Power Sources and Silver

This week I’ve spent a little time looking into what some have called “new electrics” but which seem likely to really fall more under the description “New Sources” – of power.

But we don’t stop there – as we go looking at how New Sources may be using a fair bit of silver to make their innards work.

As usual, though, we will begin with some headlines (Yes, Trump paid A LOT more income tax than Obama judging by his 2005 returns).  And yes, we still start the Wednesday morning Data Festival rolling out the new Consumer Price report just out…

So bean on, buckle up…and let’s roll…

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6 thoughts on “Power Sources and Silver”

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  3. Brilliant Light Power, Inc. Announces the Validation … – Yahoo Finance


    Jul 11, 2016 – Brilliant Light Power, Inc. (BrLP) announced today that it has continuously generated over a million watts of power from a new primary source …
    Missing: blp

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