Two eggs scrambled with 1 tablespoon of heavy cream.

Two slices of toast

One pork chop with gravy.


Two cups of fresh-perked coffee.

Followed by a resumption of my horizontal pillow-studies.

Other than the press getting worked up over Jared Kushner (perhaps, allegedly) trying to set up a back-channel for Trump to the Russians, and now that we all been shocked discovering that Melania wears (OMG!) designer clothes, how will we ever get enough people worked up to fill those boundless news channels (which have capacity than content, more pixels than talent) with something worthy of our watching?

Tomorrow we will get the S&P Housing data.

And I suppose that the Australian All Ordinaries index dropping 3/4th’s of one percent last night could be modestly amusing (or foreshadow something).

But mainly this is a holiday.

If you are (or were) active military, thank you for your service.

Remember, our newsletter is free to active military with a .mil account.  Generously made possible by a late reader of ours…

So, until tomorrow, have a wonderful Decoration Day and if driving, look out for the other guy.

More storms and rain here in East Texas today so the major project later on will be finishing the build of a new screen door.  Do we know how to have fun, or what?