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Kavanaugh Character-Assassination Efforts Weaken as Shock and Awe Theatrics, designed to keep American’s emotionally unbalanced, are upon us again, appear to be fading.

Left-wing Webolutionaries are attempting a last-ditch effort to bring down president Trump’s nominee to the US Supreme Court by dredging up someone from his distant high-school past – 35-years back – to make allegations of a sexual nature.  These are being orchestrated out of all proportion to a script written by an alliance of self-appointed social uprisers and democrats hell-bent on scuttling America’s tradition of due process.

Yeah, this one’s a peach.

The WHOLE objective of today’s ambush-style politics is to delay the Kavanaugh confirmation vote until after the lefties get a chance in the Mid-Term elections in just 50-days.

Having covered politics – the Dirtiest Game – for 49-years (51 if I count high school journalism), I can assure you there’s plenty of reason to hold virtually politicians in utter contempt for this type of specious behavior.

Let’s first with some facts, beginning with the simple summary in Wikipedia which does a nice aggregation job:

“In 2018, she (Christine Blasey Ford) went public with allegations that U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her in 1982. To corroborate her account, she made available session notes from her therapist written in 2012, and in August 2018 took a polygraph test.”

Before you take the use of a polygraph test as somehow “making it all true” we’d advise readers to consider the work of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.  An article here reveals how the false memory  process works.

The (*in our view sometimes too liberal media)  story has been carefully scripted play the emotionally “hot words” sexually assaulted her.  A transcript of the accusatory letter may be found on CNN here.

The letter was addressed to senator Diane Feinstein who, contrary to the stated wished of the sender, has turned the letter into today’s hottest political football.

Was there a sex act?  No.Not if you mean bare genitals, or that kind of thing.  Here’s all the more lurid is gets…

“…Kavanaugh tried to disrobe me in their highly inebriated state. With Kavanaugh’s hand over my mouth I feared he may inadvertently kill me.”

Um…reality check here:  1)  The [alleged] “victim’s” clothes didn’t get removed and 2) the [alleged] “victim” did not engage in any genital contact.  So, an alternate discussion of the facts might be presented as a bunch of teenagers were rough-housing,.

Had there been even success removal of clothing – getting down to skin as it were – then OK, maybe.

The on Kavanaugh’s side (besides contributions and counseling disclosures), this is now splashing in his favor: “BREAKING NEWS: Christine Ford’s PARENTS Were Defendants in a 1996 Foreclosure Case, Guess who’s Mom Was The Judge?”  Yep, you guessed it… Also from the Pacific Pundit here

Meantime, back on the allegations we note, it seems the [alleged[ “victim” was apparently on the premises of the alleged event of her own volition.  Lemme see: Males and females of high school age?  Drinking? Sounds like interquartile normal to me.  Unless you don’t think high school kids get drunk, party, and act stupid…which could never happen in today’s politically correct (delusional) world…

Notwithstanding, the US Department of Justice seems to believe  “The term “sexual assault” means any nonconsensual sexual act proscribed by Federal, tribal, or State law, including when the victim lacks capacity to consent.”

We find it laughable that democrats couldn’t speak truth about former president Clinton (famously “depends what you mean by sex“) remarks – and his wildly-misleading use of the term “sexual relations” as now, the political winds blowing, “sexual assault” is an attempt to remove clothing?  My, how the world has spun.

Meantime, we just had to look at Mary Ford political contributions to democrats from California in OpenSecrets.  Sure enough, there are multiple donations to democrat causes from some California Ford of a similar name and occupation. Coincidence?  Hmmm…

Today, we’re off to the political fall-out department.  Since what’s clearly going on is one political party is trying to derail an appointee of the other, using any means  – including memories of a possibly democrat-donating psychologist from 35-years ago that lacks naked genitals.  ANYTHING to keep president Trump’s appointee from being confirmed to the high court.

The real bottom line is the Swamp Critters Live!

What this “exercise in control files” shows is how the Power Structure can ruin anyone they put their mind to, no matter how vague…because political followers are such damn sheep.

Oh, well, keeps the ad revenue going, as places like The Hill now can go on about the inner clockworks of politics and we can watch,  shaking our heads, at the absurdity of it all.

To us, it’s just another example of social media terrorism being waged by Webolutionaries on wielding their world-wide-sledge.  Top of the page rush in the NY Times as the liberal agenda rolls on…And in the WaPoEchoes of Anita Hill charges… the dems are clearly hoping to imply that voting no on Kavanaugh will be easier…since unlike Thomas, Kavanaugh ‘s not black, hispanic, or part of the LBGTQ power agenda….

Where the hell are my ViseGrips? World’s insane, ain’t it?…

Empire State Mfg. Data

Just out from the NY Fed:

“Business activity continued to grow at a solid clip in New York State, according to firms responding to the September 2018 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index showed ongoing strength, but moved down seven points to 19.0, pointing to a slower pace of growth than last month. New orders and shipments grew moderately. Delivery times continued to lengthen, and inventories moved higher. Labor market indicators pointed to an increase in employment levels and longer workweeks. Price indexes were little changed and remained elevated, suggesting ongoing significant increases in both input prices and selling prices. Looking ahead, firms remained fairly optimistic about the six-month outlook….”

No immediate impact of futures…very much a between-the-lines report.

Trade Still a Problem

As a China paper warns it won’t play defense on trade as Trump lauds tariffs.

Stock futures down 20. Bitcoins $6,452 if I’m reading it right.

No, Not Niburu

New Mexico observatory set to reopen after temporary closure over undisclosed security issue.

Adventures of “Wrong-Way Al”

When you have a climate-change fortune on the line, it’s easy to “talk your book” to use a Wall Street term.  So, it’s with little surprise we see how “Al Gore’s claim about Hurricane Florence doused by scientists...”

Climate change?  Hell, I just got through reading how it was Donald Trumps fault.  I do wish the webolutionaries would agree on which agenda they’re following, FMTT.

One More Reason NOT to Trust the Media

Newspaper Publishers Association honors Maxine Waters with ‘leadership’ award.”

Maybe I can get the newspaper publisher’s a group rate in Reality Treatment for Made-Up Guilt?  Perhaps a joint session with the Nobel Committee which had an earlier run of False Award Syndrome…the other kind of Stockholm Syndrome mayhap?

Meantime, people who actually excel (Dr. Ben Carson comes to mind) get only a fraction of the high-praises and respect they deserve.  But, then again, Ben’s in the wrong party…can’t reward THAT, can we?).

Since We’re Being Driven To Drink…

Coke, Aurora in talks for cannabis-infused drinks: BNN Bloomberg.  To every cloud, there’s a digital lining…

Clean-up Monday

After Historic rain and catastrophic damage for North Carolina.  Kind of a national “drying out” after a tough weekend weekend?

We continue watching regional (NRC Region II) nuke plants into this week since Swollen Rivers Near Record Levels as Florence Floodwaters Rise.

OK< out ot of coffee> so  Moron the ‘morrow…