You couldn’t tell it from the weekend in town, reports the spousal unit (Elaine). Stores were packed and people were shelling out easy money for anything that had a sale tag on it.

Still, a weekend in town does not an economy make. So we will just hold our comments on the illusion of growth until we do a more methodical check of business in the Wednesday report.

Still, the market should not begin to rally much this week (or next) because of seasonals as much as anything: The Sell in May and Go Away, the data in our charts, and the facts of the ECB and Fed meetings in June.

So for today, I’d look for a modest still-off since markets around the world went a bit soft overnight. Japanwas down more than half a percent, Hong Kong about half that. Germany is down 3/4ths of a percent, France down almost one percent, but the Brits are only down a third.

Since, as I’m quick to remind you, the whole world is “wired” (intermarket arbitrage) a person can’t look solely at how their own country is doing; there’s some contexting to be done and the updrafts and downdrafts here will bounce according to winds elsewhere to some degree.

Nasty Nest of Neocons

I don’t know how long before someone besides me figures out that the unelected people running US foreign policy all need to be fired, but remember where you read it first.

For one, the US has decided to end the decades long embargo on selling arms to Vietnam.

Hello? Anyone home back in Washington? Anyone have a clue WTF these clowns are doing?

Here’s the simple Big Picture: Vietnam is palsy with China. China is dredging up sand bars and calling them islands, and then colonizing them.

Who in their right (‘effing) mind would give their pals arms?

Well, the Obummer administration, that’s who!

Think that’s bad? How about this little gem: The Latest: Russia: attacks show how ‘fragile’ Syria remains.

In case you’re not seeing this one clearly, here’s the deal in a nutshell:

The Russians invited us to jointly attack the ISIS folks. But, near as we can tell, the NNN (nasty nest of neocons) turned down the chance to clean up ISIS because the kooks in the neocamp have not yet abandoned their latest wet dream, which is “regime change in Syria” if you haven’t been paying attention.

The long game, of course, is being called by the Saudis because they want a pipeline to Europe, and to get that, they need Syria out of the way. So in return for a war in Syria, the neocons barter a crooked peace with Israel, and make obscene profits for the US death industries.

Oh, and they stimulate the European economy from mass immigration because the EU would have already imploded by now because they are basically banko.

And does Obama do jack-stuff about it? Nope. He’s fired every military leader with integrity who would call out the NNN and it’s almost like he hates America and supports immigration in order to promote the tearing down of borders (increases in domestic strife) because that will result in more demands for government control and that, in turn, is the wet dream of every socialist: More, bigger, and worse government.

The whole thing is cooked, but all the big players have skin in the game, and if we had borders, we might not have such a growing security state apparatcik, ergo, the idea of someone like Trump coming in with clear eyes scares the hell out of the GOBN (good old boy network).

We are so ‘’effed’’ are we not?

But So at the Brits

Oh, year.

Scaremongers at the Crown treasury and trying to stampede the kneeler kingdom out of the common sense move to exit the EU (Brexit).

‘Britain risks yearlong recession if votes for Brexit.”

How can the people of England be so stupid?

I can’t say. My heritage is half Scottish and we had the sense to follow Robert the Bruce.

You see, RtB understood the idea of a border.

And it’s worth some meditation to ask “If his name was often given as Robertus Brussius, some Scots believe that’s where the term bruised came from. Such on legendary warriors, eh?

The lowlanders to the south even today are inclined to drink the royal Kool-Aid and kneel to government – event when it publishes such pap as the “year’s long recession” prediction.

There are simpletons, and there and British voters; but then, I repeat myself.

Winston Churchill was a glorious fluke.

Speaking of Voting:

Did you see “Exclusive — Donald J. Trump: Hillary Clinton’s Plans for More Illegal Immigration Into America a ‘Disaster for Our Country’?”

Social Media: Like I said – Bad For You

I mentioned this last week on a radio interview and it’s worth mentioning again.

The subject is finally coming up and another high-cred analyst says basically the same thing: Far too much influence over newsroom and news coverage.

I don’t want to sound like a douche on social, but ask yourself this:

Suppose you invented a device that would encourage people to waste about a third of their time at work, facilitated social mapping by government and intelligence agencies, could be used by extremists groups for recruiting, allowed all your “ex’s” to stalk you, and gave your HR Department access to that drunken romp with the football team…. And more and worse…

So would THAT be a good product to turn loose on an average IQ population without a warning on it?

You know, cigarettes have large warning labels on them because they are bad for you.

Why Not on Social?

I think the warning ought to go something like this:

“You are entering a social media site. Anything you write and publish here, including but not limited to opinions, videos, prose, etc. can will be will used against you by people who don’t like you. In fact, people who hate you, WHO MAY BE after after your job, or your own government, will track everything in perpetuity and will crucify you with your own words out of context should it please the corporate-government agenda.

If you are willing to take that risk, and for companies if you are willing to allow all of your customer base data to be accessible and be charged to contact your own customers, then click:


To proceed.

Off to the Eye Doc for another check. I’m up to 20-30 land for 7-hours per day now…starting in about 30 minutes, so TTFN…

Ure out.