Opt-Out Pressure Grows, Retail & War Loom

There is a very telling long-term statistic from the UrbanSurvival website:  People seem to flock here when the market is bent-over, doubled-up, and (ahem) dumping.

But the number of people reading the site drops when the market is in a long-term rally.  It’s a very telling stat because it gives us a huge insight into the modern mindset.

Because around here, while we do day trade the occasional market swing, we don’t do that exclusively.   Our real (and very keen) interest is in cobbling up a new lifestyle that will be better suited to the resources depleted future that’s coming.

We have called it various things – like downscaling – and the Peoplenomics.com site is where the long-term thinking is showcased even more than here.  I spent some time this weekend working on a final chapter (or two) of my next book The 100-year Toaster which gets into the underlying problem (excess consumption) propped up by mass financialization.

The working title for the Wednesday installment?  “Ending Nonessential Industries.

To kick your brain into the concept, have you ever considered what America would be like if we just stopped advertising? When we turn the television on (rarely) the ad content sucks.  Ads not only pimp out the latest (“tell your doctor” and impulse purchases (“pick some up on the way home tonight”), but in addition it has turned into brainwashing for every minority and persuasion you can think of.

Over time, it’s my thinking that a country that doesn’t take care of its own people is just setting itself up to be overthrown.  A good example may be seen in the story How tolerant Sweden has become a haven for ultra violent gangs because of its open door immigration.

We need to close our borders, dial back the hype (which feeds excess consumption) and pay attention to what matters.  Namely, sufficiency.

The good news?  Such as it is.  Although Elaine and I have been out here in the woods for 20 (wonderful) years, we’re only just now seeing signs that Common Sense (previously lost in a wave of MPS – mass public stupidity – may be turning around.

Take the deal points that led us to rural East Texas 20-years back.  Replaying in Appalachia now:  How this US region has become a hip place to live — with it also being dirt cheap: ‘We’re never leaving’.

When you change your thinking from chasing the hollow “Mass media version of getting ahead” to a “What really works for me?” a funny thing happens: Life gets better, stress levels are lower, and there’s more purpose and reward to it.

More on “Nonessential Industry” (Subtitled: How to squander a country’s future) in Peoplenomics.  But downscaling – which we define as “voluntarily living on less than your income” has a great deal going for it.  See Americans sick of the ‘cultural revolution’ under Joe Biden are setting up incredible off-grid city in the DESERT hundreds of miles away from civilization with their own government and courts… and offer chilling prediction for the future of the country For additional thoughts.

The great Boomer Hoax is that being the “Richest person in the cemetery” is a worthwhile goal.  It’s not and it won’t matter.

As I laid out in my book “Packing to Die: the suitcase between your ears” there’s a better-than-even chance that we are “intelligent probes” sent into what passes for nominal Reality.  Our job is to record the whole thing such that when we die (and we will) we will have a great game film to play back.  That whole “My life flashed before my eyes” thing people report on Death’s doorstep is called the Life Review Experience.  You can read about it on Wikipedia and in PubMed indexed articles like this one.

Seems to us that the purpose of Life is not to come up with some new and improved way to code, or to “sell more products.”  Rather, it’s to take our role as “Probes from an Elsewhere” a little more seriously.  When you get a chance, new paper this month titled Out-of-body experiences in relation to lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis: a theoretical review and conceptual model seems like a higher utility direction than trying to collect additional decimal places in a bank account, that’s you’re only a creditor of in the worst case, anyway.  Just one EMP away from deep disappointment and a wasted life.

I was in a reflective mood Father’s Day. I might not have a ton of money (though enough to support of shop tool addiction, lol). But I do have a deep-seated purpose.  And that’s portable and will follow me into whatever is next.

A check between the ears – that’s who you are, what you value, and where you’re going.

Planning Our Demise

Yeah, we’re all “outa here” at some point.  But How exactly isn’t clear.  Let’s go through the list:

  1. Covid – that first round of the Bio-War – has run its course, with a flash ongoing over summer.  Except there’s been no holding of public officials and the medicine industry to account.  But even now, we can see how another one is likely to be set off: Former CDC director Robert Redfield predicts bird flu pandemic.  Of course, if you’re anxious – and maybe learned something from the shot – there are other ways to check out: Flesh-Eating Bacteria That Can Kill in Two Days Spreads in Japan.  Oh, and if you doubt our casting of Covid as a bioweapon, supporting documentation is still coming out: U.S. Pentagon ran secret COVID-19 anti-vaccination campaign to undermine China..  And did you catch this? The Vigilant Fox ? on X: “COVID “Vaccines” Hit By New Bombshell First, a court ruled that the COVID shots aren’t vaccines after all. Now, the architect 1989 Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act is calling them “weapons of mass destruction.” Dr. Francis Boyle says, “It is my expert opinion that… https://t.co/PW0Zkr7p
  2. War is another neat way to (kill people and break things) till the ground for future growth., Repopulate, reprogram, and repeat.  OK, this is a little speculative, but events are edging that way: Russians train Chinese in trench battles for Taiwan invasion – US: “Russia and China will attack together” (vid). The West has continued to avoid talking about Kiev’s abuse of Russian-speakers in the Crimea – which is the Genesis of the present war – but for giggles and grins Grand Kabuki of the West Talking to Itself is played out as Swiss summit calls for Ukraine peace talks with Russia.  It’s journalistic fraud, as we see it, to call these “Peace Talks” when the main belligerent isn’t even in attendance. But that won’t fetch eyeballs and ads, will it?  Let the shakedown continue: Zelensky warns military aid being sent to Ukraine by the West is not sufficient to defeat Russia as 80 countries backed its ‘territorial integrity’. Time to think about new national boundaries, perhaps? We’re about tapped out. $34.683 trillion and double that if you want to count the debt we can’t get out from under.
  3. A global “nucident.”  I know – new word for you – contraction of accident and nuclear and the players are (even) sketchier than existing nuclear Powers.  Examples? Iran condemns ‘invalid’ E3 statement on its nuclear program – Mehr News Agency and Exclusive: Nato in talks to deploy more nuclear weapons.  So much for tight control on the “football” huh?
  4. Economic Collapse.  And that brings us to the highspeed camera focused on how the Bidenistas will claim all manner of economic largess with 140-days to Elections.

Empire State Mfg Out

We’ve been pushing around numbers on the Fed rate reduction and we keep coming back to September’s meeting.  The reason?  Money flow dynamics.  It takes time for a Fed Policy to translate from directions to the Trading Desk into actual, well, anything in the non-ticker world.

We’ve been expecting the Global Cooling of the economy to be along sooner than later. Europe, which was up a fair bit early had turned down toward the zero line.  And in our Aggregate Index work, we may see the U.S. (in red) come back down to the Rest of World (blue) take on prices.

As you may have guessed, it’s hard for a serious (day trading) gambling addict to stay away from shorting when “the spread” between the U.S. and RoW (rest of world) widens out like this.  Fortunately, we don’t offer financial advice.

Back to this Empire State report just out:

“The headline general business conditions index moved
up ten points but remained below zero at -6.0. New orders held steady, while shipments inched higher. Delivery times shortened somewhat, and supply availability—a new monthly indicator now included in these reports—was little changed. Inventories were flat. Labor market conditions remained weak, with employment and hours worked continuing to contract.”

No particular immediate impact on today’s market Futures pricing. Although BTC is down in the $65,635 area…indicator of the blues?  Can’t really say…

Tomorrow morning, we get retail sales and then a few minutes into the Tuesday session the ‘Fed Industrial Production numbers will be along.  Once a mighty useful tool, the more useful measures today involve industrial production in places like China and the balance of Asia.

Creepy Crawlers

Life among the sheep continues, although as our World Class Poker Player fellow reminded us Saturday:

“The sheep in the meadow goes about its day unconcerned of what tomorrow may bring. Tomorrow is not in their Day Planner. It relies completely on the flock’s guardian to warn and protect them from danger.
You do not have that guardian.”  (~D’Lynn)

Instead, we have the Internet:

From the Felon Father: New $50 million Biden ad campaign targets Trump felony convictions.  Remember what happens when you point a finger at someone. (The pointer is the perp.)  Maybe we don’t have to worry, though since Anna Paulina Luna predicts release of Hur tapes will keep Biden from nomination. All of which has turned into a “Triple McBozo” as The Media Plot to Question Trump’s Cognition is in Full Swing.  Maybe quadruple, though considering Another Example of Big Tech Putting Both Left Thumbs on the Electoral Scale.

The World Economic Forum continues to earn higher levels of disdain for failing to think and wanting to seize power from the remaining free people in the world: WEF Demands Governments ‘Reinvent’ Food Supply with Insects.

Watch the next liberal idiocy in Seattle. Seattle Police recruiting DACA recipients to be cops.  Which has us wondering “Can a non-citizen make any arrest of a Citizen? Legal scholars please elucidate in the Comments section below!

At the Ranch: Weather Not Warming

Singer Joni Mitchell had a pretty good tune a while back (in decades) Big Yellow Taxi:  The key lyric being “They Paved Paradise and they Put up a Parking Lot.”

Those parking lots get hot.  We get heat islanding.  We also get confused.  Because some people want to monetize and take instead of think and do something.

The charlatans depend on a gap in mental acuity; failing to differentiate between averages over geological timescales and decadal variations.  It’s easy to do, especially if you’re sweating out another summer: Epic heatwave to expand from Midwest to East Coast, bringing warnings to 72 million.

Here in East Texas – and with a nod to our friends (and the Houston Bureau) to the south of us, there’s a chance of more heavy rain.

The fear is that red “X” will move north, coming across the GOM and “re-dump” on already wet enough Houston, thank you. We’ll see.

Oh…but that wasn’t my point.  Joni Mitchell is.

Last I heard, she was still up near Salt Spring Island in the Canadian San Juans.  Turned over 80 and isn’t heard from much.

Don’t know if you remember, but Ms Mitchell was/is a very high-profile case of the mystery disease Morgellons’s syndrome.  I’ve know some very good researchers working on that one – and even now there’s no medical consensus on whether it’s real in a clinical sense, or a psychologically-based impairment.

Take this 2022 paper: Management of delusions of parasitosis: an interview with experts in psychodermatology.  And yet, a decade back, the fibers associated with sampling seemed unconventional.  Now? Skin biopsies of patients with Morgellon’s disease show increased oncostatin M expression relative to healthy controls.

Randy Wymore, PhD. and others have continued to piece together a very strange tale of a multi-factorial disease.  What is Morgellons Disease | The Charles E. Holman Foundation.

Which we think about when Joni Mitchell’s music comes up.  Because in the (great) work Randy and others have done, there may be hints as to the future of medicine.

See, it’s like this:  Medicine has – even through present – been largely practiced as a “point-source” exercise.  A staph infection for example – single issue and single fix (antibiotics).

But now it’s becoming clear – in a lot of diseases – like AIDS/HIV, cancer, and yes, Morgellons’s – that many small variables can be expressing and creating the most dreadful of novel diseases.

The good news – such as it is?  Well, complexity and multi-factorial medicine is coming and the same approach (collective all the common variables) holds great promise as an approach to widespread killer diseases.  Like Aging and Alzheimer’s.

I just hope to be around for some of the new breakthroughs to come and that we don’t blow up the f**ing planet before we sort it all out.

“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know whatcha got till it’s gone…”

Retail sales tomorrow have us wondering if this will be a BUY the rumor day, or a SELL the rumor Monday. Stay ‘fooned.

Write when you get rich,


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63 thoughts on “Opt-Out Pressure Grows, Retail & War Loom”

  1. ‘Seattle Police recruiting DACA recipients to be cops.”

    Some AI three years ago had that in their immigration plan I suspect.

  2. With the one’s moving into Appalachia, that is happening here in Western NC where I live. Lower cost of living and taxes, the liberals from north of the Mason-Dixon line has come here in droves. Buying houses and property, driving the price up and of course taxes also, running for office and their dems friends voting for them and changing the area to be just like where they came from. Asheville is one example, and it is known for being the San Francisco of the east, and the freak capital of the US. Crime and homelessness have increased and the local liberal news hide a lot of the crime to not scare the tourists off.

    • I’ve read similar articles about the Nashville area explaining homelessness is on the rise because the old-stock locals are simply being priced out. The prevailing wages do not compete against California pensions, etc.

      Good for the tax rolls, raises all around but bad for everyone else.

    • “… the liberals from north of the Mason-Dixon line has come here in droves. “

      Sad truth is, a majority of those folks, both long time residents and newcomers, don’t have a clue as to what, where and/or the history of the Mason/Dixon Line.

      I’ve been to the Carolinas and have had some (interesting?) conversations.

  3. Cmon man – Morgollens !?!?!?! told youse bout that “accident” back in the day… a “device” blew up in upper atmosphere(or was blown up), containing “weaponized” Bacteria experiment. The Bacteria took on a life of its own out there..have been marginalized over Time.

    Can youse link the “accident” Date(well known) to the first reported case of fibers/Morgollens ??? 4 letter agency been covering up since that “scheisse” got out in the wild.

    Some essential/fundamental background info – WAR?

    Pooterz destroyed redshields’ biggest dealS. See Rosneft ownership/jewish oligarchs early history with stealing Russian state assets during Yeltsin admin, ultimately they all ended up in “ole scratches'” name.

    Old man thought he had Purchased ukraine. He also thought he had bought the whole of Russia during the 90’s.

    Therefore today we have the following ‘carved in stone” :
    french redshields (e.macron) will Promote war with Russia
    english redshields (r.balsak) will Promote war with Islam.

    Its whats for Prison Rations this year – think they call it “Vermin Chow”..which is far sight better than “Useless Eater Chow”.

    Vermin or Human Resource ?

  4. “The good news – such as it is? Well, complexity and multi-factorial medicine is coming and the same approach (collective all the common variables) holds great promise as an approach to widespread killer diseases. Like Aging and Alzheimer’s.”

    It is certain that AI will advance medicine dramatically and we all look forward to this. It is the downside of AI that concerns me. This recent interview with Geoffrey Hinton, the father of AI who quit Google because of his concern for the future of AI and mankind, is an eye opener.

    From the article.

    “What Prof. Hinton is saying is that we may soon reach the tipping point where human beings are functionally no different from (or especially superior to) artificially intelligent machines.”


    • You know.. I had a friend that chose to see an Ai doctor for an appointment.. it was cheaper and Ai did better for him than a doctor.. I believe as medicine advances that we will see more of that.. robotic surgeons etc.

  5. “Covid – that first round of the Bio-War”

    We circle back to the conclusion the people who got the Vaxx did the right thing while the people who didn’t get the Vaxx did risk society at large. .gov saved us from biblical disaster. Fauci and Brix are heroes.

    In WW1 terms COVID was the mustard gas cloud and the Vaxx a gas mask. Unlike mustard gas bio-mutations are a possibility. We must consider if/when the next Vaxx is offered it’s a must have and should be mandatory. Would you wear the 1917 gas mask or complain .gov is trying to smother you?

    ‘retail sales’

    Over the last month I noticed some websites had sales that were out of season. Locally some of the dog training shops have closed, the hot dog axe throwing bar closed and I think the drive-thru traffic has lightened.

    • There are a lot of sales, but usually on the stuff you don’t want.
      I expect that a conventional bird flu vaccine should be available when and if it become necessary. Apparently it is more difficult to produce a virulent new pandemic bird flu strain than it was to resurrect H1N1 (Spanish flu it was called back in 1918); otherwise, we would already be up to our eyeballs in it. I don’t think that the State Department has been able to lay hands on one of the handful of crossover cases while they are still virulent. The lack of a raging pandemic would tend to indicate that the bird flu crossover to humans isn’t really that virulent. I have to wonder if H1N1 vaccine and exposure doesn’t impart at least partial immunity.

    • must have been lead potable water pipes from your childhood that causes you to believe in and accept forced vaccination and the faith you have in them being able to prevent covid
      Both Nazis and Communist believe in forcing their will on the masses, like the owners of a cattle herd, they do to their cattle what they please
      Like Elon, I say prosecute Fauci and Elon says he got the vax

      Hey, do you know the difference from a gas mask and the covid vax?
      the mask has been proven to work!!!
      you can NOT prove that the vax has save even one life, unprovable

      Obama likes hotdogs from Chicago and pizza too
      just child porn stuff, you know, Baal worship, Biblical, Moses knew, pissed him off, he had a fit and broke the first set of tablets

      the Bird flu vax will be an intelligence test,,, you will fail
      ,,, fool me twice, shame on who?

      “circle back” that is what Jen Psaki used to say when she had no answers, but in your case it is just a wrong conclusion and a false accusation towards me and the rest of the vax free population.
      I do not know a single person who regrets NOT getting the clot shot, but I know several who do regret it and KNEW some who got the shot and are gone.

      Stockholm syndrome
      “A hostage’s belief in the humanity of the captor, ceasing to perceive them as a threat, when the victim holds the same values as the aggressor.”

    • kids have to get vaccinated to go to school. not so much for their personal safety, but for the personal safety of everyone else. we see it time and time again. parents stop vaccinating the little ones and whooping cough, mumps snap back. polio was eliminated because of vaccines.

  6. Hi George; Joni Mitchell, (Roberta Anderson) lives just north of me here on the Sunshine Coast. Technically not an Island but you have to take a ferry to get here. She did make an appearance at a Music fest in LA last month.

  7. “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…”

    Kaskhari says it’s ‘reasonable’ to predict Fed won’t cut rates until December…


    Former Chicago Fed President Charles Evans says September rate cut is possible…


  8. Bio-warfare,war,and economics…control and mass death..funny how that is and the son..the big yellow taxi..
    “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone”

    I personally believe that COVID was released because Trump wouldn’t play by their rules..upset about the lack of control and an upcoming election that stats showed he had it in the bag..four years of relentless attacks couldn’t stop him from doing more than any of his predecessors..they panicked.. let the virus out.. then we seen how rapidly BLM and Antifa swept across the US destroying our most vulnerable neighborhoods exposing them to greater harm..
    What wasn’t expected is just how much they need what they destroyed.
    Through the years they let the US slowly erode doing only emergency manage infrastructure triage repairs instead of repairing and upgrading . The freak winter storm in Texas showed the country just how vulnerable we are. Instead of strengthening our position and the national security of our country. They set out to make more for the few that covets everything everyone else has.
    Just like Biden destroying our energy making us more dependent on someone else. The destruction of nordstream only put NATO countries in a deep freeze putting COVID out and shutting down the velocity of money hurt the economy endangered the lives of so many globally.
    Similar to the sypholis and AIDS where gain of function was released with the thought that it would only affect a general part of the population.. ended up affecting everyone..
    With Biden using our strategic reserves to keep fuel prices down.. that’s one thing..but his attempts to show the purchasers of the brand that it was a good purchase decisions is at the point where it flips..without replacing what you use.. you either have to be able to produce it or go without it. I love the idea of a metal and p,attic printer.. when or if it becomes essential you have the ability to make parts that are no longer available. A huge issue I have been running into is car dealerships no longer can get parts for cars ten years or older.
    You have to acquire the parts from other sources.. the buggie 1 had to be retired because new mechanics are only taught to work by the computer..
    So a bigger problem we are facing is diesel fuel.. using strategic reserves without replacing it has the whole country on a collision course to run completely out. Know anything at all that is transported by truck train or plane..
    Refusing to take missiles off of Russias front porch got us where.. missiles thirty miles from Florida and a couple hundred from DC and Delaware..
    Going nuclear and the elimination of the vast majority of those that produce.. well what happens if you want a Big Mac.. so you drive in.. well you have to cook it assemble it yourself..the one operating the grill just became important.
    Everyone knows I have had a few rough events.. I call them learning modules..without having them I wouldn’t have ever known what I was use to that simply cannot be had if you don’t know how to make it.
    How many can make a brass shell casing.. or the primer..
    A soldier becomes wise in the ways of the job.. I wouldn’t have a clue on any of it.. those that covet what someone else has so much that they are willing to destroy a country for it.. can’t replace it.. they take it..rather than negotiate with those that have it.. a biological once released destroys and it doesn’t give a hoot who it is that it infects.
    Having one of the worst healthcare systems on the planet .. designed around helping only those that they think truly matter.. well that is similar to my early morning surgery a week ago get there.. six thirty.. get prepped along with six others.. IV started.. at 11 they come in and say.. the surgeon was a no call no show.. all of us were sent home.. now he probably did that because the VA only pays them a half million a year and they pay off his school loans. What he isn’t considering is..no brick and mortar expenses those are split among all the people.. no supply or equipment issues.. he didn’t have to rent a surgical room and he doesn’t have to pay the wages of the staff.
    With the worst healthcare system on the planet.. they to are not thinking.. what happens if all of those there to take care of the worthiest individuals is suddenly not there.. do you do the surgery yourself.. who makes the drugs..most of mine are made someplace else..all of our IV saline solutions are made in countries without water standards..
    In your black book of knowledge..what can you make or replace in the event it’s no longer available..

    • Loob – hope you can appreciate the following from BCN’s very recent past..last Friday 6/14 in the 1st state – home of one of the worst families in America. Delaware is also home to one of wealthiest families in the world..DuPonts. See Gunpowder for beginnings..

      So there was the BCN driving thru his old stomping grounds in and around Dupont Country Club. This area is home to a lot of grand old estates and very stately homes. One of my old customers lived right around corner, was world renowned car collector – I sold office equipment into his Credit Card Company – which occupied a bunch of old Dupont office bldings in Wilmington.
      I was heading for Alfred I Duponts house (most awesome) grounds are home to NeMours Childrens Hospital. Graduation ceremony for latest class of Doctors to complete 3 years “Peeds” training at Hosp. Yes best part of day was touring Al’s estate, and lunch afterwards at 4 Seasons – Philly (VernikFish/https://www.fourseasons.com/philadelphia/dining/restaurants/vernick-fish/). Hands down the most expensive Lunch I have ever Paid for, hell the parking was $35 for 2 hrs (selfpark). Yes my ass and wallet are still smarting from that outrage.

      Nemours is affiliated with Jefferson Medical – Boy worked at both Hospitals during residency.
      I didnt cry at graduation, but seeing future my Daughter in Law cry a few times and my better half crying did cause an excess of moisture to well up in my eyes, and run down my cheeks : D

      36 Graduates straight up Peeds, 8 duel discipline Grads..Peds&Neuro.. There were exactly 3 White Males in graduating class(10%). Of those, one very long haired and Gay, the other not sure – serious poindexter/good kid as knew him from Sons Med school class. The majority of the Grads were of Indian decent and Female. Son is going to live with Fiancee for next year in NE, as she has 1 more year of Residency.
      Boy had been getting recruited biggly up there in NE, finally settled on his new Gig out of Residency for $200K+/yr starting. There was like a lot of competition for his services, seems a lot of adolescent Boys do not want to talk to Female Doctors of any nationality, and I cant say as I blame em.
      The biggest eyeopener for my nasty ass was hearing the senior Doctor at Hosp admitting Childrens Health Services in this country SUCK BIG BABY CHUNKS. I was fully prepared with latest Stats in Childrens HealthCare to get into it and rip a couple of these aszholz.

      They ripped themselves, admitting the Childrens Health System in our country is about FUBAR – and this is a Childrens Health center known for its leading Pediatric Obesity Clinic – I was surprised to hear these admissions/problems.
      After the ceremony – I got to spend an hour or so doing one of my fav things – Shenanigans ! You know when your Wife is yelling at you, telling you to keep it down, and giving you dirty looks – you are doing IT right..Shennanigans that is.

      Best advice given to the new Grads ?

      “listen to the Mothers, listen to what the Mothers say or are saying”
      – Frigging Common Sense, duh-ooh!

      • “The majority of the Grads were of Indian decent and Female. ”

        I live west of Detroit and a lot of Indian decent folks have been moving in. Yesterday I noticed many new dental offices are popping up everywhere and are operated by Indians.

        The dentist I used retired and sold to an Indian woman.

        Maybe dental prices will fall due to an influx of competition?

        O/T – the Indians are assimilating. Over the last couple of years an Indian girl had been walking dogs by my house. Maybe she’s a dog walker.

        At first it was just her then as years tick by an old-stock American (white guy) about her age started walking with her then I noticed a plump belly on her. The two still walk together and about a month or two back I noticed he’s pushing a baby carriage. The circle of life. Sometimes the girl walks with older folks which I presume are her parents/grandparents because they look similar.

        And another thing! My lot backs-up to a public school and this year I noticed some of the playground monitors are wearing hijabs.

        Someone has to flip the Social Security tab and since old-stocks aren’t using the stuff – a dental office as example – why shouldn’t they?

        • (“I live west of Detroit and a lot of Indian decent folks have been moving in.”)

          One of My doctors is probably one of them..that is where she went.. good doctor and a good woman.. (SMART TO) she heads back to india a couple times a year.. she came to the USA because they offered her free education on her specialty.. ( arthritis ) when she goes home because the cost of living is so HIGH HERE.. and it is cheap there.. she picks up items at the pharmacies there.. one particular item costs a couple hundred dollars here.. it is a dime there.. so she will pick up a case or two of them that she can hand out to her patients here..
          My daughter had to get an antibiotic the cost here is about four hundred for a five day … over there it is ten dollars.. a six hundred dollar a month inhaler here is ten twenty in canada.. NOW the Government negotiates and uses medicines from other countries because of cost.. ( one of mine was shipped to me not from the VA med distribution center bur from INDIA)
          Insurance policies available in Texas are not available here.. one of my medications twenty almost thirty years ago.. was 1250.00 Here.. but from canada.. they had a canadian pharmacy.. you paid a doctor in canada to go over the perscription they would look at your labs etc.. then call and visit with your doctor so you had a consultation fee from the US doctor the doctors fee in Canada.. the pharmacys fee and shipping.. NAME brand they could send at the time.. I got one and got the medication at the local pharmacy.. both came with the exact same production line stamp on it.. the one for one thousand two fifty.. and the one with all the other charges on it under two hundred was produced on the same line the same day etc..
          the congress closed that pharmacy the medication companies were complaining about their profits.. its all a gimmic.. wait periods I hear is a big complaint.. in the US if you have a lot of money they will go overboard to get you in fast.. if you are not the wait periods are a couple years out unless it is an emergency.. like the gent that use to live in our spare room cancer treatments he gets a letter asking for the fifty thousand good will deposit.. then they jerked him around on treatments.. even cancelled some of his exams.. So with almost sixty seven percent of hospital staff that are not considered vital employees.. what does the entitled do if the rest of the staff is not there.. a company that ( now this is hard for me.. I live in an area where you have to have collateral and great credit to buy tp on credit) a man buys billions of dollars worth of medical facilities.. nursing facilities.. gets the loan to buy them.. then never makes a payment or pays any of the supply vendors.. staff nothing.. the one place my wife worked.. the staff was taking money out of their own money to buy supplies.. ( never got paid for them back either .. I know I had donated a few hundred in depends and laundry supplies) then covid hits the same guy that defaulted and had all these facilities across the USA … gets another thirty million from the govt … NOW.. in the news lately he did it again so what is up with the bankers.. that they are willing to pay billions in loans to purchase such a place.. and then not get a dime in payments.. then loan the same guy.. phew it just blows me away..
          Like my wifes now ex boss.. almost ten years ago now I was talking to the fiduciary guy.. and he brought the new owner of the facilites.. up.. he couldn’t understand why the place sells so often or is so short staffed.. hmm after he gave me the figures.. dam .. he isn’t making a dime.. like the guy that owns the gas station ten employees all making more than minimum wage but a low wage.. he makes five hundred a day average.. not one thought of brick and mortar or supplies etc.. he is not making a dime.. one gas station closed because of the same thing recently..
          Where a govt medical system the expenses are spread out among everyone.. I had always thought that it would end up like the UK or canada etc.. everyone pays a tax.. then insurance companies would sell suppliments like plastic surgery, extended care etc.. the facilities wouldn’t have staffing issues.. and those with the money could still get the expedited services.. here you cannot even get into a clinic without the cash up front.. it is so badly broken and the US pays for the education for other countries.. but refuses and even charges high costs to keep people in their social category.. this will come back to haunt them because most of the people if they are eliminated.. well you run in and make your own big mac.. pick your own groceries..
          all obama care did was give those that didn’t have access access.. what it didn’t do is keep prices .. they could and do charge you what ever they want.. and if you can’t afford it.. well so what.. we will just tack that charge onto someone that can afford it.. my biggest pet peve..
          like the gent that raised race horses.. worked the racing circuit.. had a nice farm a retirement home that he rented out.. his wife was a nurse..( I worked with her) she got cancer.. the hospital forced her out of the insurance .. fired her because she couldn’t do her job.. then took their farm home his antique business everything he came to our home.. homeless and nothing but the clothes on his back.. many of the people that we let stay here have similar stories.. they lose everything.. and end up under some bridge or in some tent city someplace..
          even if you have millions you leave with nothing.. my kids give me guff because my plan is.. when it is necessary.. I will give the house to one of the grandkids.. stay in my room.. they get the house for free just to look after me until the day that I need to get the extreme medical facilities.. save me a quarter mil a year per person.. still have someone that can look after me.. the other option is go to the college.. find one of those students that is forced to get expensive school loans give them a room and board.. same thing.. they get free rent.. don’t have to borrow every dime to get the same education that we hand out for free to a non citizen.. and I get the care needed …
          third world healthcare comedy coverage below..


        • OH yes.. the dentist office.. LOL I have to have another ten thousand dollars of dental work done.. of course all the elderly at the local meals on wheels tell me.. go to mexico.. get it done.. they head to southern texas and new mexico and arizona to stay for the winter just so they can go through the borders to doctor to get their medicines and the other services needed..
          the problem is they will give it to you but there is a credit thing they use.. you get six months to pay it off then its twenty five percent interest.. needless to say I have to get what I owe the dentist paid down first.. I still have five grand left before I can get the rest of the work done.. I had just gotten done the twenty grand worth of work paid off.. its ongoing..
          the big issue with the VA isn’t staffing.. it isn’t the care.. great care.. the issue is .. they work it not like a medical facility but as a government office.. my one doctor has sixteen weeks of vacation.. by using the vacation with the government days off for juneteenth or junieth holidays.. we were talking and I said hell do it this way.. take vacation along with junieth mandatory holiday and you only literally have to work one day a week.. LOL LOL your not looking at the schedule right.. just like congress that only works one month a year LOL LOL… its all relevant..

      • exactly…
        there are a lot of really good doctors.. the best ones I’ve seen were all women lol..
        my old doctor worked side by side with me as she was going to school.. I totally am going to give her hell at the grocery store when I run into her.. retiring on me like that..
        my other favorite doctor works part time doing cardiac stress tests.. I was going in she was headed home she came up gave me a hug and I teased her about going back to work.. known her for almost fifty years.. we would trade family brag photos lol.. the only down side are those that only went into medicine for cash.. one guy.. ( not even my dog will I let him see ) when her was in medicine school only got into medicine just so he could see and fondle every woman and girls genitalia.. he forced his ex wife now.. to give him oral sex at a party.. we walked out a person like that shouldn’t ever be given a position in medicine..
        I loved working the hallowed halls.. found my place being the strength of others while at their weakest.. as you know you see everything in all the years there was only a few that I struggled with caring for..rich, poor, famous and infamous..
        I remember seeing a serial killer on television.. and one of his attorneys was a colleague of one if my patients.. I had to ask..how can he defend someone that evil.. he said he’s only doing it for the money he won’t allow him to be free because what if.. it was your family member as his victim..then my little Supreme Court would go through the news and circle where he was sinking the killer..

        • Interesting thoughts regards Doctors and Altruism..Its bullshit – they ALL went into it for the Money.
          Prezactly like Masturbation, if Peeps deny – they are lying .
          Sure some have a “calling” , some have personal reasons like sibling with genetic problems. But None would go through the RIGORS of 4 years undergrad maintaining high GPA(social life suffers), getting into a competitive Medical School for 4 more Years – maintaining stellar ratings/reviews/board exams, picking a competitive Residency program and the whole time working grueling hours for Pennies/slave wages. Not to mention Financial burden on Family putting kid thru the medical system.

          Starts in Grade school – if Expectations are not set – scheisse never happens .

          I see school systems FAILING all over the country, with the Parents leading the way to Ignorance For All.

          Discipline, Hard Work and Sweat – are key to living a successful life . Think this current generation of Purple& Green haired, fuzzy ear wearing, bushy tail sporting out back of pants, participation trophies for all kinda Kids gonna grow up to be Functional Human beings ? I know, lets cut their Dicks and Tits off..genius.

          Personally think these individuals are disgusting. But my life experiences are such that the aforementioned ‘furry” types would have had their Asses beaten every week in high school. Hell I remember being stuffed in a can on Freshman Day at my HS in late 70’s..just for being a Freshman/9th grader. Coulda been a lot worse – as it was really an initiation- I was already on Varsity Swim Team and State runnerup on 9th grade Soccer team.. : D

  9. The Russell 2000 [ small cap stocks ] has dropped back below 2000. The turn-over happened in late May and it has been down-hill ever since., with the MACD still pointing down.
    “The Russell” is a good index to watch as it is comprised of the smaller companies and corporations that are almost entirely consumer-driven. As the ‘consumer’ goes., so does “The Russell”.
    It is not a Bell Weather., or anything magical., but it is interesting to watch as a gauge for consumer spending, dollar velocity and over all economic health

    • I wonder if replacing the S&P with the Russell on the Elliott charts might reestablish normal expectations?

  10. re: “Opt-Out Pressure”
    feat: a “prince’s” protégé


    The “Daily Mail” has published a piece from their recently onboarded senior political reporter at their Washington bureau – “Secret Democrat Plot to Topple Biden Revealed…”.


    The “Daily Mail” cv of their reporter notes he began his career at “The Washington Post” under a late columnist upon whom Wikipedia bequeaths the moniker “prince of darkness”. The first published “Daily Mail” headline of their new-hire in February began “How more than 62% of Americans do NOT think Biden has the mental capacity for a second term, 30% more than Trump”.

    • re: food for thought
      feat: Mobilise Project


      Time to “Mobilise”? As pollsters calculate Biden Administration odds, English language “The Kyiv (sp.?) Independent” quotes a just-released survey by “The Kyiv (sp?) International Institute of Sociology” (KIIS) advising that 70% of Ukrainians want Mr. Zelensky to remain as president until martial law ends. The Ukraine language KIIS webpage clarifies that only citizens in Ukraine-held territory were surveyed.

      Interestly the impetus for the survey appears to have originated from The University of Manchester in the UK. There a Ukrainian academic, Dr. Olga Onuch (tr. grandchild?) leads (UN derived?) Project Mobilise. Her regions of research specialization have been Ukraine, Poland, and Argentina. This is her website.


      There appear to have been past linkages with the University of Pennsylvania’s Machine Learning for Peace (MLP). Anecdotal 2022 statements may indicate that MLP had achieved up to a 3 hour event predictive time advantage over other methods. The public side of the data appears to have gone more silent after 2022.


  11. NATO member states have started consultations on the need to put nuclear weapons on alert, the alliance’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told The Daily Telegraph.

    This military escalation will certainly also affect Italy.

    Aviano AB, in the north-eastern region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, is one of the most important and strategic NATO and US Air Force bases on the Italian territory because it is one of the two that hosts the atomic warheads, as we saw in a previous investigation.


  12. Italy’s Days Ahead

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: It is unbelievable. I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who rose to power from virtually nowhere. People were fed up with the BS of career politicians and the collapse of so many businesses and turned to a fresh face who was not a fascist or even a neo-fascist. She’s a right-wing populist-nationalist of a type who seems to be naive and has been conquered by the Neocon agenda. She is more likely to engulf Italy in World War III, but that seems to be the European Agenda as a distraction from the crisis unfolding, and the Euro is drowning in fiscal mismanagement.


  13. Nostradamus Sixain XLV (43)
    The entire world astonished by a blow of steel,
    Strangely given by the Crocodile [Egypt],
    To a very great one, relative of the leech [Palestinians],
    And shortly after there will be another blow
    By foul play, committed against the wolf [Italy] will not see the issue [Cause/Terrorism].

    Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation,
    G. A. Stewart, 2013, Page 485

    “And of such deeds one will not see the result” certainly implies that two notable terrorist incidents using a nuclear weapon will occur against the Relative of the Leech and the wolf. Of course, the wolf is an allusion to Romulus and Remus, the mythological twin brothers who founded Rome and who were both raised by a she-wolf.

    Now I infer the use of nuclear weapons in Italy from another prediction that certain areas of northern Italy will be forbidden lands, and also from Sixain XIX above, which outlines the years and mentions the “incendiary.”


    • No Worries comrade JC, no worries.

      We have activated all S500 (Prometheus) in and around Moscow/St.Petersburg, major cities and Bases. Hah didnt know they were operational and Deployed..whoops! Russian manufacturing Catching up- nobody plays Catchup as well the Russians.

      It is Game on as far Russia is concerned. Coastal defense systems are on alert, undetectable boomers waiting off of both coasts, nuke moles in place around world, Avenguard and Sarmat systems primed and ready.

      If the slo pederast could just remember to go the restroom prior to Squatting..in public, we just might get something sparklie overhead one of these days – Mother Russia is ready for further outrages – and will respond exponentially. Till then should think about Winter and no thermal power plants.
      How long you think it is till Ruskie brass figures out bombing the coal mines in kraine would be much more effective use munitions…much more effective.
      All is not lost – due all the climate bullSHITTERS – January 2025 – prolly still be toasty in kyiev, maybe problems getting too close to the glow though..

      “Natasha – under 5 minutes to bunker, F – the Moose& Squirrel, we got time for a quickie!”

      Viable, Adequate and Operational civil defense structures all around major cities – We drill for this scheisse.

    • “To a very great one, relative of the leech”
      No one claims to be related to the Palestinians. Other Arab nations will not even allow Palestinian refugees into their country.
      So.., who is “the great one”., who is a relative of Palestinians that the first blow of steel will be against?
      A specific, individual as the main target ? A strong supporter of the Palestinians? [ Brother in Arms., kind of thing? Pulling out of Nato – Ergodan of Turkey?]
      – This has puzzled me since I first read it. Even more so now., since Gaza blew-up.

      • Jordan and Lebanon.

        “Palestinians” didn’t exist until 1964. Most of the Arabs who lived in that region pre’64 were criminal outcasts from surrounding Arab States. Most of the rest were Jordanians who flooded in after the UN created Israel, and Lebanese, who fled during the Syrian occupation.

        Over half of all Palestinians hold multinational Jordanian citizenship…

  14. This site seems to attract old men, intelligent, quirky, grumpy, odd, etc. who represent the past.

    What about the young and the stupid, who represent the future? They don’t visit this site. If you told them how stupid they are, what would their reaction be?

    My guess is…

    “I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid.”

    • I’m sure they would be quite offended and probably throw temper tantrums. After all, they know everything and should be running (burning) the world.

    • they look at you like your NUTZ… then tell you you are all wrong that all of what we see and hear is not true.. the JB and Hunter.. poor boy..why are you so upset over that poor boy.. sheesh.. ask C or the realtor in San fran the smell of money on the sidewalks.. they are the BEST that this country has to offer us.. and the poor boy well they got some multi millionaire to pay his taxes that he didn’t pay the rest is just dropping off from age.. nothing is going to be done.. no matter how bad it looks.. they are the best and above the laws..

    • If it was the mini-Soros who cannot speak, it would be:
      Ummm… you know… umm… you know…. you know… you know.

    • “This site seems to attract old men, intelligent, quirky, grumpy, odd, etc. who represent the past. ”

      I would say we represent EXPERIENCE and have determined to learn from our mistakes… and watch in horror as others are determined to repeat them for us.

  15. “To kick your brain into the concept, have you ever considered what America would be like if we just stopped advertising?”

    A thought which has often crossed my mind.

    What would that Toyota Camry or the box of Tide laundry detergent cost, if Toyota and P&G weren’t spending billions of dollars annually to tell us to buy them? Why spend the bucks, especially since both have the name-recognition and performance resumé to sell themselves, forever?

    Once you announce that a product exists, and it begins to build acceptance and garner sales, it should be self-sustaining. If it’s not, maybe you need a better product…

    • (“What would that Toyota Camry or the box of Tide laundry detergent cost,”)

      Tide is 87 percent less. two dollars and something. so under five dollars.. I have some of the globe trotters bring up soap for me from mexico.. here it is four dollars and something for three bars at walmart.. I pay fifteen cents..

      Take this item…


      the cost from the manufacturer.. is.. take a wild guess..
      its 17.00 retail plus shipping taxes etc. to the USA. and my guess even cheaper than that.. since they sell parts wholesale to other countries for pennies..
      cost of living is so much cheaper.. you just have to get outside the big cities.. in mexico.. a mexican lives next door.. we were visiting the other day on the patio.. he has to go down to his moms to get some work done.. he can’t afford it here..

  16. ” WEF Demands Governments ‘Reinvent’ Food Supply with Insects.”

    I’d just tell them: “You first…”

    • you won’t ever know.. just like the chemical name for water..
      when I worked waste disposal.. in the world waste magazine they had an article about japan and sausage..


      curious as to why I learned how to make my own sausage or hot dogs.. when I ran a cleaning crew.. one of the guys was from a meat packing place he made HOT DOGS.. I couldn’t eat a hot dog for over a year.. back when I was really hurting I would make bologna potato bologna..

      2 lbs potatoes peeled and diced about 3/8″ par boil so they are cooked through but still firm..
      1/2 lb bacon cooked and chopped or diced
      1 1/2 tsp salt or to taste
      1 tsp ground black pepper
      1/2 tsp nutmeg
      2 medium onions peeled and diced about 1/4″ I like onions so I put in more of these to..
      3 cloves garlic (peeled and pressed) I actually like more garlic in mine..
      1 cup optional chopped fresh herbs any one or a combination of parsley, dill, green onion or chives, basil, and cilantro green onion tops. You are the boss of what you like.. hot peppers or peppers.. I love bell green peppers so I will put in some of those to..
      2 lb ground or diced meat (optional; add 1 tsp of salt if adding the meat; you may use chuck, chicken thighs, pork butt, etc. or gluten if you are a vegitarian..)
      1/2 cup powdered milk.. ( its the binder ) or you can use flour or corn starch.. I use powdered milk as the binder..
      first grind it with the large grinding disk..
      then you cool it to just abaout freezing..
      then you grind it again.. with the next.. grind it three times and mix it excessivly add a little iced water.. till it is almost smooth then add the binder you choose to use..
      let it rest.. then stuff..
      choose your casings.. I love the one place I go to for supplies.. been buying casings and spices from them for a while now..
      here is a pretty straight forward video..
      supplies and spices here..
      during the jerry lewis telethon days .. labor day was always bologna day.. I loved the potato bologna so I would make ten pounds of it..
      What ever spices you enjoy.. now add spices slow and easy.. till you get it to the way you like it.. mix a little in.. then mix it.. take a tiny bit of it.. and fry it up.. if it needs more onion or what ever you put in it.. then add a little more.. write it down.. keep the recipe alive for those along the road to enjoy.. once you get your north country sausage of choice made.. people will ask where did you get these..
      home made Kielbasa sausage..
      4 1/2 lbs pork butt
      1 lb beef
      1 lb pork belly (Bacon )
      3 garlic cloves large, pressed (you decide.. I like more and onions.. same thing)
      2 tsp dried marjoram
      2 tsp ground black pepper
      2 Tbsp salt more to taste, if needed
      1 1/3 tsp Cure
      1 cup ice water
      1/2 cup of powdered milk .. ( binder.. you can use corn starch or flour to you choose which one you like )
      Processing is the same for this one to..
      once it is all stuffed for either then cold smoke it.. then freeze it.. like for hot dogs.. cook them to get them to 165 degrees then cold smoke them.. ..

      now I get all of mine from a cold storage that processes our beef etc.. or I make it myself.. since I am the only one that eats hot dogs here.. ( wife had one to many in her youth) its cheaper for me to get what I will consume at the butchers..
      I don’t process the beef because the cow would die of old age before I would hurt it.. but I do know where my food comes from..

  17. The “Spaghetti Map” shows Alberto in a wide range from the Florida Panhandle to Corpus Christi.
    TS Alberto
    Locally heavy rainfall is also expected to spread over
    portions of Texas and Louisiana by the middle of the week.
    Interests along the western and northwestern Gulf coasts should monitor the progress of this system, as tropical storm watches and warnings may be required for portions of this area later this afternoon or
    tonight. An Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft is currently en route.
    – George – looks like you may get a bit wet in a few days.

  18. I rarely remember my dreams. This morning a had a rather disturbing one that probably says more about the state of my subconscious mind than anything prophetic. I was up briefly predawn and crawled back under the covers. In my dream I found myself in downtown Honolulu, having taken care of some business. There were military men roaming the streets, inspecting buildings for ‘survivability’ and shelter. I came across a couple of mobile missile launchers in the street and was told it was for ‘protection of the capitol’ which was nearby. There was an overwhelming sense of foreboding as everyone went about their business, and all I wanted to do was find my way back home soon. No details of an interIsland flight, but when I got back to the Volcano Ranch on the Big Island, I found that almost overnight the abandoned jungle lot next door had been cleared, leveled, and asphalt paved like a parking lot, with a cement block building built on the front half. More military men about, taking measurements. I didn’t ask, but it looked a lot like an impromptu armory. All I could think of was, “Great. A target next door”.

    I woke up then, and thankfully the jungle cover next door is still there. FWIW… just my state of mind, I guess.

    • I dreamed about zombies last night. My dreams lately have been a bit different than usual.

      • I dreamed about wine.. got the buffalo berry wine should be about ready..

  19. It’s been proven that immigrants to the U.S. have a lower per capita crime rate than native born U.S.:


    Yep, Sweden’s Immigrant crime rate is an anomaly compared to other European countries with immigrants:

    Notice that Sweden (SE on the chart) has a very low rate of immigrants (compared to the rest of Europe, who have larger immigrant populations without the larger crime rate)

  20. “It’s been proven that immigrants to the U.S. have a lower per capita crime rate than native born U.S.:”

    I am sure you note that this report includes data on vetted “legal” immigrants up to 2021, the year Trump left office and Biden opened the border to anyone and everyone who wanted to enter the country illegally including felons from prisons in Venezuela and god knows where else as well as large numbers of fighting age single males who hate the USA.

    If you have data for the past 4 years, please provide it. The current news of “illegals” raping and killing decent society members certainly doesn’t support your thesis.

      • Stats purporting to track undocumented transient’s criminal histories are a crock. With sanctuaries not asking about immigration status, how is that data collected ?
        Those statistics and studies are cooked progressive propaganda.
        Are Truth and c one the same ?

    • She’s a troll. She doesn’t provide data or substantive posts. Her life is spent, seeking articles or commentary which contradict the general flow of posts at an online venue, then posting (hitting, and running away), specifically to get an emotional reaction from others.

      The troll with whom I was friends had several ‘nyms, and would often make a post that leaned hard in one social or political direction under one, then on the same day (or in the same thread, on a chatboard) make a diametrically-opposed post using a different ‘nym. He even “argued” with himself occasionally, just to get other people to waste their time.

      The troll gets off when he can get people to argue with him, or amongst themselves. They power-trip when they can get others to waste their time, because they are controlling others, and doing so in such a manner that those who fall for the troll-bait don’t realize they’ve become a marionette.

      There’s a fair chance “c” doesn’t believe a damn’ thing she posts. Notice, her posts are an incendiary comment followed by a link? There’s no originality there, just someone else’s idea or opinion…

    • well we’re only through half of 2024 so complete data isn’t available and even after it is available it will take time for the big brains to crunch the numbers. the most recent year is 2022. sorry facts don’t fit into your faith of beliefs opinion. they are more likely to be the victims of crime and much less likely to report it. do you own research perhaps?

    • How to win friends: Start with a broad brush ad-hominem attack of the reader.
      Poster ‘C’ gets immediately bypassed as irrelevant in my scans.

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