Welcome to National Political Correctness is Rotting America Day around here.  Because this is a holiday (no bills in the mail, though) to honor Christopher Columbus and the claiming of the continent by Europeans.

At issue in the demonstrations to come today will be things like “The Explorer’s Place in  History.”  And naturally, since any chance to demonstrate (and further-divide America) will be taken advantage-of by the Lefties, and political prevaricators, who knows where things will run amuck?  In Los Angeles, and elsewhere,  today has been rebranded Indigenous People’s Day.

We tend to be less politically-driven around here:  The stock market will be open and the schools will be closed.  Banks will be closed, but FedEx and UPS will deliver.  The clear signals of a fractured America.

But here’s the thing:  We look to the half-wits in Washington for guidance on such matters – and, since they get a holiday – seems to us like Congress is still calling it “Columbus Day.”  Which, for those who don’t gobble up revisionist history, dates back to the 1700′s:

“Celebration of Columbus’s voyage in the early United States is recorded from as early as 1792, when the Tammany Society in New York City[3] (for whom it became an annual tradition)[4][5] and also the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston celebrated the 300th anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the New World.[6][7] President Benjamin Harrison called upon the people of the United States to celebrate Columbus’s landing in the New World on the 400th anniversary of the event. During the anniversary in 1892, teachers, preachers, poets and politicians used rituals to teach ideals of patriotism. These rituals took themes such as citizenship boundaries, the importance of loyalty to the nation, and the celebration of social progress.”

For those of us who bother to look at modern-day America as a soon-to-be-bankrupt country (due to watering down of our money’s purchasing power with debt) and realizing that “Everything’s a Business Model,” our keenly aware business readers will appreciate that there’s a branding war in progress.

Let’s review the battle-space: Since the 1960’s, crooked politicians have – without a vote – taken it upon themselves to reduce the European extraction population of America from more than 84% to in the lower 60 percent range today. Sold as “Change” this was accomplished by dividing and conquering (formerly) majority people through a long-term program of “shaming” and the false narrative that America’s laws should extend beyond our borders and be applied retroactively.

Reality Check:  They Don’t.

Nevertheless, the challenging brand (“balanced socialism” is an approximation of the model) has set about dividing where possible and rebranding when not. Ergo, to those bent on destroying traditions, here comes indigenous people’s day.  With this warm & fuzzy Wiki entry.

“The holiday began in 1989 in South Dakota, where Lynn Hart and Governor Mickelson backed a resolution to celebrate Native American day on the second Monday of October, marking the beginning of the year of reconciliation in 1990.[3] It was instituted in Berkeley, California, in 1992, coinciding with the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas. It spread two years later to Santa Cruz, California, and in the 2010s to various other cities and states.[4]

So, why was the alt brand set up?  Well, at the beginning, it seemed like a good idea.  After all, first people have been historically screwed by Europeans.  Theft of land and pushed onto reservations..and that’s before we get into the small pox blankets and mineral rights.

But the real genesis of the South Dakota event was because of the events at Wounded Knee more than a decade earlier and the native American political movements.  Some healing was due:

“The Wounded Knee incident began on February 27, 1973, when approximately 200 Oglala Lakota and followers of the American Indian Movement (AIM) seized and occupied the town of Wounded Knee, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The protest followed the failure of an effort of the Oglala Sioux Civil Rights Organization (OSCRO) to impeach tribal president Richard Wilson, whom they accused of corruption and abuse of opponents. Additionally, protesters criticized the United States government’s failure to fulfill treaties with Native American people and demanded the reopening of treaty negotiations.

Oglala and AIM activists controlled the town for 71 days while the United States Marshals Service, FBI agents, and other law enforcement agencies cordoned off the area. The activists chose the site of the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre for its symbolic value. Both sides were armed, and shooting was frequent. A U.S. marshal was shot and paralyzed in March.[2] A Cherokee and an Oglala Lakota were killed by shootings in April 1973. Ray Robinson, a civil rights activist who joined the protesters, disappeared during the events and is believed to have been murdered. Due to damage to the houses, the small community was not reoccupied until the 1990s. “

There were charges at the time of the siege that Robinson had been killed by the government, but FBI documents released much later (try 2014) reported this according to Wikipedia:

“The witness said Robinson tried to discuss strategies, but no one listened or gave him any serious consideration. After he got into a heated exchange with another activist, he was escorted to a house by a security team.[22] There Robinson grabbed a butcher knife from a table and the team gathered around him. The witness said, “The next thing, I heard a loud bang and saw Mr. Robinson’s lower leg spin from the knee and rotate outward as he started to fall forward. His eyes rolled up as he went down.”[20] The security team is alleged to have consisted of, among other members, Leonard Crow Dog, Carter Camp, Dennis Banks, Frank Blackhorse, Stan Holder, Harry David Hill, and Clyde Bellecourt. According to Bernie Lafferty, a witness who confirmed Robinson’s presence on the reservation during the Wounded Knee incident, during an evening meeting, several AIM members openly discussed the murder of a Black man whom they had buried on the hillside. These members included Banks, Camp, Russell Means, Holder and Hill.[13]

I remember covering the Wounded Knee event as a young reporter – even interviewed Russel Means on the phone a few times.

All of this history may seem far-afield from our topic du jour.  But it really comes down to this:

  • Do indigenous people’s deserve a holiday?  Yes.
  • Should holidays be even throughout America?  Yes.
  • Is today likely to be yet-another “day of division” and stupidity rather than a celebration of nation purpose?  Oh, hell yeah.

Which is why we can expect the MainstreamMedia to roll-out trite phrases today like “angry demonstrators” and imply more white-shaming.

Because that’s what America’s become:  Land of the Divided and Home of the Victims.

An outcome we lay squarely at the feet of the Ruling Political Class of both the Jackass Party and the Jellyfish Party.  Without their dividing and conquering, maybe we could be a little greater and “together” as a nation.  But, hey!  Where’s the money (or votes) in that, huh?

Meantime, here at Uretopia Ranch, we will work a normal shift today and save the partying for tomorrow which is Leif Erickson Day:

“October 9 is not associated with any particular event in Leif Erikson’s life.[18] The date was chosen because the ship Restauration coming from Stavanger, Norway, arrived in New York Harbor on October 9, 1825, beginning a wave of immigration from Norway to America.”

To honor the day, we will be marching around the kitchen yelling “Vaccinium vitis-idaea!!!” as Elaine whips up pancakes.  A phrase you should recognize immediately as the proper name of lingonberries which make such a fine syrup.


Rather than a divisive political stew, we’d sure like to see an international People’s Day celebrated as a foodie event.  To remind us all that Columbus’ descendants traffic in pizza, Asians in teriyaki and won ton and lo mein, while sauerbraten’s good, too. After tacos, of course.

Problem is there are many signs and screams to be had from such an event.  But it’s be more honest, universal and it could “tip the scales” back to reasonable time. Beaujolais with them eggs?

Channels Matter

This part of the conversation may only make sense to our Peoplenomics.com subscribers, but do try to follow along.

As we have been reporting, we have been in an upward channel.  And last week we broke through the minor channel to the downside, like so:

As you can see, this previously looked like a simple Elliott 1-2-3-4-5 and breaking down.  HOWEVER, there’s a growing chance I alluded to a week or two back, that this may really turn into a i-ii, i-ii for the 1, then what looks like Wave 5 would be a 3 in the revised count.  Which is really graceful since we would see a decline to the larger trend channel support line (or just under) and then begin a blow-off 5 that would culminate in late winter to spring of 2019.

Which would, in turn, hit our replaying of 1929 (again) in the replay match-up chart.

Damn, ain’t this fun?

It assures us of a close election, but it also tells us the world doesn’t end right now.  News media hype to the contrary, aside.

Also – we’re noticing that there seems to be a trend in markets lately for i-ii, i-ii Wave 1’s which means the Wave 5’s have been simple, so a kind of “autopilot” position for us may be in the works, but we will see if we continue down today and tomorrow we open down again and then have a “turnaround Tuesday at the lower trend channel boundary.  Vee shall see, jah?

Dow futures down 80, though we’d like to see 150 down by the close or mid-session Tuesday in a perfectly “Conforming to Ure’s Madness” world… Shares slide on ‘powerful cocktail’ of China slump, Treasuries and Italy.

Next Spring the impact of the December Fed hike will hit.  Until then, U.S. data ‘looking good’ ahead of December rates meeting, Fed’s Bullard says.

Snips and Quips

The Gosh that refreshes:

Fire in a crowded theater test? “Lil Wayne concert ends after crowd panics over false gunshot reports.”

Who needs church when the media can preach dept: “Don’t Let the Battle Over Kavanaugh Overshadow the Nobel Peace Prize’s Recognition of Sexual Violence.”

A “poor Trump?” Brazil’s far-right candidate, who is nostalgic for country’s military past, wins first round.

And here some the storm for the Gulf Coast:

Moron the ‘morrow then…we’ll try to Leif things well enough alone.