DEWs and Don’ts

We don’t know where the idea of directed energy weapons being used on American targets came from, but it does make for a curious line of inquiry.  Which we will take up this morning after a couple of other items.

Perhaps the largest of which is the ChartPack, which as we have been telling you has been pointing to the imminent start of a Wave 3 down that is likely to last into early next year and could see markets halved from present levels.

Of course, there’s the general news flow, as well.  Including fresh droppings of Housing Starts not to mention the Fed Industrial Utilization numbers just after the open.

Ready for a really, really excellent time?  Well, this may not be it…

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60 thoughts on “DEWs and Don’ts”

  1. Do an image search on the Norway Light Spiral.

    The coiling blue beam of light appears to be some form of Synchrotron Radiation, and the blue light suggests that some of those charged particles were emitting Cherenkov Radiation.

    It was a special message sent to the Russians on the eve of Barack Obama’s phony Nobel Peace Prize and his belligerent acceptance speech that legalized “Might For Right”, or more accurately stated, “Might For the Perceived Right of the Global Elite.”

    TR3Bs and UAPs, somebody has a garage full of these extraterrestrial toys, so we do not need airplanes as a platform anymore.

  2. George
    Will China be the economic match that burns down the financial structure of the world?
    There are two sources of news today that claim China is in very serious economic trouble and has shut down all sources of data as to it’s economic situation. One source of news is on Zerohedge and the other is out of Australia on YouTube. That source is the Michael Cowan channel with the video “It Just Happened China Shuts Down Everything!”.
    As for the Twin Towers situation you should read the excellent book by Dr. Judy Wood, “Where Did The Towers Go”. Her gig Is engineering failure analysis of major structures. She touches on DEW in her analysis as the most likely suspect. The photos in the book really say it all. Especially the five photo sequence of a tower core column turning to dust in the wind. Yeah, for real! Think Torsion Field Weapon! Scary stuff!!

  3. 5 year old granddaughter called last night to ask if Nana and I were coming up this weekend to see her first soccer game. 3 and a half hour drive there is no problem and is a good reason for a side shopping trip to Chuck’s Boots and the Stetson store and some nice frilleys for Nana. Her dad told me that she got really upset and cried when she saw the Lahaina fire on tv. She is a serious Lilo and Stitch expert, able to repeat scripts from all of the dvds. She was upset that Stitch and Lilo didn’t have their house anymore.
    Matthew verse 19 says, ” Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.
    Maybe we need to let the kids run things for a while.
    Stay safe. 73

  4. Ok G…. after viewing the surveillance videos of those so called Looters.. I am leaning to the term looters should be changed to ….valuable shoppers.. to assume they were anything other than va!unable shoppers.. would according to our present administration be considered racial profiling and a vile act of white supremacy…

    • Back in the day some cops had names for the more not so nice to downright violent street people I wont repeat here but I think we all get the drift. In a locker room discussion I coined the term, “Urban Outdoorsmen” and suggested it was less offensive than some of the other names used.

  5. Ah, directed energy weapons. This was actually a big topic as far as 25 years ago, when I was at USSPACECOM in Colorado Springs. Lasers led the weapons research effort, but they have certain limitations, such as they perform poorly in weather (rain, snow, fog) and thru clouds. They also have issues when traversing from cold to warm air, or vice versa. They cannot travel well thru water. Also, stealth vehicles are hard to locate with laser systems. If you can’t find it, you can’t shoot it down. High energy microwave weapons do somewhat better in the above conditions, but still have related transmission problems thru temps, moisture, dust and atmospheric disturbances. The best medium for laser and high energy weapons use is from one space vehicle to another, far above the bulk of the atmosphere, or from close terrestrial ranges, as with special ops forces frying ISIS snipers and fighters trying to launch shoulder fired missiles. That said, whenever a laser is fired, the longer it is fired, the easier it is to pinpoint where the laser is located, making it easier to target and destroy. “Shields up!”

      The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2010, Page 85

      “Fires shining from the Carbuncles” is a reference to laser weaponry. Interestingly enough, a carbuncle is anyone of the scarlet and crimson varieties of garnet where the stone is cut with a convex face. There is an ancient legend that Noah used such stones to illuminate the ark. This arcane bit of myth shows just how fine the weave is to Nostradamus’ tapestry regarding the future and the past.

      Nostradamus Sixain XXVII
      Celestial fire from the side of the West,
      From the South, running to the Levant [East],
      Worms half dead without finding a root.
      Third Age of Mars the warlike [World War III],
      From carbuncles [Lasers] one will see brilliant fire,
      The age of the carbuncle [Laser] and in the end famine.

  6. “From the coverage of the event (shock and awe moment) to the “How to make the most of it” moments following. There are very real people, in genuine pain and suffering, and, well, “Is Oprah coverage a benefit to the people who survived disaster on Maui?” Or, is it taking advantage of the less fortunate which is another American business model? ”

    A little of both..or a little of one and a lot of the business model.
    From what I’ve read Oprah Has had a rough childhood.. that Also gave her the ever be where she has been.. a very good friend had,a drive she was smart resilience to survive that I couldn’t fathom. she was the boss the one at the top.. after a few adult beverages her story came out. it was a lot similar to that of Oprah’s ..
    for some it destroys their spirit those that lose hope.. for others it does the opposite.. it gives them a drive to succeed. for myself it was a learning experience.. to open my eye to many things. how can you be able to live a quality of life when everything out there is designed to force you the opposite direction to that of dependency..
    many give in..few see the need to prepare it’s the roaring twenties..
    I believe Oprah feels the struggles of those and empathizes with the situation they have been forced to experience. but also the drive the business model to make more.

  7. A ray of hopeless hope?

    So much gloom. Wheels coming off the world. Wars & Rumors. “Alarrums & Excursions,” Stuff going bust. Rampant unstoppable crime, Incompetence and malignance in government, failing environment trying to kill us all, insane policies and insane people running those policies, sexual craziness, The Yellowstone Hypervolcano, derailments, architectural collapses, rampaging terrorists, global plague(s), the big meteor out there somewhere inbound at 80,000 clicks, The Other Big One still stalking southern California’s larger cracks. Dogs sleeping with cats — is there ANY end to it all?

    In a word: “No.”

    But… But… But…

    Maybe it ain’t so bad, really. I mean, “Y2K” didn’t Y2K. “2012” didn’t 2012. In 1976, the New Ice Age, widely promoted on the cover of “Time Magazine,” faltered. Merrica & Da Russkies didn’t volly nooks. The Sun didn’t fry us. (Yet.)

    Lotasa Bad Shit did happen, of course; but lots of other bad stuff, predicted by learned and well-respected blue-ribbon pundits and smart scientists and award-winning economists didn’t.

    Maybe it ain’t so bad after all. Reality, that is.

    Maybe tomorrow will be much like today. Maybe The Rapture won’t happen next Thursday.

    Maybe there’s a Ray of Hope.

  8. 9/11 skyscraper disaster..

    there are a lot of theories ..from a controlled demolition to acts of terrorism.
    fast forward to last week..I took someone to the doctors and seen the most puzzling thing.. a government building being built..I moseyed over to take a peek..the whole thing was being constructed out of really light gauge steel ..
    no math going through my mind but by first analysis..was how in the hell does that work..really lightweight almost foil sheeting..I seen a lot of the structure supports like I used..
    anyway it bugged the hell out of me..So I called my son on law he’s builds skyscrapers bridges etc.
    they are built to sway as much as,a few feet..the central support from the elevator area.. damage to that area and the building comes down.. so could the airplane take it down i personally believe that it absolutely could come down. its no longer a mystery

    • The WTC buildings were built in a unique way. If you ever saw it in real life it was readily apparent.

      Versus an internal structural steel frame the outside columns that surrounded the building carried it’s weight, not an internal frame. By doing that the architech could “open up” the interior for large open floor plans inside versus having support columns sprinked through it’s interior.

      In the central core of the building were the various building support items, elevators, plumbing, wiring, etc., so NOTHING needed to pierce the floors across it’s open floor plan but that interior column was not a main or critical support area for the buildings, it was the vertical beams along the ouside of the building.

      As most are aware virtually all normal skyscrapers utilize a structural steel skelaton on the inside, the WTC buildings DID NOT, it’s weight was born exclusively by the outside columns. This dynamic was only reinforced by the cross beams that went across the building side to side to which the concrete floors, which were tied to the cross building beams via welded pins that would project up into the concrete that were welded onto the beams prior to the concrete being laid, added structural rigidity to the outer support beams. (think of a cardboard box … NO internal support structure, it is OPEN for the contents to be placed inside yet is very strong and very rigid)

      VOILA … when the planes ran into the buildings and broke some of those outside support columns there was NO BACKUP SUPPORT STRUCTURE inside the building to help it maintain it’s load carrying capabilities … and as the cross building beams weakened via the heat of the fire (some say fire can NOT weaken steel … that is total Bull Shit! … note the Prudential skyscraper fire in Philly a few years before, a traditional skeleton structural steel building, where the heat weakend the building’s beams and at the end that skyscraper was leaning about 27 feet sideways at the top – but it did NOT fall down).

      Less support for the weight due to destroyed weight carrying structural supports along the outside edges of the building, the internal rigidity of the building declining because of the fire weakening the cross building floor supports … and KABOOM … finally the weight of the buildings floors collapsing on top of one another in consecutive order brought the buildings down.

      It is unknowable but possible that a traditional skelaton skyscraper building would have survived the planes hitting it, like the Prudential Tower in Philly could LEAN as it’s internal steel lost it’s strength but not fall down, but with it’s unique design and construction the WTC did not,

      WTC 6 is a horse of an entirely different color. THAT is where a conspiracy may lie … but WTC 1 and WTC 2 only needed some of those outside support beams to be broken and the internal cross member beams to be weakened so they couldn’t carry their load … and the buildings were toast. NO lasers, NO directed energy beams, and NO explosives required (think of how with the WW2 Dam Busters they merely “cracked” the dams A LITTLE in just a very small area … and then weight, gravity, and natural pressures did the actual work of destroying the dams)

      Some conspiracies are real or could be real … but some are just total figments of imagination with no connection to reality.

  9. DEW you wanna, dew dew you wanna, feel like a blackened iguana with me tonight?

    Looks like Texas be next..

    and just like that hear comes a TSUNAMI WARNING 4 Portland, Texas
    ..Hello Houston..?

    ? Did I ever tell youse all about the “living” object that was thrown at Earth long long time ago ? Planned wipe out of the dino’s – they had gotten too big/nasty and out of control.
    That “object” slammed into Earth crust and created GoM that we know and love today. Object broke into pieces deep into the crust, and 1 or 2 are moving, have been since long time ago – headed toward Puerto Rico and what ever is deep down under the very deep ocean trench.
    Yes Cindylouhoo’s, Oil is not only thing the drill platforms be drilling for in GoM..

  10. We were in the big Montana fires of 2000. I saw first hand how blind and stupid people can be when things are exceptionally dry. We were the number 1 fire in the country, air drops of retardent and water were the only things that made much difference. Then there was one person who set a fire on purpose. When the winds come up you can be toast so very fast. On the other hand, we were lucky. A storm front with big wind came through but it came with rain. If there had been no rain, the entire valley would have been on fire at one time because of the embers carried on the wind. I would be considering weather warfare as possible. Why was it so very dry and could the hurricane have been steered? And then one match. How will we ever know?

  11. Another good PN column, George.

    I’ve been hearing the conjectures about the use of a DEW platform for those fires, as well. It seems like an awfully expensive way to start a fire. You did a fine job of covering both sides of the non-critical/critical thinking exercise.

    When it comes to 9/11 all of us here have probably heard just about heard every theory that there is. Unlike most people, I happen to have had a long conversation with a gentleman who had been a steelworker on the construction of the two main towers…complete with whiteboard dry erase illustrations. He explained to me how the towers where constructed and how they failed structurally on that fateful day. It was a combination of building design and structural damage that doomed both towers. I was left 100% satisfied with his explanation. No DEWs required. That’s not to say that the official story should be believed. It definitely should not be, but the towers falling were not planned…just icing on the conspirators’ cake.

    One interesting note is that even though Tower 1 was hit first it survived the longest. The theory is that because Tower 1 employed asbestos fire-proofing on the structural steel it lasted the longest. Tower 2 was built after the 1972 ban on those types of asbestos products. The later products just don’t perform as well.

    My point in all of this is not to say that there aren’t agents of chaos out in the world working against our best interests. The point is that Occam’s Razor is always sharp. When troubleshooting, start with the simplest explanations and works towards the most complex. Somewhere in there you will find the truth. When the check engine light comes on your car the crank shaft probably didn’t break. Maybe check a fuse first?

    • The police Chief of Maui was the Incedence commander in the Las Vegas shootings – just a coincidence I’m sure….Where was the Coast Guard???? Shouldnt they have arrived to pick up those in the water???

    • I agree after visiting with my son in law over that government building that had me puzzled.. his explanation totally satisfied my curiosity.. and convinced me that what I seen as crappy design actually had some merit.. how it holds all that weight is a marvel to modern engineering.. that foil sheeting..dam interesting.. my grandson to be.. they are using quarter inch cardboard for sheeting..on multi million dollar mansions..

  12. worth Reading
    I go with Warhammer and Consigliere this time.
    First the Trade Towers.
    These are columns with 200 ft sq (about one acre) concrete floors held to a central support tube. Imagine the shelves at a big box store which at the inside end slip into slots in the central support tube. Same principle. The glass wall is attached at the end and an aluminum grid slipped around the outside as a stiffener for wind.
    You don’t have to “melt” anything. You just get it hot enough to move the “ultimate strength” down near the “yield strength.”
    For example:
    When it happened, I explained what everyone saw to my neighbors and wife thusly.
    I had a 3-foot piece of #5 (5/8″) rebar and a propane torch.
    I demonstrated that I, Big Al (6′-1″, 250+lb) could not bend the rebar. I offered it to neighbors, and they couldn’t either. Then I took the torch and in about 10 minutes of “directed energy” in the middle of the bar I got it to red hot. Not nearly melting point, just red hot.
    Then I could bend it into the shape of a large paper clip.
    What happened is the jet fuel, paper, and wind at the higher altitudes blowing through the fractured buildings heated the steel cantilevered beams near the support tub, and more importantly the RIVETS holding the supports to the center, until they stretched and let go.
    You saw this when the first floor “moved” and converted the static force into dynamic force (a static locomotive, into one you just got moving). You saw the dust shoot out the sides as that first floor gave away, then the next, and the next, then the whole upper half of the building gave way.
    Why did the second building hit fall first?
    It had 110 floors above the hole in the side, the first hit had about 60 if I remember correctly. So the second build had a larger static load to get moving. The steel holding it yielded sooner.
    Remember the trade Towers sat on a three-story deep mall and parking complex that the original truck bomber in the 1990s tried to take out and topple them. That failed because AMFO (Ammonium nitrate fuel oil) is a low explosive, not high velocity enough to do that damage).
    If you want to discuss conspiracy theories compare the Kobar Towers in Saudi to the Murrah Building in OKC.
    Kobar was hit by a Tanker Truck (5000 GAL usually) of C4 or some other plastic explosive (Wave Front usually 4000-5000 Ft/S.) Murrah was hit by a box truck of AMFO (500 Ft/S) The trucks were parked about the same distance in street or drive in front of the building.
    Kobar had the face of the building caved in so it looked like and ice cube tray but still stood. Murrah had columns broken out and floors falling in. But wait you ask. Why were the columns that broke over here under the day care center, and not the columns closest to the blast? Why were beams that spanned floors not fractured in the middle, where the shock wave hit, and instead were broke at the ends, with the concrete pulverized off and the rebar stretched like taffy? Kinda like they were wrapped with Primacord at the beam to column joints? Go look at the old pictures.
    We could go on, but you get the picture.
    As for the Fires, its just too easy with the poor land and forest management of “environmentalists”, who believe management is akin to damage, to let fuel and tinder get out of hand. I too have seen a wayward cig butt do unbelievable stuff.

    I don’t know who flew the planes, I don’t know if it was remote control, I am still not sure how building 7 came down except for being undermined by the towers falling to the point it could not stand, and I don’t know how they were able to get it prepared for a take down so fast (pull the building.). I am reasonably sure the planes took down the building.
    I am also not sure who or what did anything like what I describe in OKC, I but I am sure that there are people who are evil enough (like baby-face-skinning and eating evil) in our government to have done just about anything the mind can imagine.

    • Amen..once that center support is compromised and the weight and was over..

  13. Will Red China attack us on Mar.30,2025?
    On that day,Neptune enters Aries.
    The last time that it did so was on April 12,1861,the date of the Fort Sumter attack.
    I saw this coming in 2006.
    Maybe it will be “merely”,Civil War 2 going hot?

    • I still believe Kim in North Korea will be the igniter..he hates us .. several times the oligarchs sent people to take him out..even corrupted his brother.. we’ve starved them kept medical supplies from them did everything to try and destroy them or make their lives miserable.. .. he has a bone to pick..and he’s the only one that is willing to tell the string pullers that he has their homes and countries are on the target list.. it won’t just be everyone else’s homes and families to suffer.
      once he moves then the what fifty plus countries will move at once causing pandemonium. with a good chunk of our strategic reserves gone and..if there is an army that our administration allowed in posing as refugees .. well hell will happen within our borders..and if club-k remote shipping containers were sent here.. we will be chasing ghosts.. a wild goose chase..they could literally be anywhere.

      they played the greed and deviant lifestyle cards.. convinced some to sell out our country for their deviant lifestyle.. drugs women money.. cartels hiring representatives to get our legislators to vote in the laws they wrote a few insider stock deals a few vacations free plane rides etc. they have us..hired people to do random acts of terrorism got our congress to back them and refund the only protection the people had.. then gave them the medal of peace lol lol..
      if this lights up.I believe as we know it will be different in a few short years..
      if it goes toe to toe.. we all will experience things that no one ever imagined in their darkest nightmares.. what’s irritating is.. it was for a depth of corruption and deviance that most of us despise..

  14. I think your consigliere has it exactly right. As I have always maintained, dry conditions and high winds are a recipe for a fire disaster of this magnitude. Lawsuits are now appearing against Hawaiian Electric which had some equipment near the source of the fire. All it takes is one spark…
    As for warning the people… there just was not enough time. When a firefront races toward town at 60mph taking out power and cell service, it is just not possible to give the people warning before the fire gets there.

    The complexity of the conspiracy theories are mind boggling and downright laughable. And to relate it to 9/11 is an extreme leap of unbelievability. But ignorant people are enormously gullible.

  15. Germany’s Defense Minister has stated that Germany will not be spending it’s Taurus missile to the Ukraine. It was widely expected that they would – which would have created a whole new dynamic in the war.
    It seems that Germany wants absolute assurances that their best missile will not be programmed for, or used on, Russian soil., and that the Ukraine is balking at that demand.
    At last count [ two months ago.], Germany has sent only 20% of their main battle tanks that they announced would sent to the Ukraine – ‘immediately”.
    Looks as though, on the surface anyway, that Germany really doesn’t want to get too deep into this shooting war.

  16. “I’ve heard it said that we should all keep an open mind about unknown things. But not so open that our brains fall out.”

    Good one George. I will use it.


    Read on another blog, and thot of ure encounters…

    Sara in Texas wrote us:

    “I’ve been a reader of Survival Blog for several years. I saw the link provided by C.B. about the recent deaths from Murine Typhus in California. I wanted to inform y’all that I contracted Murine Typhus about a month ago and got very ill. I ended up spending 3 days in the hospital. A ten-day course of Doxycycline saved me. I am a healthy middle-aged woman and I have never gotten that sick that quickly. We had an opossum eating leftover cat food from our front porch at night and as it turns out many opossums carry Murine Typhus. Others should be cautious of opossums coming into contact with their pets. I wanted to share the info. If anyone comes down with unexplained fever, eye pain/sensitivity to light, and a headache during the summer months it would be wise to start a 7-10 day course of doxycycline. Thanks for all that y’all do and the wonderful information provided.”

    Subscription ran out, can’t read peoplenomics, grrr! Not an investor, still worth every penny. Fixed soonly

    • Murine typhus, also known as endemic typhus or flea-borne typhus, is a form of typhus transmitted by fleas, usually on rats, in contrast to epidemic typhus which is usually transmitted by lice.
      Opossums themselves do not have typhus., but can carry the infected flea and the cat also can carry infected fleas.

  18. How will the teams line-up for CW2? .gov is very important for many people.

    – 11 to 20 million illegal people.
    – 20 to 25 million direct .gov employees.
    – who knows how many retired .gov folks getting a pension.
    – active military folks (1,400,000) not sure if this includes the Space Force.
    – another 6,000,000 military pensioned/disability
    – .gov feeding the gators through private pension bailouts
    – mucho direct aid like food stamps, 38,000,000 folks
    – “As of 2022, 66 million Americans receive social security benefits every month.”

    “In 2022, around 19.23 million people were working for state and local governments in the United States. This is much higher than the number of federal government (civilian) employees, which stood at about 2.87 million people in that year.”

    – Jul 17, 2023

    “The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) is the nation’s most important anti-hunger program, reaching 38 million people nationwide in 2019 alone. ‘

    “Nearly 3.9 million veterans (19.5%) received disability compensation payments, almost 1.5 million veterans (7.3%) received military retirement benefits and more than 600,000 veterans received pension payments.”

    – Nov 10, 2021

  19. re: ‘Dew
    feat: hold the whiskey


    A decade after arriving in America for Obama administration tax credits, the same Spanish owned renewable energy firm welcomed President Biden to Milwaukee yesterday. Official transcripts of the Presidential remarks have been dewly amended with multiple corrections which facts and diction would suggest. The Spanish company’s to be “made in America” battery chargers towards USA EV infrastructure will not begin production until the first quarter of 2024 according to the company website. Maximum production will be 13,000 chargers per year. The Biden Administration goal is a total national infrastructure charger complement of 500,000 units?

    Interestingly the Spanish company announced this past August 1st that it is selling its Renewable Services Division (digital and ai overseeing global operations and maintenance) to a colossus headquartered adjacent to the London greenbelt in Kings Langley.

  20. CHICHA Corn Beer recipe

    3 cups of malted corn..(ground)
    3 cups of brown sugar
    I/2 lime squeezed and then chopped up
    1 gallon of water. / 4 more gallons of water
    1 inch cinnamon stick ( traditional is channels )
    1 tsp of ginger
    1 tsp amylase hold till later then put it in the fermenter..

    pour the water and ingredients into a pan heat to a simmer making sure the sugar is mixed in..
    pour it into a bucket with net spice bag in it to gather the ingredients..then add 4 more gallons of water..
    let it come to room temperature.. start your yeast one packet or 1 tbsp. of brewers yeast.. add it to your fermenter put your vapor lock on it…
    about a week maybe two.. once the fermentation stops bubbling.. pull the bag out allowing the herbs and grain remain in the bag..bottle and enjoy a taste of the ancient Mayan kings…
    Mayan and Aztec enjoyed this beer.. now they didn’t have amylase what the tribal ritual was.. was each person in the tribe would spit in the fermentor.. the enzymes would break it we have the chemical equivalents to that..

  21. When I was in Vietnam a small out brake of Typhus happened at 2nd Infantry Division – seems a grunt caught a rat and kept it as pet – it had typhus infected fleas. 40 – 50 ? Soldiers. But since that time, I have kept a watch on reports and types.

  22. “And since we’re looking at fictional DEW use against a civilian population, there’s one more item to be sure and mention: A large NIR DEW would need to have very excellent targeting weather. Absorption would be an issue.”

    TWO more. The one above, but also where would one find a crew who would do such a thing, and how would they keep the crew from talking?

    • Ray, it now appears that the ‘Directed Energy Weapon’ was an energized power line that came down in the wind. Hawaiian Electric is the purveyor. One can direct a LOT of energy down a wire, as I’m sure you know! ;-)

      • Pardon me while I look surprised.

        Nope, not happening — I’m still indescribably pissed about the water…

      • Dam hank…you spoiled a good theory there..
        I was pretty sure it wasn’t a direct energy weapon.. ..I was guessing a camp fire that wasn’t totally out..

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