Options Week: Economics Observations

One of the more interesting “games” played in the Options world is to pick the following month’s strikes (option prices) and simply go long – or short – according to what the playah sees ahead.

Options expire on the third Friday of the month – which is this week late.

When a market is trending strongly upward, as this one has been in the larger Wave II rally ny our reckoning, you would have simply bought call options on market indexes at last month’s expiration.

At options last month, August 19th, our Aggregate Index closed at 35,885.08.

Now, as of the Friday close (you do remember last week, right?)  The Aggregate closed at 34,286.68.  But this morning futures were up earlier, such that in the pre-open at 6 AM, our Aggregate priced around 34,451.57.

This means (on the long side – hoping for stocks to go up – Bulls retained only 96 percent of the former month’s price.  4 percent simply went poof!

As you can see in this view of things (on our Aggregated basis) World Money seems to be finishing up a Wave 3 (ii) rally.  If this breaks this week, there’s a long way down possible.  Because in stocks, Elliott wave damage seems most severe in third waves.  In commodities, the real collapse mode is the fifth wave down, oftentimes.

Also frequently – and this week may be one of these – (unless you have a macabre longing for funerals and coronations) there’s some pretty good “action” in markets the week of options.  It’s an eyes wide open week.

Your Lying Eyes

We can skip 95 percent of the mainstream news flow.  But, scattered among the headlines are a few problems to keep an eye on which could “tip the mood.”

For example, here’s a report out Sunday which we’ve marked as ppossible “Bull, Biden Happy-talk” Inflation Showed Signs of Easing in Several Industries in August – WSJ

Our reasoning is simple:  Groceries.  See, it’s the falling price of gasoline since the Fourth of July that has papered over the internal problems of the dollar.  So, while there’s a lot of happy-talk going around, there are counterbalancing headlines like Inflation Threat: Americans Delay Purchases and Miss Payments as Prices Rise (yahoo.com) and As inflation forces small businesses to raise prices, some customers push back – al.com.

To our way of thinking, the WSJ is reporting hope and hype (which flows like water around Wall Streeters – famed for talking their book) – while forward–thinkers are looking at the Big Problems ahead.

A Rail Strike, for Example

The way I was figuring it going into the weekend, someone besides us would see how bad things could get from a rail strike that could come as early as this week.  Old slow Joe can campaign all he wants for the Senate, but the odds of the fall elections could really be hammered if the economy slips on this banana peel.

Not that it’s a secret:  A possible rail strike this week could lead to significant interruptions and higher prices – Poynter.  And yes, prices – especially food – could scream higher. CPI inflation likely to reverse 3-month downtrend in Aug on high food prices; WPI seen in double-digits.

The barely silver lining is that next year’s Social Security bump could be decent (over 8 percent) the way CPI-W has performed.  A bad couple of months now could be good for seniors who make it to New Years.

Voter Buyoffs Going Large

Do try to remember that any gas price relief will likely evaporate an instant after elections.

But ahead of these, Big Cities with their generally far left of rational office-holders are trying to bribe the low-end voters:  Guaranteed Income Programs Spread, City by City.

This is all made possible by government (at all levels) figuring out how asset stripping works – which is the Wednesday topic on Peoplenomics this week.

Then There’s the War Bets

Speculation is rising in many quarters now that president Xi of China – who has a big “third term” bid coming in a month at the CCP meetings – will hold off on reunifying with Taiwan until he’s got more party backing.

Xi and Russia’s Vlad Putin will be holding a pow-wow this week.  Media: meeting between Putin and Xi at SCO summit will be a signal of support for Russia.

To our thinking, this could be the meeting where Putin and Xi could coordinate tactics and discuss final timing of the assault on American hegemony.

The good news, such as it is, might be that for now, Russia is still playing its energy  cards.  Putin’s strategy to weaponize winter by shutting off energy sales to Europe.  Europe is not completely stupid (however, they did force the war in Ukraine with the urging of US State neocon/neolib embeds).  Which results in Europe finding religion in coal again: Europe Energy Crisis: Coal’s Making a Comeback — Here’s Why.

The laughable part of all this is the U.S. policy wankers at Foggy Bottom can’t seem to understand that when a world shortage of good and energy is head is NOT THE TIME to be shutting (or even slowing) US output.  Otherwise, the U.S. can be made to suffer, as well.  Except that sets up voter payoffs through too-late tax hustles and all that.

We assume you know California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New York and Illinois had initially talked up a gas tax pause.  And while Georgia’s governor extended to gas tax pause in the peachy state until October 12th, we wouldn’t put it past any democrat politician to keep the breaks going until the election plus a few days.

Still, the price of gas is likely to fall through year-end: Gas Prices: Projection for the Rest of 2022.

Be Skeptical of Cryptos?

Nothing would surprise us less than a fresh round of Crypto hype this week.  That’s because with the overnight rally up to the $22,300 level, we are very close to a strong overhead resistance level:

As usual, color us skeptical, though this is not advice.  I mean, if BTC gets over trend perhaps a new rally phase is here.  On the other hand, it’s right in this area where the Big Manipulators ought to be “chumming the waters” to gin up fake interest in breaking higher which is what The Rich do – in order to unload on the Great Economic Unwashed while they take their money and run.

Naturally, we weren’t influenced in our thinking about how Critical SEC Filing Reveals Crypto Is Braced For A Surprise $500 Million Earthquake After Sudden Bitcoin And Ethereum Price Rebound (forbes.com).  Naw, not us.  Chumming?

There is still all that SEC stuff, though…and what about How Much Crypto Has Been Stolen in the Last Three Months? (gizmodo.com)?

Short Stuff

Grandstanding political bullshit artist:  Schumer vows to seek $3B for troubled Ground Zero health fund.  Let me see, 9/11 was how many years ago? (21-YEARS) so here comes this POS with a plan 45-days before a potential ass-kicking election?  Get lost!  I hate grandstanding manipulators.

Classy Schools list:  We like reading the annual run for the FAFSA handicapper’s summary in U.S. News and Whirled RetortPrinceton, Williams Top 2022 U.S. News Best Colleges Rankings.  We think the price of sheepskins is horribly overpriced.  And 9 out of 10 sheep agree.

War between straights and other?  Thousands of Serbia’s Orthodox Christians rally against EuroPride.

So much for the Drought.  Now, cue the whiners:  Dozens of drivers trapped by mudslides as heavy rain, flash floods soak California.  Serially, when Elaine and I were out there *(doing a turnaround) we did get our car wet to the floor mats in the Burbank flooding so we have been through “the Rains.”  Miserable, but like everything else in Life, a lot depends on your ‘tude.

Belgium still has a little work to do on “speedy trials” looks like:  Trial opens of 10 accused over 2016 Brussels suicide attacks.  Religion of Peace, did someone say?

Also, in Ure Up:  Energy ministers are meeting this week on how to deal with the box Vlad Putin has the continent in.  US fears Russian energy manipulation could fracture European resolve on Ukraine.  Risk we took when the U.S. and EU bounced out of negotiations and opted for the war track.

Going into breakfast: NFIB and Consumer Prices tomorrow. Dow futures up 92, but with CPI tomorrow, we’ll hold short and see what happens.

Write when you get rich,


52 thoughts on “Options Week: Economics Observations”

  1. But…but…Whatever happened to “$6 per gallon gas nationwide by August”?
    And why aren’t these “experts” ever called to account for their screwed-up predictions? Shouldn’t be surprised. After all, promoters of Mike de N have been getting away with it for over 450 years.

    • Well AG, another date comes and goes. You are right. Exact date predictions don’t work because it isn’t man (he/him) that is in charge. It’s the DUDE as Andy calls him and also that guy behind the curtain that keeps gold and silver prices suppressed, prints the money and generally lies about the economy.

      I think back to YK2. It came and went and nothing much happened. Then the end of the Mayan calendar (when was that?) and the world was to end. Still here. The calendar date for winter is December 21 but I have been in first snowstorms well before and well after that date.

      My point is, it is not the exact day that matters. It is the gathering storm. When the leaves fall from the tree, winter is coming. Exact date of the blizzard is unknown.

      Please come back after September 24, the next date that seems to be high on the prophecy list. It will most likely pass without event.

      • I was sorry to see that Bo put The Queen down as the Whore of Babylon but you never know what one has to do in order to hold onto power. We’ll see what happens this new Jewish year.

      • I still haven’t found where the world would end in 2012 Mayan calendar lol lol…which has had me curious where that theory came from lol.. as far as I know it
        A great cycle of the Maya Long Count was to end on 21 December 2012, but the next day the Maya believed that a new cycle would begin as a new time. There isn’t any ace where it’s written that the world was to be tbe end of the world. Instead it was duppose to be the time of change in the calendar a new start lol.. and…that we have…
        It is a myth that the Maya invented the calendar. The Haab and Tzolkin calendars were already in existence, estimated to be dating back to around 2,000 B.C. or sooner; the Maya were simply one of cultures that used it.
        The earliest known inscription of a Long Count date is 36 B.C., at the Chiapa de Corzo archaeological site in Chiapas, Mexico. Because this is outside of the Mayan territory, it is believed that the first use of the Long Count calendar predates the Mayans by a little bit. However, the Mayans made improvements to the calendar to fit their astronomical observations.
        Now I am going out on a limb here and predict that on December 31st at 11:59:59 the year will come to a close and a new year will begin lol..

      • Well, it was the end of SOMEBODY’S World LOOB. Old paradigms and their power structures never exit gracefully. It’s proceeding as described in The Fourth Turning and we’re well into it.

    • Moratorium on Federal excise tax,
      moratorium on State excise tax,
      moratorium on State and Federal EPA surcharges,
      moratorium on supplemental transportation infrastructure surcharges…

      Oh, and Creepy Joe is still siphoning a million barrels a day out of our strategic reserve.

      I’ve never heard of Natasha Kaneva. I’m frankly surprised that you know her well enough to know she’s a promoter of Nostradamus.

  2. “gas price relief will likely evaporate”

    The ‘relief’ in MI was designed to end just before the most important Midterms of a lifetime. Not to forget if elections are rigged none are important.

    “To suspend collecting the state motor fuel tax levied on gasoline and diesel fuel purchases between April 1 and September 30, 2022.”

    And Biden got in on the action.

    “Specifically, he is calling on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for three months, through September, without taking any money away from the Highway Trust Fund.”

    Free money for pension bailouts and the Uke, suspension of tax schemes but none for broke Americans who can’t pay school loans.

    • I’m with you on the one about Student Loans. The money for Ukraine is obscene enough, and let’s not mention the billions (trillions?) given to other Countries that can remain nameless. Speaking to someone the other day that’s angry about folks getting $10,000 to $20,000. (Angry Basically just because they weren’t eligible) I mentioned the Billions given to Ukr this pass year alone. The claim from the angry one is “that’s money to keep global stability”. So I told them to look at Student Loan forgiveness as “Money Spend for Domestic Stability”. And the Kicker? Come January, there will be some way where this debt forgiveness is swept under the rug and not implemented at all by the government. It’s just a Mid-term ploy to keep Democrats in power.

    • Sorry, no sympathy for idiot kollege kids who borrowed money to major in underwater basket-weaving, and other curricula by which they could not earn a living.

      Actions have consequences, decisions engender responsibility. It is not my province to bail out my own children — it sure as hell is not, to bail out someone else’s.

      You don’t know how much money I borrowed to go to college, so I’ll tell you:


      Yeah, it took me nearly 7 years, and I twice worked in factories I’d not send an enemy to; I worked 3 jobs and went to class full-time; sometimes I went part-time, and a couple terms, I had to lay out completely.

      Shit happens, so does life.

      Debt doesn’t have to.

  3. Also in the WSJ this weekend;
    “A major Fed rate hike risks deflation,” Elon Musk

    Chief economist and Global Strategist Peter Schiff disagrees ” A major rate hike by the Fed could cause “hyperinflation” and a “severe recession.” He added that it could “produce a worse financial crisis than 2008.”
    “It risks hyperinflation. Higher debt service costs, a severe recession, exploding Federal budget deficits, and collapsing asset prices will produce a worse financial crisis than 2008. The Fed will respond with massive QE [quantitative easing], tanking the dollar and sending consumer prices soaring,”

    CME Group’s FedWatch is pricing in an 86% chance of a 75 basis point rate hike. In July it was at 28%. Investors now think there’s an 88% chance of another super-sized hike, according to fed funds futures trading on the CME.

    • A rate hike alone could not cause hyperinflation. The fed doing QE following a deflation scare could. Peter Shiff needs greater clarity in his statements.

    • Savers are LOSING MONEY every month when the interest rates are BELOW the rate of inflation, it totally destroys the utility of savings and is mispricig the cost of money. It is a hidden form of what Europe did openly over the last 4 years of CHARGING you money to save your money in a bank or other savings institution.

      For those who want to borrow when Interest Rates are BELOW the rate of inflation … you actually can MAKE money and using the borrowed money to BUY STUFF that will go up with inflation.

      In the early stages of rising interest rates that doesn’t work since leveraged players are getting squeezed and have to sell all sorts of stuff since they can’t afford the higher interest rates, but later on it works well. That is how many people in Argentina were able to stay ahead of their inflation game, by borrowing money at LESS than the rate of inflation and then buying stuff /assets with that borrowed money which they later resold at much higher prices.

      YEP … sometimes for the BIG players the FED is effectively PAYING THEM to take money off of their hands so as to put into other assets.

  4. “Well, I woke up this morning and got myself a beer, the future is uncertain, and the end is always near. Let it roll baby , roll.”-mr mojo risen

    Its Monday – it must be time for moar deciet.. All Lies, All the time . The cia way..

    Can we ever know any truth, see any true Light ?

    One more time for posterity’s sake – https://theinteldrop.org/2022/09/11/nuclear-unredacted/

    Every thing we Saw, Heard and Felt on that fateful day was a Fabrication, Everything .

    – Media/Govt (local/state/fed) – “the real enemies of the Truth/People”-RGEa

    What does that tell you about our current situation here in land of devolved = the perverts and queers- where we OFFICIALLY celebrate – Deviance !

    No one has ever informed me, but when did the bank of Karma go tits up ? It appears as though the Vaults are EMPTY, and have been EMPTY for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

    So, lets us celebrate the darkness, the”big down” and wave a rainbow fag for our friends orchestrating all this(with taxpayers funds) at the pentagonciafbidiadhs – one big dark cesspool of forfeit soulz – ghouls by any other name..

    Not so proud at all anymore, to be a citizen, a vet, these very ununited, enslaved states of murhrica..long live flyover country – the last hope for a once great nation.

    Got Phyz Corn&Wheat, or just some pretty paper with funny symbols on it?

    ” theres blood in the streets, and its up to my ankles”


    Wonder what “blackjack” had in mind when he wrote- KATA TON DAIMONA EAYTOU..on his grave marker ? demon or daimon?

    • To paraphrase Sinclair Lewis,
      “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a Pride Flag and carrying an iPhone.”

  5. The Really Big Thing that constantly amazes me is that The Rubes (…and I count myself among them) keep positioning themselves to get screwed, repeatedly, by the SAME chiselers and mechanisms, without end or limit.

    I guess we CAN be that stupid. I guess we ARE that stupid.

    • William otRR,

      Perhaps wisdom offers the opportunity to choose our battles where youthful jump might walk into unnecessary peril? A telling event happened on the Royal Mile today in Edinburgh as the Duke of York followed the horses drawing the late Queen’s coffin. “Andrew, you’re a sick old man”, shouted a heckler from the crowd. The man was tackled to the ground by police. “Holyrood” magazine reports that a 22 year old named “Rory” was arrested in the incident. Perhaps the Earl Marshall, Edward Fitzalan-Howard, 16th Duke of Norfolk, whose family hereditary responsibilities since 1672 are the details of the Monarchs’ coronations and funerals, may wish to more closely curate the funerary processional participants going forward.

      Well with that little skiffle in the crowd behind us, let’s rejoin DJ Ure in studio. Former moptops turned friartucks will be delighted to hear that while Cher may have retired, the former drummer for Rory Storm & the Hurricanes is out on the road again with the 14th(?) iteration of the All Star Band! Here we go-
      Ringo Starr
      “It Don’t Come Easy”.

      • well it was inappropriate to yell out something during a time of grief even if it is common knoweledge to everyone world wide.

      • Ure empire is about DEAD. This winter ought to be the cherry on top of that nasty cake. Peeps forget the nasty old bitch walked behind (its over)the big tRump – it was a sign..as was the photo of the queen dressed in dark green (what?) standing betwixt 2 white ponies https://hollywoodlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/queen-elizabeth-96th-birthday-ponies-ss-ftr1.jpg?resize=768%2C432

        Couldnt very well shout at the defrosted one – she been dead a long time..thank GOODNESS.

        Prolly been having dreams about new kings boy “Mr Jimmy”, top of the pops, lately ?

        https://youtu.be/c9mGtDGzoSA – 2:57 mark

        Patron saint of english pedophiles everywhere, knighted by lizzy and awarded the OBE by lizzy.


        yep – classy bits of kit that family.

      • Loob,
        “well it was inappropriate to yell out something during a time of grief even if it is common knoweledge to everyone world wide.”

        I don’t disagree with your sentiment. However I think there is unusual opportunity in this fortnight of events to see how the system operates the yoke of power to maintain and gain altitude over its flock which perhaps this thread ponders.

        Save for a Mother’s unceasing love, Prince Andrew’s lot in retirement might at best have been assignment as Governor of St. Helena, Napoleon’s final prison abode in the South Atlantic. Instead, msm quoted his phrasing about his walkabout yesterday amongst floral tributes as “I have been given a day…”.

        Today he was “given a day” to walk behind the coffin in civilian dress with Senior Royals. Suggestions are present in msm that he will be “given a day” to wear his military uniform at the funeral. The reinstatement would then be complete? It goes without saying that actions of the lessers in The Firm are always instructed from the top?

        Thanks for the shout out, Rory. Tell it like it is. God bless Scotland.

        God save the King.

      • loob wrote:
        “well it was inappropriate to yell out something during a time of grief even if it is common knoweledge to everyone world wide.”

        Just like it was RUDE for that little kid to shout out that King had no clothes on long ago.

        You just don’t let Royalty in GB know that you know that they are IDIOTS and SCUM, even if they are, that goes against “proper decorum”. Thankfully the shouter has been arrested for a crime that carries a 7 year prison sentence. Who would want the subjects to think that British Royalty should be criticized, even if what is said is truthful?

        (can you image what the person who threw the shoe at GW Bush in Iraq at the press conference would get if GW Bush was British Royalty and the event happened in GB? If shouting the truth at a Royal in GB gets you 7 years … well throwing a shoe has to be good for at least 30!!)

        Thank goodness the US threw off the Tyranny of the Royals 240 years ago!!

    • @William of the Radio Ranch… Well…I draw the line at buying into the cow fart coins… LOL LOL LOL LOL I admit that it doesn’t make any sense to buy the emperors new clothes routine but the world has and we have to accept it.. but when they come up and some guy with a long coat says.. the world is going to go bovine farts.. do you want some.. LOL LOL LOL better than BC and more potent to..

    • Have you noticed ‘rube’ Americans trying to out-woke each other by offering the Queen’s family ‘condolences’ and other other accolades.

      That family is the reason why our families are here in America and not in our homeland.

      Her family chased our families to the point of Fleedom, or slavery.

      Look at the buildings they show us on TV. Those were all built by stolen booty.

      Like a Mall Looter look at the King’s Crown @ Coronation. All stolen gems.

      The hope is Putin nukes London during the funeral.

    • The local incumbent has both money and name recognition. People will vote for the name they know.

      Even when they are aware enough to recognize that your congresscritter is a crooked bastard, they’ll never admit theirs is, or vote them out. Maxine ****** is possibly the dirtiest, biggest crook on the Hill. She will serve until she retires or dies. All Out Crazy became a rep because she won Soros’ audition, then promptly cost “her” district a billion bucks and 25000 jobs — but she’ll get re-elected, over and over and over again…

  6. “the falling price of gasoline since the Fourth of July that has papered over the internal problems of the dollar. So, while there’s a lot of happy-talk going around, there are counterbalancing headlines like Inflation Threat: Americans Delay Purchases and Miss Payments as Prices Rise (yahoo.com) and As inflation forces small businesses to raise prices, some customers push back – al.com.”

    LOL LOL .. I read someplace that the energy bill that the president signes gives a what seven point seven percent increase across the board.. I haven’t heard from the electric company yet.. about the updated prices.. last year the ceo of the company told me last year to expect a huge increase this year..
    the natural gas has already told us that we are going to see an increase.. home taxes.. they are re assessing home taxes to compensate for the increase in expenses.. I am terrified to see what they are.. they did our assessment a month ago.. came out and did the measurement’s.. grocery prices up double to three times already.. and I was told to expect more.. a seven dollar bag of chicken at walmart is now just about twenty dollars..
    many products that are at the same price are reducing the content amounts.. just giving it in the same size can..

      • Gasoline is under $3 here. Why doesn’t CA promote offshore drilling, rather than playing the “everywhere but here” game and leeching off all the rest ?

      • “Why doesn’t CA promote offshore drilling,”

        a friend of mines son.. drove truck for the oil wells.. anyway he had to make a delivery and was in the office and commented on the oil.. where the engineer pointed to a few jars of well samples.. the kid said it looked like honey in a jar.. the guy told him that in that one well alone there was enough oil to last the USA at present consumption for three hundred years.. SO… why would we need to go offshore deep water drilling.. If JB and the democrats get have thier way we will all be using sticks and stones and dressing in grass skirts and animal skins living in mud huts and caves in a very short time..

    • Protest if it seems worth it to you. It worked for us on two properties that I know the assessors never really laid an eye on. It still amounted to an increase but nothing like what they wanted it to be.

      Always question authority!

      • A protest may(or may not) keep the valuation down, but it won’t necessarily keep the taxes down. They know what they intend to collect and if yours is down, the rate/$1000 will go up. It will help a bit, but not as much as you wish. I succeeded once, but they’re now trying to recover it by 3% a year(limit up by state law unless you sell). That’s OK for now, but I still dread unknown dollars of the actual tax bills coming out in November.

      • Don’t you get a tax preview assessment about mid-year that gives you time to protest?

        This year the angle was increased valuations. The actual rate has either stayed the same on one property or actually decreased due to the school paying off its a bond on the other. The rate that went down has probably gone down too much, can’t believe I said that, and I’ve asked the school board president once why they haven’t taken advantage of the 2.9% rate increase they can enact without a general vote of the district’s residents since that last time they tried to pass a bond. All I got was a shrug of the shoulders. Don’t know, their loss and I wouldn’t have screamed about it because the last Sup. left them in a mess according to the scuttlebutt going around even with the increase in homes in the area.

        But, oh yeah, it’s an annual struggle that will continue on so you have to stay on top of it each year. These two properties were egregiously over valued and we had an inspector come in and detail just how much they were and why. The assessors’ office here is a pretty small one so when they go up as much as they did they can’t handle the amount of backlash they’ve received so they tend to be a bit more accommodating than Bexer County where my cousin lives and has to hire an attorney to do battle with them even though he’s a licensed real estate agent with his own company and a fair amount of real estate holdings.

  7. Nice work if you can get it, SS payments to increase 8%. Of course most productive workers have not seen their income increase that much over the past year, and the inflation has increased our costs. But no matter we are 31T$ in debt, just keep the printer going baby, there are votes to buy.

    • Meh…

      It doesn’t matter. First of all, true inflation is close to 30%. Second of all, Medicare cost will simply go up to eat any possible COL increase. If’fn yer Social Insecurity is $2000, it’ll go to $2160 but Medicare will go up $150, leaving a net $10 “gain” to deal with a 20-40% bump in retail prices.

      Politicians always play the “fun with numbers, propaganda game” in an election year. They con voters into thinking they’re getting something for nothing, or a lot for a little, and in reality they’re losing purchasing power or net services, and getting hosed — every time, without exception.

      • “Medicare cost will simply go up to eat any possible COL increase.”

        isn’t it funny how it always works out that way LOL

    • “Nice work if you can get it, SS payments to increase 8%.”

      Hmm..I don’t think 8% would cover it…just saying.. groceries are double plus ..utilities double plus,

      • Click,clickclick, marvin,clickclickclick,
        Ure food costs are CHEAP right now – cheap compared to what they will be in 2-3 months time. East coast/NorthEast/MidAtlantic – our feed costs are more than double last year, close to doubling what they were in the Spring.
        Dont know what prices peeps pay in rural areas, but $15-$17 per pound chicken will not be a surprise in the northeast/midatlantic markets by 2023
        Crickets – there here..

      • “$15-$17 per pound chicken will not be a surprise in the northeast/midatlantic markets by 2023”

        most cities will let you have a dozen.. get the coop while its cheap…
        for that twenty dollar dozen of eggs.. you can have chicken rather than crickets LOL..

  8. “SS payments to increase 8%”

    I’m staying away from the Ibonds.

    Hold time.
    Can’t be sold < 1 year..
    If sold over one year but < 5 years the last three months of interest is forgiven.

    Right now buying in might yield 9% but after the fall collapse inflation may be negative. Now my money is tied for at least 1 year.

  9. Hey George;

    See this?


    What a package !! Sounds all nice and sweet and tied with a pretty “Cure Cancer” bow.

    Yesterday somebody posted a comment showing this nanotechnology in the vaccines.


    We heard the vaccines were a “prototype” but it appears to me, those images show many “prototypes” … wonder which design outperformed all the others? Hmmm?

    I’m thinking the mentioned executive order mentioned above, is gonna be a floodgate to release the nanotechnology seen in those images. – and I’ll pass on taste testing those gummy bears made from recycled wind turbines.

    Some say they’re trying to save the planet but it seems more like a further attempt at genocide.

    • The biotech guys have concealed their means and motives since the get-go. Nothing they say can be taken at face value. Eventually they will overstep again, and happenstance won’t be in our favor as it has in the past.

  10. Well.., a little dance on the TI Scientific and I expected a .4 to a .5 bump up at the open this morning.., I did not expect a full percentage point jump.., damn near hit my stops.., just a few points away from it.., but it didn’t and I am still in my trade.., opening tomorrow will tell.

  11. Here’s a pretty good misdirection.

    The last time I was in the WMT protein aisle I saw the giant cans of tuna…. and looked at one.

    The tuna can label has two weights, unopened and drained.

    Unopened weight is 4 pounds 2.5 ounces.
    Drained weight is 3 pounds.

    See the lower left corner of graphic:

    StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Water, 66.5 oz Can


  12. ” Let me see, 9/11 was how many years ago? (21-YEARS) so here comes this POS with a plan 45-days before a potential ass-kicking election? Get lost! I hate grandstanding manipulators.”
    So many guns — used for for the wrong purpose. ;-)

  13. It seems that the Presidents of France and Russia did indeed have much to discuss at the Big Table in Moscow. Today Deutsche Welle is reporting that protesters greeted trucks carrying nuclear material from the port of Rotterdam to Lingen, Germany, site of a decommissioned nuclear power plant, for processing by a French company. It’s parent is a French energy giant about to be re-nationalized by France due to the energy crisis. Another coinkydoink is that the nuclear material transporting Russian ship named after a Russian poet is showing up at Dunkirk, France not Rotterdam from St. Petersburg for the second time in a month.

    As an aside, Dauphin County, Pa., named after the eldest son of France’s King Louis XVI in 1785 may be of interest. It’s Three Mile Island owners of the 1979 meltdown TMI-2 facility are offering an online “community advisory panel meeting” at 6pm est this Wednesday on their website. Perhaps they will have important information for concerned Americans regarding the company’s application to the NRC requesting amendment of remediation methods at TMI-2 to reduce expenses. The NRC is accepting public comment on application 2022-0156-0001 until Sept. 21st. It reads like it will be a slam dunk to pass. Here’s a few items in no particular order:
    1./ cease air testing at reactor room main vent to atmosphere.
    2./ remove current load lift maximum of 50,000 lbs over the reactor vessel.
    3./ increase allowance of radioactive material in containment vessel core from 42kg to 1200kg.
    4./worst case scenario of a reactor fire would release 100mrem radiation doses at facility boundary but is deemed extremely unlikely to occur…

    Well, sounds as if Homer is going to be busy for a bit in the control room. Back to DJ Ure in the studio bunker streaming a Doors cover by Krusty the Clown-
    “Break on Through”.

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