Potential Crash Dates Released

When the Fed gets down to work tomorrow – and they are not likely to raise due to the proximity of the election, a curious story about Janet Yellen’s feelings has crossed the feeds this morning:

For Yellen, a September Fed surprise could close confidence gap…”

Still, with the current expansion of the M1 (cash and equivalents) money supply pushing the 10% annual rate, Yellen is obviously trying to talk tough in public while trying not to run out of printer’s ink in the back room.

In Long Wave Economic terms, we should not hit the ultimate high of the market until Q1/Q2 of 2017, but our long-predicted New Highs in the market are in, which gets me to the second main point this morning:

Did you notice the virtual “double top” in the S&P 500? Once on August 15th and then again on August 23rd?

This is a serious problem because the markets have a nasty habit of busting out of trading ranges with crashes evolving 55-60 calendar days after a significant high. Let me cut out our some spreadsheet cells:


This is not to say that the market WILL crash somewhere in the yellow window, but if we getd to 23 October, then I will grudgingly sell my short position and take the loss. (It will partially offset other gains this year.)

On the other hand, the Fifth wave up from the April 2009 low COULD be in, so we just need to see what the Fed does Wednesday.

I have to admit, the usual “Sell the Rumor, Buy the News” doesn’t seem to be in play…which is odd.

One way to look at it (since Big Money tends to be pseudo-liberal democrats) is that the Fed can read the polls and the headlines and going with a rate hike now, prior to the election, would be a nice thank-you to the very rich who have done marvelously under Obama.

Ideally, we’re still early for the Greater Depression, but Trump could reprise the historical role of Herbert Hoover.

For example, Hoover was rich and donated all of his Federal paychecks to charity. Thhat’s the kind of thing I would expect Trump to do. And, like Hoover, Trump is a successful global businessman, though Hoover was a Stanford grad while Trump was U-Penn-Wharton B-school. Still, neither was a traditional Ivy Leaguer.

Meantime, back at today, we see the futures are up, so Janet’s a cinch (think the markets) to “let ‘em ride” until another meeting.

If Trump wins, the Fed will raise in December and Trump will be blamed by the sore losers.

The bellwether 10-year bond is stuck at 1.7%.

ISIS Campaign FOR Trump

One of the few reason to even consider another democrat in the White House could be argued to be that the present occupant has “kept a lid” on domestic terrorism. But a review of matters shows that no, Obama has not been successful, so why should one of his former appointees to State do any better?

The record has become clear: Boston Marathon, the Nightclub, San Bernardino, NYC, Jersey bombs this morning.

What’s not clear is whether the average American will see the pattern before it’s too late.

In the meantime, we have…

Suspected Idiots Who Suspect Terrorism

The American people can, actually, discern the Truth when the facts are on the table. Not when they are covered up, though.

Yet, in the case of the Minnesota stabbings this weekend, where the perp was reported as spouting Islamist spew (asking one victim “Are you a Muslim?”) the national “intelligence” apparatchik is not able call events Terrorism when it’s in your face and at the mall.

Instead, President Useless gets on the Clinton Cable News Network and blames everyone but the guy in charge. Blame Fox, blame Limbaugh, blame blogs.

Even the retards of the LameStreamMedia who are bound by political correctness disease ought to be able to figure it out,given this morning’s headlines in the Washington (Amazon) Post: “ISIS-linked news agency: Suspect in stabbings at Minnesota mall was ‘a soldier of the Islamic State’.”

CNBC optimistically figures “Minnesota mall stabbing could be realization of terror fears.” But the reality is not until AFTER THE ELECTION.  Then it’s too late to change anything.  Politicians go deaf once they get elected. 

Meantime, five “suspects” are being questioned in the NYC trash-blasts and a series of devices were found this morning in New Jersey which were set off by the local bomb squad.

But it gets us to a couple of “not-to-be-missed” points as explained by our military affairs expert who is known as “warhammer…”

“Americans might have all but erased the 911 attacks from their collective consciousness, but ISIS is doing all that it can to bring war back to American soil for the first time since those tragic events in 2001.


Trump will likely politically exploit the ‘open borders’ policy of the last eight years, making an argument, sound at this point, that such policies have made America less safe. Whether true or not, the fact is terror (yes, I used the ‘T’ word) is back on U.S. soil and American citizens’ lives are at risk.

Expect more unsavory activity, both on the terror and the political fronts in the coming weeks. While the political rhetoric will die down somewhat after the November elections, Americans should get used to experiencing more terror attacks in the months and years ahead.”

Like it, or not, ISIS is campaigning for Trump’s election, whether they see it, or not.

The Globalists In Charge

Did you see where “‘We ARE leaving!’ Brilliant moment Farron is SLAPPED DOWN after refusing to accept Brexit”?

A fine example, if there ever was one, of a corporatist/globalist suck-up not hearing the will of the people. Maybe he can’t read, either.

Meantime, there are other Big Messages for those willing to listen without preconceptions pounded into their heads by the corporate media.

For example, big wins for the Vlad Putin supporters in Russia this weekend. Again, it’s not that Putin is someone to play nicey-nice with; he just happens to be on the right side of an historical swing to nationalism.

The Flip Side Case

Is those weaseldicks of the European Union. Take, for example Angela Merkel getting her but kicked in elections this weekend as explained in “Berlin Elections Highlight Discontent With Merkel on Refugees.”

Like many of the political correctness-infected people in America, Merkel has no intention of listening to the broader will of the people. Instead – and very much like Obama – she will just arrogantly “tune the lie” to make it more popular to the less bright Deutschers.

Like the Obama [false] promise Change (hardly any of which was good), Merkel’s “We can do this” will likely end up on the MSM scrap heap of crooked positioning efforts.

Does the word :Transparent: get used by anyone anymore?


Press Release of the Day: Tax Planning

ARLINGTON, Va., Sept. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Bloomberg BNA is giving taxpayers a head start on the year-end tax planning and compliance review season with the release of its 2017 Projected Tax Rates, a detailed and comprehensive projection of inflation-adjusted tax items. With the upward penalty adjustments, the cost of noncompliance for taxpayers again increases in 2017, but individuals and businesses also can look forward to potentially lower tax liability because of higher deductions and credits. The full report is available at http://on.bna.com/SH3C304hLrP.

“The trend toward tougher penalties continues as Congress passed legislation that may revoke the passports of taxpayers with seriously delinquent tax debt,” said George Farrah, Bloomberg BNA Tax & Accounting Editorial Director. “For business taxpayers, Congress has provided some degree of certainty by returning to predictable annual increases for the business property expensing limits.”

With projections for the income tax brackets, personal exemption, standard deduction, and penalties, the report delivers information taxpayers and tax planners need to save tax dollars in 2017. The report includes more than 320 figures contained in over 55 Internal Revenue Code provisions. The Internal Revenue Service is expected to publish its official statement of 2017 inflation-adjusted amounts in a revenue procedure later this year. These amounts are based on Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation adjustments that were published today.

Hopefully, tax planning IS one of your problems…

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  1. “… Merkel has no intention of listening to the broader will of the people”

    Always remember that the purpose of government is not to offer protection or service to the people. Rather, it is to serve those that are above the government.

      • I am curious.. if we bring up body doubles and conspiracy theories…. I personally don’t care if it was a body double.. ( she did pop back from a really bad case of pneumonia really quick.. especially when they had to toss her in the back of the suv when it looked like she was having a seizure but then they might have some miracle drug just for the wealthy that I don’t know about) My vote is for the donald.. he is arrogant.. outspoken, speaks out of line.. but the things he speaks about is what is on the minds of the majority of the people.. why flood our country with refugees when we cannot even supply jobs for our own.. without making sure they aren’t some sort of warrior doing the trojan horse trick to get in our gates..
        My thought is on the conspiracy theory end of it.. like.. we know they have been building camps.. that is known.. they have been doing drills to contain mass histeria.. another known.. but who for.. dissidents ..
        Or since both of our major parties are following along with Adolph’s second book..considering the theory end of it could it be they could have a more devious plan.. promote a business environment for greed let them outsource the very jobs that keep their community and our country strong.
        Getting the average person dependent on social programs because of the lack of proper industry and education.. (The EIC tax credit which gives to what 74 percent of the population.. food stamps.. the soup lines are buried in the food stamp.. etc.). then once you get them all dependent..promote an environment where the wealthy scream we want more.. more tax breaks charge it to the middle and poor, we don’t have enough…. give us more more more.. then take away or drastically cut those very programs that the mass population is dependent on for their daily survival and charge them for the greed of those in a bracket that the average will never know or see.
        By the book Adolph wrote. that is how you get support of the mass of the general population to imprison the 29 percent and propelling the one percent into the stratosphere and gaining total control..And it isn’t a new idea.. this has been done for centuries.. what was it one queen said.. Let them eat cake..
        Just saying.. if we start to look at the spiders web who is playing who and what is their goal..

  2. In the middle of Hillary’s email flap we had a week of terrorist attacks, one every day until the email debate was gone. Now we have three attacks on a Sunday when a lot of people are looking at what could be a body double taking Hillary’s place. One can only wonder to what lengths the PTB will go to drag this nag across the finish line.

      • That is a great line, however, her chances of collapse are good before then. IF OverTheHill could cough all year with what looked like pneumonnia with the best doctors non Obama care plans can buy…it is possible dragging her in is the only way left for the left. Think of HER level of mental entitlement to the position!!! The country will get 2 presidential predators for the price of one!!! May God have mercy on us, and make it not so!!!

    • TPTB are essentially stuck with hilldog as their contender until January 20 of next year. They need to get the dog to win at any cost, even that of green screen events, potential body doubles, and overt election fraud. They have no other horse in the race since Trump owns the repubs and many dem voters whether or not they like it.

      If doggie wins, plan on president Kaine early next year after she resigns for one of many reasons she shouldn’t be running at all. We have no idea who Kaine really is, and no idea if he’d make a good president. My best guess is that he’d be more of Obama/Bush.

      We need to get Trump in, if only to erase the veil of lies that obfuscates all that’s really happening in the world. Hopefully, we really can make America better again!

    • Body double?

      Madam, you have some seriously disturbed thought processes going on . . . please for the sake of your family . . . get help!

      It has to be terrible living with such fears – and it is illness!

      • one point not refuted in the media is when the “supposed body double” appeared after being at Chelsea’s after the incident, she didn’t have any Secret Service around her and people were able to approach her. It all sounds crazy until it is proven true. Is it REALLY that outrageous to think this hasn’t been used in the past or isn’t currently the case with Hillary?

      • Look at the photos of Hillary waving. Her right-hand right finger is really short; the person paraded out after her 9/11 collapse has a long one. Weirder things have happened in politics.

      • My son in his early fifties had pneumonia earlier this year. He was in the hospital for three days and looked like death warmed over for a month after that. Hillary didn’t suffer a complete collapse and walk out of her daughter’s apartment an hour and a half later 10 years younger, 20 pounds lighter and bouncing off the walls. If they jacked her up on drugs, I want some of what she’s having!

      • MDS, you’re projecting again. Put down the remote and take your cat for a walk. Any serious look into the Hillary horror show is beyond hinkie (as they say in Chicago). “Weekend At Hillary’s” coming to a corporate network near you . . . .

      • I repeat ‘body double!’ – You assume that I watch television, haven’t for over ten years nor do I own a ‘cat’ – I have however, been a ‘watcher’ of American politics since the sixties, and what I see I definitely DON’T like! I remember Reagan’s illegal ‘attack’ on the air traffic controllers, and my sister being stuck over in Europe . . . its been downhill ever since!

        While I didn’t like Nixon at least he knew what the office of the U.S. entailed (I can’t believe I said this!) – Donald Trump is so full of himself; He won’t know if there is a national emergency or how to deal with it appropriately.

        If he actually becomes president I don’t want any pro-Trump people ‘complaining’ when things go to hell as you brought it on yourselves. I’m not in any shape to move – but then I’ve had an ‘interesting’ life, and while it will be extremely sad for this great nation to fail – personally I’ve hung in there. That’s all one can ask for. I’m as ‘white’ as can be, so I can say plainly – many of you are dammed racists – Human beings are all the same species!

    • Yep, sounds like a cross between ‘Dave’ and ‘Hitman’. ‘Double’ up and kill off any of those who know and show hints of leaking the info. Of course, as for repeating history, maybe she just needs another shot of ‘Vitamultin B’.

  3. So just how bad was that bombing.. Now and interesting question.. .Or are they preparing for the what if scenario of a financial collapse..
    If Martial law was implemented…
    1 could the presidential election be put on hold until the conflict is resolved..
    2 what power would congress have..could their intervention be stopped..

    • I still stand by my previous prediction..
      can’t print money forever.. prime will have to be raised.. as close to the election as possible.. the death spiral will start.. like a tree toppling over a wobble here a wobble there then start the descent.. where the effects will be felt when the new admin is in office.. first there is a lot no one is telling anyone.. take Obama.. when he ran the major consensus was health care so he proposed a universal health care bill.. ( that they let the largest insurance industries lobbyists write a bill that no one read.. I tried but failed.. I wonder who will benefit..) but once he got in office.. he seen the true state of the nation.. and he continued the printing.. and beings the most powerful thing there is is compounding interest.. the only option was to dump paper into the system since our dollar was downgraded we decided to print and buy back our debts with paper.. but that was turned around on us and the very same countries.. ( not the fools we thought) started to buy american assets..
      anyway.. once the new admin is in office they will have two choices.. print to our hearts content.. or try to make the dollar strong.. tax incoming goods and services with tarrifs.. raising costs on consumer goods and dipping the profits of the one percent.. ( which we have seen goes over like a lead balloon)
      the other is letting us make the correction that should have come in the early eighties.. ( instead we seized social security funds and medicare funds and bailed out bankers)( this time around it is the spending bill that gives away what a trillion to the wealthiest one percent and tosses the middle class and the wealthy 29 percent under the bus.. ) Or let the depression begin and go to war with the thought that war will create jobs and income..
      Of course whether or not this happens is just an opinion I have.. I figured by July or Aug of 17 but my true prediction was march and may..Of 17.. Now how close will I be.. I hope and pray there is a miracle in the works and I am full of horse puckets.. but I fear I am on the money.. and we have one heck of a future in store for us.. Argentina and Greece here we come.. all of this is just my opinion from observations from material that I have read..

  4. Hmmmm . . . More weekend distraction in the Homeland. Same old fear porn: stabbing in Minnesota, pipe bombs in New Yawk, evil Mooslum terr’sts everwhur, Hillary this, Trump that. Nary a word about ISIS’s air force blowing the bejeebus out of a Syrian army outpost (60-200 dead) and ISIS moves right on in. Ain’t using Willie Pete a war crime?? Only if the bad guys use it. Gotcha! I tell you what, you’da thunk ISIS and ISIS’s airforce were working hand in glove. Inconvenient that ISIS’s air force was not invited into Syria by the Syrians.

    Oh, and how proud I felt while reading of apparatchik Samantha Power doing her neocon best in the UN to make the Homeland a laughingstock — again. Double standards as a national meme.

    But, “it’s all good”. Lots of football to watch on the teevee, donchaknow.

  5. Hello, George. Lest we forget – who was president back in ’93 when the first WTC bombing took place, and who subsequently declined the apprehension/liquidation of Osama bin Laden? A Clinton! These people NEVER learn. Islam isn’t about co-existing, it’s about TAKEOVER! People better wake the hell up as to who the REAL enemy is! (Hint to progs/libs: it is NOT Trump!)

  6. re: ISIS for Trump. Blaming Obama for these attacks is nonsensical. Realistically how could Obama have stopped the 5-6 attacks that you referenced? The common thread running among all of the attackers is that they were all already in the country when Obama took office. I don’t write this to defend Obama or blame his predecessor.

    What appears to be the issue to my less partisan tainted eyes is that people born in this country to immigrant parents (gay nightclub shooter and San Bernadino attackers), or kids that immigrate at a young age (Marathon bombers, MN and NY attackers)to his country are being radicalized and turned into terrorists .

    Unless there is some way to predict how some kid is going to act in 15 years the nut that needs to be cracked is how to stop homegrown radicalization of kids.

    • What your bias seems unable to admit to is RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM.
      You and the BLM clubhouse steward and the Princess of Amnesia.
      Far as I know, Trump has admitted not one person who hates us.
      I live in Texas and you can’t count the OTMs etc.s in addition to the personally admitted numbers just made up on the fly.
      I mean literally, Obama has effectively stopped border enforcement. You don’t watch border teevee much, do you?

    • Also, to add to your thought, when Obama and unindicted felon Hillary won’t acknowledge who our enemies are, that empowers those enemies. Radical Islamists are the only reasons we have terrorist. Whether home grown or not, when a “leader” treats them like they are valued and wanted more than his own citizens, and becomes an apologist for their actions; of course you will continue to see a rise in home grown Islamist terror.

    • Nice try. Hitlary did a 90-something page thesis on her idol Bill Ayers but Billary put it under lock and key during his prez term. Hmmmmm . . . Anything embarassing in it? Maybe, seeing as how All-American Ayers dedicated his “Rules For Radicals” to Lucifer. Interesting, donhathink??

  7. [The record has become clear: Boston Marathon, the Nightclub, San Bernardino, NYC, Jersey bombs this morning.

    What’s not clear is whether the average American will see the pattern before it’s too late.
    Pattern? ]
    Pattern? You mean the one where one after one are likely psy-ops…and propaganda folks seem incompetent at presenting a non-transparent visual lie? And comes before a vote on something the Joker Tut wants? The CIA needs better people. OR- is there another pattern I missed here? Due to my bad luck with “choose the best answer” tests, it wouldnt shock me.

  8. I hope we don’t crash. Could be very unpleasant. There’s a series of books by James Dale Davidson and Sir Rees-Moog that predicted a crash long ago. One thing they said was that countries that had already gone through a crash like the US in the Great Depression were likely to not fall as far. Like Great Britain did during the depression compared to the US. Could be China takes the big hit this time?

    George have you heard of underground antennas? I was reading Bill Beatty’s site and he had a link to rex reseach (great site) and they have a short page on them. Appears they were used during the war to talk to submarines.

    James H. ROGERS

    Underground & Underwater Radio


  9. Just a little thought to provoke more thought. What if HillyBilly gets elected and expires before taking office in January? President Kaine would need a Vice-President right? Who better for the job than his “highness” Barack. Then for reasons unknown (like wanting to live), Kaine resigns and we have “four more years” of President Useless. Nothing says he cannot serve another term, just can’t run or be elected. Loopholes are wonderful, aren’t they?

    • There is an amendment to the constitution that states that presidents cannot be elected to more than two terms – while it is possible that a person might be appointed as vice-president – getting the candidate through approval in congress would be almost impossible. So your ‘worry’ is moot. (Got your ‘Obama-hate’ going nicely though; don’t worry he’s almost out of there . . .)

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