With the election close, and with a big dust-up at Mosul, and with the US threatening to directly confront Russian forces in Syria, we have to realistically stop and assess the odds of nuclear war.

This leads to a number of very interesting scenarios, depending on which side seizes the initiative.

On the one hand, now that the NY Times and the Washington Post have essentially anointed Queen Hillary, it means that there will not be an immediate need to cancel elections.

On the other hand, if Trump “knocks one out of the park” in tomorrow night’s debate, or if Hillary coughs and such, then it could flip right back to being a tight run.

If it is, there are a couple of options that could be played out by the Obama-Clinton camp. One would be (false-flag, or otherwise) to have an EMP or massive hacking attempt. That would provide a logical basis to have the elections called off, or seriously into question.

On the other side, Putin no doubt realizes that Obama might be an easier foe than Hillary.

She comes with Bill and lots of war-planners on the democratic side – odd because it claims tdo be a “peace party” but let’s not hang there…just wanted to mention hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Former street pol looks like the easier foe, especially with his gutting of American armed forces.

This would all be an interesting social-calculus problem were it not for the short-path escalation to regional and then partial global nuclear war.

It’s not like that is the only problem, either. Remember we still have India and Pakistan facing off. While tensions haven’t been making headlines there, recall that the US Mainstream press has done a horrible job of reporting and I offer the presidential hatchet battle as evidence.

Frankly, if Donald Trump loses the election, I expect he might do something like move Trump Enterprises to an off-shore tax haven (which is perfectly legal and done every day) to rub you-know-who’s nose in it. If he chose that, Trump would be joining a huge number of firms including Apple and others.

So back to point.

Who will set off the first nuke and what is the short kit list to be ready for it?

A list which can be filled at Amazon.

The first thing thing I would look for is dust filters.  Radioactivity externally is manageable.  Get it in food or lungs and now it’s a different problem.  So how about:

3M 8293 P100 Disposable Particulate Cup Respirator with Cool Flow Exhalation Valve, Standard.  These are $9 each or you can get a case of 20 for $164.

There we have the problem of water.  On a short term basis look for something like the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter will set you back #20 per person.

One of your personal to-do list items is to see if your local water supply is completely covered.  I grew up in Seattle (which has some of the finest water in the country) but it was aerated  by blasting it up into the air with fire hose type pumps.

Looks cool as hell, but it also means the water can pick up atmospheric pollutants.  So check out your warer source.  Then think about about having your own well (money, money, money) and a sealed, filtered air pump house.

After that, you will need food.

I happen to like Mountain House Beef Stroganoff with Noodes 10 Can which is $22 a pop, but you can get assorted other flavors – see the Amazon page.

Oops!  Forgot to cover my eyes.  Exposed mucosal tissue is a radioactive dust collect.  Something like the DEWALT DPG82-11 Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle is a $12 start.  Then tape up any air holes and try not to sweat as things will fog.

As usual, we have gone crazy overboard with with full-face Safety Equipment America professional grade masks that look like…well….


Some basic skinny on them over here, but if you’re stocking for the end of the world, make sure you get a set of tear-gas filters, too.  Check around with your local LEO friends to procure locally.  We have a couple of filtering cartridges per mask as well.  Put on Tyvek overalls, then step into your Texas farmer rubber boots.  Gaffer tape ther boots on.  Extra sturdy puncture resistant gloves, more tape, then fit back to see outside of the Tyvek hood.

Oh, this type of mask has a nose cover so you do not get fogging under normal conditions until you sweat like a pig.

There is another way.  Check this out:



Just $9-bucks!  Elemart(TM) Adjustable UV Protective Outdoor Glasses Anti-fog Motorcycle Goggles Dust-proof Protective Combat Goggles Military Outdoor Tactical Goggles to Prevent Particulates and Fog in Grey

My Amazon Review of these:

These guys did me a solid.
Here’s wattzup in my app:  Had four eye surgeries earlier this year.  Have to wear rigid contacts.  Live on farm/ranch.  Dust is everywhere.  On tractor the diesel soot kills me.  In the shop it’s the saw-dust.  In the airplane, sunglasses limit  peripheral with frames and polarized goggles don’t play nice-nice  with plastic panels on instrument panel.
So these bad-boyz are just what I needed.  I can wear them behind my welding mask, too…
Right price so I ordered many pairs.
Makes me look like a bad-ass, too.  Perfect geezer glasses for this old man.  They DON’T fit over the Adlens adjustable focus glasses, but a minor nit.  Maybe an “over glasses version” could happen? –
For now, with the rigid contacts, my dust issues are solved…
Go get ’em.

Hmmm…what am I forgetting?  Maybe a GCA-03W Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detection Monitor with Digital Meter and External Wand Probe – NRC Certification Ready- 0.001 mR/hr Resolution — 500 mR/hr Range. which will ring up $250 and change.

But Seriously:

Out in the shop I wear these

Toss down some Potassium Iodide 60 Tablets 65 Mg. Each Expires 2020 before the cloud of radioactive dust arrives.

When you read Cresson Kearny’s Nuclear War Survival Skills, you will learn a lot more.

But some solar panels, a couple of big deep-cycle batteries, some sheet metal work, and serious allergy filters and you can cobble up a fair “clean room” if your home.  Lots of plastic and gobs of duct tape.  It doesn’t take much positive pressure, but that’s the game on sheltering in place.

There.  We just blow through about $1,500 worth of stuff.  Feel any safer?

Me either.

But at least we talked about it in advance.  Now if nothing ever happens, you will have stories to tell your grandchildren.

And maybe your shrink.

Write when you break even, or when I get this damn mask off…