Prepping for “LAWS”

Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems.  You will also meet TEWS (tethered-electronic) weapon systems).  You might see a frame of a video I made in 2004 on remote controlled surveillance e vehicles…and you might infer quite properly (now that all my NDAs in the area have expired) that I do have a fact-based vision of a very ugly future when comes to urban warfare..

Most people have never penciled the future out in this subject because it is so ugly, horrific, and anti-human.  Tends to scare the hell out of you. I Robot IRL and not the happy ending.

Special Bonus: A link to video coverage of the riots in Indonesia overnight from our Jakarta Bureau.

Before we get to it though, how about some headlines, charts and coffee?

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7 thoughts on “Prepping for “LAWS””

  1. Ohh Nooo Mr Ureeeee…….not triple levered ETF’s – Weapons of Financial Loss (WFL). Why not buy them with Options and Leverage Up your triple levered financial product even more ! Quadruple Levered should really amplify your returns..

    Looking for a “Big Squeeze” in market , and not the one Ure thinking about, U dog U. There is a lot of Shorts out there, Traders are loaded for Bear – pain trade is further Up..bring the PAIN!

    The double top is not something I believe in such thing – what I was looking at/for was a possible “textbook” Head & Shoulders pattern..but the market did not roll over, S.O.B.

    So squeeze it higher till till she cant take it nomore, then we be in a BrennOmey Market – Going Down!

  2. Those that ‘send’ the laws out to wage war against us’n…will be our targets…not the robots….imo

    • unfortunately D.. those that sign into law the laws that will wage war against us.. don’t have a FC what they signed into law..
      they don’t read them.. they don’t write them.. they have some twenty word paragraph of a six thousand page law that they maybe have some kid read.. maybe.. and then the money and gifts they are given saying what a great law it is.. sounds good..
      not that long ago there was a shut down.. instead of doing work and making solutions.. many went on a total expense paid trip to the islands to make their point…

  3. LAWS…? Net gun. ‘Problem is getting one with an ability to shoot, perhaps, 2000 feet into the air…

  4. LAWS – reminds me of the old series Cleopatra 2525 – minus the eye candy of course. I suppose we’ll all have to start digging shafts and tunnels.

    I actually remember your columns on the remote-steering toy. I never realized I’m that old……sad. Thanks for bringing us up to date on the sequelae.

    As usual, yet another thought provoking column.

  5. “Most people have never penciled the future out in this subject because it is so ugly, horrific, and anti-human. Tends to scare the hell out of you. I Robot IRL and not the happy ending.”


    I have ethics conversations from time to time with some of the deep thinkers developing some of this crap.. I sometimes think they are a little thick if you know what I mean. They aren’t droolers though just problem focused.. most of the time they are posed a hypothetical situation and work towards the answer to that situation.. not once considering alternative motives for the answers they have come up with..

    I to have seen some scary videos and pictures of what is being made..

    I try not to think of them… Like the new assistants that listen to every word.. that one should alone scare the snot out of everyone…

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