Paranoia Weekend: What if Climate Change is a Conspiracy?

Apparently, someone missed his meds this morning.  Maybe it was because of all the celebrating that we got out of our short position with a little money ahead – even after commissions and fees.  Or, and here’s the hard part to swallow:  Because there are a certain number of objective facts that line up in just a certain way that involve a Chicago state legislator from back when and the 2000 vote in Florida.  Yeah, definitely need some meds with this one.

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9 thoughts on “Paranoia Weekend: What if Climate Change is a Conspiracy?”

  1. The global warming mantra is part of the burgeoning control agenda and has nothing to do with objective scientific fact.

    • CR- Thanks be upon you for introducing me to this Tremendously Informative site!

      Just wondering how the ‘Climate Change Deny’rs would nitpick ever single study to conclude All these Scientists are part of the ‘control agenda’ aimed at- well, aimed at controlling agendas????

  2. Interesting dream. I can relate.
    Last year around this time I not only was dreaming but actually waking in a layer of the dream and hanging on to my bed that was shaking like a blender. I thought to myself (in the dream) Mt Rainier must be blowing. It loomed over the farm where my bedroom had a view. No lava flow.
    It lasted for about 2 mins.
    The next day I asked neighbors if they felt the tumbler. They all thought I was crazy. I tried calling a family member to ask if she felt anything. couldn’t get through as her area in northern CA just had a 6.1 at the same time as my dream experience.
    A year to the day, guess where I am typing this…
    Napa CA- epicenter!
    My radar is up and feelers out telling me it is time to go.
    As for climate change- bravo on the chemtrail segue however, the cry over CO2 levels rising is a fore head slap to me.
    They are Nature’s vacuum cleaners.
    We are leveling our rain forests at alarming rates.
    Trees are the lungs of the planet.

    Lets not over look the gag orders for employees of NOAA and National Weather Service (should we throw in NASA too?)
    The ocean is in deep doo doo.
    Who is overlooking the beaches littered with dead sea animal carcasses and sea life up and down the west coast? Do we need another litmus test?

    No lets just buy up those Green bonds that birthed themselves around 2008. Its all a business model.
    Follow the money trail.

  3. Fossil fuel energy business is a multi-trillion??? dollar business. What if you could get just a tiny percentage off the top? Big money. Who exactly gets the rights to “carbon credits”? Why them? Kind of like the FED but the Carb Reserve instead.

    The rest is just the natural inclination of some people to declare the sky is falling. When I was a wee child they showed me pictures of New York covered by a mile of ice from the coming Ice Age brought on by industrial dust in the air. Scared me.

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