Peace Breaks Out, Markets Closed

OK, not much of a peace, but in a world always two button presses away from the Dark Ages, it’s nice to know that the fighting in EUKraine seems to be observing the cease-fire.

It’s only coincidental, I’m sure, but markets are rallying in Ure-Up, since our trading model over on the side of things has been more optimistic than a crack monkey for almost five years.  So yes, give the crack monkeys their due.

Still, the residents of Greece aren’t sharing in the party favors, but oh well.  Someone always gets stuck with the bill in a Ponzi scheme and since Iceland and the Irish stiffed the Bankster Class for a while, and until they finish the EUKraine land grab, Greeks are going to have to pay for 40-years of liberalism run amuck.

Compunist Rip-Off

Kapersky Labs – the security folks – will be making a presentation at a conference in Cancun today explaining how a global computer hacking ring has now netted somewhere in the area of a billion dollars.

Not too put too fine a point on this, but has it become obvious to any of the DC Brain Trust that who needs sanctions and anti-terrorism anti-money laundering rules, if there’s a hack-round?

I mean, toss in some drug money for the poppy fields of the Stans and a billion dollars will buy a whole butt-load of terrorism.

Bolsters the case hacking and viruses ought to be capital crimes.

Egypt Does Something Right

Apparently, the fundamentalists have gone too far, as Egypt sees it:  They have launched air strikes against Libya where ISIS members have been attacking Coptic Christians from.

Do Religions Murder?

We see an answer to that one in the shoot ‘em ups in Europe this weekend.

People that sanction hits on cartoonists, regardless of content, don’t deserve the label “religion.”  Mob or gang is a better fit per the dictionary.

Am I the only one who recalls that the Crusades were an early effort to keep Muslim extremists out of Europe?

Of course, the answer to the rhetorical “Do Religions Murder” question is of course.  Especially if you throw in the Church of the Almighty Dollar and it’s various parishes which make up 50 states worth of land.

Shortening America

Mountain Washington does not stand as tall as once held.

Be careful reading that link, however, since Fox News went to far as to report the height of Mt. Washington in Feet and Inches.  I’m sure, somewhere, there’s a federal ban on discussing the measurement of anything in non-metric terms as a capital crime.

Why, just this morning, I was thinking about suggesting we have another 150-milliliters of coffee and think over what this means.

Speaking of which:  When we go on our cruise adventure next week, as always happens when people meet and talk…inevitably someone will ask “How old are you?”

We’ve been in the wikis all weekend looking up pertinent markers.  I’m thinking of going with “two years younger than transistors.”

Younger people might use more pertinent measurements: ‘ I’m one year older than Mario Brothers’, for example.

A musician might be as old as the Beatles’ White Album.

Pilots could count their ages by benchmarks in aviation such as transcontinental mail, constant-speed propellers, class Bravo airspace.  And for the youngest, may the SiFRA around Washington.

Or, sadly, a farmer might be as “old as ammonium nitrate” or as young as “jellyfish GMOs.”  Kinda partial to old as Allis-Chalmers, myself.

I suppose that’s too many picas or cubits of print on point, but noticing a young lady looks to be about 914-585-914 just….well….um… it loses something in the conversion, know what I mean, Vern?

Meantime, There Global Warming

…that people in the Northeast are digging out from under.

Yep, back to bed…the world is just as batty as last week.

2 thoughts on “Peace Breaks Out, Markets Closed”

  1. Obviously you are not old enough to remember – “Am I the only one who recalls that the Crusades were an early effort to keep Muslim extremists out of Europe?” NO – it was a land and territory grab – albeit under the guise of “Christianity”.

    Me thinks you might be a member – “Especially if you throw in the Church of the Almighty Dollar and it’s various parishes which make up 50 states worth of land.”

  2. Hello George,
    Have a great trip!
    I have been reading you as a morning ritual for years. It will be a hard habit to break, but break it I will. Today was the last little tiny itty bitty straw. “Meantime, There Global Warming” you wrote. I am an adult. I demand logic and honesty from my news sources. I am also emotional, empathetic, forgiving, and caring – but not this time. Climate change is here and I can no longer put up with or gloss over statements that pretend that the climate scientists (the 97% of them) are somehow wrong or evil. Clearly the media information is being “managed” by big oil and anti-Obama. The GOP press, the oligarchy press. At a social event recently I was told that climate scientists were lying because they change data. I chased down the source and, as usual, it was so completely ridiculous of an interpretation of the situation that it could only be attributed to a Karl Rove type media. I can no longer play in the cesspool of tossing science and logic into a “us versus them” silly 8th grade spitting contest. The GOP and oil companies are winning. We are suffering because somehow the masses have been convinced that science is silly and the world is not warming. So what if it is not warming where you are. Get over it! Look at data. Educate yourself. I actually think YOU do know this and only toss in these statements because it is your team motto. So you contribute to further ignorance on the part of your readers. Why should I care? I do not have children. What is your excuse? Where is your intellectual honesty? ’cause I do not see it. What do I want to see?: People who demand to throw all the known facts on the white board and start talking and discussing and planning. Look at the history of all the inventions and better methods that the big oil companies have swept away and buried. They will happily inconvenience and even kill anyone who cuts their profits or power. Do not trust them and KNOW they control the media, those emails you get about lying climate scientists, and they pay millions and millions to a few organizations that hire the 3% of dissenting climate scientists to disagree with the rest. I can be open to many things, more than most scientists I have ever known. I am not invested in one theory over another. That said – Clearly the world is warming. clearly the CO2 levels are astronomical and need to be researched, discussed, and addressed. I do not believe in using taxes to control behavior by the way.
    So long and thanks for all mornings.

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