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  1. I have never politically commented before. But the political orchestration of high school kids is scary.

    Saw one sign that said “Give me books, not bullets” I suggest that student start with John Locke, Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. People Thomas Jefferson reflected on when he framed the constitution.

    A Government by the people, void of tyranny, is not given. It’s taken. And that process happened in 1776 when a hand full of people boarded themselves up in a school house of all things and signed the Declaration of Independence.

    I say to this student, these men were true liberals. And their foresight that a government should be scared of the people was necessary for democracies long term preservation. Because the alternative is that people will be scared of their government.

  2. Looking at the Kitco graphs above, I thought gold and silver would move up more, but IMO the slight downward trend indicates deliberate suppression by the oligarchs.

    • This is super confusing. Yes, it could and may well be suppression, but there must be some limits, and suppression is never permanent. Any clarification here is really appreciated.

  3. Re: Trump’s job performance this week. IMO you and Elaine are spot on in what you recognized. I believe the Deep State has finally taken control of him. They can do it to anyone. First, they offer bribes. If that doesn’t work, they threaten with blackmail, if that doesn’t work, they threaten anyone you love. If that doesn’t work, they kill you and/or someone you love. That’s the way psychos control others. The only way to defeat them is to take them out first.

      • The way to handle sexual blackmail is to release everything first, if you have the balls to do it.

        That won’t stop the more serious threats of bodily harm to yourself and yours, but it certainly puts you back in the command position. I really think that President Trump has been told that if he doesn’t comply, they will shatter the USA economy to depression levels or worse. That’s a credible threat. I believe that President Reagan was given such a threat, and it was clarified by the subsequent assassination “attempt”.

  4. Trump with Bolton: Keep your enemies closer. He has a way of getting those to perjure themselves and expose them. That is why there has been so many resignations and firings. Trump is slowly exposing the Dark side.

      • I’d like to think so, but considering how all candidates for any high visibility govmt position get beat up by the media… and every thing they’ve ever said or done is turned into a weapon, I can see why many qualified people would say, no way, thanks but no thanks.

  5. You said..”
    The real question the week leaves comes down to this: What is ;unnamed entity’ holding over Trump?”

    The unnamed entity or entities…is Putin, China, possibly Saudi Arabia…and a few government officials…If we learned anything from Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal and whoever else he cheated on Melania with, Trump has a huge, huge weakness…that can be leveraged to get what they want. Stormy says she has a DVD. If she is sneaky enough to shoot a DVD without his knowledge, what does someone with a lot More political savvy and penchant for espionage tactics have on him? I shutter to think. Remember the rumors of Russia’s Golden Shower video? It’s looking more and more like he may have done this. The other entity could be another philanderer Trump has been known to pal with when he was a donator…Bill Clinton.

    The part that really riles me is that we all knew this about Trump…He has an addiction and that addiction may have compromised him in ways that are now starting to show. His behavior to the Russians, his behavior this week on the budget…etc. And it all stated with Stormy Daniels. She turned the great negotiator into the Great Sap.

    • LOL LOL LOL stormy Daniels can sure shoot a dvd with me and her if she wants.. I don’t have the kind of change Donald has but.. heck.. I want four copies of the dvd of us when I wear one out watching it and re-watching it I would have a spare.. LOL… just like clinton having sex with other women .. I sure don’t care who he is having sex with.. I don’t know why he just didn’t say hey yup.. I was weak she is beautiful and I hope my wife forgives me of my indiscretions..the story is over..

    • You Haven’t Seen the Last of Melanie, she understands what happened in the past and she was very in a bad mood about it but now she’s forgiven
      And she’s moving on with a smile because she knows about their immediate family but about all mankind surviving the satanic pedophile Federal Reserve rulers who are keeping all of humanity from achieving a better Karma.

      I gave my daughter and her husband and my soon-to-be grandchild $1,300 to invest in Litecoin to get rid of the bank of rules she’s already paid her house off in a car and now she has to prepare for the future but part of that deal is she has to pay it forward to other people as people have paid it forward to me that’s what it’s all about it’s not about hoarding your money is about being successful with it and making it grow and then enabling others to use the money you give them 2 grow in their desire as long as it’s good and helps other people and helps Mother Nature we do not need people who want to destroy this planet with radiation and chemicals and plastic in the ocean and as such what we want is people who can say hey lots of laughs with lots of love

      • And you say why 1300 because $1,300 will be worth over $1000000 in 3 years but George will have a convulsion fit and he’ll jump up and down and go into his tool room and bang hammers on things he shouldn’t do because he just doesn’t believe that but anyway he will eventually lots of laughs and lots of love

      • George has a hard time moving on from one space and time to another I mean he’s got so much stuff going on and he’s invested so much of his time and to urban survival and the stock market of how to beat the system when he is doing and speeding it but now it’s time for George to change is a tone 2 the new system baby George to could do it because he’s less under the influence of George ones parameters.

        Time to release the old come in with the now it’s so hard what’s your stablished you know I was like I’m not going to leave my place out here in the country and move to a different place and do that right I’m not doing that either I’m staying here this is where I want to die I don’t want to go live somewhere else I’ve done all my traveling I don’t want any part of that I like being where I’m at and George is getting accustomed to that but at the same time he has a wife and his decisions depend on the two of them agreed upon and neutral situation that they both want time to release the old come in with the new is so hard what you’re establish you knows like I’m not gonna leave my place out here in the country and mood to a place and do that right I’m not doing that either I’m staying here that’s why want to buy I don’t want to go lose a world’s I’ve done all my traveling I don’t want any part of that I like being were I’m at and George is getting a custom to that but at the same time yeah as a wife and his decisions depend on the two of my green up on and neutral situation that day both went

  6. Fear is the mechanism by which a few can control the many… see TSA for a recent example of utilizing “the FEAR” business model to control the masses. Worse than a complete and utter waste of time.,tax dollars and resources.
    Bitcoin is not a store of value, in spite of what the Dutch court just ruled….
    When the current fiat currency known as Federal Reserve Notes – NOT DOLLARS – fails/ implodes under weight of all our soviergn debt and the advent of the Petro Yuan, well maybe G can print up some East Texas Script … redeemable for 1 poisonous snake & sack of fire ants.

  7. Hi George
    Bill Maher said the Mueller probe just subpoenaed the business records of Donald Trump. Maybe that was what made him change his mind on the budget?

    • omg. that’s where you wait wait wait to get your news from?

      that news has been out for days now.


  8. You guys, Trump is in on it. He’s Republican hot air.

    The one thing Trump did do as promised was prevent Ford from moving the Focus production to Mexico – but Ford is moving Focus production to China.

    What a win for America.

  9. No one is questioning the patriotism of trans-gendered people, but their physical characteristics make them unfit for the military. They must take certain drugs to counteract their body’s natural hormone production, for example. What happens when a trans-male in a combat theater cannot obtain the required testosterone and begins to menstruate? This creates complications for the military that are completely unnecessary.

    There are many reasons why someone may be declined to be in the military: too tall, too short, too fat, bad back, low IQ, can’t run fast enough, can’t carry enough. The list goes on. These are military decisions that the military gets to make in order the the military is an efficient fighting force. No one has any “right” to be in the military.

    People that are too tall don’t get to petition to have the rules changed, nor should trans-persons.

    And we haven’t even discussed having the military (which means us, the taxpayers) pay for expensive and long recovery time surgery for those individuals who are transitioning.

    I can’t believe we are still having this discussion.

    • That’s a very reasonable challenge. Transgenders should have an opportunity to participate in non combat arena’s though, where those conditions you noted shouldn’t be an issue. I think there’s such a thing as separate but equal in many arena’s, this is one. Woman vs male is another.

    • how they have sex sure doesn’t bother me any.. eunuchs have been warriors for years to

    • There are many ‘behind-the-scenes, support’ personnel where your objections do not apply – do you want to forgo their expertise or their willingness to serve?

      What if they do pay for the extra medical care they need?

      Last gasp of discrimination in a world where anyone willing to serve is needed as few people wish to join. Do you want robot soldiers – they are comming!

  10. The people are already scared of the government, We are being led by the inmates of A insane asylum,

  11. IMO as well, Trump should’ve vetoed, although I also believe he didn’t dare. I got the distinct impression Ryan and McConnell impressed upon him that this was the best they could do with respect to the military budget. The military budget is Trump’s priority, because our military has been technically, mechanically, and to a degree technologically decimated for 25 years.

    The Russian submarine story I linked to last week was the public release. According to Russian military communiques, that sub sailed completely into Nofukk and left a calling card for Mr. Mattis, then sailed away completely undetected, both coming and going. This was Mr. Putin telling Mr. Trump: “We can nuke every near-coastal city from Savannah to Bangor (or San Pedro to Seattle) before your civil response people can hit the air-raid sirens, and you’ll never even know we’re there.”

    THIS is why this year’s military budget is such a priority, and why Trump suffered through the budget beat-down (and he DID suffer. I, too, heard the defeat in his voice.) I reserve the right to vote for Ross Perot in 2020, should Mr. Trump go back on his “never again” statement, but if I understand the man, such is probably unlikely. I don’t think he will again allow himself to be in a position to be bullied or conned like past CiCs…

  12. I heartily approve of the Bolton nomination — wait, hear me out please. Bolton IS a neocon, but unlike Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, and Bob Kagan (who is Vicki Nuland’s hubby, in case you forgot), and the other PNAC grads, he’s not the same kind of expansionist as they. He IS a serious hawk and an absolute prig though, and not a Trump fan.

    Conspironuts are probably already spewing that his appointment was: “A Deep State order Trump couldn’t refuse,” or some such drivel. Nobody plays chess any more, or even poker, apparently. Trump is a general contractor, from Queens, with money. He doesn’t hire people because he likes them. He hires them because he believes they can do a specific job, and cans them when the job is complete. So why would he hire Bolton?

    John Bolton is a “nuke ’em all and let God sort them out” ultra-hawk. He is also a walking, talking phallus with U.N negotiating experience. So why would President Trump want someone like this on his staff? With whom are we now, or soon likely to be negotiating foreign policy, right after writing the biggest military check in the known history of the world?

    I should not need elaborate further…

  13. George, Trump was not my first choice, in fact he wasn’t even my 5th choice, but Hillary wasn’t even on the list. Since the election I have accepted him and come to think that he really was going to do what he had said, that he was a man of his word.
    BUT of late I have begun to feel a bit queasy. I am getting the feeling that he did not do any depth soundings on the swamp. I see vacillation on promises made and serious difficulty in putting a team together and keeping it. I remember the promise about ‘If you like your plan you can keep it and if you like your doctor you can keep him’ Sounds a lot like ‘the first thing we will do is build a wall and the Mexican govt. will pay for it’. Also Trump’s promises about understanding the importance of the 2nd amendment seem to have been grandiose rhetoric. And now he caves on a 2000 page OMNIBUS budget bill that no one has read? (we have to pass it so we know whats in it.) and expands spending at least as bad as Obama and maybe worse.
    As time goes by (great name for a song) the term President Pence is starting to make sense.
    And Ted Cruz’s integrity and beliefs seem to remain intact.
    Maybe it is time for a constitutional convention or a breaking up of the 50 states int more manageable geographic / political regions.

    • Really? You like neocons like Cruz and Pence? (I’m being facetious — see my post above yours…)

      It is time for an Article-5 Convention. Actually it is ‘long past time.

      Be careful with the words you read, or use, please.

      A “Constitutional Convention” is technically an act of rebellion. Its function is to toss out the existing contract, and replace it with a completely new contract which may, or may not bear any resemblance to the current Constitution.

      An Article-5 convention or “Convention of the States” as it is called, is an actual part of our Constitution. It is a means of circumventing a corrupt or tyrannical Congress, to allow the Several States to directly propose (and potentially pass) amendments to the Constitution without Congressional interference. Amendment rules apply (it still takes an “up vote” by the delegates of ? of the States to propose, and ¾ of the States’ full Legislatures to ratify an Amendment) but proposal and passage can both happen without the possibility of intervention of Congress.

  14. BTW, I dropped in on the Wikipedia page for “Neoconservative.” I’d like to point out the page has been extensively rewritten since my last visit. The list of “neocons” has been expanded to include (among many others) these:

    Glenn Beck
    Andrew Breitbart
    Pat Buchanan
    William F. Buckley Jr.
    Ben Carson
    Ann Coulter
    Ted Cruz
    Lou Dobbs
    James Dobson
    Dinesh D’Souza
    Milton Friedman
    Jonah Goldberg
    Barry Goldwater
    Sebastian Gorka
    Neil Gorsuch
    Billy Graham
    Jesse Helms
    Laura Ingraham
    Jack Kemp
    Alan Keyes
    Charles Koch
    David Koch
    Wayne LaPierre
    Mike Lee
    Mark Levin
    Michelle Malkin
    Sarah Palin
    Rand Paul
    Ron Paul
    Mike Pence
    Ronald Reagan
    Pat Robertson
    Michael Savage
    Antonin Scalia
    Phyllis Schlafly
    Thomas Sowell
    Clarence Thomas
    Booker T. Washington
    Walter E. Williams

    The following “parties” (among others):

    Constitution Party
    Libertarian Party
    Native American Party
    Republican Party (GOP)

    The following “think tanks” (among others):

    American Enterprise Institute
    Charles Koch Institute
    Competitive Enterprise Institute
    Heritage Foundation
    Hoover Institution
    Mises Institute
    Tax Foundation ·

    And the following groups (among others):

    Conservative Caucus
    Eagle Forum
    Family Research Council
    Focus on the Family
    Freedom Caucus
    Gun Owners of America
    John Birch Society
    Judicial Watch
    Log Cabin Republicans
    National Rifle Association
    Oath Keepers
    Second Amendment Caucus
    Tea Party Patriots

    I omitted MANY people and organizations from these lists, because they either WERE neoconservative, or because the list was just SO long.

    As anyone familiar with ANY of these people and groups knows, NONE of them are NEOconservative.

    These are all “Classical Liberal” people and organizations, which we call, in todayspeak, “conservative” or “libertarian,” depending on the depth of the belief in self-reliance, of the individuals.

    Now, I can not imagine Ron Paul or the John Birch Society wishing themselves labeled as neocons, nor do I think The Mises Institute or Thomas Sowell would appreciate same.

    Somebody, for some reason, is attempting to homogenize all parts of contemporary society that’re to the political right of Trotsky, and label them all “neocons.”


    And Who?

  15. The Bard told us centuries ago that “fair is foul, and foul is fair.” One must lament that only Royal Children may enter the royal box at Wimbledon.

    It does seem unfair that President Trump has his feet so held to the fire while Russia’s Putin embarks on a fourth(?) term, and China’s Xi has risen to a regal-like lifetime stint. One imagines early successes of the gradually appearing Sino “Planning Outline for the Construction of a Social Credit System (2014-2020)” with a billion plus population set could feasibly scale to planetary carbon unit management.

    Perhaps it’s fair to say “VGhllFRydXRolGlzlE91dCBUaGVyZQ=” ?

  16. I couldn’t care less about the “March.” It just serves to prove (AGAIN) that sheep are easily led.

    Random, mass shooting events always occur due to negligence.

    The local authorities can NOT EVER admit negligence or culpability. To do so is both political suicide for elected officials, and an invitation for such massive civil proceedings as to bankrupt a city or county. Therefore, they will ALWAYS blame the gun and NEVER blame themselves, and the media will make excuses for the shooter, despite the authorities and the shooter being the places where blame should actually be assigned…

  17. For instance George if I gave you $1,300 and I asked you to invest in Litecoin would you.??

  18. There are people who exist on this planet that have more power than presidents, bankers, huge corporations and big money families like the rottchilds. I’m talking real power. The power to alter reality.

    Who can create huge earthquakes with a thought and a few words. Who can wield presidents like puppets. Putting words in their mouths.

    Some of these people are good and some of these people are evil.

    I know this for a fact! I have seen it done. Many times. Most of these people are just nobodies in real life but they have the power to put words in the media and direct the stock market to contract or expand. Creating solar flairs with thoughts and a few words. Real world majic. There is a difference between a wizard and a magician. Magicians deal in the world of illusion and wizards deal world of reality.

    The people I’m talking about a wizards. And most don’t even know they are.

    I don’t care if you believe me or not. It’s true.

    Some are rich and some are poor. Some are young and some are old. Most nobody knows who they are or why they are here but they are here none the less. Most dont even know what they are doing or that they are even doing anything. And they are not the ruling elite.

    It seems there are more of them coming “awake” or “alive.” I’m not talking about some indigo child new age crap. Though there are people who are a new age religious kind. Their is Not one faith that defines them. Not time travelers or anything like that. I don’t know of it has anythi g go do with the internet awakening certain people or activating them. But they are here none the less.

    I can tell when someone is moving things and it’s not part of the script. Making alterations. And creating things Like the ‘Norway spiral’ and stuff like that.

    They create anomalies within reality. Like I said I have seen it before. We all play the game of life at the level that we are able. Sometimes I play dumb. dumb doesn’t mean deceived.

    We are living in precarious times.i have spent the last decade devouring information upon all kinds of topics. Researching everything, estoic, spiritual, metaphysical, Gnostic and all that. I have run across a few of these types who move and change reality on fringe websites. They are very real and they are among us. They look and appear very much human. And they are here for a reason.

    It’s interesting to me that some like Michelle White Dove choose money, adoration and fame in this life after being on the other side and knowing what they know there. This is the only site I use my real name because Goerge called me out. Lol

    So when you say ‘unnamed entity’, I know exactly what your talking about. There is a great spiritual/metaphysical war going on in this world. Things are being changed and altered all the times and those who do battle are somewhat playing a spiritual version of “battle ship.” Except most of the time nobody knows who the opponent is. They just see evidence of their moves.

    • Example, When I stumbled upon Georges site he was talking about hyperchronism. Time slips in reality. Now the term has been scrub from the internet. It used to be a Oxford definition. He used the example of a man looking at his watch going into the store and shopping for and coming back and getting in his car and only a min had passed on his watch while he had clearly been in the store for an hour. But if you search Georges archives the entire article has been removed. Poof, gone. Erased from most people’s memories as well, maybe even Georges.

      These occurances started happening around the time of 9/11. That is when i notiv ed them.

      Oh and for you bible thumpers it gets even more stranger than that. The scripture “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” Is now found in 2 Cornitians 10:4 and it used to be found in Psalms.

      This also referred to the “mandela effect”, now. Ya see not all is as it seems.

      Ya see, Things are being altered and most don’t remember them.

      Like I said, I don’t care if you believe me or not. There are many layers to “the game”.

  19. Blessings on this Sabbath Day, Brother Ure, and pagan Zeus!

    I, doubtless like many others, endured the images of children scampering to the hill, beckoned by music that only young ears hear, and holding placards of religious-like fervour.

    Here in the valley it was striking that plaything pseudo-news sites, subsidiaries to billionaires, were trumpeting to move earth for the children. “Teacher! Leave the kids alone! All in all, it was just another brick in the wall.”

    By Salem Communications, we do thank the Southern Poverty Law Center for freeing from eternal secrecy the 2014 directory of the Council for National Policy. Is this America’s answer to The Bilderberg Club?

    The Council will be heard? Ask a former Breitbart radio host? Ask the US Secretary of Education, daughter-in-law to an Amway founder, sibling to a Blackwater founder?

    Mirror, mirror, Mr. Forbes – who’s the biggest billionaire of you all?

    Ok, DJ, time to wrap it up today. “Generals gathered in their masses…”

    Oh, enough already!!! “Turn off your mind relax and float downstream…”

    • Come on “lazy porch”..just changing your “handle” will NOT allow Ure permissions of unintelligible and nonfuntionary posts to become anymore valid than those typically reguritated..day, after day, after day, after …..day,………

  20. George your thoughts on inflationary or deflationary depression. Will be greately appreciated. I see signs of both.

  21. Saw that Mbs Saud the billionaire shakedown neo king Arabian prince says Jared is in his pocket…

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