Quest for “The Signal”

Forget about UFOs, ETs, life on other planets, or putting a few bucks a month into a SETI fund.

Not that these aren’t fine ways to spend money, after you have saved for retirement, paid off your car, student loans, and don’t owe anyone a dime ands have burned the mortgage… I mean they’re nice and all.  But where’s your priority?

Here lately I’m on on a question for something I call THE SIGNAL.

You know – the one that will tell you with adequate lead-time when to make this trade, or that, and which will result in becoming so fabulously wealthy that you will be able to buy a UFO, ET, or a whole large array for SETI to use.

This weekend, some design and theory notes on how to go signal sniffing for the one signal that could really make a difference in your life.

After we take cared of a few headline items and after we stare into the Trading Model to see where things are going in the short-term.

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2 thoughts on “Quest for “The Signal””

  1. hey George your getting real usa .. some of your gold “stories ” are funny .. mate your like all the rest now .. its serious usa is finished .. sorry mate golds better than the greendud.. if you spread scare mongering about confiscation of gold it wont make the greendud go up .. you blokes are desperate

    • Who is desperate? I could care where gold goes…I’m not selling. Eventually – when government is forced into Weimar II, then sure. I might borrow the term greendud…kinda has a nice ring to it.

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