Ramble Biden, Crumble Peace – Side of Data

We might as well get Housing data – just out – dispensed with:

Look at the completions track and you’ll see how homebuilding is going balls2 in order to get product out there before the bubble bursts.

Always take Daniel Yergin seriously.  When he says the supply chain mess is chopping at the real pillars of the economy, pay very close attention.  Might even be worth the $19 bucks on Kindle for his new book “The New Map: Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations.”

With the recent market action, we might anticipate some returning to Earth next week.  Hardly anything on deck statistically  (unless you get off on Treasury auctions).  In fact damn little until next Thursday’s unemployment filings.

Rambling Joe

Since the U.S. announced additional sanctions on Russia earlier in the day, I was aghast at the lack of content in president Biden’s “address to the Nation” last night.  Wholly over-wrought for what it was; kicking out 10 likely spies.

The problem with his ramble, as we saw it, was the lack of clarity for the Russians to assess.  From their standpoint, Crimea is their land and Ukraine cutting off water supplies and such, is a real problem Russia must address.

If you think of Ukraine as being Mexico, Texas as the Crimea, and the U.S. in the Russian role, you’ll have a good sense of it.

The now Neocon-re-infected Biden administration is trying to exercise power in the region it really doesn’t have.  So, while we wait for the Nostradamus projection of a demented president to light up an Easter war (May 2 is Orthodox Easter) along lines feared by G.A. Stewart to be fulfilled, a steely eyed assessment is in order.

This could roll any of several directions.  International marble-shooting, so we just wait for headlines.  Like golf, if we get a few from NATO-wannbe Ukraine that land “in the rough” then things could begin to light up.

For now, Biden’s barely comprehensible bark has been sized up as the: Kremlin Says ‘Good’ That Biden, Like Putin, Wants Dialogue says the Moscow Times.

Until Ukraine stops dinking with the border zone (turning off the water ain’t neighborly) and the potshots stop on both sides, it has the same blow-up potential as Taiwan or a Korean Peninsula war.

War and Crisis Checklist

Which gets us around to checking the other hot spots.

Assume you know that China is doing all manner of military drillswhich could be taken by Washington as a forerunner to invasion.  That which China sells are “reunification.”

Meanwhile, the chip shortage which has idled a lot of assembly lines globally, looks to get worse because of a drought in Taiwan.  This means recovery will be slowed.

Japanese prime minster Yoshihide Suga will me with president Biden today and they will (predictably) talk tough and in support of Taiwan.

But, when push comes to shove, it’s really about a “long sunset of America the Great.”  Just now we are seeing how China’s GDP was up more than 18 percent in the past year.  Yet the U.S. Media glosses over an economic fact:  There is Global Inflation underway.

We will derive a quick “Inflation Adjusted U.S. markets view” on the Peoplenomics side of the house tomorrow.  Thing with the baseline 18.3% China GDP report is it gives us a calculation starting point since the G20 members have been more aggressive.  Including the U.S. Fed’s 27% hike in M2.  Now hidden (along with M1) because the Fed doesn’t want to horror of dollar watering-down to become too obvious.

Other Asses and Assets

Still, we have to wonder whether – in the long wave economic bottoming process – whether Gold will ever get down to its long-projected $900 or lower per ounce?  Obviously, if the real rate of inflation is over 2-times (remember, M1 is up over 400%) then $700 gold on a constant dollar basis becomes $2,800 gold in phony “money” terms.

Bitcoin Forecast coming into View:

Not a big drop, but did you happen to notice the BTC was down this morning to the $60,000 level?  One reason is that “Bitcoin Price Drops as Turkey Bans Crypto Payments Amid Currency Crisis.

We have long held that in the end, Bitcoin will be banned by governments globally because they don’t hold “power over people” if they don’t control money.

Which – we project – will mean that as crisis works its way around the world in serial fashion – so will governments outlawing crypto use that’s not officially sanctioned (which means: controlled).  To wit, China’s new digital Yuan.

Global Faction Decoder

Oh…and yes…We look at cryptos more and more like a hoodwink of the world into a New World Order’s own currency.  Because a case could be made in financial analytics that two “orders” are fighting for global control:  One is the old-order “Official Governments” which control people through false-scarcity fiat, since they have squandered gold and silver to back it up.

The Second faction would be the ad hock NWO types who are using BTC and other currency they same way Iran uses Obama-cash:  to work a sociopolitical agenda.

This is not on the mental viewport of policymakers, yet.  But, give it time:  On the Old Order side is “one currency per Nation” while the challenger-newcomer argues “We’re going to flack the old order with Cryptos!”

Because, in the end, they will need a single global currency and if you don’t see cryptos as Global Currency marketing, you should maybe find a more dumbed-down website to read.

The Old Order – the one that runs official governments – will not just sit back and accept a global non-elective with it’s own money and laws of social(ist) behavior.  Instead, the Old Order is trying to get first a global agreement on tax (e.g. Yellen’s recent yammers on corporate tax rates).  It’s why Biden is so hot-to-trot on climate, too.  Climate is the old-order’s new “reason to tax.”

It may see odd, but crime (and its WV cousin politics) have always loved a “good, dirty money” and crypto’s are a wonderful example thereof.

We hold that governments are likely to ban cryptos and offer no conversion to “Old Money’s Game.”

This Makes People Crazy

And what do crazy people do?  Act out.  

We have a couple of examples for class today:

Mass shooting incident at a FedEx facility in the Midwest.  And a man with a gun shot at a Houston  San Antonion (fixing city) airport.  (How smart is it to take a gun to an airport – start shooting it – where there is all kinds of security in place?  Who does that?

Another way people are “acting out” from the monetary uncertainty is whether to buy a new home, or not.  Results, as the Wall St. Journal figures, a major shortage of home buyers.  Despite homes being the best investment most people ever make.

It’s hard – selling Reality – when the “duality of the moment” is so cluttered. Look how polarization and duality are being monetized:

  • MY sex versus anything else.
  • MY race versus anything else.
  • My money versus the other choice.
  • MY Climate versus Earth’s Climate.
  • MY likes (in all manner of things) versus your choices.

Intolerance is on the rise.  Interesting to watch, but after a day staring at monitors I shut down the office at 3:15 PM daily – opting for a resveratrol refill (senior R&R) – shaking my head. I don’t know why a major real estate company isn’t using a personalized computational future forecast when selling homes (which would lock anyone into that company).  But, don’t do sales and marketing anymore, so…..

In a spiritual sense

It’s nice to see so many people exercising their “power of Choice.”   But on sex, racism, and “me-ness?”  Couldn’t we all like work on invention, teaching, learning, exploring, art, and so forth.  Something not preloaded with reminders of past screw-up and baggage?

Can you imagine (and this borders on sedition):  “Imagine waking up where you had nothing to worry about except creating a perfect invention, painting, or plant…” (Or, whatever purpose in your life  makes sense as long as it doesn’t impinge on others…)

Well, EXCEPT maybe that won’t work.  Since Boston Dynamics now has a beer-pissing robot dog…  Was the Patent Office right that everything worthwhile…

Ah…must be Friday.  Ure’s gone deep-end, again.


In the Vax stacks:  Nearly 6K fully vaccinated Americans got COVID-19 – out of 66M: CDC.  We didn’t have time to see how that compares with other vaccines, but there’s the follow-up homework for you.

Trust you already know Pfizer’s shot will likely require a refill in a year?  Putt your hands together, brothers and sisters:  Is this a kick-ass monetizing, or what?  Who else will “discover data” shortly to turn 3,4,, and-beyond shots into a long term “shoot or you die” outcome?  When financial faction wars get really good, maybe shots  for life could be priced only in cryptos.  (Whew!  Went a little Philip K. Dick, there for a sec…)

Analytical Skills Class:  Take the news report today in Freight News that “Shipping’s billion-dollar coke bust: 8 plead guilty, sentencing begins.”  Now, go home and watch the first season 1 of Zero, Zero, Zero on Amazon.  Universe has to be laughing profoundly.  Will a time come when movie scripters could be arrested for too accurately writing the future?  Would The Simpsons survive?

Israeli Nuke Attack Due:  When we saw the headline today “Iran starts enriching uranium to 60%, its highest level ever…”  It triggered a high probability future-vision:  Israel mounting up and rolling with a takedown of all Iran’s underground facilities.  Might they go nuclear to do it?  Perhaps so.  Regardless, they are not going to let a scimitar waving adversary get critical mass.  Doesn’t matter if a nuke still might miss things hundreds of feet into mountainsides.  Something manpack and dirty would keep the facility from being useable for centuries, depending on what their dirtiest possible bomb option would be.  Ground-level and lithium instead of tritium, anyone./  25,000 years of lockdown?

Market Bias Up

After the data on housing Dow futures were up 70 while S&P futures were up 9 at clicktime.

This is options expiration day, though. I don’t trust indexes on expiration day any more than I trust politicians on election day.

Not saying you shouldn’t.  Another one of those duality conundrums. Ohmmmms….

Busy day ahead in the shop.  New lean-to on the north side of the shop is really neat in the rain – very pleased with it so far.

Going from memory, Mr. X is guest chef on the SatGourmet. Potato salad seminar time.  Sunday, a complete design-build of a zero-clearance table saw cutout using 3D printing…tons of process notes.  If I get it done…

Write when you get rich, comments always welcome.


58 thoughts on “Ramble Biden, Crumble Peace – Side of Data”

  1. it certainly is a once in a lifetime opportunity . i will commence a new list now ,like i have for 25 years ,on paper , handwritten codes . this list will be called machavelli


    “Elected” leaders = Territory Reps for each globalist banking district/ area of the world.

    It is alwayz about the Money – follow Ure nose, it alwayz knows, the flavor of ponzi fraud, wherever it growz..

    Bottom in Gold is In..buybuybuybuybuybuy – Yo Lenster – the yellow dog is Ure friend..Long Gold = Defense, Long Silber = Offense , Turkish lira = trash/usd

  3. “EXCEPT maybe that won’t work. Since Boston Dynamics now has a beer-pissing robot dog… Was the Patent Office right that everything worthwhile…”

    OTFLMAO… and they didn’t tell me about it LOL LOL LOL … that is an invention worthy of press in my opinion.. finally an invention with a practical application besides destruction of humanity..
    Those silly goofs…

    • Two things I can do without are dogs and beer. Both are quite messy and taste/smell bad.

      Of course, having a robot dog or two with impenetrable coding and real teeth might be useful to patrol the property, though I’d prefer daleks.

      • Lol lol… you have to look at the humor of it.. get around brainiacs and they come up with sly fun crap that doesnt deal with death and destruction.most bbn of the time their just trying to find a solutionto a problem and truly don’t look at the negative aspects of the solution.. I once put a small program on a friends computer that would pop up a message berating him if he misspelled a word.. then ask is that all the faster you can type….I totally love Canadian pilsner. Even though the kids think it has to many hops in it..

  4. From Donetsk to Moldova, SE Ukraine identifies more closely with Russia in both language and modern politics. Putin’s apparent intent is to to fully re-absorb all of the Ukrainian land areas having access to the Black Sea coast. The Crimea was just the first step to this ‘repatriation’ of regions ‘lost’ after the fall of the USSR. In time, what is left of the Ukraine will become land-locked, increasingly dependent upon Russia economically regarding international trade. RE: Ure point about Tejas/Texas, as more and more Californians migrate east to the Lone Star State, it’s anyone’s guess what the future holds in store for the ‘current’ state?

  5. Israel struck prophylactically twice before to stop rogue and psychotic regimes from achieving nookwar capability. If I recall rightly, no penance was ever exacted for those.

    Anybody doubt they’ll do it again when the process is too obvious to ignore — when the danger to Israel becomes too immediate?

    Anybody doubt China will re-absorb their “break-away province?” (Just a mater of when — they don’t fear Joe: they OWN Joe.)

    Anybody doubt the Rooskies will pop Ukraine’s balloon?

    …only a question of time, gang. Only a question of time.

    …and my readout is “not-a-lot-of-time.”

    They all — quite correctly — don’t fear Joe. There are no practical restraints on the Bad Guys actions for this time period.

    This is Not Good.


  6. The climax to human history. The struggle will be ended.

    Gold? A pattern between two corrective patterns,the X wave.

  7. George…you said” I don’t know why a major real estate company isn’t using a personalized computational future forecast when selling homes ”
    Huh? My company has been doing that for the last 3 years. Maybe that’s why we have gone from zero to infinity and beyond (and public on the NYSE)so fast. How do you think we get our listings and buyer leads? You also quoted a WSJ article that curiously said there’s not enough home buyers. That was the topic of our Sunrise club meeting at 5:00am this morning. Who the hell was their source? There is a gross shortage of home sellers…and presently there is an average of 6 buyers to every home sold. Here in the Bay Area, we have been average double digit buyers to every home sold. I just had a home in Los Altos that had 26 offers and went $600K over the list price and sold for $3.7Million. If you want to quote real estate facts and figures…you have my number.

    • Wow – hell of a price on the LA home. Just got off the phone with local lumber outfit – they’re telling me $7 bucks for a #2 2 by 4. Amazing times. $10.69 a stick for treated.

      Also didn’t realize you were doing the reports. If II were young (anything under 50 would qualify, lol) an annual report with some projections five years out, landing at tax time could tell me:

      George your home is worth XXX
      It went up thiss year XXX pecent
      Your property tax was XXX and that’s XXX from the state and local cap
      Your insurance was XXX for the year. Our average homeowner is paying XXX

      way cool information. I can see how it would play. A kind of hybrid between a parent, financial advisor, and real estate sales person.

      • Those projections you mentioned are SOP for pretty much all agents. We just use AI to send it out automatically. I could can predict what your house value and all the expenses that come with it including general maintenance within .05% for the next 7 years. But more relevant, with the exponential price Increases that happen on a week to week basis here, I can predict and DO SEND OUT to my clients their house value increase on a month to month basis and roll that into a two year seller proceed chart (tax advantage for owning a home at least 2 years), and seven years…the average time spent in a home, taxes included if they were to sell or upgrade.

    • Whoa whoa whoa big fella, dont want to be scaring the flock of jab roni’s.

      We cant be telling sheeples about future – 6-7 months out frm jab. They own the decision, therefore get to eat the “pulmonary immuno pathology” upon future covert19 Challenge.


      • That link is to an older NIH report from November. It was published a month before the formal emergency approval of the vaccines to ensure the benefits of a vaccine outweigh the effect of doing nothing. For instance, Pfizer was not approved until 12 Dec. See:


        Both Pfizer and Moderna’s RNA based vaccine are currently preparing for full FDA approval, which could come quite soon. AstraZeneca and J&J both use the traditional DNA process, and each of those has some low-level reported issues, but as of yet no deaths have been 100% directly linked to either vaccine. However, deaths have been coincidental to having a vaccination. There’s a difference. For most if not all of these unfortunate souls, their preexisting medical status or old age may have been the actual cause of mortality, so it is unclear if the vaccine was the cause, contributed, or did not have an impact.

        As far as potential long-term vaccine effects, that goes for any vaccine, from Yellow Fever to Polio, Small Pox, Chicken Pox or the Flu. Do these vaccines cause autism? Maybe industrial waste/pollution, insecticides, one or both parents smoking, drinking and/or doing drugs might have more to do with that that the vaccines? But considering our globally interconnected societies, overall ‘herd immunity’ and public safety are deemed high enough and mortality or adverse reaction low enough that vaccine approval is morally and ethically justified. “This is the way!” – Mandalorian

  8. George,
    Why would anyone believe any economic statistics coming out of any country as tightly controlled and non-transparent as China? GIGO. Reminds me of the Iraqi Information Minister under Sadam.

  9. Mr. Ure
    Two $40.00 payments were made to you, from my PayPal account.
    0ne on March 2
    One on March 10.
    I would appreciate a correction.


  10. The struggle Never Ends. You might not recognize it but always continues. Even if Humans are not around.
    Right now the Sun rises in the East,Wind Blows, Water is Wet,
    we sit and tell tall tales of brave men and women against impossible odds winning. Faith Hope and Charity (love) sustains us and perhaps guides us on our chosen? paths.
    The Test is every day in the dozens of choices we all make.
    CHINA is mighty but false,lies to itself,and All Others. Corrupt at All Levels. They all see. It might be terrible as they come apart. Hope a sane person controls their Nukes..

  11. “If you think of Ukraine as being Mexico, Texas as the Crimea, and the U.S. in the Russian role, you’ll have a good sense of it.”

    I totally agree with that viewpoint..
    My question is.. what is it the puppeteers want there..

    • Buyed ‘Em has his answer on the soBorder. It won’t be so easy for NATO. Russia and texas both has a very “hard mindset” about things. Checker/chess, bourbon/vodka, and guns/guns. I expect they might be first to recognize Texas as a country if it ever comes to that.

      • “and guns/guns. I expect they might be first to recognize Texas as a country if it ever comes to that.”

        I fear the day that Buyed ‘Em gets the power to disarm the citizens.. with all the millions that have been contributed.. could that be one of the things that was required .. to get into power then disarm the people.. you will always have nuts that will want to hurt others and guns will always be available to those.. the vast majority of gun owners are not psycho and treat their arms with respect.. then what do you do after that.. they use cars for bombings in other countries.. would they limit car ownership… just about anything can be used.. in Afghanistan they use pitchforks and rakes.. Nail guns and hammers.. dam ..Quick stop construction crews from working..

  12. Should we start a betting pool on WHEN (x axis) and with WHAT (y axis) kind of weaponry and resources Israel uses to attack Iran?

    We could make it just like people do with betting pools on football games, with both an X and a Y axis, and whoever gets the closest without going over on either axis wins the pool!! Go over on either axis and you get the buzzer and are tossed out of the potential WIN!!

    The clock IS ticking. 60% enrichment is getting awfully close to what is necessary for a bomb.

    While most think it takes 90% I vaguely recall from some research I did years ago that one can still do it with 80%, but at that level it takes about 3 to 5 times as much material. (the easiest way for a simple AND CHEAP bomb these days is via Plutonium since that requires just a “simple” chemical separation process, no centrifuges required … but for that you need a working reactor so you can create the plutonium to begin with, which the Israeli’s conveniently denied Iran when they blew Iran’s only reactor into little pieces a number of years back – fwiw that is the route lil Kim used)

  13. CAN YOU IMAGINE? ……. I don’t have to……….

    “Couldn’t we all like work on invention, teaching, learning, exploring, art, and so forth.  Something not preloaded with reminders of past screw-up and baggage?
    Can you imagine (and this borders on sedition):  “Imagine waking up where you had nothing to worry about except creating a perfect invention, painting, or plant…” (Or, whatever purpose in your life  makes sense as long as it doesn’t impinge on others…”

    I spent 8 weeks in the summer of 1968 actually living like that with 399 other very bright teenagers. The setting was the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program at Wesleyan College in Macon. Minimum IQ for attendance was 145. (It is now only 4 weeks long, the location has changed, and the IQ requirement has been dropped.

    Tears rise to my eyes as I remember those weeks — for multiple reasons. I knew I was very bright, and I drove myself hard, but I never knew how bright until I was selected for Governor’s Honors. That opportunity saved me from committing suicide. You see, my mother had Borderline Personality Disorder and constantly threatened to throw me out of the house. Dad did not much care about me. He might have cared if I had been a boy — but then we might have had massive fights. He refused to fill out the parent’s financial information so that I could get a scholarship, and he could not afford to send me anywhere but the local community college.

    His refusal to fill out the financial info meant that I had to live on my own without parental help for two years before I could apply for financial assistance on my own. The fact that Dad would not fill out the financial info STOPPED EVERYTHING. College financial counselors just showed me the door.

    The passage of time eroded the value of my scholastic achievements, and meant I would have to take out large loans — which I was very afraid to do. My confidence was in the toilet that point.

    Why am I writing this? It is ripping my heart out just to write it.

    You woke a monstrous wave of emotion with your question. I hope someone can learn something from my experience.

    • I appreciate the pain. But, I have been “that guy” who was paying support without fail and who honestly would have been busted if the kid flaked on student loans. They do that. I ate my cornflakes and considered the options. I have sorry you didn’t get to attend. I finally finished an online/distance learning mba in the 1990s. Major PITA.
      In the train wreck dressed up as “family law” the press is to indenture dads into slavery beyond majority. Which kids can vote, they should “own it.” It’s a cruel, heartless, and crooked bunch of thieves behind the razor wire that indenture parents into Draconian debt slavery of offspring.
      I swore never to miss a payment (didn’t) and at the same time, never to take on the debts of any other, including another wife, were there to be one.

      The horrible FAFSA (federal application for student aid) is quite literally financial proctology supervised by power-mad people in DC I wouldn’t can’t support by buckling under to their oppressive indenture of parents.
      Especially white middle and up income parents. No “deals” – as seems you learned. Equality when comes to opportunity died sometime late in the 20th century.

      Especially when kids are not raised in a “hard values and lessons” home setting. They do drugs, live on the streets when convenient and mooch of the folks when not. They aren’t even responsible enough to clean up rooms or take out trash. Today, kid have do-overs galore. But, not parents.
      I have been a college director and I bet there were other kids in your circle – who maybe filled a different checkbox that got the rules bent for them. Athletics? Yeah, goes on there, too.
      America’s got an HR problem at the top. Hasn’t been a president elected I would have hired for an executive position since, oh, Kennedy. maybe?
      It rolls down hill from there.
      I’m sorry some of the dirty rolling brown stuff nearing the fan got on you.
      We “save public policy” and “waste people” – all stitched up and sold as The American Way.

      • “It’s a cruel, heartless, and crooked bunch of thieves behind the razor wire that indenture parents into Draconian debt slavery of offspring.”

        I get it..
        Each individuals life is different and most parents that split because of unreconciled differences cannot afford to pay for two households.. good lord knows I can’t..
        That is pretty much why they have the good samaritan laws to pay the expenses of the absent parents.. food stamps, daycare assistance, rent assistance the EIC tax credit.. etc..
        A woman who banked her forever life with a man on a relationship where conflicts couldn’t be resolved, that has children and then forced to be a single mom cannot afford to raise a child by herself and you cannot expect the man that isn’t in the relationship anymore to be able to afford to keep pace with the expenses of the care of his child and a separate lifestyle on an average hourly income..Seriously it can’t be done.. that is why there is such a huge part of our society that is receiving the EIC tax credits and are on other good samaritan laws even though they are together..

        My question is.. Just How much should an absent parent be paying for his half of the care and raising of their child..

        I have told the kids all the time..either refrain from sex.. ( yeah right) or make sure you have birth control and protection.. Expecting someone else make enough money to raise your child isn’t the same thing and you cannot possibly know who the one coming into their life will be like.. his or her past and the baggage they carry with them. Like the young man in DC whose moms boyfriend raped him daily.. how was she to know he was like that ..then there is why did she allow it to continue…..

      • Like George, I have absolute contempt for the FAFSA. I refused to sign for one of my kids and the others never asked. Since their mom had left and had the deduction anyway, I filled in her info(only one parent’s info was required), and she signed for it. It was only used for grants, never for loans.
        The form is intrusive beyond belief, and was never going to get my signature or info beyond my name as the father. I absolutely agree with George that adults should never indenture themselves to another adult unless there’s some extraordinary reason that they might willingly choose this.

        BTW, I got an advanced education in STEM(self paid) and would have made a greater lifetime income if I’d never bothered. Even Elon Musk said that college was OK if you wanted more time to transition to adulthood, though it was next to worthless for education. I agree. Those that drive themselves to succeed and use all their faculties will always do better. The only real exceptions are when licensing bodies or other regulators interfere with their paper “requirements”.

  14. Only good president JFK . Now that guy really loved his country . Not like all the other garbage we have been served . This new guy ain’t even in the real world . Weekend at Bernie’s . Should give the hotVP a go .soon he will have no choice , green acres

  15. I remember my folks muttering about filling out the financial aid forms when I wanted to go to college. My dad was a travelling advertising salesman in two states, with a lot of expenses. He lived on the road at times. The Fin.Aid forms revealed after all the accounting he only made $4k in 1970… so being ‘poor’ I was given a financial package that was 50% grants, and 50% student loans. After my first semester I looked down the road what it would cost me in loans to get a degree, and decided I didn’t want to encumber myself that much. Quite college after 1 semester after I got my FCC 1st Class Radiotelephone license and went to work in broadcasting. 50 years later I’m now retired and never regretted that decision.

  16. George,
    1968, got out of high school,robert kennedy shot.Lived with my Dad. Joined the army becamef a medic,spent 19 months in Vietnam. Came home sarted work as Nursing Tech at John Hopkins Hospital,2 years .Went to school part time. Meet wife, got married,went to school during day worked nights.
    GI bill paid 360 bucks a month to the school while you went.
    My tuition was 4000 peryear University of Maryland was about 350 a semester. I worked nights ,went school during day,no I was Grown Up Daddy or Mom had their lives I had mine. My responsibility,my career,my life. I owed 1500 when I graduated cause wife got injured and had back surgery . Life is interesting and Crap Happens. Paid off student loaxn at 100 bucks a quarter for 2 years and paid it all off.
    If you want to go to school GO. You will find the Money and a way todo it.. Don’t whine that mommy or daddvy did not care.
    The universe don’t give a shit.. What can YOU do. What can YOU become.. Thats up to you..
    Some folks thought I would be a druggie/ alcoholic . My limit on booze is 3 drinks. or 3 beers.. Never any more. Ever.
    To many of my frieds died from drugs or alcohol, or their homes were all screwed up from it..Vietnam vets were druggies or alkies before they got to Vietnam,while they were
    in Vietnam and once they came home.. 98% of us came home and resumed our lives. No excuses, don’t whine. YOUR LIFE, GO LIVE IT…..

    • “If you want to go to school GO. You will find the Money and a way todo it..”

      A little tougher these days.. and nearly impossible if you have baggage. There is a reason why 1 in five college ladies are willing to share personal time in exchange for help buying books or helping with monthly living expenses..
      This will age me. But when i took classes at GWU it was 70 dollars a credit .. today a young lady’s tuition at Juilliard is fifty grand plus..and that doesn’t even take in living expenses or books..
      Considering that what is the payment on a half million or more at ten percent.. seven dollars and change per hour is what my grandsons school loan payment..just saying it isn’t the same.. and wages have not kept up with inflation..

      • I’ve yet to knowingly meet one of those college ladies, though I was on campus with eyes wide open for years until the covid scare. The schools themselves were making it near impossible to approach a college lady without getting called into a kangaroo court run by women and potentially excommunicated. It was even more dangerous to actually touch one, regardless of intent or context. All students are required to have an indocrination session where they’re drilled that any normal male/female interaction is “sexual harassment”. They even have role play! Today all classes are remote so all you get to see are zoom headshots.

        FOSTA/SESTA has destroyed most open communication about desires and how to meet them in the greater society. No longer can a personal ad be placed online without having the website operator assume liability for any bad result. Of course, “social” media sites can still edit and censor as they wish to push their intended narrative without consequence.

      • “I’ve yet to knowingly meet one of those college ladies”

        OH MY..Seems that people visit with me and let me know all the time.. .. One of my neighbors daughters was even talking to me one day and said that she was looking for one.. and this morning.. I just dropped off a bottle of wine and one of my gift rum’s to one really sweet young college lady in her twenties.. working at a shop I shop at.. ( so when it all gets exciting we can tip a cold drink to HOPE… ) I have known several.. when I have asked why.. their answer is.. they have a choice to date some young guy with only one thing on his mind for a big mac and a six pack.. or swallow their pride and go out with someone that is willing to help.. a thousand dollars in books will save them fifteen thousand in future payments.. someone that helps them with their living costs gives them more time to excell in their studies..
        the equation of six pack.. or future income is a no brainer.. the more expensive the school the more there are.. GWU way back when I was young had the streets of DC filled with students trading favors to pay for an education.. One young lady had confessed to me once.. and while I was sitting in sunday school she walked in.. she was so worried that I was going to tell someone.. you could see it ..

  17. No I do not do drugs. Do not and never have smoked marijuana,neither has my wife.
    The useof psychogenic medicines LSD, MAGIC MUSHROOMS,AIYAWASKA, PSILOCYBIN might be helpful in some types of depression. Maybe,side effect appears to be a sense of connection and well being lasting for 8 or 12 months. Might be worth pursuing if you have resistant depression.
    Marijuana can cause psychosis and the number of cases of violence are increasing.
    Using drugs is not a good thing,ain’t going to connect you
    to God or reveal great discoveries. Good stories but mostly
    not true. Used for infections, or to help heal is good. But everything has dangers. I can kill you with Water,under the right circumstances. Some of the meds treating psychosis have that side effecth. You drink so much water it screws your body salts and you can die.
    As humans we have Hubris and believe we can handle
    anything. Nope don’t work that way. Choices.

  18. For years now, Russia has offered a Russian passport to any Ukrainian citizen that applies. Seems like the same thing is happening on the southern border of the USA.

    • Who needs a passport Expat.. just come on by we will welcome all of you in no questions asked.. why go through the process of being vetted.. we welcome all illegal refugees..

  19. Re: Israeli Nuke Attack Due
    I was watching today’s Monkey Werx report just now and he decided to go over and check our Def con status because he’d heard a rumor that we are at a 3 status. His check about half way through his video confirmed it. Elsewhere further along in his video he mentioned that Israel had, indeed, taken out an underground nuke plant of Iran’s a day or two ago. Didn’t know if the Def con status was about that or what but he did say that it’s been a long time since we’ve been at a “3”.

    Monkey is pretty interesting. You can get a lot of information about what’s going on just from air traffic. You can tell his commentary on “Flash Bang” is saying a lot less than could be said.

    • https://www.monkeywerxus.com/blog/welcome-to-the-club-part-5-the-threat

      I hear ya clucking there.. I have had that fear for years and years the minute the members circling around the HOG trough sold our ports and toll roads.. they could be right next to you and we would never know it and then to have everyone telling them we will send them in posing as refugee’s to defeat you from within…. and how could those containers be overlooked.. dam easy if you ask me…
      Pretty girl working for xyz goe for coffee.. makes a friend and he makes fifteen bucks an hour.. working late nights.. spend a little time and she brags about how good her employer treats her..
      XYZ container comes through.. he walks on by.. good company great people working there.. its gotta be good..
      we sold our ports.. and toll roads.. LOL took a brain to do that one LOL exported our necessary industries and sold our food manufacturing plants.. LOL grain acquisition and exporting facilities.. and let them finance our progress.. all while we send our military away from the country..seriously do you think the national guard has enough manpower to protect our country from a dispersed army within its borders..

  20. Speaking of “Acting out” George. I thought I’d mention that I participated in my first BLM and Antifia protest today. Quite the riveting experience.

    As rolled up to the stop light in seattle. Some protesters were chanting F the police! I looked over and two officers were standing there watching them. Then got the bright idea to form a chain of people in front of my car holding hands. I yelled out the window. Dont be stupid! Move out of the way of my car. A few of them yelled back at me profanities. Then they started chanting F the police again. So I looked out at the cop and said, do you mind if I handle this? He looked at me and said by all means. So I got out of the car, went to the trunk and got a fire axe I keep back there. I walked back over to the side of my car and took a couple fierce practice swings. The cop looked over at me and said, Excellent weapon of choice sir! Then looked away. I looked a the protesters and calmly said, listen I got shit to do. So F off and move of the way! Or I’m gonna chop off your arms. Dont worry. I promise to chop off just as many skinny white bitch arms as black arms. So you will know I’m not a racist. They all looked at me really quiet. So I took a few more big practice swings and then cracked my back and did jumps up and down to warm up.

    Funny moment when the protesters are all yelling to the cops, you are not gonna stop him!!!!! You are not gonna help us? The cops turned their backs one said F the police. I took steps forward and they all ran.

    So I put the fire axe in my trunk and tipped my hat to the cops, they tipped their hair and I said thank you for your service. They laughed and turned back around. And said thank you too.

    As I went back to get in my car I looked back and the little blue hair old white lady in the buick behind me smiling from ear to ear gave me two thumbs up.

    I guess a bunch a kids dont want to play hard ball with the 6’1 250 old dude swing a fire axe. *shrugs.

    Kinda. Funny they went from F the police to omg you aren’t gonna stop him? Help us! Its your job!

    Pussies. Lol

  21. “Now, go home and watch the first season 1 of Zero, Zero, Zero on Amazon. Universe has to be laughing profoundly. Will a time come when movie scripters could be arrested for too accurately writing the future?”

    What dat G? ^^^^^ hahahhahahhahaha ya ya ya that is whole lota Enie mEni mIni mOe!
    Funny you should mention that. Since of the many names people call me is Homer Simpson.


    There is that $2800 gold! I knew I saw it!


  22. Maybe I will be a youtube sensation after all. Cranky old ashole has it with stupid kids blocking his car and gets a fire axe.

    The only problem is, they were all too freaked out to pull out their phones and I’m pretty sure a few of them actually shit their pants.


  23. Dad and the “brown stuff”…..

    I had an offer of a full scholarship to Univ of TN ….. and that was for an out-of-state student. Yes, there would have been housing costs, but Dad would not even fill out the financials for an in-state college. He simply paid the very low cost for the 2-year community college. It cost him about the same as high school.

    “I have been a college director and I bet there were other kids in your circle – who maybe filled a different checkbox that got the rules bent for them.” Dad never filled out the checkbox! Part of the madness was that he was afraid the IRS would investigate his records if he filed the financials. I think that was very doubtful. Yes, he hid a little — some cash payments — but not much. We lived a lower middle-class life in a small house, in a working-class neighborhood, with an old car. There was not much there to raise suspicions of hidden wealth. I think it really came down to the idea that he did not want me to exceed him. His own father had stopped Dad’s stellar track and field, and football career. Dad had held the world’s record for the running broad jump for a few months, but was prevented by his dad from attending the 1924 Olympics in Paris. He was also very good at 220 hurdles and swimming. He was friends with Olympic gold swimmer Johnny Weissmuller (later famous as Tarzan).

    I need to wrap this up somehow into a wise, or at least compassionate, thought. I’m having difficulty doing so. General poor health and a weak immune system kept me from having the stamina to “burn the candle at both ends” and overcome my circumstances. So… for those of you who have read this far…. what is my life learning take-away from such high potential and such intense personal barriers? I’m NOT looking for sympathy. Please do not just say “karma” — give me more than that.

    • If I may?

      One of the hardest things for any parent to accomplish is raising children to be more successful then they were.
      I was lucky: My parents, neither of whom had more than high school had three kids and all three got masters degrees in fields they enjoyed.

      People who have raised by lesser parents got a bum draw in life.

      • I have seven siblings.. had the best parents that anyone could ever imagine.. of all of us kids.. I have been the least successful.. and the funny part is I was the one everyone expected to be successful.. LOL.. boy did I fool them.. it was real life interventions and situations beyond my control that held me back.. and the fact that I dumbed myself down to fit in as a child sure didn’t help either.. its not just the opportunities.. but the ability to grasp those opportunities and see them to fruition.. real life environmental and social influences..
        What usually happens is real life intervenes and then college is put on the back burner.. can’t pay for school and daycare or diapers at the same time unless you have rich parents. And today most hourly wage jobs don’t offer the benefits that were offered and considered normal benefit packages from days gone by.. those benefit packages are only given to those in the executive branch of the corporation..

  24. The entire story about the foreman’s axe is of course fictional. I have to do a certain amount of writing before I actually write the report. It is a cleansing if you will. I have to write enough stuff to get yo where I am empty. Then the report can be written though me….. not sure if that makes sense.

    I’m sure some of you are aware that you it does yadda yadda yadda yadda, Event! Yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda Event! In how I write in the comments.

    Same with George’s writing and the events he constantly mentions within his writings. Lol

    Good. I’m out of words after this… and I can get to the Events.

    So i have been cleaning myself of the yadda yadda prior to writing the New Eddtion. Remember. The first report is Issue #0. The following reports are Eddition #’

    There is a difference between a. Issue and an edition. I won’t be speaking until it is completed.

    Until then.

    Infinitely NOW!

    Just Andy

  25. Friends,

    Savage news from the European theatre of battle as Florida billionaire Mr. Glazer appears to be shooting to score big with an assembly of 12 top European soccer teams forming into a new Super League that he will lead.

    The European Commission-aligned UEFA is not amused.

    The hooligans are in lockdown, but one imagines the red cards will be flying between the posh seats.

    And now back to our special golf coverage…
    …Oh no! Bogie at 6 bogie at 6. Pops has the cart wedged in the bunker. Marshals are standing by for arrival of The Beast to assist with extrication.

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