Our 2017 Christmas Letter

In higher education circles it would be called an SER (self-evaluation report) and people would read it knowingly.

This morning we review how well our market model has done this year (amazingly well, BTW) and we consider a bit of what’s ahead for 2017.  But, not before some talk of the new CPI data (which sucks) and plenty of coffee and charts…

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10 thoughts on “Our 2017 Christmas Letter”

  1. A comment about the “Kanyon” weapons system. I recall reading a doomsday novel back in the 70’s where the Soviet Union starts WW3 by detonating several underwater super-sized (cobalt encased) thermo-nuclear mines off the east and west coasts of the United States causing highly radioactive tidal waves as they were called back in those days. The primary story line consists of the survival of a family that had built a fallout shelter in a cave somewhere in the Cape Cod area.
    I have been trying find a copy of the book but I can’t remember the name of it.
    Has anyone else read it?

  2. On the short side, I disagree with the use of options to short the market…primarily due to a potential 100% loss. If in your last short trade, what would your loss have been with options vs the ETF? When this up trend reverses, I would use 3X short ETF’s instead of options to protect myself against a 100% option loss if wrong, even though I would potentially be giving up the larger gain from options. I don’t see a financial collapse of ETF’s in the next several years. But I am more of the turtle in the turtle & hare stock market race.

  3. ISTM at 56kts, Kanyon wouldn’t need any cloaking, because it could outrun any surface pursuit. Also, whenever the CIA gets a hint of a new weapon or technology, our slide-rule corps investigate (and yes, I realize the engineers in it have undoubtedly never used one), to see if it is technologically viable. If so, we begin R&D; if not, we ignore… ‘Point is, if Russia has it, we soon will also, so it ain’t just our coastlines which must be considered…

    • The problem is – that when Staqtus 6 came on line it created a power imbalance – so the Russians do have a window of oppty while the fools on the hill grope their way to oblivion of the country

      • BlackOps budget… You don’t honestly think our military’s strategic planners would wait for a Congress which takes six years to issue a one-year budget, to come up with either funding or permission for something like this? It hit the feasibility board within hours of the CIA’s first briefing…

  4. Currently 39 percent of the US population lives near the coastline. deagle.com predicts US depopulation reduction of 70 percent by 2025. Your status 6 boats would certainly help to get those population numbers down there quickly.

  5. a Christmas present from me to you if anybody invest $1,000 this year in Bitcoin in 10 years it’ll be worth over 4 million bucks happy holidays Merry Christmas

    • To make it more simplified for you join COINBASE and make sure you have a picture ID that the UK can keep on file for your yearly tax?if you decide to sell early.
      And if you really believe it’s going to fail we’ll go take a trip to Las Vegas except for George he knows how to trip them up and win a little bit.
      If you are a CEO of a company just about any company you’ll make more on bitcoin then you will on your bonuses okay I know there’s a bunch of you out there who are making big big bonuses but what do you have invested compared to $1,000.
      How to tell when Bitcoin is going down the tube.
      It’s when you read in the news that the leaders of the van that they control start selling.
      It’s when they become pachyrhizid or poisonous and they start pulling their teeth out. And they start striking out against the population
      . But that won’t happen in your lifetime it’ll be over seven hundred years before that does happen in the meantime enjoy Get Rich Merry Christmasers.
      I remember thoughts have wings don’t let one thing get you down go around and, May all beings be lovingly fulfill ,So be it.
      Good night George and Friends sleep comfy while the world changes and when you wake up everything will be different. Thoughts have wings have happy thoughts before you go to sleep at night.

  6. I have a question to,ponder. We were just about to upgrade our current home and build our forever dream home. The land was surveyed the builder and architect were chosen etc etc if it weren’t for a minor unexpected health hiccup the digging would have begun. After reading the new tax bill and the severe deduction almost elimination of the mortgage deduction and property tax along with no catastrophic deduction I am taking a wait and see approach as I feel
    Real estate will severely take a hit from these changes. Am I Wrong? My friend that buys houses fixes them up and sells them after living in them for 2 years will be out of business
    Along with all,of his suppliers. Thoughts ? I am not too comfortable paying in excess of 50k a year in property tax with no,deduction and knowing that if the inevitable hurricane comes along and blows our house down we can’t claim a loss?

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