Our Longwave View Firms

Back to the “meat and potatoes” this morning as we focus on what we think lies ahead based on wave counts, news flows, channel development, international money flows, and where we are in the economic longwave.

Also, a long extract from my new book that comes out on Monday….

A few headlines as warm up, but our real focus today is on the longer-term (slow-motion) decisions that make money….

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5 thoughts on “Our Longwave View Firms”

  1. Good thing we have a strong President who won’t bow down to the 3 ring Democratic Circus. As they hoped, the Democrats have brought out all the whiners & victimization lovers looking for sympathy & grabbing headlines. Main stream America isn’t buying it. This is a dangerous world we live in, made more so by crooked polititions looking for kickbacks instead of results.

    I sold out my TQQQ position Friday afternoon to avoid holding a 3x ETF during this mess.

    • If the FBI were to find “new” evidence incriminating the ‘honorable judge’ subsequent to already six (6) previous FBI investigations, would anyone ever trust FBI investigations again? ‘-(
      Anyone is free to think for themselves.

      • PT will be meeting RamRod Rosenstein this week. Rod may be gone. Good point Bruno on the FBI. If they find something during this #7, it will show the depths of the assault on PT (Deep Deep State).

        This #7 investigation only has to convince the Repulicans on the fence to get Kavanaugh nominated. The Dems don’t matter if all the Republicans vote Yes. Too bad Chuck.

  2. On Friday, the U.S. Labor Department will release its non-farm payroll report, which is a critical piece of data when it comes to the welfare of the stock market.

    This time things are tricky with the jobs report, if it’s weaker than expected, concerns will arise that the Fed is raising rates in an already-cooling economy. If it’s stronger than anticipated, there will be calls for more rate hikes.

    As we enter the first week of the fourth quarter, Friday’s labor report is by far the most important number, and if it doesn’t come in just right — like it’s been for ages — then you’ve got to be ready for a bit of a sell-off, because after this strong quarter, we might as well be set up for one.

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