Paris Outrage: Did Anyone Trade in Advance?

image(Amarillo, TX)  This morning we do a little forensic accounting as we look forward to the Monday opening of global markets to see what effect the killing of nearly 120 people by crazed Muslim extremists in France will do to global markets.  A sizeable decline is possible to likely.

You see, the paradigm of the national security state is that such things can be prevented – if we just give up enough of our freedoms.  Hence, we’ve gone along with the airport pat-downs and such.

But Europe?  Their immigration policies have been even more stupid and inane than those being followed by the Obama administration which is seeking to admit even more people – many single military aged males – into these United States in coming months.

So is someone trading in advance and making a killing?  It’s hard sorting the general decline from the possibility of front-running a massive decline next week based on terrorism’s big return to the headlines.

So double-up on the coffee…we’re looking closely and the game’s afoot.

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6 thoughts on “Paris Outrage: Did Anyone Trade in Advance?”

  1. The DC puppet is bringing in Syrians by the thousands so our turn will be here soon, Boarders? we need no stinking Boarders.

  2. I thought I could use this event to measure my news delay compared to real traders. At 4:45 Nasdaq didn’t show much afterhours activity. After 8:00 close, nasdaq closed their website for maintenance. Marketwatch also didn’t show their usual afterhour charts on quotes either. What a coincidence. So much for that idea. yahoo showed that people jumped all over leveraged vix products afterhours but no time stamps (as usual). Smells like new gov powers coming.

  3. Well, George, I don’t know what’s going on between your mail server and my ISP’s but every time I try sending something to your “Write when you break even” link it always bounces back. For one thing regardless of which e-mail address I use it always comes back in the bounce message as and says my ISP’s domain doesn’t designate as a permitted sender. Don’t know what’s happening there but – to my point.

    Here’s a link to a viral video. Don’t know how may times you’ve received the link but there’s a boy in Israel that had an out-of-body experience. The last part of his talk on what happened and what he saw is the most important part. It could mean your buddy at Nostracodius might need to do some different searching for more pertinent indicators regarding an upcoming event of Biblical proportions. I’ve been praying for asteroids given the usual idiocy that appears in the news agencies’ average reporting lately but this might be the ultimate “fix” for the crazies that rule this world today.

  4. Hi George,
    Been reading your blog for years. Agree with most of your opinions & like some of your ideas.

    I think the time has come to use social media / websites & as many mainstream media publications as are willing to try and change the game.

    Publicity and acknowledgment is what Radical Islam wants – the more acts of terror and intimidation we choose to publish, the more we reward this despicable activity.

    My suggestion is for every act of hated, violence, abuse, corruption and related acts of “terrorism” is that a campaign of lack of acknowledgement be launched. Let those who care and are informed publish information about how to make a difference in caring for the most unfortunate victims – that are the children who have no choice but to live within a society of hatred and ignorance.

    This means we have to acknowledge all of our failings as a society and especially the foolishness and lack of compassion our government has had for so many decades.

    I grew up in the Middle East in the late 1960’s and learned the people there (Muslims, Jews, Coptic Christians…) are wonderful people. The small segment of radical Islam can be contained, with the support and cooperation of the majority of the populace in the Middle East.

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