Prepped: Tuning the Bug-Out Plan

Since the odds of a North Korean first-use are slowly rising over time, we present a rather longish discussion this morning of the factors you will want to be considering (pre-planning) now since at the last minute you’ll be busy.

So we run through the whole McGillah – including the shared Life Plans, the general bug-out case, the nuclear plume dispersal models, and wind shifts that impact fallout and how to model those simply using publicly available information.

Toss in a few headlines and more than a dozen charts and….well, consider this your mid-week book.

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19 thoughts on “Prepped: Tuning the Bug-Out Plan”

  1. I read this earlier today. It sounds like a plausible explanation for journalism, which is far and away a mostly DC-NYC corridor occupation:

    It explains the journalism bubble, but it also is a likely explanation for the entire existence of the DC-NYC craziness bubble. I have neighbors who are from upstate NY, and they are not part of this reality bubble, so the affected area seems to extend from West Virginia to NYC. It seems that North Carolina has also been contaminated based on their recent legislation.

    To me, rather than a grand conspiracy lurking in the background, it is more likely that there are multiple conspiracies in progress (CIA, NSA, DHS, MIC, DNC, RNC, etc.) running and fighting over resources and narrative exposure. Remember – the economy has been in no-growth mode since 2009, so resources are getting harder to obtain.

    What would make them stay aboard the crazy train is that they have ZERO exposure to or understanding of what happens outside the DC-NYC affected zone. They reinforce their own beliefs and reality because they rarely, if ever, leave the contaminated zone. If they do, they remain focused on their contaminated zone interests via smartphone and internet, so they take their reality with them on their brief excursions outside the CZ (contaminated zone).

    I have felt, based on the geographical location of the dwellings of the swamp creatures, the geographic locations of their workplaces, that this might be a contributing factor to their alternate reality. I think the article linked above supports my supposition in many ways.

    And so, for me, the geographic area from WV to NYC is now the CZ (contaminated zone).

    • Very good. IMO the Cabal is made up of factions that constantly jostle for ‘king of the hill’ position. The long time holder of that, the Rothschild group, seems to be still doing well, but the Neocons have been giving them a real run for the money. Then you have subgroups like the Bush clan and the Clinton mafia. If only they would take each other out.

    • Yeah if if you haven’t been around those new neighbors for a long time then you really don’t know who and what their belief system is and whether they will back you up in times of need so that’s one of the aspects the unknown trying to find out will this newcomer into our community actually help us or destroy us,
      and I don’t wish that decision on anybody but it’s one that everyone will have to make and everyone will have to make that determination themselves because of the last Civil War everybody was well there were people who were fighting against the wrong relatives but that likelihood is still there that they will be doing that so,
      Get a picture of you and your wife or your past life and your kids and keep that in front of you to remind you of what you’re fighting for

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  2. BUGout…

    If you do need to exit where you are, it is best to have a destination rather than wander and hope. Where you go should be based on the necessities – water-food-shelter. A few days without water and you croak. A few weeks without food and you expire. Depending on the area and season, no shelter can kill you in a few days as well.

    Map a route that takes these into account. Have a spot you intend to hunker down in for a while, and make sure you know several routes to get there – no telling which may be blocked or for what reason.

  3. George,

    I’ve wondering how you generate your upper and lower trend lines in your market graphs. Are you using something like 2 standard deviations?


  4. Regarding “when” is the time to bug out, I will replay a conversation between myself and two company owners a few years ago. We were discussing economic forecasts and world events.

    O1: “Well I could always head to my ranch in Arkansas. I could hold out there for a long long time.”

    O2: “But you have to be prepared to have nothing to come home to. How do you know when it’s time to head for the hills?”

    O1: “I guess that depends on whether you are a pessimist or an optimist.”

    O2: “Well, it was the optimists that went to the gas chambers.”

    That last sentence hit me like a brick, although I had to process it for a few days. Those who think “this is bad, but they’d never do that,” or “I can handle this, it can’t get much worse,” will have already missed the window to bug out.

    O2 doesn’t know it, but he may have saved my life that day.

    • And don’t forget the optimist innocent German citizens whose leader took their country to war and ended up getting millions of them slaughtered, raped, burned alive, starved, and killed. People always want to paint Germany with one brush, it was not like that at all. Take the time to ask one of those still alive who lived through it. Let’s never forget them either. None of us knows which side of death ray we will end up on, especially in a country like the USA who has made it a point to spend our tax dollars and borrowed federal reserve dollars on bombing the living day lights outta many sovereign nations under made up charges… how many in the last X years? How far back should we go? How many are we bombing right now?

  5. I am hunkering down if/when crisis hits. I am 71, no family and have marginal health so I am reserving a few rounds for my cats and myself.

    • I am just a few weeks short of 71 but do not have any thoughts re: offing myself. There has to be something better on the other side of whatever comes.

  6. Sticky Notes have been a built-in feature of Windows for as long as I can remember. In Windows 7, go to “all programs” then click on the accessories tab. You should be able to find it under “Sticky Notes” in the alphabetical listing. Pull it out to your desktop and then drop the shortcut into your Toolbar. You can create a new note by clicking on the shortcut and change the color by right clicking on the new note. Just be careful not to “X” out a note you want to keep or it goes away forever.

  7. Instead on spending all your money on prepping, you might want to study the Book of Revelation. Why prep for the end time when the end time has already been foretold. The Church will be raptured before the end comes. It would be better to study the Bible and become part of the Rapture of the Church & leave before it all begins. Just a thought.

  8. Have we ever had a former American president buy a home in Washingtin DC just after left office? Obama just bought his rental home in DC for $8.1 M. I wonder what post POTUSA role hes been assigned and by who? Something strange going on.

    • Yeah, it’s called having a teenage daughter who is a junior in HS. They get pretty surly when you try to move them at that age. I don’t buy into all this conspiracy crap most of y’all are shoveling, but I’m sure you can console yourselves with the idea that his physical location doesn’t really impede whatever dastardly deed(s) you wish to assign to him.

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