Preparing for Web-Down

Say, here’s an ugly thing to be thinking about – like you need a few more, right?

How will you react and cope if the Web were to go down?

As we know, thanks to social media, we are in  what can only be described as a digital uprising – that which we label The Webolution.

How to cope, plan, and prepare?  After headlines and charts, a detailed discussion is served…

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George Ure
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32 thoughts on “Preparing for Web-Down”

  1. Summer Bull or Bear Contest
    OPEN 6/6/18 Close 7/6/18 $10,000 grew to
    3X ETF BULL – 215.84 shares – SPXL $46.33 $46.37 $10,009
    3X ETF BEAR – 392.16 shares – SPXS $25.50 $25.31 $9,926

    The Summer Bull is back on top. The Head & Shoulders Reversal Right Shoulder Pattern is breaking down, meaning the market uptrend that began 4/3/18 is still on. So for the time being, it looks like the bulls have the edge. As they say, the trend is your friend until it ends.

    • To compare playing the “Trend” vs. “Selling in May & Going Away”, SPXL ON 4/3/18 $39.93. $10,000 grew to $11,613 or +16.13%.

      This is all theoretical without real life emotions taken into consideration.

      • Clawsy, just sharing my thoughts & observations. When investing, you do not want to live in a vacuum. No one knows what is going to happen,so it is more profitable to share ideas. That is why I subscribe to Peoplenomics. I ground my thoughts on what George is thinking & then make my plan. Remember, nobody cares as much about your money as you. So you need to keep vigilent because the final decision to risk your money is yours.


    “I think the end of the long decline in GE is finally here,” the “Mad Money” host said Friday. “After seeing the results of the company’s lengthy strategic review last week, especially the plan to break up this unwieldy conglomerate into easier-to-understand pieces, I am a believer.”

    Then, last Tuesday, GE released the results of its strategic review.

    “The plan? General Electric is going to spin off its health-care business as an independent company within the next year and a half, they’re going to sell their interest in Baker Hughes, a GE Company – the big oil service subsidiary – over the next two or three years, and we already know that the transportation business is going to Wabtec,” Cramer said.

    The remaining company will be a tech-focused aviation, power and renewable energy play. With that, Flannery will reduce GE’s hard-to-understand image to that of a clear-cut industrial that makes engines and turbines.

    “I have to say I like [GE’s stock] here,” Cramer said. “I love the aviation business — we know that aerospace is one of the hottest industries around, with a multi-decade backlog of demand — and thinking long-term, it’s definitely better to be in the renewable energy business than the fossil fuels business.”

    Cramer also liked the fresh attitude Flannery brought to GE, a company long known for being an opaque operator that wouldn’t reveal its underlying flaws. Flannery, he said, was comfortable with being honest about GE’s problems.

    “Consider that even Steve Tusa, the bearish J.P. Morgan analyst who’s been right about GE every step of the way, has an $11 price target on this thing,” Cramer said. “The stock’s currently at $13 and change. If the biggest bear on GE thinks it’s going to $11, I say the stock’s a buy.”

    • Yeah, that Kramer can sure pick ’em. I remember just like it was yesterday when he “Jerry, you can’t beat some good Cubans”. Then he & Jerry fired one up!

      Oh! You mean that other Cramer? No, he always picks the wrong stocks!

      • WestCD, It is not the Cramer stock picks that matter. He is a source of information for YOU to use in making a stock selection. The reason most people lose money in stocks is that they blindly follow what others are preaching.

        That is why we subscribe to Peoplenomic’s, it gives us the big picture for us to use in our stock market decisions. Plus GE is a stock market legend.

  3. I am 72 and I use FB. In addition to keeping up with high school classmates, friends, and relatives, I disperse alternative views of the news from non mainstream sources. I am also a member of an alternative news aggregator forum where even more strange, conspiracy and woo-woo topics are covered. Each place has a different set of contacts so using FB allows me to spread the “WTFU” message to a broader potential audience. After all, POTUS uses Twitter.

    • I know a man that has some celebrity status..that did st that. They kept putting him in FB jail till they booted him off.
      The thing was a or f hat he shared was credible and controversial. I assume that’s why I am no longer welcome at the Thomas library lol

  4. I have my bank balances and activity text’d to me every day. I have a running total of that activity in my history. Do you think text will go down too? I don’t. Unless there’s an attack on the worldwide net and that is very possible, but I don’t think any administration in the USA would do that domestically.

    I think its the goal of our govt to maintain civility, whether its Trump or if it was Hillary. They may take down social media outlets (that would include this website), as they allow methods for people to gather and plot. And texting between individuals can also be used that way, but in the interest of not sending the entire population into a meltdown, Id think that the important things, like peoples financial activity and those business websites that depend on the web as their business model, ebay, amazon, google, banks, brokerages, trucking dispatches, for examples, will remain in place. If they didn’t, that would take down the entire economy. If the trucking industry was unable to transact their business, that would cause the entire economy to go down, as that is our economy. Those trucks on the road represent commerce being transacted at its base level. Moving products is our economy. I don’t think that any administration wants to deal with that, nor would they deliberately create that level of panic. If that level of panic was created, Id be inclined to think it was the deep state anti-Trump players, but they would have to live in that atmosphere too. We see how fast Pelosi and Schumer were to condemn Maxine Waters and her call to harass Trump cabinet members, and by default any public supporter of Trump. Pelosi and Schumer know that if that movement was allowed to grow, they too would become victims.

    As I said, I choose to believe its our govts main incentive to ensure civility is maintained. Will there be flare ups, yes, and we’ve already seen them, especially for people in cities like Portland OR, Los Angeles, and other liberal bastions.

    • I knew several people that just before the last depression deposited a large sum of money only to discover that the banks were closed the next day.. Never to see a dime of that again..
      Now consider looking out of the box.. you have your balance texted to you daily.. I to am a pretty anal person about just that.. I became that way after depositing my money in a night depository only to have the person taking the money in sign their name under the checks and then depositing it in their account. ( one reason I quit using the financial software I was using.. way to easy to do that) then several years later having a credit union owner take the deposits and play the markets.. then the last straw was when I dropped my checkbook and some kid wrote out twelve 250.00 checks to himself..( I made three dollars an hour then) so I reconcile my accounts daily.. double check.. I alternate my check starting numbers regularly and use individual business checks.. I take what I need and leave the rest… and account for everything..many companies now do their accounting in such a way that it is easy to alter up to ten hours out without the laborer noticing if they wanted to.. since most of the banking industry is online.. paperless.. in the event of a web down.. I am pretty sure that the piece of paper or text message you get.. is only just that.. just a piece of paper or text message.. but then if the web was down.. you wouldn’t be getting a text message either.. but you could use the unit as an anchor or sinker depending on how big your phone or computer is.. Ole Bernie was even asked to give the usa pointers.. in the end we will discover the same thing everyone already knows. . that our financial system is just an elaborate Ponzi scheme that was sold to the planet. everyone bought it and in the end it will be like an island.. if you didn’t bring it you won’t find it here. . as long as it is working now.. they will use it to acquire enough stuff to stay in control after it crashes.
      One thing I get a tickle out of.. a speaker on TED asked me if I would like to see his neck of the woods and took me to his place.. right next door there was one of those huge underground communications bunkers for the govt.. big place.. the thing I told him that I observed is.. well you don’t have to do anything just figure out how to get in that thing.. since it is literally way out in the sticks away from anyplace if anyone was to need to travel to it . they would either have to have an advanced notice that it was going to happen.. or they would have to walk.. since then if I see something quirky in the news or on the road.. (like the convoy of UN military vehicles.. ) I will call and ask him.. how is everything on the farm LOL a couple times in the last couple of years there were supply trucks there..

      and to think all he had to do was send out a monthly statement..

  5. Responding in a general way, the internet is the third thing on my personal list of unfortunate ‘take downs’.

    First is the banking system. I think most people would be adversely affected if that happened as the use of cash has declined and people use debit and credit cards to buy products and services.

    Second is the phone system – critical for communication and data services. While I don’t use my phone much, it is also a ‘safety net’ to connect with authorities in case of emergency.

    The internet has expanded my world and enabled me to know, communicate with people, and purchase merchandise that I had no knowledge of years ago. It is third on my list.

    An overarching concern would be of course the physical systems that make these possible – electrical services in particular. However one can, if with difficulty, get alternative ways of maintaining electrical power.

    Sorry, but I don’t regard the possible ‘take down’ of the internet as likely – but then I don’t use facebook or twitter. Fake people posting, as well as fake news, do need to be controlled!

  6. Mr.Ure
    I have been located 2775 feet from CNL4 for three years this week and today has peculiar activity. Float planes-over wing-under wing- retractable but no ultra-lites. Does this constitute woo woo? Have not seen anything like planes landing and departing on a 25 second separation at such a constant rate?

    • Good weather in Port Elgin may bring them out:
      The Port Elgin and North Shore Railroad is located in Port Elgin by the beach parking area and; it runs in warm weather, giving rides to families along a 1.5 kilometer loop. During July and August, seven days a week, the S.S. Trolley shuttles passengers between downtown Port Elgin and Southampton along the roadway for a modest fee.[24] This trolley provides convenient access to the attractions in nearby Southampton.
      The TripAdvisor travel web site recommends the nearby MacGregor Point Provincial Park, the Saugeen Rail Trail walking/cycling route, the Brucedale Conservation Area with small camp sites, and the several nearby golf courses.[

      25 second separations are pretty busy =- 120 operations per hour but could be a fly-in or something, too. Wing over wing sounds like Beech 17 staggerwings? club or something?

      • Mr. Ure
        Thanks for that.
        The Flying Farmers Of North America held their get-together here in Port 2001. Were not allowed to fly due to 911. They all used land transportation to attend the event. LOL
        It is always a busy airport but nothing like I have seen today. Thought their might be a connection to woowoo


  7. If 10.5 quake hit the Pacific Northwest it would likely do what you suggest. Yet it might be much worse. It could trigger other quakes all along the Western Ring. Add volcanoes?

    Much much worse, it likely would produce an historic tidal wave across the pacific, Japan, Hawaii, etc.

    With communications, roads, ports, etc., out of commission, food, goods of all kinds would stop. We’d need to change many habits.

    No way to help the millions harmed.

    The good news is that that region has been very quiet; indeed the Western Ring has been relatively quiet. The Southeast ring not so quiet -and apparently winding up. :(

  8. Re: Phone service in a crisis–
    I lived near Washington DC on 9-1-1 Day, Sept 11 2001. When the planes went into the towers and the Pentagon, it was no longer possible to make a call on any landline or cellphone. However, it was still possible to send and receive text messages. No guarantees for the next big one, but readers should keep that bit of info in mind.

    If you think about it, there are still folks around with more than the usual amount of autonomy, and they go about it different ways. If you line them up with small structure on the left, and large structure on the right, it might be;
    Amazonians/Australian Bushmen – Afghan tribes – Old Order Amish – Cubans – North Koreans.
    It would be interesting to think a bit about the trade-offs as you go from one end of the spectrum to the other.

    Can’t agree with your objection to web pseudonyms. I don’t post anything on the web under my actual name. I have had an email account since 1986, and naively used it on a Bitnet discussion list I used to run. I also put my name on the content I wrote for several ‘proprietary’ internet databases.
    It wasn’t obvious then that the entire contents of those databases and everything on that listserv was pirated and sent around the internet–All comments attributed to me whether I made them or not. For about a decade, googling my real name would give you about 300,000 hits, and not all of them were in nice places. That count is down to about 10,000 now–but it was a hindrance for a while in getting jobs.
    I’d advise anyone to choose several pseudonyms and dedicate them to different areas of interest. Maybe ‘Alex G. Bell’ for your technical/engineering interests, and “H. Melville” for chatting about fishing.

    • Probably not text, either. Jammers have gotten more sophisticated, and much more prevalent since 911 — HAM above 6M may be questionable, too…

      Um, lost me. Neither Cubans nor N Koreans are as free or autonomous as were the East Germans.

      Ooooh, haven’t heard “Bitnet” in a minute…!

  9. I’ve had both ZoneA____ firewall and AV_ antivirus literally destroy operating systems (98, ME, XP, and Vista.) SyGate was the best firewall, until McAfee bought it out in the early 2000s — ‘Might still be, but it’s bundled with their suite, which isn’t. I haven’t done a competitive comparison of security software for three years, and everything changes. In 2015 Eset was the best AV, but it’s spendy; KAV and Bitdefender were really, really good, but KAV took up a lot of overhead. Just guessin’ about 2018: Windows’ built-in has gotten pretty good, but if’fn ya wants ta be diff’rent, try Bitdefender or Comodo for firewalls, and Avast, Avira, or Bitdefender for AV.

    For a functional, outdated computer, load up a free Debian or Ubuntu distro. You can skin it close enough to Windows that casual users will never know the difference (until they notice the lack of BSODs or lockups.) It’ll let you use the latest Mozilla so you don’t get browser errors or lockouts, and is much less prone to malware or virus attacks than Windows boxes.

  10. Funny thing about your client’s lettuce: This is why Amish gardens are typically a half to no-more-than a full acre. They grow enough fresh produce for themselves, with a reasonable buffer. Amish grow the same GM corn and soybeans as the modern farmer, which is what they typically market. They only sell their personal produce when the garden has overproduced (and generally via a roadside stand.) They also grow their personal gardens from heirloom seeds, handed down through the family as (believe it or not) “family heirlooms.” The reason you can go to a market today and buy a “moon and stars” melon is the Amishman who developed the strain in the 1880s passed it to his heirs, who passed it to theirs, until someone brought a few seeds to Seed-Savers Exchange in (I think) the early 2000s. ‘Point is, unless one has a ready market and a pre-negotiated price, home gardening should be, just that. BTW I’ll bet the Amish and Old Order Mennonites actually get >1cal out for every calorie they put in…

    Richard Dailey “sold” one of Chicago’s expressways to one o’ them thar foreign “tollroad management companies.” Indiana’s governor a couple governors back, did the same with the Indiana Toll Road. The contracts were written such that if the management company defaulted or failed to maintain the highway, the rights reverted with reimbursement. I believe Chicago got their expressway back in ~4 years, and Indiana, their toll road, in less than three. I suspect both made money…

  11. AFAIK all corporate and most enterprise servers retain copies of all E-Mail, both coming and going, including attachments.

    My #2 browser is Opera 10. Customer-oriented websites like eBay and Amazon don’t reject it for being 15yo software. Amazon will even run it with all scripting toggled off (as will Urban Survival and Weather Underground’s maps, BTW.) It is a great auction tool, and totally worthless for finance or other script-dependent sites, but 2-3 toggles and it is also impervious to attack from dangerous websites. I still use Opera first, when I run a search which could point me at a potentially unsavory part of the Web (which is damn’ near every search, since Google stopped kicking the script-thieves off of their search results…) Gives me a chance to see what I’m about to get myself into.

    Along with CCleaner, I use Spybot and Spywareblaster. With other people’s I don’t, but with my own personal computer, I create a single TEMP directory, then map all browser caches to \temp\cache and cookies to \temp\cookies (even today, and having not built a website in nearly 10 years, I still have 12-13 different browsers, ’bout half what I used to, installed.) I also map installations, downloads, *temp and *tmp files, and other junk to \temp, then use a 1-click irrevocable delete to flush it.

  12. FACEBOOK – One commenter bought FB recently at @ 158, & I was wondering if he still held it. I totally missed the FB RALLY because of the governmental investigation. Now everyone seems to be recommending FB. Is it time to sell FB? I am looking for it to drop per my charts, but I could be wrong again.

  13. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Ah, such are the travails of preparation? Man cannot live on bread alone? Hutchinson’s newly released “Endure” book’s mention of a 19th century expedition that existed on a meat diet for 11 months piqued my curiosity. And so a hot, humid afternoon was spent reading William H. Gilder’s “Schwatka’s Search: Sledging in the Arctic in Quest of the Franklin Records” published in 1881. It would seem Lady Franklin’s appeal for help may have been impetus for the creation of the still-extant American Geographical Society that underwrote the expedition. While Franklin’s missing ships were not located, the book is an interesting outline of maintaining life in a hostile environment.

    The Franklin mystery has been a hobby of Canada’s last PM, Mr. Harper. One of the Franklin ships was located during his tenure utilizing departments of the public purse undoubtedly for the common good. Mr. Harper is not known for his golf game and rarely visited the Obama White House. So it was somewhat surprising to see the Chairman of the International Democrat Union and past Bilderberger invite himself to visit Mr. Trump’s right-hand advisor last week in the West Wing.

    “Joyful, all ye nations, rise,…”

      • I was not aware that the desk originated as a gift to President Hayes. Upon further inquiry, I read he was a republican president installed in office by The Electoral College after not receiving a majority of the popular vote. Apparently democrats disputed his win throughout his term perhaps along the same lines one sees nowadays with President Trump.

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