of terror for Romanians – Terrified watched a barrage of missiles, drones and anti-aircraft fire.

On the Ukraine side, new weapons are now arriving: Kuleba says Ukrainian pilots will return from F-16 training with jets (ukrinform.net)  Giving Russia a good reason to attack airfields, whether populated with NATO/US sup0plied jets, or not.

The Niger (Uranium swing stocks) Resource war will light up shortly.  As the Biden administration searches for ways to keep US forces in Niger to continue anti-terror operations despite overthrowing of government.  Which, when you take energy and uranium off the table, where do we have rights to stay when not wanted?

The corporate press is selling this one hard.  The message is “We need to invade and do some killing for freedom, but not of Americans” if you listen closely. Why BLM isn’t screaming about U.S. imperialism in ancestral Africa is just astounding me.  My fault for chasing after logical consistencies, I suppose. Logic has never been the strong suit of ultraliberals, I guess.

U.S. imperialism in Syria, meanwhile is being called-out by the Chinese.  Who dare to mention that U.S. plunders Syria in broad daylight-Xinhua (news.cn).

Not that China’s without issues:  Having kicked out a lot of Western reporters, China’s been suffering through what are called the worst floods in 140-years. Which is now rippling into agricultural efforts: China warns floods could aggravate crop diseases, infestation in northeast. Light on coverage, though, with the foreign devil’s press thinned.

Because of these floods, vastly under-reported in the West, China’s Xi Jinping has not been able to move yet on Taiwan.  But another hot spot is opening up as China appears to be constructing airstrip on disputed South China Sea island that is also claimed by Taiwan.

The whole world, it seems, is in “pressurization mode” which we expect will break with really bad news within month.  Market dynamics keep circling th that Sept. 25th date, which has us considering a broad-spectrum market short across that weekend.  Though no plans are cast this far out.  Just looking to hit our one percent, per week, day trading goals.

Unemployment Filings, Philly Fed #’s

Philly first. out of respect to STU BYKOFSKY – Reality determines my political positions, not vice versa. (Stu was a long-time Inquirer cost-justifier.) The Philly tone should fuel a rally today:

“Manufacturing activity in the region expanded overall, according to the firms responding to the August Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey. The survey’s indicators for general activity, new orders, and shipments were all positive for the first time since May 2022. However, the firms reported a decline in employment, on balance. The price indexes remained near long-run averages. Expectations for growth over the next six months were less widespread, as most of the survey’s future indexes remained positive but declined.”

Then comes UI Filings:

And this week’s experiential dope:

Tomorrow threatens to be the quietest weekday/expiration settlement date in a long while.  I’m working on rewriting some of the better Hints from Heloise columns as filler.

Distractions for the Masses

Need a heaping helping of distractions?

Pencil in “War Before Delivery”  Israel says U.S. okays Arrow 3 missile defense system sale to Germany – CGTN  We’d point you to the timing in the story: “Berlin expects the Arrow 3 system to be delivered in the final quarter of 2025.” So WW3 before delivery?

Uprisings and extremists’ watch: Pakistan Arrests 129 Muslims After Mob Attacks Christian Churches, Homes.

Coming for your guns:  Second Amendment Advocates Fear Biden Admin Will Restrict Private Gun Sales.  Not sure how that would work here in Texas where the letter of the Constitution is respected.

How about a platform for virtual warfare training?  Isn’t that what video games have become?  Lenovo’s Windows 11-powered Steam Deck rival Legion Go seemingly leaks in new photos.

Around the Ranch:  Cooler WX Coming…

Another week or three, though. 106 this afternoon, so libation time is in the 180 room.

After a low of 66F Wednesday morning, it was off to the hardware emporium to pick up a new storm door which had come in.  Now, next bit of cooler air, I’ll be reinforcing around the screen porch to keep the raccoons and possums out.  Elaine’s stopped feeding the cats there.  A move likely to last until the fall rains show up…

64F at click time, but back to 106 this afternoon.  Rain’s out there as a possibility next week, and with all the warm water in the Gulf, we could pop back up to more normal precip levels.  Almost time to fire up the tiller and get ready for the fall garden.

We’re planning to try some electroculture this year, based on positive remarks in the Comment’s section., I also got a half dozen small ionizers in from China.  These put out relatively high voltages off a USB port and I’ll mod several of them up to do some “charged air” experiments in the greenhouse.

My friend Robert Nelson (“Rex Research — The Civilization Kit”) has a lot of electroculture background.  Never been into it before, but since reading some of the early literature – over 100 years old now, like the citations here; ElectroCulture — stimulation of plant growth by electricity, magnetism, sound (rexresearch.com).  Yes, we have a copy of the Civilization CDs in our Faraday bin…

Write when we’re all rich and happy again,


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  1. “in the skillet, the greasey skillet, the Possum fries tonight..” -BarD Wranglers


    “I’ll be reinforcing around the screen porch to keep the raccoons and possums out.”
    – kinda like closing the barn door, after the Horses done run out, no? hardyharhar

    Liking and enjoying Ures’ Old Possums’ Market Review section. Dont always agree..but appreciate the other side’s view, as it sharpens my assault plans. Thx.
    * assault on wall streets monay , USD’s

    ? Of the 3 main greasy varmints avail in dustbowl USA, which was fav dinna table fare; Groundhog/Whistlepig, Possum or Armadillo ?

    • I gotta possum visiting my leftover pile.

      He sneaks out, eats up and disappears.

      Just last week, me and Ms. Kitty spent 30 minutes watching a young fox in the front yard at 10:30 p.m. hunting lizards, moles, and what not. He never saw us.

      What a treat to see these critters live and in the wild doing their wild things.

      • If you’ve got something to throw out you ain’t hungry yet. Time’s a-comin’ when that trash pile’ll be a trap for the next meal.

        Deer, turkey, squirrels and rabbits go first (the “clean” stuff) then the others will make it into the pot. Granny Clampett didn’t let anything go to waste.

        An’ don’ you go lookin’ at my goats ‘n cows lessen I see you droolin’ and take pitty on ya. Ask first and it’ll probably be delivered unto ya. Try and go sneakin’ and you might just disappear!

  2. Always worth reading. I sit and watch the skies darken and the storm approaching. Insanity seems to be affecting a large part of the population. From extreme cultural movements to war and Pandemic II in production with a release date expected.

    Part of me wishes I were younger to have the energy to deal with this and the other part is glad that I have lived six-plus decades because powerful events and forces will make living a much bigger challenge.

    My wife and I recently inherited a farm and it may be divine timing since food is going to be a major issue soon. Not that growing your own food is a walk in the park.

    George, been following you for years now and it has been worth it the whole way.

  3. “the Poland-Belarus zone”

    He who punches first has the best chance of winning the fight.

    Maybe Poland will be spared but I doubt it.

    • True, however I never swung first, and after my first street fight as a child (where my ass was handed to me), I never lost another. You prepare for that punch, prepare to take it, and prepare your first counterpunch before you are ever placed in a situation where a fight could occur.

      I’d be willing to bet “situational awareness” is pretty high on Mr. Putin’s list of attributes.

      Poland has a long history of doing stupid, politically-driven military shit and being conquered. After over 1000 years of not learning the lesson, I see no reason why they’d not make the mistake again, especially with the Musicians spoiling for an excuse…

  4. “we’re looking at a multiaxial internal revolt. E.G, where everyone is angry about everything”

    You hit the nail on the head George. Last week, you used the word “hate” in your column and I am sure you did not use it lightly. Hatred seems to be the emotion driving so many these days. The days of disagreement with dialogue are gone and we are on a road to major internal and global chaos.

    I am against picking exact dates for major conflict because someone will call you a fool when the date passes and nothing obvious happens but it is safe to predict that 2024 will be full of chaos unseen since the fall of Rome. I have bet several friends that the US presidential election will not take place.

    The wise will prepare physically, mentally and spiritually. The foolish will blame everyone but themselves when it goes down.

    • The following seems to be coming more true every day.

      by Rudyard Kipling

      It was not part of their blood,
      It came to them very late,
      With long arrears to make good,
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      They were not easily moved,
      They were icy — willing to wait
      Till every count should be proved,
      Ere the Saxon began to hate.

      Their voices were even and low.
      Their eyes were level and straight.
      There was neither sign nor show
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not preached to the crowd.
      It was not taught by the state.
      No man spoke it aloud
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not suddenly bred.
      It will not swiftly abate.
      Through the chilled years ahead,
      When Time shall count from the date
      That the Saxon (Patriots) began to hate.

    • Glenn Beck read the note that Oliver Anthony (“Rich Men North of Richmond”) posted on his “X” account. Among all the other thoughts he talked about was the one that said something to the effect that “the Internet is evil” and I couldn’t agree more. (And yet here I am)

      Until we were all thrown together with our clashing beliefs and attitudes we could, usually, live quietly, happily unaware of the other people out there that look down on certain others, pretty much unaware that some of those “Others” were us. According to Anthony, as my memory serves, the Internet has stolen our free time that used to be spent with family, friends and pursuing things we enjoy. The flip side of that, of course, is finding out how to pursue things you enjoy and making it easier to stay in contact with family and friends that have moved. The difference is, however, those in your circle may be more circumspect about letting information out about people they know. With the Internet your whole life is laid out there some way, somewhere and the bad actors will prey on that. The more public your life is the more people will be looking into it – and the more those who want to control us in some manner will seek us out directly or indirectly.

      We’ve been ID’d and located, quantified and evaluated and to someone out there we’re a target on some level. This is where “Hate” is bred, born and raised. We learn to fear others and if we don’t we’re naive and if we’re naive we’re easy pickings for the predators. Just because they haven’t come for you yet doesn’t mean they won’t. I hate paranoia but it keeps me on my toes because it’s justified.

      People naturally hate what they fear. It doesn’t matter whether or not they understand the danger, the fact that it exists and can reach them – and also the fact that in today’s World you’re probably not allowed to do anything about it means you become a sitting duck. As Mr. Kimbrough says in this thread, I have a LOT of Saxon in me that outweighs the other genes so as I find out about these threats that exist out there I can only hope they give me a little warning before they show up on my door step.

  5. “The money supply is fuel for the economy, and it has been contracting over the last year. Now, the rate of contraction is -3.6%/yr., something we have not seen since 1938. Following significant changes in the money supply, the economy changes course with a lag of 6-18 months. At present, the economy is running on fumes and a 2024 recession is inevitable.”
    “Buffett is on the sideline with $147 billion, his money’s in short-term Treasurys,” and it was discovered that he dumped $13.3 billion worth of stocks in the first quarter and has increased their cash pile by 13%.

  6. Good morning George

    I’m glad to see the electro culture and orgone energy info you posted. :)

    My gardens are going ape-shit producing produce that is healthy and extremely tasty. – vastly different from the store bought product.

    I talked with my neighbors early in the year about it … they shrugged off the concept. Now, they’re seeing my results compared to theirs and, are now looking for tall sticks and 10 gauge copper wire. Lol !! Planning for next season.

    I think anyone who gardens should make the cheap simple investment.

    Reading the rest of your column today, I noticed “September” popped up again. That month keeps me (wondering) too.

    Ah, all the conspiracy theories that have been and are, flying around … always theories, until reality sets in and the truth comes out. Proof is in the pudding and the wife is making chocolate pudding for dessert today.

    It’s nice to be a part of your many readers, who all bring substance to the table you set every morning.

    Been following your collapse theory for about 20 years. I’m never disappointed, no matter how disappointing the future looks. Truth is sometimes hard to swallow but your foresight helps ease the dis-ease we’re all feeling.

    I never liked the fact that we’re being set up to take one hell of a fall. Wish more people could feel the gravity of it, things might change. They’re too busy being distracted after being lied to and old technology has been buried. – Strange how much of the old information has been resurfacing … while some people (think) it’s all new. Electro Culture, EVs and more. Old stuff hidden.

    Even being at war and not realizing it, is apparent to many but, not enough to really make a difference.

    I see that church unscathed on Maui and think, “That’s a calling card.” Which one of our enemies would leave a church? Guess the fight isn’t against God, for someone.

    Was the Maui fires an attack, a climate change disaster or just a clearing for some new Smart City? – won’t know until the truth comes out. Have to see what gets built there.

    It’s a crazy world George. We just have to do our best and leave the rest to God.

    Peace Brother

    • Stranger than fiction PB, stranger and crazier than fiction.


      * community member asked suggestions regards defense/protection vs archons/archonic interferences – the bad information in Ure head, most simple just ignore- know its bad info..
      Things be really “dicey” out there now and I want to share a protection “spell” – put it out there in consciousness for all the good citizens 2 use.

      A simple incantation, repeated 3 times, out loud – Ure outside voice;

      ” I invoke the Light of the Christ within me”

      Say it 3 times – outloud. No name substitutions, additions..PRESZACTLY as written..

      Bulletproof Baby ! https://youtu.be/0vsyXZv-tp0

      In IT 2 Win IT!

      ? buy the dip onto the 128 dma line?


      buybuybuybuybuy BTC

    • “It’s nice to be a part of your many readers, who all bring substance to the table you set every morning.”

      I agree Bob and you are one of the readers that brings substance here. There is a wide variety of life experience folks in different disciplines on this site that make it worthwhile to come back every day. Comments on other websites are usually monotone and without substance. I have stopped reading them all but a very few and cancelled all subscriptions but Peoplenomics.

      The horrific fire and human suffering in Maui was hard to comprehend but in case Georges’s note today

      “Uprisings and extremists’ watch: Pakistan Arrests 129 Muslims After Mob Attacks Christian Churches, Homes”

      was not enough to convince you of man’s ongoing inhumanity to man, the June 2023 events in Darfur, Sudan should be another shocking reminder.


      We live a very sheltered life in this part of the globe but it seems to be coming in our direction.

    • I would love for us to gather more info on this “electro-culture” approach! I’ve no idea why 10 gauge wire seems to be necessary – would something lighter, yet stiff(14 gauge) work as well? Is copper essential? What other parameters make a difference, and are there significant reading or video resources available? I’m in the middle of an underground water situation so I can’t contribute much at the moment, but this seems like a good topic for either PN or STS.

    • “Been following your collapse theory for about 20 years.”

      THAT was why I started hanging out here. We should’ve cratered into a massive depression when the tech bubble burst — but we didn’t. Although folks like to point fingers at W, and refer to him pulling us out of it via the TSA, the bubble burst in March of 2000, 10 mos before GWB took office, and the Patriot Act (and its employment arm, the TSA) didn’t come along until roughly 10mos after GWB took office. The only thing late-Clinton and early-Bush had in common, financially, was Alan Greenspan…

      “Strange how much of the old information has been resurfacing… Electro Culture, EVs and more. Old stuff hidden.”

      Not hidden, outmoded. This stuff wasn’t buried, it was too expensive and too inefficient to compete, and therefore was replaced by cheap, efficient ICEs and relegated to the dusty wing of museums.

      “I see that church unscathed on Maui and think, “That’s a calling card.” Which one of our enemies would leave a church?”

      Apparently the same one who’d not burn Oprah’s or Mark Zuckerberg’s Maui estate down…

  7. G.A. STEWART: The Maui fires remind me of the 2020 Northern California fires and the speculation then about the use of Directed Energy Weapons. And so the Maui Lahaina fires have brought up Conspiracy Theories regarding space based lasers complete with fake photographs.

    As The Q PYSOP has proven, by flaunting the truth, you deflate the conspiracies and make a joke out of the people who sell the ideas.

    As I just commented to the doubters on George Ure’s website regarding the Norway Light Spiral, you are either in or out of the pool, there is no halfway. Consistency in thought allows you to use basic truths as stepping stones.


  8. Here’s the school loan debt strategy and it’s probably the strategy for most debtors. Stick the living with the bills.

    “Among them is physical education teacher Morgan Covert. The 43-year-old told Scripps News she has around $100,000 in federal student loan debt.

    “I’ll be in the grave before I finish it off. I’ll die with student loan debt. That’s really how I feel,” Covert said.”

    • .., and we all feel sorry for her…, right?
      $100,000 in debt – to become a Phys-Ed teacher? What was she thinking – or is that an oxymoron?

      “As a rhetorical device, an oxymoron illustrates a point to communicate and reveal a paradox.”

    • About 15 years ago, a friend of mine told me he has a cousin who is a veterinarian, and she said the same thing.

    • I knew someone a while back that had a medical degree. Her plan was to continuously stay in school until she died because as long as she was a student, her student loan repayment was deferred.

      • I have a niece that is doing just that.. she has two PHD’s and working on a third..
        A nephew that wanted to do that..but ended up having real life issues to deal with that he couldn’t devote the time..
        she was just here visiting a week ago.. I asked her why..she’s already at the level where they cannot afford to pay her what her educational equivalence is at.. she knows but payments on the education she has is a multiples of what a wage earner makes..
        if the average payment for an education like my grand daughters.. ten percent interest .. her education cost is at the ten dollars an hour..I suggested she try to get hired at the veterans medical..golden goose healthcare and retirement..a great government wage off at 3:30 one of my doctors gets 14 weeks of vacation because of how long hes been there and a shift load of federal holidays and your School loans forgiven..
        they work hard???? ( I might have just lied there by saying g they are hard workers..I use to work for the local county and I knew better lol lol what costs two hundred and fifty thousand and sleeps 8… the new dump truck for the highway department lol lol)

      • I knew a woman who went to Harvard – she racked up $250,000 in her undergraduate degree.

        Then, her and her Mother stopped any work for one year, and then she was able to claim hardship, and ALL HER LOANS WERE FORGIVEN.

        Now, she is looking for a medical school to accept her, and she one day will be a doctor, ALL on the taxpayer’s dime.

        Another story. The tale of 2 Koreans.

        One was adopted, she was 2nd behind the Valedictorian, her parents, hard working paid 100% for her college education at a very nice college.

        The 2nd: The Valedictorian’s Father stopped working one year before his daughter graduated high-school. She was given a 100% FREE RIDE to the same college.

        Over and over and over again these remedies are found and given to the supposedly impoverished, and disadvantaged.

        I experienced it myself, put myself through school, and paid my own way, and only at the end utilizing $17,400 in student loans, which I got a 10 year payback period, which I paid off in 6 years (I graduated in 2001. Yes, I READ and understood what I signed and committed to, and in now way would I have weaseled out or expected anyone else to pay my way.

        A woman from Peru came to the USA, and she got a FREE ride at UTAustin for THREE degrees because she was brown and supposedly broke.

        She stayed with me for the one week before classes started all the while behaving poor as a church mouse.

        The benefit of a good long memory is, 20 years later she revealed that she showed up in this country with $50,000 in her bag. I guess she thought she was far enough removed from the scene of her criminality that she could brag to me.

        I paid my way because I have a social security number and never though to not work the year before I started going to college.

        She got 3 degrees and free trips to Europe and Russia.

        Do you think Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle paid 100% for their degrees at Columbia, Princeton, and Harvard?

        Or his Dad before him?

        Absolutely not.

        And it has been 100% confirmed that it was NOT THE ASIANS’s who have been discriminated against these last 40 years at the Ivy league colleges, but the CAUCASIANS (non Jewish Caucasians, since Jews sometimes they identify as White and sometimes as Jews (race, culture, religion, non Caucasian).

        The big dust up at the VIEW with Whoopi Goldberg revealed that Jews are not Whites (Caucasians).

        But stupid Caucasians are getting wiped out all over the place and they do not even have ANY appreciation for their great heritage and legacy, they can’t even defend themselves against any of the liberal tyranny happening in all of the once White majority countries.

    • No sympathy for stupidity…

      My eldest daughter has friends & acquaintances who’ve gone 1-2 semesters short of graduating with a degree, then radically changed their major and degree pattern.

      Then rinse & repeat.

      I met two of them who’d reloaded their degree pattern seven times without ever graduating, and a couple more who’d done it five times.

      Being a student is like being in the military — it’s safe.

      Safe, in that you never have to grow up and all major decisions are made for you.

      If’fn someone went to school for four, made the grades and got a degree in a “big boy” field, they likely had no problem disposing of their student loans. TBH, I only have two examples of this: one who graduated CS with an emphasis in networking, the other as a Chem-E. The CS grad paid out his loan in 52 months. The Chem-E grad paid his out in 27 months, without ever touching his paycheck. He graduated Magna, and has spent the last dozen years living on his daily expense stipend. AFAIK he has never touched money from his paycheck, merely letting it accrue…

      If you get a degree in underwater basket-weaving, you’ll likely never pay your stupid loans off. Like I said: No sympathy…

      • “If’fn someone went to school for four, made the grades and got a degree in a “big boy” field, they likely had no problem disposing of their student loans.”

        my older mini me and I were just talking about this.. around the wastelands.. its nearly impossible to hire a plumber… they only want new construction..its the same with electricians..
        luckily a young graduate from plumbing school thought..why not do repairs.. he was shocked at how much need there is..he was several months backlogged a month ago.. luckily he hired a new guy.. so two weeks later he was able to squeeze me in for two hour repair.. 150.00 per hour per laborer and parts..there was two of them..
        I told my mini me..take up air conditioning..they make as much as a surgeon..it cost us twenty grand to put in an air conditioning and furnace.. people tell me I was taken advantage of but its in and it only took 4 years to get someone..
        the down side of it..construction will slow down all the new install only contractors will have to go back to repairs..
        I have threatened to go to school for it so I can make my own repairs.
        Why would you need to spend a quarter million or more on an education where a trade school would be enough.
        I look at what my grandkids are paying for school loans..puts their real income level at burger king level..
        take one place.. 19 an hour a four year RN starting at 33…. her loan payback is at 12 per hour..less responsibility.. then if they raised wages..just how much do they make..
        where my wife works she makes 14 an hour no benefits and has over forty years if experience..the problem is she’s had several strokes got most of it back but there are residual effects in nobility and flexibility.. where she’s at is perfect for her physical abilities..and her boss isn’t making a dime..and I don’t even have to look at the books..

  9. “We would like to think the Fed is cognizant of these “Bigger Picture” items and that between commercial property refi’s and write-downs, plus the hog-wild free lunch crowd in CONgress necessitating high federal borrowing (and still Fitch has the balls to call it) the risk of runaway inflation is not off the table.”

    Oh.. they would have to be blind and stupid to not notice it..
    the issue is the NOODLE on the table.. wages are stagnant to advance.. how can they manage that..you can raise the wages a quarter but if you don’t have a quarter more coming back into the fold..
    It is like the last rate hike for the electricity.. it wasn’t that big.. but what it amounted to was a nickle an hour.. per person not counting what the rate hike was for the company etc.. obviously they have to keep competitive so raising prices is out of the question..
    gasoline.. if a station buy gas at two dollars a gallon and the price drops a quarter.. they lose money.. so it is a gamble.. what they did was kept the costs the same to be competitive and then dropped hours.. a forty hour work week went down to thirty five hour work week.. big companies hire what ten percent of laborers at full time then the rest are part time or temp workers.. the full time staffing gets benefits the part time doesn’t get health insurance etc..
    then the administration went hog nutz wild with printing.. suposedly to rebuild america’s infrastructure.. hmm.. well they didn’t do that.. It almost makes me think that those in control have never had to balance a check book or work a real world job.. OH HEY he never has had to do either of those LOL LOL he has been at the trough of dc for most of his life..

    no budgeting at all.. not like a person at home has to do.. you do what you have to do.. as the water dries up on the table the noodle will be pulled apart.. pour to much water on the table and the noodle desolves.. they are doing both.. kind of reminds me that

  10. The Ten Year bond just hit a fifteen year high this morning.
    …, 4.298 %
    The 30 Year is at 4.408 % .., a spread of only 0.11%
    However, the money is on the 13 Week Treasury at 5.28 %

  11. Re: Royal News
    feat: BK


    Where’s the tomato?

    The BBC India section has a no-name journalist brand report published concerning the tomato situation. Burger King has followed suit with McDonalds and Subway in removing tomatoes from their menus in parts of India. It appears tomatoes are in short supply following July monsoon rains.

    • Re: North Star
      feat: al-Judayy, The Kid


      “Deutsche Welle” notes the announcement by Sweden’s head of domestic security, Baroness Charlotte von Essen, moving the terrorist threat level to its second highest level. Officials connect this to the recent Quran burnings. Citizens are encouraged to pursue their normal activities.

      The Swedish “Riddarhuset” (House of Knights) webpage appears to have had a housecleaning last month. Remaining Swedish Wikipedia pages still in the public domain advise the Baroness’ ancestor was an early recipient in the 18th century of the, reintroduced as of 2023, Knight of the Order of the North Star.

      The Latin motto is “nescit occasum”: it knows no decline.

      • Re: “Silence of the Lambs”
        feat: Sant’Agnello, Italy


        Hark, a butterfly flaps its wings! “France24” has word that Hong Kong-flagged container vessel Joseph Schulte has successfully left the port of Odesa (Odessa) towards Turkey. The publicly viewable information on the “vesselfinder” website indicates this was at least the fifth (failed?) departure by the ship from Odesa since July 4th.

        “Myshiptracking” website has a page for container ship Joseph Schulte accompanied by pictures of Hong Kong (Spanish?) flagged container ship MRSC Algeciras. Yet the latter’s last public appearance seemed situated in the Spanish port of Algeciras near Gibralter.

  12. Trump is already constitutionally forbidden from serving in public office because of Section Three of the 14th Amendment.
    This section, also known as the Disqualification Clause, bars from office any government officer who takes an oath to defend the Constitution and then engages in or aids an insurrection against the United States.
    All three branches of the government have identified the attack on the Capitol as an insurrection, with multiple federal judges, bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate, as well as the bipartisan Jan. 6 House select committee, citing Trump as its central cause.
    The Disqualification Clause has already been used successfully to promote accountability for the insurrection, with the courts agreeing that it does not violate the First Amendment Free Speech of an individual. Section Three supersedes those rights. [ Sept 2022 New Mexico County Commissioner Couy Griffin.]
    It should be noted that Trump has not been charged, nor convicted of insurrection, however, there are court cases in the coming months that will try to do just that.
    “Officials must enforce the Constitution because it is law … Section Three has legal force already.”
    – It is a very good legal argument., getting a case into the courts, that Trump ‘promoted’ insurrection should not be all that hard to do. Getting a conviction might prove problematic – but doable in the right setting.
    – The fall-out from such a conviction ?

    • Yeah , and pedo joe should be hanging from a light pole for “his” treasonous actions that evidence has shown.

    • Not good, fugly at best..
      need moar lite..

      Historical perspective suggests that large criminal cases take a very long time to put together..closing all loopholes/back doors and other such slimey trick-fucks, takes time. Rudy Gs team put away ALL the capos from big 4 families back in his DA days in NYC-in one fell swoop, they is “still put away” today. Weird rhymes with dates of those cases and tRumps current.. All is not as it has been perceived.
      Once one sealed indictment is Opened, they all open. ? Do they really exist or is it durham? Lots o actors playing roles in a very tired show, here’s hoping the final act is about start. No stars – show absolutely sucks so far.

    • They have also all identified Sam Brinton as a female.

      What’s your point?

      Had Jan6 been an insurrection, instead of nasty Nancy posing for her daughter’s vids in the Rotunda while the party was going on, she would have been the very first to collect a piece of hot lead between the eyes.

      2+2 does not equal 5, no matter how many people say it does…

    • hahahah; and did you hear that an FBI informant admitted that it was the FBI who did the insurrection on behalf of the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the corrupted ilkers there in D.C. (District of Corruption)?

      That dog ain’t gonna hunt, you know the dog(s) in the hunt(s) for T R U M P!!!

  13. more e-mails found,,, vice pres biden sent as,
    Robert L Peters,,, does the L stand for Loves?

    they want another indictment to drawn attention away from this, but Katie Hobbs pulled her tweet calling for one in AZ,,, do they have anymore ammo?
    the theories about the conspiracies are more true than not,
    Hunter even referred to him as Pedo Peter.
    does it need to explained to the” it is not a conspiracy” believers, like you took the vax for a donut?

    Gees now the FDA says OK, to horse paste, after millions took the EUA vax, that would NOT have gotten the EUA if the Truth about ivermectin was told at the beginning, Fauci is a criminal for crimes against humanity.
    It really is medicine for humans. people died because of the LIES. WHO will pay the tab for the LIES?

    I am Quite sure the DOD and the military complex has not pursued the development of space based beam weaponry, that would be held in the most top secret compartment,, yeah, no fucking way that might happen,
    What was that atom bomb stuff they did?

    Stanley Meyer got the water molecule to disunite, by energy input, back to separate elements, I wonder if that is possible for steel ? beams turning to dust in mid free fall from the towers,,, that ain’t fire, that caused that dustification.
    the Towers had an exoskeleton of steel

    • I’m sure Hunter has Pedo Peter well in hand.

      BTW, Ivermectin is on the WHO world list of essential medicines. The only negative is that you need to beg for a prescription if you want human approved IVM in the USA.

      • Indiamart. Even the suppliers who state a prescription is required will sell. Find one who takes PayPal and use it to further protect yourself. BTW, The pharmacies that sell IVM also sell HCQ…

  14. Michael Burry just placed a $1.6 billion dollar bet [ two days ago.] on a stock market crash. Known as “The Big Short”., he has been right every time he makes such a huge predictive move. [ That the market, or a sector will crash – soon.]

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