Pre-Holiday Markets

Hard to make an educated guess at markets over the next few days.  You see, there’s a calendar versus the cycles versus the news battle to be considered.

The calendar view suggests that often (but far from always) the markets will get a pop to the upside because of rampant optimism.  America is still here and the sun will be out.  Good times.  And that positivity can sometimes be viewed (for fleeting moments) in trading action.

The cycles offer something different.  They seem to argue that we should have a pre-holiday decline and maybe carry over into early June.  And, as if to back this up, volume in the last-hour rally Wednesday was thin, hinting a running of the shorts was making some bulls mighty well-fed.

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Finally, there’s the news cycle, and this, too, is murky as hell.  We have three days when people will not be able to unload stocks – or buy if there some kind of breakthrough to the upside.

Frankly, we aren’t offering any financial advice here (we never do) and besides, not being a licensed securities agent, you’d do about as well consulting a financial astrologer.  Some of there are pretty good, by the way.

The trading question for the rest of the week seems to be “Which way will this tangled web of interests break?”

Goldman Gets It

We’ve decried the scam called “high frequency trade” (or HFT) for years.  Because, in effect, it lets machines break laws that people would go to jail for.

Now it seems as though Goldman Sachs’ thinking may be moving in that general direction.  The Bloomberg report “Goldman Warns the Rise of the Machines Leaves Markets Exposed.

In the U.S., about 65-percent of trading is machine vs. machines.

The way it works is simple:  When you enter an order into an electronic trading platform, the firm you’re using can use high-frequency trading to front-run your stock purchase, or sale. In most instances, they will make a fraction of a cent profit on each share you move.

Thing is, if you had a human broker, and you gave them and order (mano y mano) and they entered an order for their own account ahead of yours to get a better price?  Well, that’s patently illegal in the SEC rules.

It’s not for machines.

This gets us back to a familiar topic around here:  The Warped Reality we live in where we have ceded more rights to machines and corporations than flesh-and-blood persons have.

Think about this:  If you were a machine, you wouldn’t pay income tax.  You’d just hum along 24-7 and make money for some Ownership Class of humans, who then spend their time, trying to minimize their tax consequences and pocket the most dough possible.

And, as the “special case” of high-frequency trading show, Machines have superior rights to humans when comes to skimming from financial clients.

This – along with the legal fiction called corporations – is not as big a deal now as it will be.  That’s because as artificial intelligence (AI) comes along, there will be more and more widening of what we think of as the Machine-Human Spread.

What Goldman is looking at is (in the context of this morning’s Coping section discussion on Peter Drucker’s five key questions for managements) the tip of the iceberg.

Corporations have already begun to take over government because they are allowed to use their immense financial resources to lobby for “special conditions” that allow them to prosper more (and faster) and us, the upright apes.

And, since machines have been adjudged too fast to punish by a weak *(if not empty-minded) S.E.C. the scam called HFT continues to print money for platform owners.  Money that eventually – in some measure – finds its way into politics.

Nice to see Goldman acknowledge the risks ofs HFT.  But, if you’re looking for anyone to actually do something to end it?

Don’t hold your breath.

Abuse of Prosecutorial Powers

Pay attention to The Daily Caller story about  how Trump-stalker Robert Mueller is going for a second delay in the upcoming trial of an American company and some Russians for alleged interference in our elections.

Mueller’s shady tactic is obvious to an informed observer:  Having gotten one 90-day trial delay (going against the Speedy Trial Act) he’s seeking another.

It’s a ruse to sit on documents demanded by Congress.

The key reason for this new delay request likely has little to do with the trial.  As long as things like Manafort sentencing can be pushed back, the Mueller fishing (and hooker) expedition, along with the FBI and DOJ, will claim release of documents cannot proceed.

They’re doing this because the documents they’ve been sitting on for a year are likely to show the real collusion in the election was the FBI/Obama-Lynch FBI.  With so much time passing, evidence is, well, turning stale at best and disappearing at worst.

Meantime, we are growing less likely by the day to find out if there were additional plants inside the Trump campaign…and that’s very damned important to know.

And It Gets Worse

So let’s see:  Machines and Corporations have more rights than People.  And Mueller is, in effect, telling Congress to piss-off, and using delays to shield Deep State operatives of the Obamanistas.

What else could go wrong?

Well, as contributor warhammer notes, LOTS. Starting with the FISA Court abuse that’s come to light:

“The NSA, one of the principals routinely requesting FISA warrants, admits it doesn’t keep track of all of the activity and queries being made to the database, meaning potential abuses would be largely undetected.  In fact, FISA abuses notwithstanding, queries to the FBI and NSA databases are apparently being done without a FISA warrant.

This very detailed and informative linked investigative piece should send shivers down the spine of every freedom-loving, Constitutionally driven American citizen, permanent resident or friend of the nation:

{link to cited reference}

Playing a game, a very serious game, of what if, and taking the above allegations into consideration, how might one prevent unscrupulous individuals from profiling a rival or conducting opposition research on any particular political or ideological adversary?   Short answer – you don’t!

Combine this disturbing info with the observation that the current DOJ special prosecutor has few limits on his investigative powers, and we have open season on political opposition.  Ah, but opposition to who?  Short answer – the previous administration.

We’re not talking just dirty politics here. This is down and dirty ideological warfare, conducted using all instruments of state and psychological weapons available.  From before his inauguration Trump has been Progressive Enemy #1.  Name the liberal cause, Trump is its nemesis.  It just so happens there are a great many people still in high public office who were appointed under the previous POTUS who identify with his political vision and philosophy.  His ‘Change‘ must move ‘Forward.’  Trump cannot, must not obstruct or reverse this collective greater-good of the past administration.  Surely the only way Trump could get elected was through cheating!  But if cheating can’t be proven, he must be taken-down by any means.

These are dangerous times for American democracy.  Strap yourself in.  It’s gonna be a wild ride.”

Worse – and yet to be fully revealed if you follow QAnon and other sources – is the degree to which the U.S. media has been co-opted into being a leftist house organ, often running stories in unison on a particular theme, using particular phrases to bash, that reveal a much deeper layer of anti-America coordination is in play.

We’re anxious to see the Inspector General report due soon.  But we’re also aghast at the long time-lag between the report and its release.

You can’t handle the Truth?”  Seems like more than a great line from a movie:  The Obamanistas in the GS-levels of government are still there and taking calls, expect, from the Vichy/Shadow Government,

NK Talks to Fold?

(South) Korea’s Yon Hap news agency says the North is unloading on VP Mike Pence, now.  See their “N. Korea threatens to walk away from planned summit with U.S. ”

Meantime, the AP reports the NorKs have dismantled their nuclear test site.

Still, we’d be interesting in transport links between the NortKs and, oh, Iran for example.  Especially because of these two leads from Wikipedia:

“…North Korea and Iran have an active exchange of military expertise particularly in relation to special operations and underground facilities.[21] North Korea is thought to have trained Iranian operators in these advanced infiltration techniques.”


“Arms expert Jeffrey Lewis (academic) claims that the second stage of North Korea’s Hwasong-14 ICBM is similar to the upper stages designed for the Iranian space launch vehicles…”

All of which (coupled with recent Israeli hints in what they released about Iranian nuclear development) gives us some cause to be suspicious.

Bit of Coin Trouble

As U.S. launches criminal probe into bitcoin price manipulation: Bloomberg.

Bitcoin is down to the $7,350 range this morning and on the charts, we could be looking at this as being a bounce having failed in the declines from its all-time highs.

If so, that would spell the functional end of Bitcoin in 2019 to 2020.

The timing of this is sure odd:  Comes just two weeks after reports that US Intel outfits declined to answer a freedom of information request on whether they had a hand in creating the system which can be used to launder money and facilitate drugs and human-trafficking.

All a coincidence, we’re sure.

Gosh, if Congress wasn’t so busy doing nothing, sure seems to me like someone ought to hold hearings into who let Bitcoin into the wild, don’tcha think?

(Hand me some paranoia meds, would you?)

Monetizing the Dead, II

I recently told you to keep an eye on this ABC monetizing the dead “documentary.”  Looked to us like a crass and callous way to try and make a buck on Jackson’s memory.

Apparently, Jackson’s estate has similar thoughts: “Michael Jackson estate slams ‘crass’ new ABC TV special on singer’s life.”

Anything for money, and me-me-me, huh?

CNN On NFL “Stand Rule”

Note CNN’s coverage of “Trump: NFL players who don’t stand during National Anthem maybe ‘shouldn’t be in the country’.

Much face-time in the video for George Martin of the Player’s Association.  (To his credit, Martin stands…)

I disagree with the kneelers and their supporters.  Players, under contract (at work) don’t have a right to protest. Leave it home.

If they want to quit or not live up to their contracts?  Bye-bye…protest your hearts out.  I’m not paying to see politics.  The game is football and anything else?  BS.

We don’t think Trump is wrong on this, at all.  (If you need directions to the nearest border, drop us an email and we’ll be glad to send you a map.)

If you’re offended by such a view, wait till I put on my $18 CNN Communist News Network T-Shirt Fake News Media Novelty Clothing Tee Shirt L Sport Grey,  from Amazon.

Can we get back to being One Nation again, please?

Speaking of the American Left

We are sensing that some formerly liberal Seattle companies might be coming to their senses on overboard political correctness.

Reason?  “Amazon, Starbucks pledge money to repeal Seattle head tax

Having run into the Seattle City Council’s resident free-lunch (at some else’s expense) Bolsheviks, we think change may be in the air.  Sometimes cents leads to sense.  Should be the other way around, but this is New’Merica.

Futures down 60…moron the ‘morrow.

36 thoughts on “Pre-Holiday Markets”

  1. Not sure what NK’s game plan is. Don’t believe there will be a union of the Korea’s. In the north, the dictator is a living god with unlimited power. In the south the president has to suck up to the public every 4 years to get re-elected. Can’t see a “living god” going for something like that. Its a contradiction. Some other country is stage managing NK on their own agenda.

    • Good thought! Iran perhaps. Entertain the US until we have our nukes ready to go.

    • The fat little pig is already been told by the powers to be either play the game as we see it or go the way of Kadafi

  2. George, RE: “The Obamanistas in the GS-levels of government are still there and taking calls, expect, from the Vichy/Shadow Government” – you bring up what I believe is a very valid point. It touches upon the possibility that Obama did not install the deep state/shadow government during his eight years as president. It groomed and installed HIM. This angle might explain BHO’s rocket rise to fame and glory. There’s much fertile ground to be plowed here.

      • It must be the same people who ran fake birth announcements in 1960 in the Hawaii newspapers. While O was still in utero the deep state already planned for him to run as POTUS.

        IMHO you folks are nuts. The lengths, delusions and fantasies that you concoct in order to protect your opinions.

      • You gotta read more. Try Wikipedia
        Business International Corporation (BI) was a publishing and advisory firm dedicated to assisting American companies in operating abroad. It was founded in 1953. It organized conferences, and worked with major corporations. It had ties to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Former president Barack Obama worked there as a college graduate. In 1986, Business International was acquired by the Economist Group in London, and it eventually merged with the Economist Intelligence Unit.

    • Does anyone besides me remember the 29 Palms Officers questionnaire, during Hillary’s first two terms (you don’t think he was setting policy and making appointments do you? He was too busy with “other things.”)
      I think it’s a good bet that in the last 20+ years anyone that answered the questionnaire Wrong got shuffled out of service.
      Ask yourself: Why so many willing ‘leakers’ in FEDGOV for the left, but not the right?
      There should be a contingent coming forward, and allegedly there are low level FBI asking to be subpoenaed to testify to CON-gress, but the numbers in GS-land military and law enforcement are way to lopsided to the left for my understanding.

      • …Got a hard copy of it, somewhere, as well as a list of the NRC-qualified command-level officers who were “retired” during the Obama Administration.

    • Perhaps the operators of CERN change our perceived timelines exchanging “Deep State” operatives from neighboring parallel universes in to positions of power in our universe?

    • …As it did, every President from Carter on (except Reagan, who was only allowed to win because of his VP) and Trump, who was a total outlier.

      Start with Kristol and Kagan, not in ’97 (which is where W—pedia seems to want to start) but in 1982, in the Study at the Naval Observatory, then walk backwards though history from that point to the Autumn of 1965, studying the “countercultures” and the undercurrents of “counterculture politics,” none of which you’ll find in the archives of “Look” or “Newsweek,” or at Wikipedia…

  3. George, you mentioned your son may be looking at Wenatchee as a place to live. So many 206ers have come over here that our housing is now unafordable for most “natives”

  4. George:
    As I have said before, and other smarter people before me, the way to get less of something is to TAX IT.
    So, my Platform:
    1) Don’t restrict machine trading, TAX IT.
    a)$1 excise tax per trade if trade is
    i) machine to machine, or
    ii) for the house, not a retail customer
    b) can’t be passed on the retail customers (note, retail customer excluded from tax in 1.a.ii.
    2) all machines pay Income tax, SSI, and Medicare at the rate of the employee they replace, or employees if working around the clock (four employees to cover 24/7 shifts on the du Pont schedule.)
    This can be reduced if the machine is attended by a greater number of Humans.
    Example: A master tool & die maker attends a mill or lathe. He also maintains his machine (*at least the ones I know did).
    If a new machine station is attended by a millwright to maintain, a machinist to set up, and a machinist/programmer to enter the CNC, then it gets a reduction for their rate.
    3)States and Localities can charge State Income tax and pension retirement charges. So, say, Chicago Pols have a choice:
    1) listen to the Business critters that bought them
    2) look for new tax revenue from people that have less money, but way, way, more votes.
    My guess the machines will lose that one.

    I don’t know why any pol will want to turn down tax on a machine, especially the anonymous trader stations. At 2 Billion volume a day, with 65% machine, what is that about $1.3 BB a DAY?
    Start writing your CON-gresscritter.

    Big Al

    • Why?
      Congresspissers don’t bother reading bills, so why read mail from strangers back home?

      But I like the tax the machines angle – exempt all machines under $2,000 total value (home cpus, printers, etc)

      • exactly.. they don’t spend any time in dc either.. what 28 days the rest is vacation time.. if you truly want to change a bill even though they refuse to read them.. ( heck it takes me a couple days to wallow through some of them and I gave up on the ACA about a third of the way through) so if you truly want to change a vote or a stand.. don’t picket march or throw rocks.. rant or rave..
        take a sheet of paper and put your stand on it.. go to the nearest printer and have a few thousand printed up.. then mail one to everyone in congress every day.. if you have fifty thousand people all mailing the same thing.. to everyone in congress.. every day.. that will be news.. fifty thousand will make a statement. they will throw it away not even glance at it.. but seventeen thousand will be about seven truck loads.. Per congressman or woman.. it will take an average of twenty city boys to unload and toss.. per congressman.. it would add an average of a hundred new delivery people just to sort and drive.. not counting the garbage-men to haul it away.. I give it two weeks tops.. and it doesn’t matter if they are being given a hundred million in donations or who is even doing it.. it will be settled big time.. you think corruption is quieted in DC in lightning speed.. shoot this would be an explosion of activity to stop it.

      • it has to be first class mail to.. otherwise they can filter and have it tossed..

    • Why do you see a need to raise taxes?

      Cut programs instead of more taxes.

      Ida May Fuller knew something was up right away.

      “Ida May Fuller worked for three years under the Social Security program. The accumulated taxes on her salary during those three years was a total of $24.75. Her initial monthly check was $22.54. During her lifetime she collected a total of $22,888.92 in Social Security benefits. “

      • Steve F.

        I’m going to be charitable and say that you have made some ‘errors’ with your numbers. So the first three years of the woman’s work history she didn’t work much. And at some time she got a check for $22.54 per month from Social Security – and her lifetime amount from that same agency was $22,888.92.

        You do realize that that is over one thousand ‘monthly’ payments at $22.54, so that she would have had to have been getting SS for a hell of a long time – like eighty years plus!

        Now I realize that you have an agenda – gotta limit that social program that helps unfortunate people of all types. Why don’t people just ‘kick the bucket’ when they are ‘unproductive’. Let them starve out on the street!

        I really don’t want to suggest moral failings on your part, but I sure as heck didn’t mind helping my fellow human beings while I was working, and now that I am retired I would take it quite personally if some dingbat thought I didn’t deserve my SS.

        I’m also sure that Ida had a riotous time with her check of $22.54. Ha!

      • Steve..what program would you cut?
        Public education.. It would save me about four dollars an about fire and rescue.. EIC tax credit…74 percent get funds from it. Medicare and social personal contribution to it was substantial..if those funds had been invested only in savings bonds from day one would have grown somewhere around a hundred million..just from compounding..double your money every seven years from job one I had what 8..9..
        How about the military.. deck if company 1 wants a war to gain control let them pay.or let each state about assistance for other countries..why should I pay to rebuild something that we destroyed..what ever happened to the old add age to the victor goes the away with food stamps hell I am all for it. Its only there to assist a company to gain more profit by passing it off to everyone else. Or better yet..we know where they work. If an employee is forced to get assistance then tax the employer for not paying adequate wages..especially if their handing out huge bonuses to management.
        Or better yet..regulate prices. Tax all incoming goods and services and give tax breaks to companies produce in the USA. Flat tax.. Deduction up to poverty level then flat tax anything over no matter where your corporate office is make a buck pay tax on a buck..there’s what 37 trillion being invested out of the country to avoid taxes.
        Lets say the genie just popped out of the have the power to decide.
        But think it through. Peek out of the box and digest what your decision will them that hide it or avoid or hit the vast majority of the population.

      • My guess and psychic prediction is think it through you’ll notice that there’s a pretty good chance that those low life’s that should starve in the streets.. Well pretty good guess is your job and success depends on their survival.. Actually every one is dependent on their surviving. It totally depends on how you look at the situation. The EIC tax credit was created to support the economy to stop it from collapsing.. Food stamps o stop the soup lines that would start a panic.. Hyperinflation.. The list is pretty good..then gain I want someone to grill my burgers.. I make sure the waitresses know I will support their labors..

  5. George, you rant on, again, about Mueller with no facts. What we do know, so far, is that Team Trump is riddled with convicted felons and foreign agents, reaching into the highest levels. Best, Mike.

    • Riddled? Mike, name one that wasn’t a set up! Manafort, Cohen, et all were all set ups

      • Of all the people to mention, Manafort and Cohen are not the people to use as examples of people ‘tricked’ into crime; they are sleazy in the extreme, and have in their respective pasts, skated on the edge of being jailed for illegal behavior.

      • “I been framed!”
        “I’ve been set up!”

        It sounds exactly like every criminal who ever served a bid in the can.

        It stretches credulity to its tensile strength that every single person in Trump’s orbit that has had allegations made about them has been set up and framed.

        Papadoupolos, Flynn, Sessions, Gates, Freidman, Epshtyn, DJT, Jr., Hicks, Kushner, Stone, Clovis, Cohen-Watnick, Nunes, Gowdy, Ellis, Page, the lsit is endless.

    • George is too nice. Mike, you’re an idiot! All the facts point toward Russian collusion with Hitlery, and what about Mueller and “Uranium One”? There George, fixed it for ‘ya.

  6. The fact is that the NK people, & Iranian people, & most Moslems love THE USA & President Trump. It is the leaders of these countries that are the problems. Unfortunately, people of the same unsavory character as crybaby Chuck Schummer are leading these countries & all have their own interests at heart, not the people’s. The people are just pawns to be used to increase their power & fatten their wallets.

    It doesn’t matter Who gets elected in the USA, unless it is Trump, because the real money & real power is elsewhere. How else could the swampites get elected. Now they are trying to purge President Trump with little success, & if the don’t succeed, people are watching, & their influence will diminish, & the real balance of power will shift, hopefully to sanity.

    • Also, it doesn’t matter to the power brokers if immigrants or minorities get elected to public office. The power brokers control them. As proof, look at the 8 years of Obama. He divided everyone as is their goal. Divide & conquer.

  7. Pretty much agree on the CNN on NFL “Stand Rule”. It is not a first amendment issue since it’s not the government saying they have to stand, but their employers, as much as the news companies would like to make it seem like.
    Most employers have a policy where if you embarrass them, cost them money, whatever, they can fire you so…
    I see a few ways this plays out, the demand to stand or not be present was one of them. Another was they fire anybody that kneels. They may have also sued the players that kneel for lost revenue. They decided to not play the national anthem at the start of games anymore.
    I was curious where this started since there are very few events (government or not) where we play the national anthem turns out baseball, cubs vs. red sox, where a patriotic gesture quickly became a publicity stunt (in the everything is a business model mentality).

  8. LoL – Goldman Sachs will indeed Get it. Maybe all of it! They are the dominant player in all 3 cycles you mentioned (Calendar, Cycles, News), which is to say they are the Money that moves & controls & influences those cycles the most. Their warnings about the dangers of HFT are nothing but the same Hypocrisy 101 Playbook they used in 2014-15, as described in the below linked Zero Hedge article. $100 Million Dollar Days and Perfect Trading Records by Quarter (60+ trading days in a row) are the byproducts of lobbying against HFT all the while they are the biggest and most profitable HFT Powerhouse in the industry! Ellen Brown’s 2010 article describes quite well Goldman Sach’s fraud exploits, and gives some rather interesting history that goes back to Max Keiser’s Patented “Virtual Specialist Technology” that was sold to Cantor Fitzgerald in 1999. Yes the brokerage company that was vaporized in the WTC collapse in 2001. The HFT/Fraud story and technology was in full swing again by 2009, and the rest is history. Very interesting reading. You’d expect this to play out again in the near future with a pump & dump scenario. Holiday trading is normally the pump, and the dump will come on/after May 31st as the Fed moves to tighten liquidity. Easily a $200 Million day in the works for GS, and a 2% down day for the equities. Maybe a turning point where they quantify their daily profits in terms of fractions of a Billion? Happy trading! GS HFT – Ellen Brown June 2010 GS HFT – Zero Hedge 2015 GS – Mostly $100 Million Days 2010/17 61 Perfect Trading Days – May 2010

  9. I’ve been waiting for a likely place to post this for several weeks… This seems as “likely” as anywhere else:

    I caught a glimpse of the Disney movie “Zenon” at BestBuy last month, and it prompted me to grep, then regurgitate portions of an E-Mail I sent George some years ago:


    An aside: As I’m typing, Disney Channel is playing in the background — a show called “Zenon: The Zequel” (no, I haven’t any idea whatsoever… My kid left the tube on when she went to bed.) The guide says it was released in 2001. One of the actors on the show just referenced the “stock market crash of 2006” which made me do a triple-take, and see WTF the show was, and when it was released.

    Damn’ near as spooky as the pilot episode of the TV series Dark Angel (which aired October 3rd, 2000), where Jessica Alba’s character looks up records on a baddie and discovers he was drubbed out of the Service in 2007, during the Iraq War.


    Now, I know one of the prevailing postulates hereabouts is: “The movie is the message” but this is ridiculous. Be this the case, I can sorta see, a dark, and mostly serious drama like “Dark Angel” (roughly about life in SeaTac after an EMP war, as seen through the experiences of a genetically engineered warrior) possessing some “forward thinking.” Citing the Iraq War in a script, written probably in the summer of 1999, still seriously messes with my mind. However…

    A Dizzney made-for, targeted toward tweenies, drops the ’06 crash out of a script that was written in the 1990s…WTF?

    Are these lucky guesses? Is a puppetmaster leaking certain future historical markers into the ears of selected story- or screen-writers? Are the servants of The Almighty invading the dreams of these writers, suggesting possible filler for that space between storylines?

    Seriously, what gives…?

  10. As fed removes we stocks go down, but Europe issues mean it’s hot money comes here so offsets are zero.

  11. “The Warped Reality we live in where we have ceded more rights to machines and corporations than flesh-and-blood persons have.”

    Lol lol lol…we bought a new car.. love it..anyway they sent out a questionnaire.. some of the questions revolved around safety and self driving cars.. then a question there if there was anything I wanted to ask.. sure if I’m taking a nap in the back seat..( to darn old to do what I did when I was younger..just not as flexible) and the car has an accidental kills someone on a bicycle who takes responsibility the software company that programmed it or the auto manufacturer. Since it would be a car with manufacturers taking responsibility then..would I still be required to buy car insurance since the manufacturing company will be taking full responsibility for the auto cars actions.
    The other thing was a series of questions on what my hobbies are.. I answered, water ballet, shuffleboard ,curling, exotic dancing,frisbee golf And wine taster, I thought those were good enough to lol I was just joking though..ask me a stupid question …

    • Speaking about stupid answers for stupid questions old professor friend of mine..( I hadn’t heard from him in a long time texted me.. ) he asked..
      Are you ready..
      That tree..
      What tree..
      The one I need your help with.. ( he lives two thousand miles away from me )
      What do you need me to do..
      Hold the rope..
      Sure.. not a problem.. did you get it cleared..
      Of what..
      Those damned monkeys ..we can’t do anything with the tree till you get those damned monkeys out of it..
      Lol. That’s when he writes..
      Oh ..I thought you were my son lol lol ..
      I need him to help me cut a tree down
      We both got a good laugh out of it

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