Pretend We Have a King

Today we proudly present an interview with the King of America.

Not that we have a REAL King, of course.  One of the best things about America is what?  That we don’t have a monarchy.  Instead, we have divided power between the Courts, the Congress, and the Executive.

Except, as a result, all the functions of the Monarchy are still fulfilled and those in charge are abled to exact the same tribute as a King or despot.  Funny how history works out.

The downside to multi-personality (disordered) governance is that we don’t have one entity to hold to account when things go wrong.  Which, in turn explains why we have so much “he-said, she-said” and finger pointing.  What we have for breakfast, then, are a few notes on how illusory economic progress is – and the mechanics behind it.

All made so much easier if we pretend to have a King and follow the economic evidence from there.

So if you’re wondering how both parties can claim belief  in a balanced budget, yet nothing ever seems to get done about it, the model shown today will explain how things really work and show you the illusions hidden in the detail drill-down.

After our Trading Model and some headlines, of course.  And sure, several cups of coffee, too.

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5 thoughts on “Pretend We Have a King”

  1. “What we have for breakfast” if you live in the US and eat a corn cereal, is INSECTICIDE since the EPA regulates GMO corn, not the FDA, because it’s not food. Every cell of the GMO corn plant has been engineered to produce insecticide. Is it any wonder the US is #1 in cancer? It’s all part of the “monarchy’s” grand plan. Long live the king. And you can bet HE eats organic!

  2. George, I’m thinking we have a CEO rather than a king, both of which can be useless as teets on a boar hog, and an overpaid, bought off board of directors that are equally as worthless–all of which makes me wonder what Constitutionally enabling legislation allows for corporations to “write” laws for John Q. Public rather than just rules applicable only to the corporation’s own employee’s? I’ve asked this of all my locally elected corporate employees, and have been smothered by a barrage of silence.

    • Cuz they don’t know nuttin’ . They’re jus’ minions of minions. Their masters are nearly invisible and when they say suck they just ask “how hard” ?

  3. Why am I not surprised that you are impressed by Carson and Huckabee. Yes, what we need in America is another religious /fake law and order icon to follow behind. Neither of these two have any desire to lead our country for ALL the people. Having first hand experience with Huckabee, one can be assured that there would be a fundamentalist/southern baptist slant to whatever he puts forth. For all the outing of Obama on his corporate/social stance, even worse is Huckabees’ actions as governor of Arkansas. His best known accomplishment was issuing 3 times as many pardons as his predecessors. Google Huckabee and pardon…or DuMond, Clemmons. Why did he pardon these killers against all advice, illegally involving himself and lying in parole decisions and public statements? Because they were from ‘good Christian familties’ and/or born again. Both these perps killed and raped multiple victims after release…and they are not the only ones this fool released with like results…yeah, looking at his past performance he’s a great choice. Is Carson, a devout Seventh Day Adventist, any different? I doubt it. His religiously driven comments equate homosexuality with paedophilia and bestiality, not to mention he believes, along with Cruz, Huckabee et al, that homosexuality is a choice. How 1950s ‘conservative’. Never mind that one of their own (Mr Moral Majority) did a study back in the 90s that showed less than 5% of pedophiles were or identified as gay. Needless to say that report went into the round file. As soon as Carson received flak for his religious BS remarks, he claimed them to be ‘out of context’ and apologized for offending anyone. Right. Carson is also in the Israeli club of adorers, visiting Israel and supporting Israel at every turn…yeah, we need a another Zionist cheerleader…hell, lets skip the pikers and just go straight to John Hagee. If these guys are impressing the people of this country and they have a chance to lead us, then we are terminally stupid. There is the internet and the ability to see whereof these fanatics and criminals would lead us and where they get their backing. For the people to see these guys as actual alternatives is to ignore what they believe and would lead us into a worse situation than we are in now…which is hard to imagine…but then again, who would have thought that Obama could possibly equal GW in incompetence and criminal intent?

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