PC Stupidity, Stock Price Channels Matter

Welcome to National Political Correctness is Rotting America Day around here.  Because this is a holiday (no bills in the mail, though) to honor Christopher Columbus and the claiming of the continent by Europeans.

At issue in the demonstrations to come today will be things like “The Explorer’s Place in  History.”  And naturally, since any chance to demonstrate (and further-divide America) will be taken advantage-of by the Lefties, and political prevaricators, who knows where things will run amuck?  In Los Angeles, and elsewhere,  today has been rebranded Indigenous People’s Day.

We tend to be less politically-driven around here:  The stock market will be open and the schools will be closed.  Banks will be closed, but FedEx and UPS will deliver.  The clear signals of a fractured America.

But here’s the thing:  We look to the half-wits in Washington for guidance on such matters – and, since they get a holiday – seems to us like Congress is still calling it “Columbus Day.”  Which, for those who don’t gobble up revisionist history, dates back to the 1700′s:

“Celebration of Columbus’s voyage in the early United States is recorded from as early as 1792, when the Tammany Society in New York City[3] (for whom it became an annual tradition)[4][5] and also the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston celebrated the 300th anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the New World.[6][7] President Benjamin Harrison called upon the people of the United States to celebrate Columbus’s landing in the New World on the 400th anniversary of the event. During the anniversary in 1892, teachers, preachers, poets and politicians used rituals to teach ideals of patriotism. These rituals took themes such as citizenship boundaries, the importance of loyalty to the nation, and the celebration of social progress.”

For those of us who bother to look at modern-day America as a soon-to-be-bankrupt country (due to watering down of our money’s purchasing power with debt) and realizing that “Everything’s a Business Model,” our keenly aware business readers will appreciate that there’s a branding war in progress.

Let’s review the battle-space: Since the 1960’s, crooked politicians have – without a vote – taken it upon themselves to reduce the European extraction population of America from more than 84% to in the lower 60 percent range today. Sold as “Change” this was accomplished by dividing and conquering (formerly) majority people through a long-term program of “shaming” and the false narrative that America’s laws should extend beyond our borders and be applied retroactively.

Reality Check:  They Don’t.

Nevertheless, the challenging brand (“balanced socialism” is an approximation of the model) has set about dividing where possible and rebranding when not. Ergo, to those bent on destroying traditions, here comes indigenous people’s day.  With this warm & fuzzy Wiki entry.

“The holiday began in 1989 in South Dakota, where Lynn Hart and Governor Mickelson backed a resolution to celebrate Native American day on the second Monday of October, marking the beginning of the year of reconciliation in 1990.[3] It was instituted in Berkeley, California, in 1992, coinciding with the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas. It spread two years later to Santa Cruz, California, and in the 2010s to various other cities and states.[4]

So, why was the alt brand set up?  Well, at the beginning, it seemed like a good idea.  After all, first people have been historically screwed by Europeans.  Theft of land and pushed onto reservations..and that’s before we get into the small pox blankets and mineral rights.

But the real genesis of the South Dakota event was because of the events at Wounded Knee more than a decade earlier and the native American political movements.  Some healing was due:

“The Wounded Knee incident began on February 27, 1973, when approximately 200 Oglala Lakota and followers of the American Indian Movement (AIM) seized and occupied the town of Wounded Knee, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The protest followed the failure of an effort of the Oglala Sioux Civil Rights Organization (OSCRO) to impeach tribal president Richard Wilson, whom they accused of corruption and abuse of opponents. Additionally, protesters criticized the United States government’s failure to fulfill treaties with Native American people and demanded the reopening of treaty negotiations.

Oglala and AIM activists controlled the town for 71 days while the United States Marshals Service, FBI agents, and other law enforcement agencies cordoned off the area. The activists chose the site of the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre for its symbolic value. Both sides were armed, and shooting was frequent. A U.S. marshal was shot and paralyzed in March.[2] A Cherokee and an Oglala Lakota were killed by shootings in April 1973. Ray Robinson, a civil rights activist who joined the protesters, disappeared during the events and is believed to have been murdered. Due to damage to the houses, the small community was not reoccupied until the 1990s. “

There were charges at the time of the siege that Robinson had been killed by the government, but FBI documents released much later (try 2014) reported this according to Wikipedia:

“The witness said Robinson tried to discuss strategies, but no one listened or gave him any serious consideration. After he got into a heated exchange with another activist, he was escorted to a house by a security team.[22] There Robinson grabbed a butcher knife from a table and the team gathered around him. The witness said, “The next thing, I heard a loud bang and saw Mr. Robinson’s lower leg spin from the knee and rotate outward as he started to fall forward. His eyes rolled up as he went down.”[20] The security team is alleged to have consisted of, among other members, Leonard Crow Dog, Carter Camp, Dennis Banks, Frank Blackhorse, Stan Holder, Harry David Hill, and Clyde Bellecourt. According to Bernie Lafferty, a witness who confirmed Robinson’s presence on the reservation during the Wounded Knee incident, during an evening meeting, several AIM members openly discussed the murder of a Black man whom they had buried on the hillside. These members included Banks, Camp, Russell Means, Holder and Hill.[13]

I remember covering the Wounded Knee event as a young reporter – even interviewed Russel Means on the phone a few times.

All of this history may seem far-afield from our topic du jour.  But it really comes down to this:

  • Do indigenous people’s deserve a holiday?  Yes.
  • Should holidays be even throughout America?  Yes.
  • Is today likely to be yet-another “day of division” and stupidity rather than a celebration of nation purpose?  Oh, hell yeah.

Which is why we can expect the MainstreamMedia to roll-out trite phrases today like “angry demonstrators” and imply more white-shaming.

Because that’s what America’s become:  Land of the Divided and Home of the Victims.

An outcome we lay squarely at the feet of the Ruling Political Class of both the Jackass Party and the Jellyfish Party.  Without their dividing and conquering, maybe we could be a little greater and “together” as a nation.  But, hey!  Where’s the money (or votes) in that, huh?

Meantime, here at Uretopia Ranch, we will work a normal shift today and save the partying for tomorrow which is Leif Erickson Day:

“October 9 is not associated with any particular event in Leif Erikson’s life.[18] The date was chosen because the ship Restauration coming from Stavanger, Norway, arrived in New York Harbor on October 9, 1825, beginning a wave of immigration from Norway to America.”

To honor the day, we will be marching around the kitchen yelling “Vaccinium vitis-idaea!!!” as Elaine whips up pancakes.  A phrase you should recognize immediately as the proper name of lingonberries which make such a fine syrup.


Rather than a divisive political stew, we’d sure like to see an international People’s Day celebrated as a foodie event.  To remind us all that Columbus’ descendants traffic in pizza, Asians in teriyaki and won ton and lo mein, while sauerbraten’s good, too. After tacos, of course.

Problem is there are many signs and screams to be had from such an event.  But it’s be more honest, universal and it could “tip the scales” back to reasonable time. Beaujolais with them eggs?

Channels Matter

This part of the conversation may only make sense to our Peoplenomics.com subscribers, but do try to follow along.

As we have been reporting, we have been in an upward channel.  And last week we broke through the minor channel to the downside, like so:

As you can see, this previously looked like a simple Elliott 1-2-3-4-5 and breaking down.  HOWEVER, there’s a growing chance I alluded to a week or two back, that this may really turn into a i-ii, i-ii for the 1, then what looks like Wave 5 would be a 3 in the revised count.  Which is really graceful since we would see a decline to the larger trend channel support line (or just under) and then begin a blow-off 5 that would culminate in late winter to spring of 2019.

Which would, in turn, hit our replaying of 1929 (again) in the replay match-up chart.

Damn, ain’t this fun?

It assures us of a close election, but it also tells us the world doesn’t end right now.  News media hype to the contrary, aside.

Also – we’re noticing that there seems to be a trend in markets lately for i-ii, i-ii Wave 1’s which means the Wave 5’s have been simple, so a kind of “autopilot” position for us may be in the works, but we will see if we continue down today and tomorrow we open down again and then have a “turnaround Tuesday at the lower trend channel boundary.  Vee shall see, jah?

Dow futures down 80, though we’d like to see 150 down by the close or mid-session Tuesday in a perfectly “Conforming to Ure’s Madness” world… Shares slide on ‘powerful cocktail’ of China slump, Treasuries and Italy.

Next Spring the impact of the December Fed hike will hit.  Until then, U.S. data ‘looking good’ ahead of December rates meeting, Fed’s Bullard says.

Snips and Quips

The Gosh that refreshes:

Fire in a crowded theater test? “Lil Wayne concert ends after crowd panics over false gunshot reports.”

Who needs church when the media can preach dept: “Don’t Let the Battle Over Kavanaugh Overshadow the Nobel Peace Prize’s Recognition of Sexual Violence.”

A “poor Trump?” Brazil’s far-right candidate, who is nostalgic for country’s military past, wins first round.

And here some the storm for the Gulf Coast:

Moron the ‘morrow then…we’ll try to Leif things well enough alone.


36 thoughts on “PC Stupidity, Stock Price Channels Matter”

  1. Columbus landed first on Watling Island in the Bahamas; that is not the US. Viking artifacts are still being discovered here in the United States that pre-date Columbus- not to mention Lax An Meadows. Tradition triumphs over facts-until it comes to fiat money’s demise.

    • It seems that the Chinese circumnavigated the world and discovered America first, though perhaps someone preceded them too. Who cares? Columbus day is a holiday and that’s it’s name. I don’t like others bargaining for me and the labor movement did that, and they made a “Labor Day”. Again – who cares? It’s a holiday and an American tradition. It’s a day for working folks to work for themselves, and a day for retired folks to keep working for themselves. Holidays are good, and there are plenty of yet unnamed days to use for new traditions.

  2. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee..great book,made me angry and sad at sad time. Take time to consider what we have done to the 1st Peoples/Natives here in North America. We treated the “savages” the same exact way ALL “civilized” humans have treated other “Native” peoples all around the globe, just f-ing kill them all! Now how do U think Extra Terrestrial Entities would/will/did treat Earthlings? Earlier in the year, I posted here several times about markets breaking out of channels and going much higher..”sky rockets”. After much criticism, razing my opinions and belittling my view of coming market activity,”bring it”, here we are rolling over the top of a massive move in the stock market.
    So here I go again..Going Long Volatility, time to “pack the WAR bag”,on a mission to make $$$$ in the coming CHAOS. STOP orders are a Must, a Rule not to be broken when “fighting” with sharks and machines in volatile markets.Please keep updating those charts Jeffe, up to date intel is kinda valuable on the “battlefield”.

    • Let’s pray that ET’s are more civilized than humans..even now we destroy pillage and plunder so that an extreme few can benefit..and we do it in the name of peace.

    • Really, you think YOU are criticized? Stop being so sensitive; come here and tell it like it is (for you) and wait and see. Truth always wins out in the end. Yeah, that slaughter you are referring to took 400 YEARS!!! Not like the last 53 years since the Immigration Act of 1965. What we are living through in this country is a true invasion but the blood letting has been dimmed down via the media so the masses don’t catch wind.

  3. phew.. what I learned about Columbus in school and what is real.. big debate.. everything as to why khan had a map of the American Southwest or Egyptian hieroglyphics and relics in caves in the southwest.. or rune stones.. in the Midwest, Henges in the northeast,midwest and southwest and the remains and markings of long gone viking settlements,There is even a hint that the Templar knights were once here with native american legends about them and their markings and relics such as knights swords etc..and many many more stories of past visitors to the america’s.. there are literally thousands of pages of debated studies on this subject with evidence to backup their claims.For myself it is Simply Another yes / No subject.. which will you decide to believe.

    I think that the continent was claimed long before Columbus’s visit.. I can’t wait for the treasure of oak island to come back on television.. I sure do hope it is they are so close to discovering the true story of the legends.. I know a lot of good numbers wasted away.. but heck why not.. an intriguing story.. I remember the first story that came out on it.. loved it..its had my curiosity since child hood..

    • Yes, surely Mark must know that there were blue-eyed Indians on the West Coast of America eons before Columbus. Wonder how that happened? Just like there were Olmec’s (Africans) in South America. And yes, there were Giants on the Earth; even one of the journals of the Spanish explorers tell of them landing on an Island and seeing/talking/visiting with the last of the Giants.

  4. Happy Thansgivng day from Canada George.

    Today our turkeys are on the table and not in the halls of government.


    • Bob I only wished that we had Turkey’s in the halls of government. From my perspective all I see weasels , snakes, buzzards and jackal’s and even then they’re out someplace on recess

  5. The entire European/Indigenous People argument is summed up rather neatly in Jared Diamond’s Pulitzer Prize winning book “Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies”

    Diamond essentially proposes that Europeans invaded the Americas and not the other way around due to (a) geographical layout of these civilizations, in which the ‘Fertile Crescent’ allowed agricultural and manufacturing technology to spread across a relatively climatically stable region at the same geographical latitudes. The farming migration from the N. Mediterranean area happened because of grain having less climate variance in the migration, which was a slow trek by today’s standards. In the Americas, the Inca and Aztec were far apart longitudinally, thus climatically preventing maze grown in Mexico from moving rapidly to Peru, and vice versa (or weaponry, for that matter). (b) Technologies developed for adapting to the jungles of S. America had less dramatic application in the dryer Central America region and SW N. America. (c) Also, herding sheep and cattle, along with the swift mixing of European societies, helped Europeans develop robust immune systems thru the survival of animal born diseases, the same diseases that were spread from Europeans to the First Americans, decimating the First People at every encounter. Climate and biology were the real enemies of the First Americans, much more so than the smaller numbers of Europeans landing on their shores, who – yes – were armed to the teeth, but powerfully enabled by a deadly combination of ‘guns, germs and steel.’

    • A fine book – but please, too many facts. People today don’t live on those, as we both know, lol

    • Lol lol lol OMG W/H.

      “Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies”

      Oh my god W/H I think you brought up a book I’ve never read..
      I’ll get one ordered today..
      Thanks for the tip on a great read..

  6. Well, if we’re going to have an indigenous peoples day, perhaps we should also have a ‘Megafauna Holocaust Remembrance’ day to mourn the passing of the Wooly Mammoths, Saber Toothed Tigers, Glyptodons and other large critters in the Americas.

  7. PC? Really? It’s plain stupidity for humans of any country to have a holiday over a man who sailed across an ocean in search of India…only to land in a remote Caribbean island, encounter indigenous people, whom he called Indians….maybe to save face for his lack of direction…and then enslave, kill, dismember, and sell them to Spain in which many Taino natives died enroute. A land of as many of 250,000 Taino Native people were soon reduced to hundreds in 6 short years…in 1500, the king and queen of Spain sent in a royal administration who detained Columbus and his brothers for gross mismanagement of the region and hadnthem shipped home..Columbus lost his Governorship and much of his prestige.

    And we celebrate this? If Trump really wants to MAGA, then he would look at the facts..and realize that Columbus was a mediocre Explorer, and a bad negotiator that would rather kill than mediate.

    Let’s put it in perspective…let’s say you belong to an organization that lived remotely , yet you wielded immense power amongst your “kingdom” and little contact with the rest of the world.

    One day, you and your group decided to engage in a major explorative journey by ship…the only mode of transportation you were aware of. . That journey brought you to a new world you previously did not know about. To your surprise, that new world already was inhabited by hundreds of thousands of people. The only thing was…those people did not speak your language, did not share your values and standards of living. While they may have been more advanced in many ways related to natural resources, by adopting sustainable ways to live, prosper and survive, (The ultimate Preppers) they were just too different from you, so you decided that they were inferior and worthless. So you make them your slaves…kill the resistors…dismember them and march them down the avenues of the inigigenous people’s towns to show your strength and slowly cull their population. Then you claim this discovery of this new land as your own…when in fact you stole it from a people that had been there thousands of years prior. Sad!

    • Well, with that said perhaps you should either renounce your western roots and move to Europe or possibly just end it all. Stole it? really? As if nothing like this has ever been done in human history but it is only evil if whitey does it. You are indeed sad.

    • Mark: You forgot to mention the atrocities the native people committed against their own people & neighbors. They used their people as human sacrifices & enslaved them to build temples & work in the fields. Through torture, intimidation, & indoctrination of the young (a Democrat tactic), they turned generations of their people into slaves. Also, as they conquered their neighbors, they were either slaughtered or became slaves to be used & abused. Columbus had gun powder & military tactics that made the difference & provided his success, otherwise he & his men would have been defeated & tortured. IT was a brutal world.

      Without the establishment of the USA as the beacon of the world, the atrocities of the past would continue today. Without the USA, it would be a world of constant war & unknown atrocities. PT knows this; unfortunately NY & CA don`t.

      The democrats answer to this is to have Taylor Swift run for office. I believe she thought she was running for a spot in the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

      • ECS…Like Trump…You just say stuff for effect…and maybe knowingly or not are spouting lies to gain some sort of superiority over less educated folk….

        So…that said…you are sure the Taino people did this? I think you need to re-visit your statement. They were a very peaceful people whose only “transgressions were that the men had many wives…Which is ok as long as there were no lawyers to complicate that arrangement.

        Taíno culture was the most highly developed in the Caribbean when Columbus reached Hispaniola in 1492. Islands throughout the Greater Antilles were dotted with Taíno communities nestled in valleys and along the rivers and coastlines, some of which were inhabited by thousands of people. The first New World society that Columbus encountered was one of tremendous creativity and energy. The Taíno had an extraordinary repertoire of expressive forms in sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, weaving, dance, music, and poetry. Their inventiveness and dynamism were also reflected in their social hierarchies and political organization.

        And…many of their words are now a part of our vernacular. Some words that they used, such as barbacoa (“barbecue”), hamaca (“hammock”), kanoa (“canoe”), tabaco (“tobacco”), yuca, batata (“sweet potato”), and juracán (“hurricane”), have been incorporated into Spanish and English.

      • Mark: Unlike some, which may include you, I look at all aspects of a situation to determine the truth. In today’s complicated world, concentrating on one small culture, Taino, is great for the classroom, but not for real world. But that is how the liberals attack… deflect, deflect, deflect to avoid the truth.

        If the US totally ignored WW II, the Nazi’s would have been first to develop the BOMB, & all on the West Coast of the USA would be speaking Japanese. German on the East Coast. But based on your theory, that would be OK, because they aren’t us.

  8. In rural N.E.Pa. the USPS has been delivering packages on Sunday for several months. Don’t know about holiday delivery. Anyone have knowledge on that subject ?

    • Dave the USPS is delivering on Sunday for AMAZON! About 3 years ago I turned down a rural carrier job, partly because I didn’t care to work on Sunday. I’m not sure if we were going to be working on holidays.

  9. George, The R’s new core principle:

    Keynesian deficit stimulus in good times!!

    The Rs have utterly abandoned fiscal responsibility as a core principle. Actually started when Reagan tripled the national debt, by overcoming Papa Bush’s last gasp clarion call to fiscal conservatism by rallying against Voodoo Economics.

    Am so glad THIS was your lead story, and properly so, instead of some lame ass, sugared up hit piece on political correctness. Ha. But I ask all you angry conservatives out there. If you R’s don’t stand for fiscal conservatism, what do you stand for? Or should I just go back and re-read the lead story for my answer? Best, Mike.

  10. George, I really appreciate this column, and I cherish the good old days when the PM’s and USD index were top and center. I realize that placing them there in the new format is truly difficult, but is there some way that they can be more prominent? It’s easy to forget to scroll down that far regardless of effort.

  11. Maybe someone needs to look up the word Indigenous. It means to originate in the area. No one in North or South America did this. We ALL moved here, so no one deserves the title of Indigenous, as we all originated around the Mesopotamia region. So let’s stop making certain people MORE equal with this kind of false listing by the lefties.

    • Jeez, if you are going to play that game – we all came ‘out of Africa’.

      And – your argument speaks for ‘open borders’! People gotta go through places to get from ‘there to here’.

  12. “Since the 1960’s, crooked politicians have – without a vote – taken it upon themselves to reduce the European extraction population of America from more than 84% to in the lower 60 percent”

    … and what was (is) politician’s ethnicity? Just saying, problem no different in Europe. Think!

  13. IT is interesting to see how fast these market corrections happen. My charts showed SQQQ as a buy on 10/04, but I was asleep at the switch & missed it.

  14. “The Wounded Knee incident began on February 27, 1973, when approximately 200 Oglala Lakota and followers of the American Indian Movement (AIM) seized and occupied the town of Wounded Knee, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The protest followed the failure of an effort of the Oglala Sioux Civil Rights Organization (OSCRO) to impeach tribal president Richard Wilson, whom they accused of corruption and abuse of opponents. Additionally, protesters criticized the United States government’s failure to fulfill treaties with Native American people and demanded the reopening of treaty negotiations.”

    I had the great privilege to visit and have coffee with mr. Means several times.. some right after the wounded knee incident when he was getting his portrait done and some later on when during one of my hat jobs where I cared for someone he cared about..He really isn’t as radical as he was portrayed in MSM an extremely smart man and very sensitive to the needs of his people. I personally liked him very much.
    Years earlier when I was just a small boy I worked on a damning job for an uncle for a summer job where we made roads and built backup dam’s for the flood waters.. anyway one job was to make a road for a group of old indians.. the tribe wouldn’t let them off of their land to buy groceries and such.. anyway the gentleman we made the road for was a super great guy.( his discription of the tribal members at that time was those damned half breeds LOL). he had been a little boy in the camp when the battle of little big horn went down his great grand daughter and I would sit during coffee time and listen to his stories of that great event and what was happening in the camp.. there again a yes / No the stories you read are not the stories that are shared. similar to stories of one of my ancestors..he is famous today and everyone loves what he did I see trails and parks and all kinds of statues etc…. but he was venomously hated by the family till this generation LOL LOL LOL you had to be a royal butt head to be hated for over a hundred years…. stuff you won’t read about in the history books..

    speaking of kids listening to you.. from time to time I am asked my opinion on random stuff.. etc.. anyway last summer I was asked about runways using what is on hand to make a durable runway in remote locations quickly.. during a picnic we had the subject came up in a conversation and I shared with my kids what my thoughts were on it.. well my son in law has a big construction company.. the other day I was at one of the job-sites where they are building roads..I was shocked.. by god they were doing exactly what I had told them I would suggest to the group looking for quick ways to make remote runways using materials on hand during the picnic .. LOL I asked one of the supervisors( kid wasn’t there of course he’s the boss LOL) why they were doing it that way and he said they decided to try it and it saves them time and money by doing it that way and gives them a better surface to work on.. LOL and I thought kids never listened to the old man.. LOL

  15. George,
    Re the voyages of Columbus I suggest get a copy of European Discovery of America by Samuel Eliot Morrison its long, 2 vols, but quite readable.

  16. It is SO nice to SANITIZE the past, since none of us were really there. We fail to understand what took place in the past was instrumental in building the societies we have today. Uncomfortable truths, as they may be, did happen, cannot be changed, but did set events in motion where social activists brought change for the betterment of society for all. To go back and claim redress/compensation for past misdeeds(thousand years ago) will serve to change the metric that in time may set today’s society in a direction more cruel and savage than those past misdeeds being paraded. If we are such a modern society, then let reason prevail, adhere to the US Constitution, instead of gaming it for personal advantage. Simply put, if our attitudes don’t change, we are doomed to repeat past injustices, only to a greater extent amplified by the power of our technology.

    • I agree Anon…today I recognize the accomplishments of my great great great great grandpa..after hearing the other side I sympathize on the trials they were subjected to and the humiliation they endured after his return..I actually saved one of his berry baskets it should be in a museum someplace lol..
      I think the difference is back then it was life or death situation that they had thrust on them suddenly..where today we see the benefits of the sacrifices..then the humiliation of having him drag a young female teenager to live in a hut in the woods with them.
      Both of my grandparents ancestors on one side settled here long before our nation became a united country.. I tried arguing that I should be able to claim native American on the census. When they asked what is your nationality. I said ..mm American where are you from ..lol it didn’t go well..

  17. Seems to me…the ONLY revision of History is being done to those that found, ‘conquered'(worked to better and settle) this land…no one seems to want to take away any platitudes associated with .Alexander the Great, Kingus Kong, Ceaser, Napoleon,Marco Polo etc…..only those that set foot on our shores…smells like an agenda to me…wtf

  18. Hi, george,

    This is a question for “Looking Out of the Box”, who related an interesting account of the players involved in Wounded Knee 1973, including Russell Means. Some years ago, an altercation occurred on the Apache Indian Reservation near Globe, Arizona over the control of the peridot mining operation there. Charles Vargas, the very tall Apache Indian in charge of mining was arrested and placed in jail; then the American Indian Movement folks arrived, including Russell Means, and arrested the Apache President, releasing Charles. I wonder if he knew about that. Thanks.

    • Hi Nancy…Nope I actually hadn’t even heard about the incident you mentioned..the first time we had coffee he came to a photo lab where I was the night sup. To have his portrait done. Our conversations never involved any of the political controversies he was involved with, but around more philosophical views of life and culture.
      The second set of conversations was when someone he cared for very much, was extremely ill and then we talked about the importance of family and faith..
      Never at any point was anything said regarding negative emotions or political views. More towards the love of his people and family, the rich heritage they’re from which is a part of our countries history.from my perspective of the man I met..he was one passionate about life, heritage and culture.
      He had a pretty good sense of humor to.
      We always hear about race enslavement very rarely do we hear about the atrocities that the American Indians have had to endure. Similar to the Hood ( past atrocities doesn’t fester in everyone there just a few) in a major city I wouldn’t walk through the res either. There’s enough animosity by some.. (Not all..there are those that believe in leaving the past there.) towards past transgressions that it wouldn’t be safe.

  19. Dear Mr. Ure,

    You may have noted that one of former president George W. Bush’s daughters was married to a fine southern gentleman over the weekend. First hint of a surprise pending bride’s nuptial appeared a day prior courtesy of the Instagram account of her grandfather’s service dog. The bride’s twin sister introduced news of the union to colonial viewers on her tv network program.

    We regret to inform you that the upcoming wedding of Princess Eugenie at Windsor will not be broadcast live on the BBC state network. Her father, The Duke of York, is understood to be less than amused at this departure from Royal tradition. We pray that you may not find this matter an item of great inconvenience.

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