QFPD: “Quest for Perfect Days”

We hold the major Purpose of Life is the successive achievement of “perfect days.”  With 2023 wrapping up, we depart from the usual economic fare to contemplate what makes for a “Perfect Day” and engage in the task of stringing a lot of them together in 2024.

It hasn’t escaped our notion that as our interest in more Perfect Days has increased, so have the obstacles to their achievement.  Aging and pending collapse of the world into war and social entropy have done a dandy job in 2023 out-distancing aging.

Naturally, holiday week or not, we also serve up the usual.  Our snarly view of depressing news and the confounding market charts.  Which, while not back up to the (so far) all-time highs of 2021 on an Aggregate basis, seem to be making a hell of a run at it.

We shall see….

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42 thoughts on “QFPD: “Quest for Perfect Days””

  1. Long-waver:

    Perfekt seems too high a bar to leap. Think I’ll settle for good -or- heck, just another day (the alternative being grim).

    I decided to park PCs for the Holiday, think it was a good idea. Yes, I peeked at news on a tablet and exchanged virtual Christmas Cards via text but tried to totally unplug. My conclusion is should the spam hit cycle blades I will be better for it.

    Decisive move this morn in the TNX, solid break below 3.88 (at 3.84 as I type). The Bond Mkt led Fed on the way up and is entirely clear about this move to downside. We are awash in indicators. Watch the 10y IMO.

    Big white ball sank into the West and now a strange bright yellow ball has come up out of the East. Good for me since we are passive solar and soon the (techy) water furnace will take a break (and … lower my Coop bill).

    Flame on!

    ps – chortling that even folks my age seem to have sipped Kewl-Aide and are wondering about “warming” given snow melted and we have no ice. Sure … live long enough and you see everything. But do you remember? Nope.

  2. A wise man once said to me, as a young Dad/Father..

    “Happiness is not something you find, Happiness is something you bring with You.”

    Never ever forgot that Man and his words..Live by those words today.

    Best part is the negative reactions I get when “classholes” get in close vicinity of me – they cant help themselves and it is nutz. Wife has taken to proactively managing public interactions for me, lest someone else goes “off the reservation”.
    Gotten so bad or good – resorting to “mind games” to get thru busy airports. Great fun preloading suggestions into “peoples” heads, and then watching them preform as needed.
    Biggest downside – when “working” Ure interacting wit “flow” – it is in this state that will see “them” and they You.
    I saw Pappa Legba (looked exactly like him) sitting in waiting lounge and looking at Me walk by, in Phila Airport a couple years ago when traveling with family. That was a insta shiver moment – then anger rose up in me like bile. Went back after Family got to gate, but the blacker and darker than night, dressed in all black and wide brimmed black hat – big white smile was not to be found.

    Have yet too meet a demon or spirit who didnt run away…hmmm

  3. Isn’t it amazing how many of our perfect days appear in the rear view mirror. Someone like Andy is unique as he lives in the moment most every day. Many of us don’t realize a perfect day until well after we’ve had it.

    In hind sight, most of my perfect days were when I was outwardly focused. Family, friends, strangers in need or the universe in all its splendour.

    Thanks for your column today. It lays the groundwork for recognizing perfect days when they happen and not in the rear view mirror.

    • AMEN…..
      I can’t remember the last time I was actually ANGRY… I have to practice my GRRRR…

      My wife has a list of stuff that is taboo for me to talk to anyone about.. I am to smile and walk away LOL LOL Well this morning was one of those days she should have been with me… not so much that I was talking about a taboo subject.. but the gentlman that lives in one of our spare bedrooms..had a clinic visit with a specialist.. last week they refused to do the tests.. because he failed to send in the good will deposit on his cares.. the social worker got on and they did the tests.. this morning he was to be there really early.. ( first patient I am sure) to get the consult.. LOL LOL LOL then I seen something I have never seen before….. they booted him out.. ( that I have seen.. unless you have insurance or a lot of cash they turn away patients or give them the special care all the time.. had a friend that was to be admitted in the hospital but she had to work… she argued with the doctor that he shold give her an inhaler and call it good or she would have to seek new employment.. he called her supervisor .. and then gave her an inhaler.. its usa medicine at its best )
      anyway.. the booted him out.. there must have been thirty people waiting in the waiting room.. and he went off.. screaming and yelling and swearing about being booted out because of money.. everyone had this omg shocked look.. the secretaries had this omg lookie this.. look to and embarassed grinning.. the DON handed me a cup of coffee and I said dam.. and I didn’t bring any pop corn LOL…. needless to say.. they took him back and gave him the consult.. but told him no further cares until they can work out the schedules.. ( yeah right you betcha LOL LOL LOL.. its the business model LOL LOL)
      I had never seen anyone go off in the waiting room before.. so what if he makes a million or two a year.. that could have ended up on the evening news LOL LOL LOL LOL

    • dollar is dumping, bonds are dumping, Gold Bid/BTC Bid.

      Safehavens look to be the place to park Ure hard earned “gains” in for time being.

      wakeywakeytime – as rats start jumping off “theship”…seems they know sum ting up.

      BTC miner opened up 40% this AM, blew right thru my Stop on open..egads!

      Opportunity is waiting to be had, as the sound of cold hard steel on leather strop resonates thru the markets.

      ..the game of musical financial chairs starts anew – beware the cheaters.

      *why this player prefers BTC – NO hankypankies, No Georgieporgies – simply VERIFICATION.

  4. Swami and Nikki.

    Do you ever cite your nationality, why wouldn’t they? I don’t think Indians (dot not feather) are going to save Europeans. They probably want their stuff back.

    “but the necessaries? (Ouch!)”

    The other day I bought a bag of “Tyson® Fully Cooked Honey Battered Breast Tenders, 25.5 oz. ” on sale for $5.99.

    Whoa, what a mistake. I don’t think they had any chicken inside. A gelatinous squirt of something was about it. I lost the receipt ‘else would have demanded a refund. I tossed the leftovers to the yard animals and they haven’t gone for it yet.

    I should have known better considering Dorito chips are valued at more than $6.00 /LB. Why would chicken be cheaper than a chip?

    But that made me think of Tyson’s bug pastes. If the breast tenders had the same texture as the previous tenders instead of a gelatinous squirt would I go along with the bug pastes?

    Tyson claims they won’t make food for humans out of bugs so I’ll never know. Tyson invested into bugs to make foods for something else.

    “Fact Checkcategory

    · December 22, 2023
    Fact Check: Tyson Foods deal with Protix will not result in insects in human food

    An October 2023 press release announcing a partnership between meat processing company Tyson Foods and insect ingredients supplier Protix has been misrepresented online to falsely claim that it is evidence of insects being added to food for people. A Tyson Foods spokesperson said the deal would not impact any food products meant for human consumption.”

    People are going to go for it.

    • I remember when Consmer Reports used to get all excited about “insect fragments” in hot dogs and peanut butter and suchlike.

      …like it was a Bad Thing —

      Now? Not so much, I guess.

      Soon: they’ll be DEMANDING at least 25% insect-based protein in EVERYTHING. (…for the children, of course.)

      How tmes do “evolve.”

  5. no matter where i go. there i am. i see the flow and merge within it. all is well. i too am getting older and when i see even older folks i known a long time i know one day they will transition to the other side. we are all on a pilgramage to the other side.

    since ive been there to visit so many times. and i keep getting extended here. i think its important to understand the meening behind ~ its a wonderful life ~ where the fella sees what life would have been like for everyone else had he not ever lived. where he saved that boy who fell through the ice and the boy grew to a man, a military man and saved a bunch of other men and received the congretional medal of honor.

    my favorite part of that movie is, when at the end.

    the a fella turns to the man who saw what life was without him in it and what it became because he lived it and says, “Why you are the Richest man in Town. maybe the whole.” and then the bell rings and an angel gets his wings. The fella who saw what life was without him and then relized how much he done because he was born and lived, sees that Truly He is the Richest man in the whole world.

    then i think back of the Tree i saw. its like a tree. a tree of life. its a living expression of all the choices you made and didnt make and how that affected the whole world. long long after you finished your pilgramage through it.

    and those who done evil all their lives, and stole and lied. etc etc they have a tree of death. not a tree of life.

    and in that court room. they send themselves to hell in their shame.

    thank Goodness for the Advacate in the court room with me, when i went through it enough times that i was granted exemption from further proceedings. i dont have to go through it again.

    after my 9th NDE, i recieved a name that cant be spoken here and i dont go to court with myself anymore. 0. means no karmic debt. innocent. above judgment and reproach.

    i have some descions to make. i already made them. and no matter where i go. i always end up right where im supposed to be. at the right time all the time..

    which i suspect, is the same for many here on urban survival. there is an unseen assurance of that.

    maker of thy ways takes me to new and exciting summits. and beautiful valleys and wonders to behold.

    and sometimes it just takes a simple spin of the plate, to get the cookie, under your hand, meant for you.


    i know there is all this concern about 2024. but im not worried about it. at all.

    for those who dont see it. i hope you all find the wonder i see every moment of every day.

    as the old hymnal song goes,

    just a closer walk with Thee.


  6. oh before i go. i noticed something peculiar in seattle.

    sometimes when i enter a place its like i start getting sick. like i start coughing and my nose starts running. and as soon as i leave that place, i start immediatly feeling better.

    now, its not every place i go to. its just some places.

    i walk in feeling great. as always. 5 minutes later i start feeling like im catching a cold. hacking and my nose stsrts running. like the safeway grocery stores here. every single time i enter one i start gerting like a cold. my nose starts running and i start coughing. as soon as i leave the store. i feel instantly better.

    same with walmart here. i got sick as hell in 10 minutes in walmart. i could stop coughing and my nose was running snot like a river.

    as i soon as i leave walmart. almost instantly it stops and i feel back to normal.

    its kinda weird. its mostly grocery stores. when i was costco it started happening in the parking lot as i was walking to the store. i just started getting sick as hell before i even got in the store.

    so i didnt go in and as soon as i left. i immediatly started feeling better.

    it remindes me of you know when the smoke from the camp fire hits ya and you get to hacking and your nose starts running and as soon as ya walk away from the smoke, you instantly start feeling better.

    i stopped by a whole foods and QFC and didnt get sick at all.

    and i felt it walking into a starbucks and a few other places. and not at all in other places.

    pretty weird. like im alergic to certain stores. and as soon as i leave im healthy and fit as always.

    never experianced that ever, anywhere.

  7. now it did occure to me. for 8 months i have lived on nothing but wild game (deer, elk, wild turkey, farm grown no pestisides or other Chicken, Antilope, fresh caught out the mountain lake cat fish, etc etc) and farm fresh eggs, farm grown dug out of the ground that day potatoes, corn and carrots etc. etc. farms that use no chemicals. and steaks from bovine that are free range grazing.

    we dont even have a coorperate fast food place in town. but the artic circle drive in. which is locally owned. and ryey buy their meat from local ranchers.

    and maybe that is why at certain storea, mostly grocery stores, the post office. i felt so sick in there i thought i was going to die, and that is why i didnt go into costxo at all, same feeling as i was in the parking lot i started getting sicker and sicker as i was walking to the the door. as soon as i left i started getting healthier and returned to normal.

    irs weird dude.

    i did consisder it may have to do with how i been eating for the last 8 months.

    and everyone else those places seems normal.

    is it ike a warning system? i dont know. like a premintion? i dont know. but i avoid those places now while im in the city. i can feel it coming on as i approach the buildings. sick sick sick sick. that place is disease factory. and as soon as i leave i feel amazing like always. feel great. im always healthy.

    pretty weird. never seen anthing like it.

    ohhhhhh yeah when i was at walmart i had a couple wafts of that smell of rotting flesh.

    if you ever smelled that smell. you know what it smells like.

    but i was at the self check out. and no rotting meat or flesh was around me.


    i will be leaving the big city tomorrow night. no matter where i decide to go. it wont be near a big city. lol

  8. “What if…?”

    I’m a basic optimist. I assume a Good Outcome is more likely than a Bad Outcome most of the time. (>51%)

    Often, a Good Outcome isn’t immediately obvious. As Bad ones “settle in,” sometimes their fruits are better than you thought they might be.

    Having set that stage…

    What if all this Totally Outta Control southern border stuff is one of Bad Outcomes that morphs? It’s possible.

    The Pilgrims (late 1600s on) were “migrants.” (The PressPak says they were religious refugees — the Real Thing being a bit deeper, and with more subtlety of variance.)

    The Irish, The Germans, The Italians, and others were folks driven to leave their distressed lives for a perceived better one here, in opportunity-rich America.

    The term “migrant,” suggests a one-way trip and not a round trip, in our current pop-parlance. (Even though birds “migrate” an anuual round-trip — human refugees often don’t want to “go back to the Old Country.” My Iriash Grandfather said, “Why the Hell would I want to go back to that aweful place? We barely got out with our lives!”)

    Over a few hundred years, “migrants” have made up our American stew. I submit their collective motivation was — is — more positive than negetive. “Opportunity” beckoned from America, to lands of infexibility and solid cast(e) rolls that were — are — hard to break out of.

    So it may be with a large number of our current migrants. Many come from the sting of harsh dictatorships or outright repressive communist countries. Many are traditional Catholics, and are socially conservative. As a group, while many may come only to suck at wefare’s tit, a larger number (I suspect) want to be free to accomplish dreams, and enjoy better lives.

    ”If that’s true in sufficiant strength, then those who see the flood as zillions of reliable new Democrat voters may have made a severe strategic thinking error.

    It may take some time, but it may work out to have carried the seeds of vigorous re-newal.

    As I said, I’m an optimist.

    • “a large number of our current migrants. Many come from the sting of harsh dictatorships or outright repressive communist countries.”

      Hmm.. that is true.. it is like an old friend of mine..everyone he seen he thought had it way better than he did… I kept telling him no it is an illusion… the grass is greener on the other side.. each person is experiencing a drama that no one knows anything about.. the illusion that it is better on the other side of the fence..
      I visit from time to time with people from other countries some talk about the same thing..
      Visited with a woman came here from one of the countries in the baltic region( SERBIA).. she is a refugee.. she came to the USA as a refugee.. the government gave her a really really nice job.. making a really good wage.. has all the federal holidays off and the golden goose healthcare and retirement package.. the works.. paying her rent.. her daycare giving her food every month.. the Creme del a Creme..nothing like someone that works for a living gets..
      anyway.. we were talking and she said she had this illusion that things were so much better in the USA.. she came here because of the illusion.. and she didn’t realize how expensive it is here and how much harder life is than it was at home… so she plans to leave back for her homeland..
      I hear from people in other countries about the long waits for a doctors visit.. its the same here.. now if your RICH.. they will be glad to take every penny you have and get you in right away but the average not so much.. one to two year waits for a doctors visit..
      then you have to take the one that is the lowest quality doctor as well..
      the dictatorship.. lets look at Xi.. now that is a dictatorship.. but visit with people from China.. they are more afraid in the USA than in china.. more violence.. the cost of living is so much higher here.. they feel more repressed than they did there..population wise.. to keep order.. you don’t see terrorist activities like what BLM and Antifa did in the USA there.. it is stopped.. to have order..
      Its the illusion that people chase.. coming to the USA only to find that your in the same situation or worse.. the streets are not lined with gold and diamonds.. they end up in a sewage covered area where trash is tossed about.. they have less rights.. even when the people of the country is paying their way..

  9. i wonder if anyone else is experiancing that.

    i have been up on the mountain since August. when i road tripped to Palm Desert and everyone there was saying dont move here. and all gave me the cold shoulder. and when i asked about my inheratance a rich guy said he was leaving me after he died. everyone got weird. and i had left all my info birth certificat and an old id and a copy of my DD214 in a safe. a fella gave them back to me. and he driving a brand new mercedes and acting weird.

    then i left 6 to 8 hours before Huricain Hillary decimated the entire place. and nobody has flood insurance in the desert. so if they took my inheratance? they had to spend it fixing all their shit.

    kinda odd and funny and not funny.

    i didmt experiance that then.

    and now, i just get sick as hell approaching some places in seattle. it would be one thing if it was only certain grocery stores. but the post office. every stabucks. some gas stations. and almost all government buildings. i walked by the everett court house and got sick as hell. as soon as i left. i totally returned to normal.

    and yet i go to a differnent coffee stand and i feel normal. healthy. or i walk into a different place of buisness like Donnas truck stop. and dont feel sick at all.

    then go to winco parking lot and start walking to the store and it comes on almost instantainlously. as soon as i leave. instantly feel better.

    anyone else experiancing that???

      • I’ve developed chemical sensitive like also perfumes and cleaners, so, anyways I stay out of those areas in stores and away from people. Sometimes smoke from whatevers cause runny nose.

      • If I walk into a place where there is someone sick with a virus, especially covid or H1N1, my lungs get really irritated, and I start coughing. I first noticed this in an office. If there is a plague carrier nearby, I either go somewhere else, or put a P100 respirator on.
        The worst I remember was a Walmart at the height of the rev 2 covid. Even a P100 respirator didn’t help that much. I turned around and walked out.
        With 85% of flu cases testing out as H1N1 this season, I can see others noticing their sensitivity as well.

        • LOL LOL LOL LOL….
          It is like when someone talks about a child that has lice… in school.. those little pesky bugs crawling in your hair nesting .. and the more they talk about lice.. how much they make you itch.. pretty soon your scratching your head as well.. LOL LOL LOL
          there use to be a comercial for aspirin on televison.. and they had a thump thump thump of migraines pain.. they had to take it off of the air because people were all suffering with Pseudo headaches.. just from the comercials layout LOL LOL LOL

        • LOOB- When I first noticed this, we would have people running around the office sick for days, then they would disappear for a week or two. As soon as they were gone, I would stop coughing. I’m not surprised others are starting to catch on. It also makes me wonder what bug is making the rounds out Oregon way.

        • “When I first noticed this, we would have people running around the office sick for days”

          LOL LOL LOL I Just wrote about lice those tiny little bugs that crawl through your hair flesh colored so you can barely see them lOL LOL LOL LOL and I have been itching ever since LOL LOL LOL makes you wonder just how much of it is just mental.. LOL LOL LOL

        • n___, are you vaxed or UNvaxed
          I am vaccine free and suffer no problems.
          I refused to wear a mask, and still reject them.
          when the man enhanced virus hit, I went to the bar in the afternoons for coffee and Keno everyday. mask free
          a bunch got sickly all I got was sniffles and a mild sore throat for a day.
          I was an alcoholic, damn near died from a massive blood clot in the saddle where the artery divides to go to each lung and in my legs, spent 10 days in the hospital.in 2013
          I changed my diet and quit drinking, after a year or two, I got off the Warfarin, rat poison, lost 60 lbs.
          I recommend Carbon 60 for the vaxxed, it removes bad shit from ure liver
          I was taking C60 everyday when the China virus hit US, I remained healthy and mask free, no problems for me while I see folks all around me get the colds and flu bugs
          I have not seen a Dr. since the virus hit way back then and I am 71,,, want some of my Ivermectin?
          I trust the CDC like a cheating lying stealing ex-girl friend,,, FORGET THEM !!!
          CDC does not help US, they side with the corporations that own them
          I “ignore” the CDC and I AM way better off

          Doesn’t anyone notice,,, it is the vaxxed that are constantly sick?
          the CDC and their friends in the lame stream news media that came a riding over the hill with their guns barking out, scaring the herd animals into accepting an unproven ‘EUA’
          Emergency Use Authorization, which was not to be allowed IF a existing drug could be used.
          Enter Ivermectin, it was available and worked but the CDC hid the fact,,, criminal was their act,, Texas AG is after their asses for it.
          gees, I thought the other brother Darrell was a slow learner who lacked knowledge

          the act of NOT trusting, but verifing is an act of survival,,, trust me, I AM still here and healthy,,, my Walmart ill feelings are spiritual in nature,,, also the sound, the music, juteboxes are all base and give me BAD vibes, I can NOT go into my local bowling alley, it is the noise they call music, it makes me angry/mad, I get away from it and I am happy.
          I do not know if it was the carbon 60 or just getting off alcohol, which numbed me, but certain vibrations/frequencies are intolerable for me now,,,, awareness

        • If you were around people with covid, and you got a sore throat and sniffles, then you probably have natural immunity.
          I had covid twice, and neither case was particularly severe. But I did isolate like you were supposed to do, instead of running around to coffee shops and Wally World trolling for victims. I doubt that either of us had the Rev 2 covid.
          With regard to your observation that all people who were vaxxed are sickly, I would say that it would probably be more truthful to say that the majority of people who were sickly, or gainfully employed, got vaxxed.
          The only masks that have any efficacy are the P100 respirators, and I used them for the short period when Rev 2 covid was around.

    • Could it be evil influences in those areas your spirit is sensitive to?

      My husband and I recently took a short day trip and felt fine. As soon as we got within a few miles of our area, the coughing and sniffles returned. But I’ve always heard the Ohio Valley is a reservoir that messes with your head a.k.a. Cincinnati-itis.

    • BTW, thanks again Andy for all your contributions. They really get us thinking and motivated.

      Also, I miss Doorfore.

    • Yeah Andy, as you described and spot on with your description. The last 5 years or so my daughter and I have felt the same afflictions and questioned why we were feeling sick, nose running, sneezing, legarthy, and an over whelming sense of dread which caused us to shorten our stay at the store. Mostly with big box stores though. I do occasionally feel the same way at the building I work at. Could be an allergic reaction to the judicial folks who work here! Just say’n!

    • Andy, maybe all those places have something in common. Cheap perfume worn by the customers and staff. Hadn’t figured you for a Starbucks patron, thought 8$ cup of Joe was just a gen zer thing.

    • Andy, I have not experienced anything like that.

      Here’s a question, which you can answer or not as you prefer: are there any government buildings that DON’T provoke that reaction? If any exist, we could contemplate how they differ (probably by the departments within) from the majority.

      Perhaps all of them provoke the reaction, but merely to different degrees.

    • Yes, used to all the time..

      common phenomena when learning energy work.

      In my practice YanXinQiGong (child longevity – 9 step) it is simply refereed to as qigong phenomena, or “bad” benefits.

      Please recall earlier references to this phenomena – I wrote about small masters live in mountains (because of this phenomena, it is very uncomfortable).

      Weirdness about energy work – the more UNCOMFORTABLE you are doing any given work/”exercise”/practice..the greater the benefits will be..eventually.
      Like asking for and downloading living “codes” from Plants and Animals (I know, bizarre as it sounds).
      The processing of that info can take minutes/hours/days and indeed years.
      Personally still trying to process some powerful ass scheisse from the 80’s. Didnt even know what I was doing at the time. Only thru research of some ancient(off world?) info did I realize what I had done or was involved in. I Always knew I guess- but never realized it till I had “new eyes” to understand.

      Advice – Always Be Closing (ABC), lest something puts some profound incapacitating fear into Ure mind – if you can see their eyes(Shades)..Hell I have felt that kinda NRG around sacred grounds as well..something didnt want me poking around..

    • @Andy

      “oh before i go. i noticed something peculiar in seattle.”

      That is from this post of yours: https://urbansurvival.com/qfpd-quest-for-perfect-days#comment-167647

      I replied to your post shortly after George posted it. The gist of my reply was:

      Could you have become intolerant to genetically-modified food? I am intolerant. I’m also not as sensitive as you, but I’ve noticed this “dread,” not with packaged-sealed food, but with stuff that’s setting out, when going to Kroger or Wal-Mart, and with fast food.

      If you want to test this theory, go eat a McDonalds Quarter Pounder…

      • LOL LOL I hear ya loud and clear Ray.. I have a real issue with food being pre packaged.. individual serving sizes.. caught my brother in law drinking from the milk jug.. I said you know we have cups and now you had better drink that whole gallon.. LOL…
        I believe it was to many years working in healthcare.. seen some pretty disgusting things.. the only one I will swap spit with is the wife..
        the problem with GMO is cross polinization.. I had thistles like crazy one year.. couldn’t figure out why I had so many dam thistles.. dandelions will never be killed by me but thistles.. that is another question.. then it dawned on me.. I fed the finches.. yup thistle seeds.. the birds would pick them up and drop them..
        GMO products are the same thing.. the air the birds etc.. carry the seeds..there was a farmer that planted non GMO and yet the GMO traits had gotten into his crops..
        a study by the National Pollen Research Unit commissioned by the Soil Association said GM pollen could contaminate crops many miles away. The research showed that more than 80% of rape seed pollen was carried by bees, and bees could fly more than three miles.
        I don’t think that anyone can find truly non GMO seeds anymore..

        • When I’m on a schedule I drive the slab. When I’m not, I tend to go State or Federal two-lane roads and enjoy the scenery. I can’t remember if it was off US6 or US20, but somewhere in Northern Ohio between Elyria and Toledo, one or t’other of these roads goes past miles of greenhouses — hundreds of acres under glass — where somebody is growing organic heirloom crops.

          It can be done, and it is, but it sucks that growing frankenfood is now the norm, and to grow real food, you’ve got to spend a lot of money and jump through a lot of hoops. In a just and honest world, it would be the genetically-modified crap that was under the glass tents…

  10. Wondering about all the border crossers, who in the past, came to work the fields and such … but could it be they’ve come to build bunkers? Hmmm.

    And what of the Pole Shift? We hear everything about the North Pole but not so much the South Pole … “North” seems to be the point of interest. I thought, like any magnet, they worked together but, wtf do I know.

    Ya know, animals run to the hills before a tsunami. I wonder if some people get that itch, that gut feeling of “we gotta get the hell away from here” but don’t exactly know why. Hmmm – with a (pending?) Pole Shift in the offing, I wonder if that might be a reason people are migrating south to north.

    I get the feeling, somebody knows something but just ain’t tellin the rest of us.

    Maybe they aren’t here for war, or at least until folks try to get into those bunkers. Then maybe they’ll put up a fight.

    We do seem to have some sort of a catastrophic event perceived to be on its way and I’m just trying to sort this stuff out. Some are thinking Black Swan, others are thinking something bigger, while others are clueless.

    There’s something freaky coming. I ain’t scared.

  11. Hal Turner: There genuinely are forces behind the scenes very determined to “make scripture happen” . . . and we’re not talking the fun parts…


    Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation,
    G. A. Stewart, 2013, Page 460

    I recently came upon the work of Terence McKenna. McKenna was an ethnobotantist and philosopher known for his exploration of psychoactive drugs used by indigenous cultures around the world. He came to believe that the human species was moving toward a Great Attractor in time. He called it The Eschaton; it is the point when The End Times begin.

    Essentially, to Immanentize the Eschaton is to bring about heaven on Earth even if it means slogging it down the hard road of The Apocalypse.


    • Moustazafeen – rejoice, we have been liberated !

      As goes Maryinka, so goes Avdeyevka, as goes Avdeyevka, so goes kiev.

      Tears of JOY in Petrovky last night (ChristmasNight-26th)

      VICTORY of Russian Government over nazi nato (forces of evil today).

      Oh Natasha..

  12. It is going to cost me an extra $7 a month with my credit monitoring to get payment negotiation services. I have been trying to get my ISP to lower their price with no luck. Looks like the third party negotiator got me a $30 a month discount for at least the next 12 months. I think I am going to like this new service. The negotiator has a fixed list of Companies it will contact. Doubt that it will be offered for Magic Jack. I can only dream of the Zon and utilities showing up on the negotiation list.

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