Peoplenomics: Second Depression Handbook (Ch. 3)

In this morning’s epistle, we come to the problem of where do you want to live when TSHTF.

It is not so apparent as you might believe.  For one thing, there are a ton of economic decisions to be made.  And, do you really want to live in an apartment should civil unrest follow mass layoffs?  Remember, in the last Depression there was some social unrest.

It will likely be a lot faster and more violent that the Bonus March, or any of the alternative government demonstrations that went on back when.  Remember, all the discussion back then came against a backdrop of a factory system and there were unions in ascendancy.  Today we have far less in the way of social check valves (which unions and a more puritanical life) fostered.  That “All American’s first” has been replaced with the “One for me and all for Me” kind of philosophy.

First though, a look at the charts and then we will lay out this housing problem in “Where to call home?” When TSHTF.

Sure, a NH note, too, but that you can get anywhere…but we will look at Janet Yellen’s forthcoming remarks.

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12 thoughts on “Peoplenomics: Second Depression Handbook (Ch. 3)”

  1. We are chasing these very item(s) right now. It’s a tough one. We still require that big city job for a number of years yet, but the thought of a two-hour-each-way commute is awful to contemplate, but then again so is being overrun by Zombies. :)

    We think maybe a small rural escape hatch, and hang on to the surburban place as long as we can, and then be ready to skedaddle if/when it all goes really bad and hope/plan to get there in one piece. With plenty of practice for it in the mean time. Looks great on paper at least. :)

  2. You asked for votes on writing up the juicy details about the Asian (Taiwan) quake. So where are they???

  3. “””“Where to call home?” When TSHTF. “””
    No where near a city… for sure.. far enough out.. with enough room to grow a garden.. in greece one out of four is selling their bodies for a can of soup.. same way in other countries.. and it has only just begun ..
    Question.. how will someone with a pile of paper maintain his wealth when they finally toss it out the door..

  4. with my luck.. I will win the powerball lottery the very day that everything hits the skids and only have enough to buy a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs..

  5. Trump vodka went out of business shortly after being started. My guess is some warehouse was hanging on to a few cases for just such an occasion.

  6. Might be that staying in the complete boonies would not be a good idea under complete collapse conditions. In Argentina people in the way outback often had criminals treat them to multi-day torture sessions. This post below is probably the best information on surviving a societal and financial collapse on the web. He’s been through it. It’s “Lessons from Argentina’s economic collapse” from Ferfal. It’s extraordinarily good and lots of simple practical stuff. He has a book which is excellent. I reread this very now and then and afterwards feel guilty that I’m not better prepared. Most of the info you need is in this post and if you want more his book is available. I have no financial interest in any of this I just admire his work.

    There’s another good survival link but it’s fairly bleak and much harder on the spirit to read. It’s about someone who survived the Bosnian war.

    • This poster is right!
      We have a large contingency of heavily armed psychopaths
      who have taken the societies programming through ultra violent video games and other dehumanizing fare that living ultra rural requires a bunker mentality.
      You would need triple redundant early warning systems to alert you to intruders. This would be as valuable as water and food.

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