Prepping: Last Train Out?

Although we don’t dwell on what it would be like to seriously prepare for global economic collapse, markets are driving today’s discussion.  Because if even a modest disruption in the Supply Chain can cause truck and auto deliveries to falter, and certain foods to become “unobtainium” we wonder what else might become scarce in the uncertain future?

This morning after our ChartPack displaying how close to *(but actually worse than) the 1929 market decline track we’re on, we outline some very serious steps to mediate possible personal impacts.

We won’t even attempt to do the encyclopedic in-depth part of prepping.  Other sites do that much better (though with less emphasis on tracking fundamental economic drivers) than we do.

Instead, we focus on our Fall 2022 spending plans and what burning through a fair bit of savings is buying us for 2023 and beyond that will have value no matter whether the market and the global financial system can be saved, or not.

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70 thoughts on “Prepping: Last Train Out?”

  1. It’s October 1 and it appears all the big league demented rulers I am aware of are still in office. Maybe next September…

    • I’m still on alert for Kam being replaced after the midterms & Obama taking the helm for the last two.

      This will match the “hotly contested elections”/Supreme Court conjecture.

      I posted the link connecting the South Seas Bubble boom w/India and later India becoming an asset stripped 3rd world country. That’s what’s happened to us. Pride keeps most folks from seeing what it is.

      Kalamazoo used to be a hot place in 1942.

      I’ve got a Gal in Kalamazoo

      In 2022 K-Zoo @ an elevation of 784′ is turning into a shitmound, literally.

      Kalamazoo decriminalizes public urination, defecation despite downtown business owners’ concerns

      “The two downtown business owners explained how public urination and defecation impacts their businesses, and questioned why the city would consider the change.

      After the citizens shared their concerns, the city commission voted to decriminalize the offenses at their business meeting on Monday, July 18. The change reduces the offenses from a misdemeanor to a civil infraction, as part of a larger review of city codes.”

  2. “… we wonder what else might become scarce in the uncertain future?”

    Put medicine and medical supplies on the list. Orders and requests use to be handled within hours and got prompt validation, not long ago. Now, there area lot of follow-ups to see if the orders and requests are still being followed through with. Sometimes, this goes on for days.

    Short supply, short staffed or shortened business hours are the reasoning behind that. Meanwhile, people wait and are often suffering while they wait.

    This of course, creates more calls from those in need. Which of course, causes (let’s say, management) to get a burr up their ass and the bitching and explaining communications fly. It’s a cluster-f*ck.

    Business use to run smooth as a top but, business isn’t as aerodynamic as it use to be. It’s a bumpy ride.

    The worse it gets, the more people get frustrated and quit. – To add to the problem, some companies are changing programs (to better serve everyone) which turns out to have some glitches and bugs that aren’t realized until the program is up and running and everyone is onboard with it. -Call I.T. on a Thursday and get a call about it on Tuesday. How cool is that? SMH.

    It’s all just getting more difficult.

    • FWIW I ordered several surgical kits off of Ebay a few years ago to put back. Quick Clot was a biggie on my list of absolutes to have. Saved several videos on how to make and tie off sutures, too. It’s very simple but needs practice so the practice pads would be a good thing to have.

      • Bill

        FWIW? It’s worth a lot. Around Urbansurvival, I listen intently. You and most everyone else on here are a wealth of knowledge and information.

        Thank You !

      • Crazy Glue – # 1 emergency wound closure product. Easy to store/stash – car/boat/shop/house. Every time I have purchased a tube in 3rd world country, store owner gets all concerned – asking wheres the accident victim at. cheap & very effective wound sealer.
        When time is main factor in Ure survival calculus – crazy glue “sticks” the performance every time.

        …heat it up inside a glass fishtank with glass lid – will “show” perfect fingerprints on any object placed inside.. ; )

      • …And field suture kits. They’re often overlooked, and only a couple dollars each. They come in a little envelope and take up virtually zero room in a first aid kit.

      • Stick-On “Butterfly Closures” have replace stitches for a lot of wounds. Even after my colon surgery… butterfly tabs closures. So I stocked up on those also.

    • An assistant at a doctor’s office told me that 70% of the staff at the Cottonwood, AZ, hospital were fired for not taking the vax. Her husband works at the hospital, so I presume the info is accurate. If this is a typical percentage throughout the country, it certainly explains why hospital services are so bad all over. Most of us suspected the vax was the cause of hospitals being short-staffed, but this is the first time I’ve heard an actual statistic.

      Interestingly, some of those fired got jobs at the nearby Prescott Valley hospital, which never required the vax. I didn’t know hospitals had that option.

      • we were given the same options.. if you wanted a job .. and income.. you got vaxxed

  3. Hey George,

    You’re pretty good with linguistics … What’s the (new term/catchphrase) “Top of Mind” all about? It’s new to me. I know what is meant by it but, seems it popped out of nowhere.

    Web Bot use to pick-up on unusual word/term usage, which had an effect on future. – got any thoughts or info on this?

    • Well, without firing up the whole tool set and going looking for an origin point in recent history, “top of mind” is one of those “shaping words” that is used to control (wait for it) “How people think about thinking.”

      The idea is to give later deniability to people who give total bullshit answers and make stupid pronouncements without thinking them out through at least 2 or 3 levels of thought.

      This is a variant of “off the top of your head” – a way under edjumacated people expressed extemporaneous speech.

      So, let’s say a democrat makes a stupid remark (Kam Harris on North Korea gaffe overnight, for example).

      If she is excused for rolling off the “top of her mind” it is the media equivalent of “off the top of her head” (wboth are physically collocated. Hence, stupid sayings get excused as she was “in mind” (at top of head) when making the gaffe, unable to deal with mind function while doing speak output function. (Drugs and stress, dear.)

      If you have done any amount of public speaking – and I’ve gone a ton of it in broadcasting for 20+_ years of life – it’s very easy to slip and slide when you are working a head problem (and figuring out where it goes) while you are putting strings of words out on the output ports (different part of mind – several – and some muscle memory aspects). Which is how I came to pronounce Lady Spencer-Churchill and “Lady Spuncill Churcher” which left me, the on-air DJ and everyone in the building listening to that newscast rolling in the aisles.

      Not being fully present (because deeper, bigger, higher priority thinking is underway) is thus a cleverly krafted escape cause used when people have an initial impression and are ego compelled to speak before thinking (lots of that afoot nowadays) and by people who are not so much reacting to initial data, as really working hard on ass-covering based on limited or insufficient data/briefings.

      A few initial impressions, my friend, but just top of mind, understand.

      • Unstated but useful is the idea that passable production level writers (who can crank out 5,000 plus words a day of readable shit, day after day, month after month) do a similar thing when “channeling their muse.”

        The notion is you have a thought – and while writing that with part of the brain (the muse elements) the deeper brain is still processing and pulling out additional insights and topical extensions – which is a kind of happy internal dance good writers enjoy. Just as there’s the dopamine rush of shopping, something similar as writers go shopping ideas to connect. Quick* addictive, really. (My top of mind out is Muse misspelled “Quite addictive,” see?)

        But again, this is just top of mind, as well. And communist brainwashing lingo-slinger would flunk me for sure, but sadly for them, I’d just not give a f*ck. Which is not top of mind. That’s core values based.
        – – –

        Most important is that while there’s a tie between shopping and dopamine ( and writing and dopamine (sdee:,and%20by%20many%20recreational%20drugs.), there is also a link between skydiving and dopamine with my 2K freefalls son which I respect as just different expressions of dopamine:,produce%20even%20feelings%20of%20euphoria.
        And when he was young and a bad boy?>,fear%2C%20empathy%20and%20interpersonal%20skills. Which helped parenting to work.

        He’s still on the adventure life while I’ve aged into the spending and writing parts.

      • Correct George. This is the excuse the black Shirley Temple look alike, Karine Jean- Pierre gave for Brandon when he was looking for Jackie Walorski in the audience the other day.

        She’s dead Mr. President. She died in a car accident a month ago and you sent out your condolences.

        Oh sorry, she was “Top of My Mind.”

        There you have it.

      • Thank you for that. Got it !! :)

        You’ll notice here, that “top of mind” is beginning to circulate in the media. Copycat mention …

        “TOLEDO, Ohio — School security is (top of mind) for many parents this school year but a local family is questioning the security at a TPS elementary school.”

        Guess we’ll be hearing that a lot, unfortunately.

        Have a great day, Buddy.

      • I was going to say top of thought.. sales.. you send out one.. it goes in the trash… send out the second one.. you glance at it and toss it away.. the third one.. you look at it and say.. dam I heard about this.. commercials.. aimed at children.. then the grocery store isle.. keep it at childs eye level.. the higher priced items at adult level..

      • Dalzell them with Brilliance or Baffel them with bullshit.

        You know I heard something the other day i haven’t heard in a while Mr Ure,

        If you are looking for sympathy? It’s in the dictionary right between Shit and Syphilis.

        Really quick note as I’m beginning a new chapter. Since I write my own life into existing not giving anyone other than THE DUDE’S permission to be the editor.

        I wanted to convey and I’ve mentioned it before. I spend 2 hours a day every morning in Prayer and Meditation. I never miss it. If I have to start work at 5am. I get up at 230am to spend 2 hours with DUDE. I think twice I only had an hour in, in the last 20+ years. And once I missed it because I woke up late and that is the day I found that lady who died by her jeep and did cpr to bring her back. Every day part of that ritual is writing a gratitude list. I have mamy many entire volumes of note books filled front to back with gratitude lists. And I also write a single prayer over someone’s entire life. I also have many many volumes of prayer journals with prayers over someone’s entire life. Only 3 people have ever seen their prayer or had it read to them. At times I look back on someone prayer and see how their life is going now. My buddy Jesse I just spoke too on the phone is living the entire prayer I wrote for him 9 months ago. All the beginning of it has manifested for him. Beautiful new love, happiness, started his own business and it is rapidly becoming prosperous and he has more requests for work than he is capable of doing. Booked out months in work orders and has had to hire several people to help him keep up with it. And he got a new Harley. All things I wrote for him. So it seems it is working well. He had 9 months ago lost everything in a divorce and was angry at the world. And now his life is beyond what he could dream or hope for at that time.

        That being said. There is a few on here. That have prayers I’ve written for them. I won’t name who, but I will say G2 has one.

        And I wrote this one this morning for baby Grace. For that fella that was calling me Hoss when I work at a place called Hos. I wrote one for her.

        I meditate for a while. Sit in silence with my eyes closed then I write out their life. Prosperity, adventure and discovery, healthy body, long life, leadership, healthy home, beautiful husband or wife, a long life time filled with love and connection, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, a condo on 5th Ave, raving reviews, success, a long lasting dependable car, a Ferrari adventure, big fish on a fishing trip, or whatever comes through me for them as it comes through me as I write it thinking not about me, but what is for them. And at the end of what is written I write these 3 words: It is so.

        Legend has it the Book of life is written in Gold Ink, so I write my own books of life in gold ink too. I’ve written them for random people I’ve met at the store. Excuse me miss, what is your name? Alissa. Nice to meet you. Hope you have an amazing life and then tbe next day I write one for her.

        I ran into a person i hadn’t seen in a long time the other day. Last time I saw them, they were homeless had a backpack and hadn’t showered in a long time. He looked at me gave me a hug and said check it out. He was wearing a suite, he got a brand new 2022 Lexus I350. This morning when I went and found his prayer. Sure as the day is long it says brand new 2022 Lexus. A good suite.

        Made me smile.

        So, I wrote one for the baby Grace today. I won’t say what is in it other than I asked DUDE if should say anything or not. He replied, you can tell him about the Leadership role she will take. I had written that your grand daughter, Grace, will be a very respected, loved and adored Leader of many men and women.

        And it is so.

        Not sure about the dopamine. Most times when I write people life prayers. I’m surprised by what I wrote after I read it. Because it is a meditative state as I write. Kinda, like automatic writing. It’s always good stuff.

        See ya around lady’s and gentleman. I have a new chapter in my own life to live.

        This chapter being, “Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate!”

        After finishing the chapter the chapter titled “off to grab 18 gears.” Which I thoroughly enjoyed.

      • “Que: ~ listen to the music ~

        The Doobie Brothers”

        LONG LONG LONG TIME AGO.. I was going to a doobie brothers concert.. the band that was playing with them was black oak arkinsas..
        anyway.. I was excited to get a chance to see the bands I totally loved.. I hate traffic so I went real early and I parked several blocks away and was strolling .. I got there long before the crowds started gathering.. anyway.. along the way to the concert.. I see these guys out knocking some golf balls.. so I stopped.. crazy bunch and pretty soon I was shooting golf balls with them.. ( we were all ground pounders except the one) and their wives and girl frineds were bringing us all sandwhiches cold drinks.. It was a great time.. when we were all joking back and forth.. it was a great time.. when I looked at my watch and realized.. dam I am going to be late.. so I excused myself told the guys that were playing golf I had to go.. there was a concert going to start with my favorite bands..
        I get there and then the band comes out.. those idiots I was shooting golf balls with and having a picknic was both bands having a relaxing time before the show and I didn’t have a foggy clue that the guys I was joking around with and enjoying a wonderful picknic was the bands that I was a fan of..

      • Does anyone here know where WarNews 24/7 is actually located, who owns it, and whether its history drifts more toward facts or propaganda? The domain is Greece, but given the nature of the internet, the writers could be in the USA, Russia, or aliens underneath the Denver airport.

      • Whois is not revealing. Perhaps someone with more sleuthing skills?
        ICANN Lookup logo
        Registration data lookup tool
        Try a different lookup
        No registry RDAP server was identified for this domain. Attempting lookup using WHOIS service.
        Failed to perform lookup using WHOIS service: TLD_NOT_SUPPORTED.


        Owned by an anonymous blogger who allegedly resides in Athens.

        “TLD_NOT_SUPPORTED” sometimes means “I found an ISP which doesn’t share info with ICANN.”

        It also sometimes means:

        “Such and such a government wants you to bleed information which the PTB don’t want people to know”
        “Such and such a government wants you to bleed disinformation which the PTB want people to believe”

        …and so, we will set you up with a domain which cannot be traced or researched.

        I could not ping or tracert it, even though it reads as valid, and like Marc, couldn’t resolve location, contact, or ownership. I haven’t seen any bias that’s blatant, or that’s consistent enough to pigeonhole the site as, well anything but an information site.

      • Hear ya go @MarcR
        the Editor and Chief is Vasilis Kapoulas who’s career is as a Journalist & Intelligence Analyst, MENA|OSINT|HUMINT,
        and open source intelegence
        He is also the Editor In Chief at
        Greece.. I cannot locate the address.. similar to the MI report page.. from what I was able to find out it is not an in print paper but a news blog…. MISSION STATEMENT: Inform, engage, and inspire all people

      • Thank you Ray and LLOB! So, the upshot is I’ll have to watch the site for weeks and triangulate as usual to make my own evaluation of the credibility of its content. At least you didn’t come up an FSB fingerprint or the UK Sun’s “sell papers at any cost” fiction.

      • “I’ll have to watch the site for weeks and triangulate as usual to make my own evaluation of the credibility of its content.”

        I scan several newspapers and blog sites.. got fity of them open on the phone all the time.. the problem is.. all news sites get their news from the same resources.. so it is hard to tell what is real and what isn’t.. some of the places I relied upon are all owned by the same people playing footsie with our legislators.. and they play both sides of the street.. newspapers that change the front page to suit the population in the area it is distributed..
        those two sites can get you more news than you know what to do with..


        when the boss asks me what are you reading or watching.. I just say PORN… its always trying to see how we are all being screwed next.. and just like real porn.. there is very little satisfaction in reading that crap.. your legislators will never have your needs as number one and everything that is printed is to sway your opinion to their objective…. and you will never be the one with the lady in the video..

  4. What good are medical supplies if you don’t know how to use ’em? I recommend at least taking a first aid class. Check with your local Red Cross or health dept.

    • You can also check with your local fire department. Mine has a two week course – certified., for $25., every 90 days [ or so ] Might be a good resource for others.

  5. G, the declines are finally matching your charts. I think you were years early. Great work! That schooling is paying off.

    “he claimed”

    Bwahahahahaha!!! What’s Japan say?

    Putin doesn’t strike me as a Bush, “Iraqis dropped your buildings.” But he could be in on the NWO/Reset.

    “useful new movies”

    The Greeks invented drama.

    Notice people say things like “history rhymes”. How many ways can you say, “The only thing to fear is…” or “Go out and shop…” That’s why history rhymes.

    We had Gilligan’s Island (a group of white folks) and Castaway (a single white folk). Where else can you go with the theme? TV’s “Lost” (a group of mixed folk) crashed a plane while Gilligan’s Skipper crashed a boat.

    This is why we knew COVID was a scam. We lived through the Anthrax rhyme. Not to mention we were all enlightened after hearing about “The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male” rhyme.

    The Last Man on Earth, 1964 – Vincent Price /white guy.
    I Am Legend, 2007 – Will Smith /recast black guy.
    Survive nuclear war, 2023 – all of us /all shades.

    The Titanic. murder mystery/romance/engineering disaster – what else? That’s why the person who invented elevator Muzak is rich. People want to hear the same tunes over and over.

    “All pretty horrific if it comes to pass.”

    The horror already happened back in 2008 when GM was bailed. The GM people who lived on credit before the GM bailout are living on credit now – that’s what the American Rescue Act of 2022 was about. The bailouts did and do nothing but hurt us non-GM’ers or non-Amtrak’ers or non-Boeing’z, the BAG.

    When GM finally and rightfully goes over the falls, the purchasing power they stole is rebated back to us and they will be in their natural state, walking around “you owe me” like the old guy in Gone With the Wind who had knots of Confederate money but not a merchant in the South who would take the stash.

  6. Yo G-pops,

    Is the below quoted excerpt the work of WTHS, jo bidet, klaus squab,king charles or the colder than ice Vlad the Great ?

    “The dictatorship of the Western elite is directed against all societies, including against the peoples of those Western countries themselves. It’s a challenge for all. This means the total negation of the human, the overthrow of religion and traditional values as the crushing of freedom becomes to look like the opposite of religion – open Satanism,” he said, repeating a familiar theme of his, and while rejecting “LGBT”/gender ideology as a threat to Russian society which the West seeks to impose…

    “Do we really want to have a parent No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 instead of mom and dad in Russia? Do we want children to be told that there are other genders besides men and women? Is this the future we want for our children? For us, this is unacceptable,” the ________ said.

    We gone from the demons running amok – to the demons literally running the “show” in DC/GB/EU. Look at bidets eyes – that aint warmth, love in those eyes..
    ? -can you “see”/feel the black goo..the source of all skinwalker/blind frog ranch ‘cyrptids”…just need to work out how the imprisoned/fallen “dragons” are neurologically (neural engagement) engaging and manipulating the stuff.

    Got neural engagement ?

    • I guess Vlad. He’s all about traditional values. Unfortunately, they are those of Atilla the Hun. Kind of like Game of Thrones but with crucifixes.
      The demons he sees are all projections of his own psyche.

    • the tx. govt sites seem to say up to 750 watts is OK. Although the classes apply in different states when I check with texas they said no license, helmet, insurance required up to 750 watts. Under 18 as helmet IS required though

      • I would also add the fact an engine is rated more horsepower it doesn’t mean the car is speeding.
        The “deal point” seems to be 28 MPH on dead level ground. Absent a Nishiki road bike and loss of 50 pounds, 750 watts will have a hard time moving lard butt Ure faster than 25 MPH on a two way wind correctred time with a typical backpack load on and fatty tire friction.

      • “a Nishiki road bike and loss of 50 pounds, 750 watts will have a hard time moving lard butt Ure faster than 25 MPH on a two way wind correctred time with a typical backpack load on and fatty tire friction.”

        LOL LOL that one hit home…in DC the fastest route to work is by bicycle.. they have it set up for that to.. for years I rode bicycle everywhere bought a really expensive bike in those days.. the whole thing was less than five pounds..
        anyway.. I get out.. now a car is faster.. and we don’t have the traffic mess in the wastelands that they have there.. the daughter gets a bike.. MY first thought is.. Heck I will peddle to the ice cream shoppe and get me a sunday or something.. Its only five miles.. how hard is that.. I jump on.. and start peddling.. dam after about a half mile I was puffing like an old cow..
        NOW a couple years later.. a family member in special forces.. is on his month off before being deployed someplace in the world.. comes home for leave.. his wife is pregnant and she can’t jog with him so I said.. I WILL.. like an idiot.. they run everywhere.. I was puffing like an old cow.. the only reason he turned around is he figgured I wouldn’t give up and he would have to carry my fat butt home.. LOL ( leave no man behind ) LOL.. LOL
        well the next time I seen him I was running daily and I could keep up with him.. but then the grandkids and I had a bike with one of the rickshaws on it for the grand kids.. and me peddling uphill and them yelling faster grandpa faster LOL LOL pulled in at home and the daughter said.. I sure hope to buy one of those one day.. IT went in her trunk LOL LOL
        so I get it.. the dumb bike wouldn’t get me anywhere at all either.. and with my weight.. I would have to recharge very couple of blocks LOL LOL

      • After looking again at the contradictory web versions of Texas electric bicycle statute, I reviewed the applicable statutes directly again:


        The top speed restrictions are as follows:
        1) “Class 1 electric bicycle” means an electric bicycle:
        (A) equipped with a motor that assists the rider only when
        the rider is pedaling; and
        (B) with a top assisted speed of 20 miles per hour or less.
        (2) “Class 2 electric bicycle” means an electric bicycle:
        (A) equipped with a motor that may be used to propel the
        bicycle without the pedaling of the rider; and
        (B) with a top assisted speed of 20 miles per hour or less.
        (3) “Class 3 electric bicycle” means an electric bicycle:
        (A) equipped with a motor that assists the rider only when
        the rider is pedaling; and
        (B) with a top assisted speed of more than 20 but less
        than 28 miles per hour.
        (4) “Electric bicycle” means a bicycle:
        (A) equipped with:
        (i) fully operable pedals; and
        (ii) an electric motor of fewer than 750 watts; and
        (B) with a top assisted speed of 28 miles per hour
        or less.

        The only current speed-related operating restrictions I am finding are :
        “A person may not operate a Class 3 electric bicycle, as defined by Section 664.001, unless the person is at least 15 years of age. This subsection does not prohibit a person who is under 15 years of age from riding on a Class 3 bicycle as a passenger.”

        The tykes are still limited to 20 mph. Second childhood riders are restricted to labeled Class I, II, and III electric bicycles with electric assist cutting off at 28 mph.

        But by all means, don’t consider this as legal advice; get your wallet out and discuss this with a lawyer, ’cause no one is allowed to live in this country without having a lawyer throw holy weasel juice on everything.

      • I don’t know how long it’s been since you have ridden a bicycle let alone at a VERY FAST speed but even with Fat Tires a bicycle imo isn’t going to be very stable at anything faster than 20 mph (even if it can do 27 mph).

        I also would highly recommend that you DO wear a helmet. I know just riding my bike I do, and everyone I ride with does too, even though I go at most 11-13 mph even, downhill, since even with my WIDE road tires my bike doesn’t seem to me to be totally stable above that speed (it is an expensive FUJI so it is a well balanced bike, not a cheap department store bike).

        Remember … if you go with a Class 3 bike you can NOT ride on most bike trails around the US (maybe even in Texas). Here you HAVE to ride Class 3 bikes on the streets or roads which means mixing with multi thousand pound vehicles – almost every bike riding friend who rides on streets/roads HAS been hit by a vehicle at least once (some have been serious accidents too).

        “IF” I was to ride the bike trail from where I live to my office downtown there is a near direct bike trail I could use without going on our city streets /highways, but if I did that the highest level I could use would be a Class 2 bike (max 20 mph) so that would limit what I personally would purchase.

        I too am considering one since I can ride “rails to trails” (old RR right of ways) bike only trails almost all the way from my place to one son’s house in a different city about 80 miles away. (only have to be on streets for about 300 yards at each end of the trip – rest is on formal bike trails, mostly old RR track routes)

      • @n_____

        That 750w motor limitation is “game-able” according to the E-bike nerds. According to lore, a 1500w or 2000w (or whatever size) motor can be “adjusted” to where it functions like an (under 750w) motor. Done properly, such a “conversion” would pass an inspection, yet could be jumpered to make all of the motor’s power, available. Technically, the DOT reg regarding E-bike motors reads” “Maximum motor output of 750 watts…” thus creating a loophole, should anyone wish to defy the law and make use of it, say so they have the capability of outrunning zombies after the SHTF…

        You might find *.docs by searching something like “50 mph e-bike”

        Like I said, “red switch…” :=)

  7. Did a search for “Massive nuclear-like gas explosion levels Polish port.” bit got nothing. Even held my nose and went over to the Fox website and still nothing. Where’d this headline come from?

    • On the PN side there were two example headlines of not-yet stories that could drive the market way UP or into collapse. One was the notion of an attack on the Polish LNG transshipment processors – which would cause markets to collapse in a heap.
      On the positive side, a headline about a summit with Putin, Biden, and Xi to map out a peaceful and demilitarized future would send the market to the sky.
      They were given only as examples of news items than COULD occur and which would have MAJOR IMPACT

      • Against all odds one would have to speculate that the edge in this chess game belongs to he her him she they them IT who masters the probabilistic modeling space. Schrodinger’s cat is closer than we think. Let that one sink in home gamers :-)

      • Oh, thank God. I try and skim the headlines as much as I can before headed out to wherever sweat is needed to be applied for the day. Pick and shovel trenching for the electrical lines on the solar pump Friday, got some salt and minerals for the livestock yesterday and filled the truck up so we could work goats today. The sweat’s dried for the moment but I’m flaking dust all over the bar waiting for the missus to finish her shower. Just can’t seem to schedule working goats when the ground is moist. Don’t know if the congestion in my chest is Covid or real estate.

  8. the Stories that hit me yesterday and got me in deep thought was..

    Putin giving everyone another warning.. and the story saying that the plans they had been told is he would use the nukes to plug the delivery routes that the Western world and NATO are using to deliver more weapons to Ukraine..

    then the terrorist act destroying the Nordstream gas pipeline aimed at Russia and the citizens of the NATO countries that depended on the gas for surviving a winter..

    Then the story about the speaker for the USA at the UN meeting telling them that Russia was backed against the wall.. the video of Joe Biden saying the same thing..

    then the story about military ships from both china and Russia off of our Alaskan border..

    I am not strategist or war gamer.. but looking out of the box.. I see us using our strategic military reserves.. giving it all to Ukraine.. and then the print a thon.. where in two years time we printed up what eight years of our national budget to better the life styles of the american citizen.. and not one thing has been done to do just that..
    The story of how many are crossing the border ..

    OK.. think about it.. strategic reserves.. why do we have them.. to defend the country without running out.. the same with our fuel reserves.. to make sure we don’t run out of gas..
    could the poison pawn be Ukraine.. why are we there on the russian border giving so much to the most corrupt nation on the planet.. sure shocks the hell out of me..
    Now considering the older stories.. where china was refurbishing thousands of container ships for military use.. the same time they were adopting the club K remote system..
    we all know what suntzu said..
    “Sun Tzu counseled military leaders to build a “golden bridge” for an opponent to retreat across. Without an escape route to retreat, your opponent will engage in battle and fight like a caged and cornered tiger.”
    not bragging about having him cornered.. we printed up what eight years of our national budget to build back better.. and nothing has been done to do any of that.. and using our strategic reserved arms for Ukraine..
    It looks to easy.. dragging us in.. sure we corner him.. he has only to look at what happened to Kadafi and Hussein to know what happens if he looses.. Xi knows if Russia falls then he does to.. and letting someone basically spit in his eye.. when have you ever even read about a country doing that to china without there being retribution.. the only good thing is.. their economy is tied in with ours.. we fall they fall.. and so does the world.. this is all very very scary..

    • My primary fear is.. What if.. Russia and China decide to go forward.. and rather than go after taiwan.. go after the cause of all their grief by going after that which is left undefended…
      there was a whole campaign to defund the police for our most vulnerable.. and billions of dollars worth of public destruction by organizations that had the appearance to be defended and supported by those in office just like them defending millions and millions of illegals that come across the border ….

      “You can be sure of succeeding in your attacks if you only attack places which are undefended.You can ensure the safety of your defense if you only hold positions that cannot be attacked.
      Hence that general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack.”

    • Sun Tzu say

      HEMP the hell outta América del Norte.

      They have no energy
      they have no reserves
      they have an ineffectual military
      they have a disassociated population
      they are under invasion and are too stupid to stop it
      they have lost all concept of social order
      they have become delusional.

      The idea is to utterly defeat one’s enemy by expending as little effort, and expiring as few of one’s own fighters and materiel as possible. Why should China or Russia waste even a single bullet on the United States, when we are destroying ourselves? Helped along with just the loss of our electrical grid and the Internet, we would devour ourselves until no-one remained to fight them. The ChiComs could simply call a 10 year moratorium on travel to CONUS, then move in at will, to occupy the vacant land they’d find everywhere they ventured.

      • Seems like all it would take is maybe one or two Daisy Cutters dropped on Davos when everyone’s there. Do it and ask forgiveness later.

  9. Back there it was mentioned $WMT shelves aren’t being replenished in a timely manner.

    Here are two pics taken 9-29 of the canned proteins. See the pickles. Shelves should be full by the 29th/30th as transfer payments get the reloads 10/1.

    Notice much of the inventory is pulled forward, Potemkin shelves like peak pandemic. Other aisles have foodies pulled forward as well.

    I’m equiadisant between two $WMTs and the other looks the same.

    What about your $WMTs? Anyone still shop IRL?

    • Same Same don’t forget Target as well. Costco ok but many products no longer available . Still you can eat the furniture for sale that’s used. as fill-in for the empty space. This is partially a consequence of hyper inflation, partially a consequence of every other disruption. As we progress along the Von Mises outcome it will all be due to products not chasing valueless fiat brands. re. branding is coming shortly. everything else is a convenient foil.

      Got Blockchain?

    • that actually looks better stocked than our walmart.. I shop there all the time.. best price on eggs and milk.. I am trying to get my grandson to get chickens.. LOL and I told him I would buy a cow..
      NOW SOME WOO WOO… they have a small acreage.. waiting to buy it.. and a section of land.. anyway.. because they live in the outer limits.. they have a security system..
      ON their system last week they got a ding in the middle of the night that took a photo of someone walking across the lawn.. ( a woman died in their barn years ago.. on january 23rd of that year) anyway this was of a woman coming across the lawn.. no real facial features and no legs just the upper torso.. the time stamp on it was .. JANUARY 23 2023 at about one am in the morning when the monitor went off…. anyway that was mom that died in the barn and the kids are always praising how the kids take care of the acredge and how Mom would love what you are doing.. you do the same thing she did with flowers in the window etc.. so my grandson was saying he thinks she is coming to see them on january twenty third of twenty twenty three..

    • Meh, never shop at Wal-Mart — too expensive, quality is often iffy, too much Chinese food, WAY too much Chinese product, every employee under age 60 is rude, narcissistic, and has terminal head-in-butt syndrome, and I have much better options.

      With that said, I DO shop at Meijer. I’m not seeing any of the issues Steve describes, there. There will be holes in the TP/paper towel and soda pop aisles, and sometimes loss-leader product after about 9-10pm but the holes are filled by morning and there’s no “bleed-over” of other product…

    • Good luck with that. This ain’t Australia but I can see them making ammo so expensive it’s prohibitive. What happened to all the AR owners in Connecticut when they outlawed ARs after Sandy Hook? Did ANYone turn theirs in?? I keep telling everyone to conserve your ammo and learn to reload. Learn to hit what you aim at the first time instead of using your gun for and expensive vibrator.

  10. I was considering not posting this. I used several methods and tools at gleaning the future. Prayer and Meditation, reading other things and what sticks out to me, understanding deep thoughts, noticing shifts in language in the world around me, up tick number counts in phrases, terms and words in the chatter of the people all around me (because contrary to how much I comment on here, where I get that I say to much) I listen, really listen to the world around me, thinking, I think alot, people on the web, finger prints of God finds, looking and seeing, noticing living and dymanic pattern arrangements, reading the language of creation, and many more, especially in the world around me.

    Interesting to note one led me to term type o phrase on Wikipedia. See I drive truck 1769. So I looked up the year. 1769 at events, Napoleon Bonaparte was born August 16th, 1769. I never knew Napolean was a Leo. Interesting. Napoleon is Nostedaumous first Anti – Christ, Hitler being the second Anti-Christ. The third anti-chrisr is not named but according to Nostedaumous will rise after the fall of mabus. Many mistake mabus as a person. But we here at Urban Survival understand Mabus is actually Mapus or Map US. Once the Map US falls the third Anti-Christ will rise according to translation.

    So to the point. 1769 is the year a church in Italy is struck by lightning and blows up destroying 1/6 of a city there and killing 3000 people. More than 9/11 did.

    And as it is written Wikipedia—-> 1769 is the year of a massive drought. That is largest ever recorded loss of human life in one single event.

    Here is the quote: “Massive droughts in Bengal lead to the Bengal famine of 1770, in which ten million people, a third of the population, will die, the worst natural disaster in human history (in terms of lives lost).”

    Notice the linguistic anomaly. It uses presentence language not as if it is a past tense event.

    Look—->>>>>”A third of the population, will die, the worst natraul disaster in human history.

    It should read —–> a third of the population, died that year, in the worst natural disaster in human history to date. (in terms of lives lost).

    See the difference??????

    So when I see stuff like that. Written in present tense form, buried among millions of web pages when it should clearly be written in past tense form?

    I pay attention.

    I mean who else on the planet but me is actually looking up the year 1769? Probably not alot of other people besides me. And who else is going to notice a present tense form, framer word line, written like that. maybe George and a few others besides me. Out of 8 billion people on the planet.

    And I’m beginning my new chapter of life, very excited to experience, savor and live all the memories waiting for me in the future in this chapter,

    Chapter 10, Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate.

  11. Connecting the dots in a way, using many templates and systems of thought running concurrently,

    In the abstract im working for a company nickname the “red army” driving truck number 1769, the same year napoleon was born and the same year as the largest ever recorded loss human life from natral disaster happened. Napoleon being the first of Nastradamus 3 Antichrists. Now I am working for an American company.

    All living dynamic data sets point to the third anti-christ being born, 2022 this year. note: it may not mean actual persons physical birth, but it may mean the pathway to “becoming” the third Anti-Christ has been established for one individual located inside China. The home of the red army.

    And that there will be a very big natural disaster this year. Where one 1/3 of the world’s population will perish. But the year is almost over. Hmmm.

    I did have some data on no rain on earth for 3 and a half years. But I discounted it because I honestly think that the entire earth would go without rain for 3 and a half years. Even if the poles flipped. The only way that could happen is if the moon was gone from my understanding.

    From my read of things. Fwiw

    OK, no more questions answered and no further comments by me. I have a new chapter of life to live. Best be busy being about it.

    • Honestly don’t think the entire earth could go without rain for 3 and a half years. I don’t know how that would become a thing without. A the earth’s core stalling or be the Moon going away. So I discounted that data. Because how could the entire earth go without any rain for 3.5 years. It’s not possible.

  12. If this develops we could get a ‘buying opp’ LOL

    There are some serious rumours doing the rounds about a major bank failure

    ABC Australia is reporting that a major investment bank is on the brink, citing ‘a credible source’.

    Most are pointing towards Credit Suisse. It was caught out in the Archegos disaster and since then (Feb 2021) its share price has spiralled to $3.90 from $14.90. Moreover, the credit default swaps are at distressed levels.

    A memo from the CEO to staff circulated late on Friday:

    • This is interesting, but the date on the article is from early January of 2022. l’d not consider it current, though I can see banks on the brink of these crises continue to escalate. A strong emergency cash position outside the financial system makes sense, consistent with our current inflationary environment which could change rapidly after the midterms.

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