Public Peoplenomics Update: Bitcoin Blows

Normally not something we’d post “in the clear” but please note the complete cover-up of the Bitcoin collapse in the co-opted Mainstream Media.  If the Dow Jones lost OVER HALF ITS VALUE in  a month, you don’t think that would be the front page splash?  (And they’d find a way to blame it on Trump, too, lol…)

Google showed the conversion at $9,287 at 10:44 Eastern and that puts it down $1,000 from this morning’s report.  BITCOIN IS TRADING LESS THAN HALF ITS ALL-TIME HIGH in the $19,500 range. This is a HUMUGOUS digital tulip event, beyond question.

Oddly, we haven’t received the daily preach from the buy-the-dips crowd.  Meantime, the stock market is still holding onto modest gains in keeping with our BrainAmp.xlsx outputs which predicted something like 25,939 for a closing Dow today in a Wave 2 bounce…before resuming down, perhaps.  Good trading to all…

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19 thoughts on “Public Peoplenomics Update: Bitcoin Blows”

  1. I’m seeing stability at $5500. That is what I see. Maybe im right, maybe I’m not. I’m not emotionally attached to the data. I just process it as best I can as it comes to me.

    It won’t ralley again until November.

    This is not trading advise.**** you are all responsible adults and make your own choices.

    Like I said, fire sale. That is what I saw and it is unfolding as I saw it..

    Got some dirt to move. Just put in a chaw of grizzley green. Have a good day.

    • I see jagged back and forth action like the letter M or At 55-5800. The Yen is performing as was stated. Running negative interests rates they still can’t get it to settle down. Once it takes it’s turn south it’s going go be really bad.

      My confidence is great. I will admit if I’m wrong. I just call it How I see it.

      Anyway, we still have “time of prosperity going on.. we are still right on schedule to the Dow hitting 32k and change. I see interest rates going up again soon.

      I’m sad for all those who bought at the high on bit coin and mortgage (mort is Latin for death) their homes for crypt (a burial tomb) o currency. Sigh….

      I’m switching to CCR radio.

      All the best. I’m going back to being quiet and think about ‘selling’ reports.

      Infinitely NOW!

      • I’m not sad for those who bought it the hi I’m sad for those who sold because they were caught up in themselves stead of the future.
        Ask you will recieve.
        Too many people are suicidal and they don’t ask they go like I want to die right here now because things didn’t go my way so you see where we’re coming from we have the ability to expand beyond the negativity that’s on this planet and Beyond the solar system.

        May all beings be lovingly for film so be it lots of laughs I see how the speech thing does that film yeah I’m going to let it go and say yippee we’re having fun here how many we do have to live here on this world so it might as well have a little fun while we’re doing it right

      • Safe where I’m coming from is I’d rather have a lazy porch Garden or I can go out you know once a day and do a few things and I can eat rather than work for a queen bee he wants me to work 12 hours a day and can’t tend to my plants or my wife or my kids or grandkids they just want me to be a Slave

      • Maybe George can get you on Coast to Coast AM. Don’t let your head swell yet. You need a few more victories to get out of the WOO WOO realm.

      • Who says I want to get out of the Woo Woo world. Lol this is just a hobby of mine. :)

        Never considered among money doing it.

        Heard Gerald Celente today on the dory monson show. He had Opera for the win in 2020. Every time I meditate on Opera i get one word back “cancer”. I don’t think she will make it to the primaries. That is what I SEE.

        Nice bounce on bit coin. I still see it going lower.the data doesn’t lie. It’s not swayed by opinion or desire. People are. I just observe and report. FRT: I’m not anti crypto currency.

        Afa my big head. LMAO! Not to worry. I’m just a dude. I learned not to buy my own hype or others. :)

  2. Buy the dips I bought some today and I said I never do any kind of Stock Market trading at all or whatever real estate is the long-term game but heck you want to buy a new car at the end of the year for Christmas put $5,000 in there I’ll bet you you can buy a new Cherokee Jeep and if it goes down to 8000 I’ll buy some more buy the dips buy the dips like I told you last month if you buy this stuff it’s going to go up in just a few months you’re going to make more than you can make all year on your regular stocks and that’s what the day Traders are doing they’re selling but if you’re a date raver traitor and you can easily double your money on top of what you would get normally.

    You see this is a very emotional time for a lot of people it’s called separation and integration of ideas and ideals that you could say has never been encountered before since we were born so yeah there’s lots of excitement there’s lots of people out there fighting Wars and dying to releases from this slavery the Rothschilds money system do you want to be free or do you want to be a Slave I don’t know what you want to be but I want to be able to have the ability to change the thing around me to the point where it helps the earth and helps all mankind.

    May all beings be loving fulfilled .so be it

    • Because everyone is going toward this trend well I take that back very small percentage but it don’t take many people to make a trend happen and then next year if sold so many vehicles get the drift

      • My daughter bought a Subaru this year and I and I kind of told her yeah that’s like a Geo Metro they’re that good you know they will last and last so my recommendations is by Subaru why not they’re good or do you have something to say they’re not but anyway. My Geo Metro had over 300,000 miles on it and the Subaru is something like the Geo.

        So what’s your question is there an answer to your question maybe someone out here in Internet land NEVER ENDING LIST1
        1. Tap 11
        1. Stretch 11
        1a. Situp
        1b. Pushup
        1c. Sidebed rise
        1d. 2 count knee bends from refrig
        1e. 2 count bends from bucket

  3. When I bought my first house for $2,000 to the HUD program I had that Eerie feeling and I got this Eerie feeling now with Bitcoin

  4. Perhaps Andy should sleep more & dream some more predictions. He was right on with bitcoin. I will look forward to his next revelation. I noticed he mentioned “Deep State” & “Clover”. I haven’t a clue what it means, so I will wait for his interpretation.

    • I justr meditate a lot. I rarely remember my dreams. I’m super surprised when I do.

      Every word spoken and written is a form of prayer. Every word read and listened to is a form of meditation and every action is ritual.

      I had a dream I actually remembered the other night. I was at this bar with this super cute brunette (reminded me of ex wife #2. But it wasn’t her) and I won $597,615 on pull tabs. Hahahah!

      Good dream.

      Whooaaa just had major dejavu!! Hmmmmmm….

      Anyway, going to be quiet for a while.

    • Read up on BTC mining. Each “coin” is a function of massive calculations, and the next one is ever harder to “mine”. Mathematically, there can never be more than 21 million BTC’s. Of course, they could change the algorithm, but that would destroy what little confidence exists and ruin the value of all BTC’s.

  5. I haven’t quoted a news article in so long I can’t remember now this is twice in 2 days. The Bitcoin market doesn’t work like the stock market. Most of these coin places take 2 hours or more for transactions on buying or selling. And when they get overloaded they shut down. As long as the cbo futures are time stamped by the time all the sales are in, they are a go.


    “Because the bitcoin auction volume is so low, it appears that a calculating trader could artificially influence the auction price to capitalize on futures positions. Although CBOE instituted position limits, it seems like the market doesn’t have nearly enough liquidity to guard against the market-moving impact of even a mid-size trader.

    Back-of-the-envelope calculations (described below) suggest that as little as a million dollars could be used to shore up futures positions and influence the auction market.”

    Take care. I’m going to be quiet for a while and “think” about things.

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