Our Holiday Schedule

Two eggs scrambled with 1 tablespoon of heavy cream.

Two slices of toast

One pork chop with gravy.


Two cups of fresh-perked coffee.

Followed by a resumption of my horizontal pillow-studies.

Other than the press getting worked up over Jared Kushner (perhaps, allegedly) trying to set up a back-channel for Trump to the Russians, and now that we all been shocked discovering that Melania wears (OMG!) designer clothes, how will we ever get enough people worked up to fill those boundless news channels (which have capacity than content, more pixels than talent) with something worthy of our watching?

Tomorrow we will get the S&P Housing data.

And I suppose that the Australian All Ordinaries index dropping 3/4th’s of one percent last night could be modestly amusing (or foreshadow something).

But mainly this is a holiday.

If you are (or were) active military, thank you for your service.

Remember, our Peoplnomics.com newsletter is free to active military with a .mil account.  Generously made possible by a late reader of ours…

So, until tomorrow, have a wonderful Decoration Day and if driving, look out for the other guy.

More storms and rain here in East Texas today so the major project later on will be finishing the build of a new screen door.  Do we know how to have fun, or what?

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      • It will likely be a variation on your name, the @ symbol, followed by the base where you’re stationed and then the .mil designation.

  1. George
    It seems to me that the reason home prices are showing an increase is because over time the homes at the LOWER end of the price curve are sold and ALL that is left are homes at the next rung up on the price ladder. So there is not a TRUE increase in prices. That’s my story and I agree with it – do you ???

    • Not especially, Tom. Instead, I am more guided by the money supply which (if you see the chart here) has more than DOUBLED (at M1) since Sept. 2010. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/M1

      If you had a valuable asset that cost $150 in 2010 then on a monetary basis it should be well over $200 now, even taking into consideration the (alleged) growth in the economy.

      As a result (and because some cities have $15 min wages) people are being forced into the same housing, but it costs nearly twice as much as 10 years ago.

      Just for the hell of it, I looked up the house I was raised in on Beacon Hill in Seattle. (Had to hit the nitro, lol): Assessed valuation is over $300,000 and the annual prop tax is 3,100.

      This is the home my dad bought win the early 1950’s on a contract for…$7,500!!!

      Is the house worth any more today? No, would argue that 75-years into its life, this old joint is running near the end of its useful life.

      But it has gone from a home that was affordable to a hugely overpriced home/.

      So while there’s SOME validity to your view, look at the “cheapness of money” and factor that it.

      • Instead of bringing those FED officials to trial the issues are about stupid ‘Russian connections.’
        Go figure?!

      • I keep telling people the only thing the US$ has done, with the exception of the time of Darth Volker’s rule, is go down in value. Back in ’68 our family built its first house out here in the oil patch, a 3 bedroom brick home on the edge of town. We’d always rented before that. Dad was making a little over $11,000 a year as an accountant back then so it strained our family’s budget to the max but he got it done. For anyone to equate a buck back then to be equivalent to a buck today is obscene but the government implies it all the time. Had the government been reducing the size of a dollar bill accordingly just to highlight the point since then we’d be carrying around bags of confetti today.

  2. So what would anyone expect Melania to wear? A $9.99 rag from Walmart? Of course she wears designer clothes. There’s no reason for the press to get their knickers in a twist over this .. other than it’s another way to take a swipe a Trump.

  3. George, now that bitcoin hits its high in the 2700 range and has pulled back, what’s your thoughts on the high that was set. More correction or higher?

    Has anybody on the board bought bitcoin and what service did you use? I’m thinking about it but would like a service that has various crypro currencies available to buy. Seems there’s many possibilities to be ripped off by services claiming to sell bitcoin.. hard to know which is safest… any ideas? Anybody?

    • I’ve bought on Coinbase.com. They sell bitcoin, ethereum, and lite coin. I’ve bought all 3 on there, it’s easy and straight forward. They also use 2 Factor Authentication for added security of your account.

  4. One thing about America now, there is no fixing it and no saving it.

    No matter what the maha reishis in the Deep State say, the game is over.

    Been that way for a while now.

    As humorless and useless as the US gov has become, they’re idiots, the blind leading the dumb, all pointing with pride and always viewing with alarm, always clueless.

    I mean really, come on. Too funny. All they want to do is pick on Donald Trump like he is some sort of pariah. They have no shame. Hell will be too good a place for them. A red flag right there, something smells rotten, reeks, the relatives after three days. If that is all they can think about, how to destroy Donald Trump, they deserve hell and worse.

    What fools, really, when you think about it for a nanosecond.

    Donald Trump’s sins are countless, fill the Library of Congress. No redemption for Donald Trump. It’ll be to the Pale in Russia for Donald Trump if Warshington, DC has anything to say about it. There is a gulag with his name on it in Siberia. I know it.

    America’s politicians have been led astray by Judas Goats, have become Judas Goats themselves.

    All of us have arrived at the point of no return, the road to slaughter can’t be avoided.

    Oh, for God sake, shut up, you idiot.

    How can what is written be nothing but a big bunch of baloney, all bunkum and bosh. Pipe down, you dunce. lol

    America has a future, as bleak as it is at the moment, what is known on this earth as America won’t go away.

    People may scar every bit of her, from sea to shining sea, but America will recover and will survive.

    If one humble person with any clout at all who could be of great help, it is Melania. She can fix it, Donald obviously can’t, which is too bad.

    Your morning eye-opener, pun intended:

    I expect Melania to wear whatever she darn well pleases. I hope it is a bikini, if the truth be known, with Donald Trump nowhere in sight. lol

    I like Melania… a lot. My lyin’ eyes can see all they can, uffda.

    I shouldn’t be so honest and frank, just speaking my mind, that’s all. Donald might not like it, but I don’t care.

    I digress, so sorry.

    Please don’t label me as some stupid sexist pig, just calling them as I see them, that’s all.

    If anybody can help America, do something good, I would say Melania is probably one person who can.

    It sure would help America, a beautiful place, for sure.

    Yeah, right.

    I am going to go out of my way today and make it as good as it can be, that will be as good as it can get these days.

    • “One thing about America now, there is no fixing it and no saving it.”

      Because the few people who know how to do it are in the minority. It could be fixed and/or saved, but NOT by voting!

    • I like Donald Trump, not because he’s perfect, but he’s the best electable person I’ve seen who actually took the challenge as POTUS to try to help our country.

      I LOVE Melania, and I’m glad she’s not president. She’s a perfect First Lady, IMHO. Legally, she can’t become POTUS because she is not a natural born US citizen, though she’s certainly as much a citizen, if not more, than anyone else. There’s a certain geopolitical benefit in having a photogenic and traditional First Couple, and the other two big powers know it and live it. I do appreciate female beauty way beyond other beauty, and I truly appreciate Melania, as a woman who quietly keeps her personal act together and at the top of her game. I have no problem having her picture on vivid display in my living room.

      I’m not a sexist pig. In fact, I’m not a pig at all.

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