Prepping Tuesday: The Nuke War Short List

With the election close, and with a big dust-up at Mosul, and with the US threatening to directly confront Russian forces in Syria, we have to realistically stop and assess the odds of nuclear war.

This leads to a number of very interesting scenarios, depending on which side seizes the initiative.

On the one hand, now that the NY Times and the Washington Post have essentially anointed Queen Hillary, it means that there will not be an immediate need to cancel elections.

On the other hand, if Trump “knocks one out of the park” in tomorrow night’s debate, or if Hillary coughs and such, then it could flip right back to being a tight run.

If it is, there are a couple of options that could be played out by the Obama-Clinton camp. One would be (false-flag, or otherwise) to have an EMP or massive hacking attempt. That would provide a logical basis to have the elections called off, or seriously into question.

On the other side, Putin no doubt realizes that Obama might be an easier foe than Hillary.

She comes with Bill and lots of war-planners on the democratic side – odd because it claims tdo be a “peace party” but let’s not hang there…just wanted to mention hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Former street pol looks like the easier foe, especially with his gutting of American armed forces.

This would all be an interesting social-calculus problem were it not for the short-path escalation to regional and then partial global nuclear war.

It’s not like that is the only problem, either. Remember we still have India and Pakistan facing off. While tensions haven’t been making headlines there, recall that the US Mainstream press has done a horrible job of reporting and I offer the presidential hatchet battle as evidence.

Frankly, if Donald Trump loses the election, I expect he might do something like move Trump Enterprises to an off-shore tax haven (which is perfectly legal and done every day) to rub you-know-who’s nose in it. If he chose that, Trump would be joining a huge number of firms including Apple and others.

So back to point.

Who will set off the first nuke and what is the short kit list to be ready for it?

A list which can be filled at Amazon.

The first thing thing I would look for is dust filters.  Radioactivity externally is manageable.  Get it in food or lungs and now it’s a different problem.  So how about:

3M 8293 P100 Disposable Particulate Cup Respirator with Cool Flow Exhalation Valve, Standard.  These are $9 each or you can get a case of 20 for $164.

There we have the problem of water.  On a short term basis look for something like the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter will set you back #20 per person.

One of your personal to-do list items is to see if your local water supply is completely covered.  I grew up in Seattle (which has some of the finest water in the country) but it was aerated  by blasting it up into the air with fire hose type pumps.

Looks cool as hell, but it also means the water can pick up atmospheric pollutants.  So check out your warer source.  Then think about about having your own well (money, money, money) and a sealed, filtered air pump house.

After that, you will need food.

I happen to like Mountain House Beef Stroganoff with Noodes 10 Can which is $22 a pop, but you can get assorted other flavors – see the Amazon page.

Oops!  Forgot to cover my eyes.  Exposed mucosal tissue is a radioactive dust collect.  Something like the DEWALT DPG82-11 Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle is a $12 start.  Then tape up any air holes and try not to sweat as things will fog.

As usual, we have gone crazy overboard with with full-face Safety Equipment America professional grade masks that look like…well….


Some basic skinny on them over here, but if you’re stocking for the end of the world, make sure you get a set of tear-gas filters, too.  Check around with your local LEO friends to procure locally.  We have a couple of filtering cartridges per mask as well.  Put on Tyvek overalls, then step into your Texas farmer rubber boots.  Gaffer tape ther boots on.  Extra sturdy puncture resistant gloves, more tape, then fit back to see outside of the Tyvek hood.

Oh, this type of mask has a nose cover so you do not get fogging under normal conditions until you sweat like a pig.

There is another way.  Check this out:



Just $9-bucks!  Elemart(TM) Adjustable UV Protective Outdoor Glasses Anti-fog Motorcycle Goggles Dust-proof Protective Combat Goggles Military Outdoor Tactical Goggles to Prevent Particulates and Fog in Grey

My Amazon Review of these:

These guys did me a solid.
Here’s wattzup in my app:  Had four eye surgeries earlier this year.  Have to wear rigid contacts.  Live on farm/ranch.  Dust is everywhere.  On tractor the diesel soot kills me.  In the shop it’s the saw-dust.  In the airplane, sunglasses limit  peripheral with frames and polarized goggles don’t play nice-nice  with plastic panels on instrument panel.
So these bad-boyz are just what I needed.  I can wear them behind my welding mask, too…
Right price so I ordered many pairs.
Makes me look like a bad-ass, too.  Perfect geezer glasses for this old man.  They DON’T fit over the Adlens adjustable focus glasses, but a minor nit.  Maybe an “over glasses version” could happen? –
For now, with the rigid contacts, my dust issues are solved…
Go get ’em.

Hmmm…what am I forgetting?  Maybe a GCA-03W Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detection Monitor with Digital Meter and External Wand Probe – NRC Certification Ready- 0.001 mR/hr Resolution — 500 mR/hr Range. which will ring up $250 and change.

But Seriously:

Out in the shop I wear these

Toss down some Potassium Iodide 60 Tablets 65 Mg. Each Expires 2020 before the cloud of radioactive dust arrives.

When you read Cresson Kearny’s Nuclear War Survival Skills, you will learn a lot more.

But some solar panels, a couple of big deep-cycle batteries, some sheet metal work, and serious allergy filters and you can cobble up a fair “clean room” if your home.  Lots of plastic and gobs of duct tape.  It doesn’t take much positive pressure, but that’s the game on sheltering in place.

There.  We just blow through about $1,500 worth of stuff.  Feel any safer?

Me either.

But at least we talked about it in advance.  Now if nothing ever happens, you will have stories to tell your grandchildren.

And maybe your shrink.

Write when you break even, or when I get this damn mask off…

37 thoughts on “Prepping Tuesday: The Nuke War Short List”

  1. George

    All seriousness aside, it is always a hoot to hear what goes through that mind of yours. More shelves and racks than an old fashion hardware store.


  2. I am beginning to wonder how stupid the people who “run” us can be to allow a nuclear war, much less why they would pimp one up. I guess they should know the consequences, but seeing as most of them belong to the “dumb down” generation of the 70s, I suppose they were never told. In any case, whatever we do is only a temporary bulwark to death, so might as well go in the first wave. All I can say is “good riddance” to those who are responsible. Not much the rest of us can do about it. “Power of the vote” Hah! Biggest joke on the planet. Show me where, in the last hundred years, it has ever allowed us to avoid ANY form of unpleasantry the Elite has wanted or decided to perpetrate upon us for their benefit and to our detriment. And I am INCLUDING WW2 which was financed at Hitler’s end by several of our “greatest hit” corporatists for the purpose of their own profit.

    • Tom, You do realize the ones pushing war have govt. funded bunkers and storage for years afterwards underground. ? It’s only “we the people” who will suffer.

    • Right! Even us discussing this subject (nuclear war) is stupid. I am surprised that “George” fell into the trap of ‘making a business model’ out of nuclear war; I’ve lost some of my admiration I have sor him, because of this ;-(

  3. Trump tweets against every single threat he perceives real or imagined. He tweeted rage against beauty pageant contestants, SNL and its players and against ‘animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems.’

    Anyone who has to strike back against every single slight ain’t fit.

    I do agree that HRC is far more hawkish than O or Bill.

    I disagree that the risk of nuclear war is a likelihood. It’s far more likely for a rogue state or terrorists to use a small tactical device.

    • @ kimberly. it’s a “guaranteed through” date. Salts are pretty stable long term.

      @ wave. Note that Russia has a looong and generally undefended border with NATO states. If a shooting war starts they know that they don’t stand a chance in a conventional war. Once NATO takes out the border defenses, our bombers and tanks will have free reign. Their only hope would be a strategic nuke strike to cut off the head.

      Our best defense is to just avoid war. Oops! We’re already in a war with the Russians over Syria.

      You should read Churchill’s memoir “The Gathering Storm.” History may not repeat, but it does rhyme.

    • Not really. Potassium iodide in tablet form should be very stable. Keep in low moisture environment though. I purchased my tablets in individual clear blister packaging with a foil back so that I can see if they are degrading (flaking or yellowing) and to protect the unused tablets from moisture exposure. I won’t be paying much attention to the expiration date if they visibally look OK. In a pinch, you can paint your abdomen with tincture of iodine but the tablets are really the way to go. Hope this helps.

    • Not really. It is best practice to keep them in a cool dry place and keep them sealed so they don’t “spoil” via moisture and microbes. The key is delivering the iodine, and that will not change elementally or otherwise go away.

      Also, if you are away from your kit, remember that most salt sold in the US is “iodized” – if you don’t have your KI tablets handy, shake a bit of salt on your palms and ingest. That will deliver iodine as well. Won’t be as effective as KI tablets, but better than nothing.

    • I doubt it, especially if kept in a cool, dark place. It’s a mineral salt. HOWEVER, the FDA requires an expiration date on damn near anything, including distilled water and normal saline.

  4. On point as usual George. I might throw in a few extra tips for those on a tight budget or who get caught away from their kit:

    1. Always have a lot of N-95 masks (or some sort of equivalent painters or surgical mask) on hand. Your body can actually handle quite a bit of external radiation dose. Post-detonation the big worries (assuming you are outside the blast zone) will be inhalation of fallout particles, in addition to smoke, fumes, and non-rad particulates.

    2. If you have to shelter in place for several days (I recommend at least three days in place if in an attack zone or under the heavy part of the fallout plume), have a way to store bodily wastes. The Kearny book has some good tips on that.

    Heaven help us all.

  5. If HRC wins…The ‘nuclear war’ that will be launched ,will be against the American people…currency crisis, supreme court fixed, 2nd amendment and others trashed, taxes imposed on everything, religious freedom attacked, internet shut down,…just for starters…imho

  6. agree that months after Hillary is elected and before she is sworn in is the MOST dangerous time….Russia and the countries of Europe are preparing for nuclear war for a reason…not just because Obama who has divided loyalties also because Hillary has a uncontrollable temper and has always had a enemies list..her responses about Russia in the debates scare me

  7. I would add a UV light for the water, obtainable at camping stores. Viruses slip right through filters. I used to use filters in the virus lab to make bacteria-free filtrates in order to get to the viruses mixed in. Worked like a charm- for catching the comparatively huge bacteria.

    • @Roberta: look at the Sawyer 0.02 filters. That’s 0.02 microns. Filters out virus, bacteria and protozoa 99.99%

  8. George,

    Oddly enough, I just received my shipment of Potassium Iodide tabs and they too expire in 2020. Manufactured in Sweden, I got a kick out of the very official packaging that states they are to be used “as directed by public officials in the event of a nuclear radiation emergency.” – BTW: did you know that USPS employees [I’m now retired] were offered a form several years ago to accept/decline issuance of PI tabs during a crisis? I can only assume other fed agencies did the same.

    I was also just shopping around for Geiger counters, too… talk about synchronicity! BUT the prices turned me waaay off. I was impressed by how many NIB cold-war vintage Dosimeters are available for a little bit of nothing. These are nifty little units [Bendix made most of them] that include two pocket pens that you calibrate before going outside. Even have the classic yellow/black CD logo on them for the full retro effect. Operates on a 1.5v battery. I like the small size, portability, the fact that you get two pens and above all, PRICE! You can pick up pristine units for around $50 on Ebay – tested and ready to go.

  9. Where are the anti-war activists? A demonstration would get more coverage, I bet, if the protesters were all wearing gas masks. We got a couple of Russian ones for only $5 each because our local survival store couldn’t get rid of them. Maybe I’ll start wearing one to the grocery store and a button that says “Just say no.”

    I think the likely hood of a nation state firing up a nuclear bomb is unlikely. Why ruin so much real estate and farmland, when you could detonate an EMP blast two hundred miles up and take out the electrical grid? The dirty suitcase bomb threat is more credible from terrorists.
    Best case scenario to survive an EMP blast taking out electricity for years: live like the Amish. Question: do the Amish take prescription drugs?

    • Where are the anti-war activists, you ask? I’ll tell you. They’re all playing video games in their parents’ basements or hanging at the local java bar. Civilians dying in NovoRossia, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Gaza, Yemen, Somalia . . . ? No worries. It’s all good now, dude.

      The libs have their Nobel Laureate “Hope & Change-y” feel good hero as POTUS. War no longer matters. The freak circus was out in force protesting war when “W” was POTUS, but it’s all about transgender bathrooms and getting the witch elected now. Color me disgusted.

  10. Putin has acknowledged that growing up in post war Russia, hanging out with his friends, he learned that if a fight is inevitable, the advantage goes to the party that starts it.

    The pentagon has acknowledged that if the situation goes nuclear, the war will be short, intense, and extremely destructive.

    My perspective is that the USA will lose that war.

    That’s how it looks from Ecuador, seven years out

  11. If there is a war, the USA will lose. Putin has said if war becomes inevitable, the side that starts it will have the advantage.

    Best example is the cartoon of the unshaven man in ragged clothes joyously celebrating amongst the rubble, “we won! We won!” I cannot find this on the internet anywhere.

    “There came a time when the survivors understood that those who perished early were the ones blessed with good fortune.”

    That’s how it looks from Ecuador.

  12. Great post , and i enjoyed all the links. Last time i was home i showed my kids a old usa nucler strike zone map from the 80,s. They where really suprised. So sad we all thought this topick went the way of the Berlin wall.

  13. Hi George,
    Don’t forget that Tetracycline, Doxycycline, and other antibiotics in their class give temporary protection against radioactivity. Here’s a link;

    While Tetracycline is available again, it may be more expensive than Doxycycline–and also, it’s only available by Rx in the USA, but if you are on speaking terms with your MD, you could get a Doxy Rx, and store it in the freezer in double ziplock plastic. Also, ask the pharmacy to include two (2) antimoisture packs inside the pill bottle. The pharmacist usually takes them out of the stock bottle on opening, but most will be glad to put them in if you ask.

  14. Also, its possible to get a Radex 1503 radiation meter from American Science and Surplus for $199 + tax;

    I got one several years ago. It is sensitive enough to record cosmic ray readings, and radon in the basement. Once I got a high reading by coming within 100 yards of a spent fuel rod truck, taking a load to long-term storage. So bottom line, it works. Store yours in foil, batteries out (to guard against EMP), in double ziplocks.

  15. O’s executive order to prepare for space weather disruptions of an imminent nature signed oct 13th would lead one to believe that is the real fear.

  16. I am curious.. I hear tv commentaries saying trump is already saying there is a potential for vote fraud.. so let me ask this.. whose money developed SCYTL.
    I read articles like that and think.. Hmmm.. the One percent has been working diligently to get Hillary into office.. if you watch any of the shows that are pushing Hillary you see the ad’s on them are from corporations or groups associated and controlled by the one percent. I think it Trump might have a credible issue on voter fraud.. I remember reading the book double crossed
    which was one of the most scariest books I had ever read especially since I was reading his election strategy at the same time JR. election was going on and you could follow it with the days headings.. to the t..
    Since the One percent has done absolutely everything they can to try and get Trump out of the race…it could very well be a stolen election .. I already figured that because the One percent want Hillary because she is controllable.. she will be our new president.. but will it be by electoral vote manipulation or by voters..Trumps no fool…Now for a clinker.. what if everyone.. everywhere voted for JOHNSON.. ( he still thinks texas and Hawaii are foreign countries.. but then hey.. it is on the job training since no one entering the office really has a clue)

    • its all run by greed.. for control for power for their bottom lines.. why else are they still fighting to dumb down the public.. an article I read once said that if you create a public that is ignorant and uneducated after three generations you can control them..
      Years later I was working with an immigrant that was from a tribe in an area of Africa where they were clubbing people and hacking their limbs off because they were from tribes other than the controlling ones.. we got into a huge conversation since the news media showed those areas to be friendly.. she said that is only what you see on tv.. where she came from they have area’s that have different classes each class is allowed to learn the information and skills allowed by that status.. in an area where information and learning certain skills is outlawed there were officials that if the teacher taught that skill or information she was killed along with all the students she taught it to.. now I believed her.. and in a way see the dumbing down of the american middle and lower class a similar thing.. school loans that have interests so high that there isn’t any possibility for them to pay them off.. an industrial complex so busy moving jobs outside the usa for profitability that the jobs available are low income service related..

      • You forgot all the ways corporations and companies skirt our labor laws and bring in their H1B visa and L1B visa holders to steal good paying irreplaceable jobs from Americans. This criminal cabal which Hillary is a member of is ruthless. She took millions in donations from an India firm allowing them to abuse our laws while she ignoring our citizens complaints about these practices. When one contemplates the huge far-reaching net that has been cast over America, her jobs, her citizens via illegal laws, wars, taxes, practices, trade agreements, dumbing down the electorate and a paid off Supreme Court, one recognizes what an incredible shining jewel America was and what a far-sighted, far-reaching plot it took to betray her. When you look at your Senator or Congressperson, ask yourselves are they a traitor, too? Remember when Obama ran on clean coal technology??? Now they have shut down the mines and forced sales on them so more foreign corporations can have more of a piece of our pie. All of it is mind boggling, that senator went right along with the climate change BS and sold his constituents out.

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